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8 Coolest Gucci Backpacks to Invest In

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Gucci’s accessories are the most iconic fashion investments for any woman right now, from Gucci bags to belts. What’s even hotter, however, is an accessory item that less than five years ago was quite underrated: Gucci backpacks. Everyone from it-girls to fashion lovers and designers is trying to make backpacks happen again, and we are honestly living for this Clueless-inspired fashion moment.

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women
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Let’s dive into a few fashion tips and tricks on how to wear Gucci backpacks in style, before discovering 8 of the best Gucci backpacks worth your every penny!

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women: Contents

8 Best Gucci Backpacks of All Time

If you are looking for more reasons to treat yourself to a luxurious designer backpack, here you have entire eight – the best Gucci backpacks you should consider investing in!

1. Gucci GG Supreme Small Backpack

Spearheaded by the fashion house’s signature logo, Gucci’s GG Supreme small backpack is the must-have accessory item for any Gucci/ fashion lover. Back in style again after a few years spent in the shadow of many wardrobes and shelves, Gucci’s GG Supreme small backpack is now stealing the spotlight, with more and more it-girls taking it everywhere they go (it might be small but it is roomy enough to carry all your belongings!). You can also get this iconic piece from Gucci’s online store.

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women of All Time: Gucci GG Supreme Small Backpack

2. Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Backpack

More sensual in its figure that the Supreme backpack, Gucci’s GG Marmont Matelassé backpack is for the ladies who are always on the go and especially love being flawlessly impeccable everywhere they go, whether it’s a meeting with a new client or a lunch out with friends. Its GG logo is the icing on an already and extremely fancy item, indeed. One of the best Gucci backpacks, this classic piece is available through Gucci’s online store.

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women of All Time: Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Backpack

3. Gucci Padlock GG Supreme Backpack

Not too fresh, not too rigorous, Gucci’s Padlock backpack is one of the fashion house’s most distinctive pieces. It could either be worn with casual wear (especially when hippy-inspired) or with more formal attire. Let its gold-toned hardware charm you! Pick it up from!

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women of All Time: Gucci Padlock GG Supreme Backpack

4. Gucci GG Marmont Quilted Leather Backpack

As for a way fancier, millennial-approved type of Gucci backpack, we can’t help but include the GG Marmont backpack in our all-time favorite list. Its vintage structure, along with its soft-toned accents and matelassé chevron quilted leather could just elevate any outfit to its it-girl counterpart. Wear it with a plain white T-shirt, simple jeans and a pair of slides, and just get ready to shine!

PS: Gucci’s GG Marmont backpack has Beyonce’s official seal of approval! Feel like a celeb yourself getting one in your favorite style from!

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women of All Time: Gucci GG Marmont Quilted Leather Backpack

5. Gucci Guccy Medium Backpack

Whereas the GG Marmont is fancy, the Guccy medium backpack is absolutely and fiercely fun and extravagant. One of the many designs from the Guccy line, which combines fresher lines with visually funky, Generation Z-approved embellishments, the Guccy backpack is for the high-street lovers who are not willing to go unnoticed. It comes in three styles on

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women of All Time: Gucci Guccy Medium Backpack

6. Gucci Signature Leather Backpack

Named “Signature” for a reason, this Gucci backpack is the must-have item for any fashion lover, whether she or he fancies backpacks or not. Classically clean and made to impress, Gucci’s Signature backpack is not only elegant but also extremely roomy and structured, which is no small feat for sure, whenever it comes to designer accessory items! This iconic Gucci backpack is available in two styles at Gucci’s online store.

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women of All Time: Gucci Signature Leather Backpack

7. Gucci Queen Margaret Quilted Leather Backpack

Is there anything better than a vintage-inspired backpack that effortlessly carries Alessandro Michele’s visionary detailing and visions of fashion? Probably not! And what’s even better is that Gucci emphasized and transposed all these motifs into the iconic Queen Margaret backpack, whose pearl and crystals embellishments are already some of the new fashion scene’s most revisited accents. Get this whimsical Gucci backpack from!

