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18 Best It Gucci Bags Worth the Investment

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Gucci is one of the most renowned Italian fashion houses and, thanks to its new creative director Alessandro Michele, one of the most popular and appreciated worldwide, too. Gucci’s sales are jaw-droppingly increasing month after month, and we could fairly state that purchasing a Gucci item, whether it is a Gucci bag or a t-shirt, is definitely worth the investment.

Best Gucci Bags of All Time

Fashion-wise, the best Gucci investment is, however, probably one of the many iconic Gucci bags, purses, backpacks and clutches, since the fashion house shares a long history of must-have it-bags and accessories in general.

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Contents

The History of Gucci Bags

Born in Florence in 1881, Gucci’s founder Guccio Gucci was always interested in accessories, especially when crafted out of the finest Italian leather. Suitcases were, in fact, one of Guccio Gucci’s first accessories, with son Aldo Gucci following in the footsteps of his father producing handbags in Gucci’s first iconic store at Via Condotti in Rome after World War II.

Here it was also where and when the first, legendary bamboo-handled Gucci bag, which was inspired by the shape of a saddle, is thought to have been produced. Like in the Forties, each Gucci bag is still meticulously handcrafted, with a lot of attention to details (the Gucci Bamboo bag, for instance, takes up to 13 hours from one single artisan to be made!)

The bamboo-handled Gucci bag was a pivotal milestone for the fashion house, as it was specifically thanks to the handbags in general that the renowned Italian label gained its status symbol of a fashion must-have, which is why every fashionista’s dream was owning a Gucci Bamboo Bag during the Fifties and Sixties.

Prominent celebrities were proudly channeling Gucci bags during those decades, ultimately boosting Gucci’s notoriousness and making the industry’s most visionary fashion house.

18 Best Gucci Bags of All Time

Since Gucci’s legacy is inherently linked to the success of its accessory lines (Gucci belts included), as it happened with Chanel’s, we decided to compile a list of the best Gucci bags worth the investment as a way to both celebrate the house, and figure out what purse to buy next!

1. Gucci Bamboo Bag

The story behind Gucci’s Bamboo Bag is definitely worth reading, whether one is a fashion enthusiast or not. As we mentioned before, this legendary Gucci bag was inspired by the shape of a saddle, which is something that is already quite unconventional per se. The most interesting thing about this bag is its material.

When the Gucci Bamboo bag was designed, wartime rations were making it difficult to find the finest materials to craft any day-to-day item, let alone unnecessary high-end items such as bags. Guccio Gucci’s craftsmen, however, came up with the revolutionary idea of a bag design that could be manufactured not with leather but rather with heated bamboo, a material that could be easily imported from Japan.

Exotic, one-of-a-kind and easy to handle, Gucci’s Bamboo bag was an inevitable success that is definitely still worth the investment nowadays, so get one for you from!

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Bamboo Bag

2. Gucci Queen Margaret

Available in different models, the Gucci Queen Margaret line is probably one of the ultimate must-have Gucci bags among fashionistas. Trapped between the old and the new, Gucci’s Queen Margaret bags mix iconic Gucci details with the fashion house’s newest signature style, which often draws inspiration from Romanticism.

The bag’s memorable bamboo handle has been upgraded with a crystal and pearl encrusted bee closure, which is thought to symbolize wisdom and love. As if Gucci’s message of love wasn’t strong enough, each Queen Margaret bag even features an ID holder attached with the word “Loved” embossed in gold. You can get this iconic Gucci bag on

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Queen Margaret Bag

3. Gucci GG Marmont

News that Alessandro Michele’s aim was bringing the logo back already hit the headlines a few months ago, so what better way to embrace the Gucci creative director’s fashion visions than investing in a Gucci GG Marmont bag?

Available in a plethora of models, from Gucci backpacks to belt bags, the Gucci GG Marmont is this year’s it-bag and has already received the stamp of approval from celebrities and it-girls, such as Sienna Miller who, has been spotted wearing a GG Marmont basically everywhere recently.

