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I Work From Home in Activewear, Here’s Why

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There are several perks of working from home. Some are as prominent as saving time and money on a daily commute. Others are as simple as having the ability to work at a standing desk while getting a few extra steps in on an under-desk treadmill. The latter is all the rage for many people on TikTok as they prioritize their everyday fitness goals one step at a time. 

Making wellness a habit

In my opinion, work-from-home (WFH) culture allows many people to achieve a better work-life balance, which I’m all about as I prioritize my wellness journey. Setting goals for my wellness routine is essential because it helps improve my physical and mental health. This is why I make it a priority to incorporate regular exercise into my daily schedule.

Another perk of the WFH lifestyle is that it allows workers, such as myself, the freedom to wear what they please. I love the flexibility of wearing clothes that are both comfortable and functional. I’ve recently become a huge advocate of wearing activewear during my work hours to motivate myself to keep moving throughout my eight-hour shift.

Staying active 

As a writer, my day is typically stationary at my computer. However, a big part of wellness for me is ensuring I reach my goal of at least 10,000 steps daily. That’s why I’ve recently adopted the habit of wearing activewear during my 9-5 to ensure that when my smartwatch buzzes to remind me to get moving, I can also easily get up and be active during my breaks.

I typically love to start my days off with a light workout. However, even with my WFH schedule, having deadlines to meet can cause me to put movement on the back burner. 

I recently discovered that wearing workout gear is a stylish reminder to keep up with my goal of a more active lifestyle. This clothing hack allows me to be more comfortable and relaxed while working and increases my overall productivity throughout the day.

From work to the gym 

Woman working out at the gym

Making activewear a part of my work wardrobe helps promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging me to indulge in physical activity during breaks and after work. I can tell you from experience that nothing can stifle workout motivation, like changing out of your office attire before heading to the gym (or living room, depending on the day). My goal is to have no excuses. 

After my shift, wearing workout clothing makes transitioning from work mode to pilates princess easy. By wearing activewear during work hours, I can easily transition into my workout routine without wasting time before hitting the gym or taking a late afternoon workout class. 

It’s a lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life is essential, and exercising is a great way to practice it. If you need new fitness gear, check out my recent story about the activewear brands I love for comfort, style, and function.