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women of All Time: Gucci Queen Margaret Quilted Leather Backpack

8. Gucci Coco Capitán Logo Backpack

Last but not least, here’s one of the coolest Gucci backpacks ever – the Coco Capitán backpack. Embellished with the now legendary “common sense is not that common” aphorism, it was designed for Gucci’s fall/ winter 2017 collection and is an absolute must-have accessory item especially for those who love playing around with contrasting feminine/ masculine patterns. This fun Gucci backpack comes in seven iconic styles, all available on

Best Gucci Backpacks for Women of All Time: Gucci Coco Capitán Logo Backpack

Gucci Backpacks: Openly Luxurious

Although backpacks were always dubbed as workwear items in the past and were mostly used by international soldiers for their parachutes, things changed for good in 1984, when Prada introduced its iconic nylon sack. Most designers instantly caught up, debuting their own versions of the new it-item.

Gucci, famous for its top-notch leather designs, began featuring soigné and heavily structured backpacks on stage, ultimately elevating the backpack trend from casual wear to a high-end status symbol models were wearing both on the catwalks and down the street, with their best off-duty looks.

Of course, as soon as they made their debut on various mass media in films and TV-series such as “Mean Girls” and “Clueless,” backpacks became more accessible for every single fashion lover around the world, cyclically coming back as the coolest it-item every five years or so.

With the advent of Instagram, inevitably, backpacks (specifically Gucci backpacks) have basically never ceased being the trendiest accessories around, helping us (literally) pack the coolest outfits of the day (and night!).

Gucci Backpacks: Styling Tips and Tricks

Two are the good things about our beloved Gucci backpacks, namely that they are a real fashion investment, as their structure and materials are of the highest quality, and, most importantly they fit (almost) any occasion.

How to Wear Gucci Backpacks

Playful yet always on fleek, Gucci backpacks can be worn at the office, at the club, and even at any formal occasion if the dress code is not strictly classified as “white tie” or “black tie” (if there’s a “creative black tie” dress code, you can definitely dare with a Gucci backpack!).

Here you have some suggestions on how to style your Gucci backpack!

Get a Gucci Backpack That Can Do Both

One of the best things regarding backpacks, in general, is that they can mix classic silhouettes with playful vibes, as with Gucci’s Marmont backpack in millennial pink. If you are a “total black” person, we definitely suggest opting for a monochrome Gucci backpack to let your gorgeous total black outfit stand out from the crowd even more, especially if it includes a pair of black, high-waisted skinny jeans, a pair of black sneakers, and a black music band tee.

Low-/ High-Key

If your wardrobe is filled with plain white T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and maybe a denim jacket, that’s perfectly fine! A Gucci backpack will instantly elevate your outfit to its Instagram Influencer-approved counterpart, giving you a whole new #ootd to don at the coolest summer parties.

Gucci’s Dance Floor

Who says one should only carry fancy clutches at the club? Backpacks are roomy, practical, and help your arms move freely in the air, so take your best Nineties-inspired slip dress, a pair of sneakers or slip-ons, and get ready to dance the night away!

How to Style Gucci Backpacks

Hippy Backpack

Most Gucci backpacks feature either earth-toned hues or detailing, which makes us automatically jump to “hippy, summery looks.” Take a long, floral-printed dress, combine it with a pair of nude-toned sandals and complete the look with a leather Gucci backpack, bringing the festival season everywhere you go.

Off-Duty Models Carry Gucci Backpacks

Laid-back outfits exude high-end, glamorous vibes if you wear them in style, which, translated to its 2010s-inspired version, means that you just have to add a pair of tiny sunglasses and a tiny black backpack to your wardrobe to look fabulously hot!

Last but not least, in other words, carry and treat your Gucci backpack as the outfit’s sole statement piece, and it will make you shine out of gratitude!

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