Like the Queen Margaret, this Gucci bag also combines the best of Gucci’s worlds, i.e. the new and the old, with Gucci’s iconic symbol – the GG design buckle, that comes mixed with Alessandro Michele’s new designs, adornments, and structures. Pick your favorite style of the Gucci GG Marmont bag from Gucci’s online store!

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci GG Marmont Bag

4. Gucci Jackie Bag

Here we introduce a Gucci classic selection. Relaunched in 2009 inspired from the previous design, the “New” Gucci Jackie bag is as timeless and evergreen as modern and fancy.

Utterly elegant in its structure yet roomy enough to carry everything we might need during the day, this Gucci bag was named after icon Jackie Kennedy who, was spotted wearing an unnamed Gucci bag in 1961 that soon after became an inevitable it-item everyone wanted to have. This is one of the best Gucci bags worth the investment that you can pick from

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Jackie Bag

5. Gucci Dionysus – A Bag Inspired By A Myth

Although being one of Gucci’s latest bag addictions, the Dionysus is already a must-have. Inspired by Dionysus, son of Zeus, who transformed himself into a tiger to carry a nymph across the river (which then became the Tigris River), Gucci’s Dionysus bag carries this myth in its structure, which is embellished with gorgeous hand-embroidered bees and flowers.

Like the Queen Margaret, this Gucci bag combines the new and the old together and so, if you like “anachronistic” fashion items, it might be your best investment, indeed! You’ll have a hard time choosing from the different styles of this iconic Gucci bag, available on

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Dionysus Bag

6. Gucci Sylvie Bag

One of Gucci’s latest additions, the Gucci Sylvie bag is a classic model with a top handle that features a nylon web embedded under the Gucci signature leather (that is where its name comes from). Inlaid with iconic leather flames, we could regard the Gucci Sylvie bag as the accessory personification of Alessandro Michele, as everything from its structure to decorations exudes the designer’s visionary vibes. You have seven colors to choose from, all available on Gucci’s website.

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Sylvie Bag

7. Gucci Padlock GG Supreme Bag

When Gucci debuted the Sylvie Bag back in 2016, everyone ran amok, with the bag flying off the shelves within minutes. The same can be said about the Gucci Padlock GG Supreme bag that’s a real arm candy, coming in different colors and with jaw-dropping embellishments. It easily changes from a top handle to a shoulder bag thanks to the chain strap it features.

The Gucci Padlock bag is one of the best designer bags to invest in for those who like small bags that rather accessorize a look than can carry many things. You can pick your favorite style from

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Padlock GG Supreme Bag

8. Gucci Nymphaea Top Handle Bag

Inspired by water lilies, the Gucci Nymphaea bag is yet another model featuring top bamboo handles and a sleek timeless design that can instantly take your elegant looks to the next level. Soft black and light pink leather in monochrome designs are options that will never get outdated, while the printed model can add a signature touch to your day-to-day outfits. This is one of the classic Gucci bags you can pick from Gucci’s online store.

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Nymphaea Top Handle Bag

9. Gucci Lilith

Much in the same spirit of mythology, the Gucci Lilith is perhaps one of the boldest Gucci bags, combining sophistication with the wild snake embellishment. Smooth black or white leather comes embellished with the textured snakeskin finish, while the whimsical bow and the bamboo top handles create a mesmerizing contrast, altogether making the bag a real eye candy. What’s not to love? You can pick this ultimate treasure in two color options, available on

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Lilith Bag

10. Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag

Designed to recall the fashion house’s glorious Seventies, Gucci’s Ophidia shoulder bags feature almost any material and embellishment to perfectly embody the wearer’s authentic personal style. You’ll find them with embroidered dragons, cracked-leather effects, and of course logo prints, but its classic (and most requested) version remains that in suede with the signature Web stripes. It is definitely a go-to Gucci bag for anyone who loves collecting vintage style staples! You can find this precious classic on Gucci’s website.

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag

11. Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme Belt Bag

Although being part of the Ophidia family, Gucci’s Ophidia belt bag has its own unique personality, with its overall style being incomparable with any of its “relatives.” Available in three different styles, Ophidia’s belt bag is wrapped around many waists these days, with all the fanny pack craze going on. If you got yourself a trench coat or are looking for ways of elevating your day-to-day casual look, any Ophidia Supreme belt bag would easily complement it! You can find it on, too.

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme Belt Bag

12. Gucci Re(Belle) Top Handle Tote

With a strong texture and a softly structured figure, Gucci’s Re(Belle) handle tote is the perfect mix of urban styles and Western inspirations. One of the more spacious Gucci bags, it is basically a win-win choice perfect for carrying for any occasion. Revisited through various lenses, both with leather and suede fabrics, any Gucci Re(Belle) bag exudes the right amount of iconic glamour to keep our looks unrivalled wherever we go. Pick your Gucci Re(Belle) from Gucci’s online store now!

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Re(Belle) Top Handle Tote

13. Guccy Mini Shoulder Bag

Not Gucci, but Guccy! Inspired by the Eighties and the geek video gaming culture, Gucci’s Guccy shoulder bag made its debut during the house’s spring/ summer 2018 collection presentation and features a signature SEGA-like logo on the front. You can find it in a plethora of sizes and, above all, designs, but as for now, the black or white mini versions appear to be the most acclaimed.

Even though Gucci’s Guccy bag is fairly new in the it-bag world, don’t underestimate its potential! Its future is actually shinier than what someone may ever think. So be the first to carry it around picking your favorite color from Gucci’s online store now!

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Guccy Mini Shoulder Bag

14. Gucci Totem Top Handle Bag

Look who came from Gucci’s Garden! Butterflies have always been a recurring leitmotif at Gucci, and Alessandro Michele emphasized it even more with a metal butterfly emblem encrusted on one of the label’s cutest Gucci bags ever.

Like many other it-bags, Gucci Totem comes in a great variety of sizes and finishes, too, but it is with the medium top handle that Gucci found its biggest success. If you are looking for a totally classic style that features just a little bit of innovation, the Gucci Totem top handle bag is definitely going to be your new BBF. Find it online on Gucci’s website!

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Totem Top Handle Bag

15. Gucci Ottilia Top Handle Bag

For more touches of innovation embellished on iconic styles, we recommend considering Gucci’s Ottilia top handle bag. Its debut was made during the label’s fall 2017 runway show, and the benediction into the fashion world came soon after. Printed with insects, ladybugs, beetles, and of course butterflies, Gucci’s Ottilia is 70% into Gucci’s maximalism, 30% into Italian-approved all-time classic minimalism. Pick up yours from!

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Ottilia Top Handle Bag

16. Gucci Broadway Leather Bag

When it comes to finding an iconic piece (or even more than one, depending on what sizes you’d like to invest in) that’s 90% Broadway-approved (with the remaining part being, of course, dipped in Gucci’s aesthetics), we can’t help but fall in love with Gucci’s Broadway leather mini bag, which was taken by the label’s archives and reintroduced with its fierceness, bee detailing, and pearl attachments in the fall/ winter 2015 collection. Whether you are a theatre lover or like attending cocktail parties, this opulent Gucci bag is for you! Get it from Gucci’s online store!

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Broadway Leather Bag

17. Gucci Frame Print Bag

Structured and intricately framed with a braided pattern and encrusted with a feline detail, Gucci’s frame top handle bag features a detachable chain strap, too, meaning that playing with different styles is even easier with this one.

Bold and not for the faint of heart, Gucci’s Frame has the size of a pocket-sized book (as it was inspired by Jane Austen’s “Juvenilia” compilation of short stories) and is just as full of personality as one may expect. If you like to have fun, express yourself through fashion, and invest in top Gucci bags, well, you now know where to go! This one can be found online at, too.

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Frame Print Bag

18. Gucci Nymphaea Leather Top Handle Bag

Last but not least, here we are with Gucci’s epitome of minimalism. Versatile and revitalized with (summary) bamboo handles and pearl detailing (which refers to the myth surrounding the pearls of the Nymphaea genus), Gucci’s Nymphaea looks and feels soft and elegant, with its rich colors accentuating its contemporary classic structure even more. Probably not one of the most eccentric Gucci bags, this one is definitely the dreamiest! Get it in your favorite color from!

Best Gucci Bags of All Time: Gucci Nymphaea Leather Top Handle Bag

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