’90s-inspired tiny sunglasses are all the rage this summer (and so will they be throughout fall and winter, too), and the fashion-addicted population is currently split in two because of them. While on one side we have those who fiercely adore small sunglasses and are on cloud nine, as they were waiting for them to come back since forever, on the other, there’s also someone, who’d rather wear tartan on cheetah prints on neon green patterns altogether than channel a pair of tiny sunglasses.

‘90s Tiny Sunglasses Trend: Small Sunglasses for Women

But how come tiny sunglasses rose again from one of fashion’s most iconic decades? And how is it possible that they now look so chic and wearable? Let’s dive into the curious world of ’90s sunglasses before recommending you 15 pairs of the coolest small sunglasses for women you’ll add to your wish lists!

The Rise of ‘90s Tiny Sunglasses Trend

As we all know, certain accessories, clothing pieces, or even hair colors are recycled every 10-20 years, treating us to nostalgically flattering revivals that are difficult to avoid or get rid of.

As predictable as it sounds, as soon as the first small sunglasses were unveiled during the spring 2018 fashion shows, many fashion icons, personalities, or just Nineties/ Matrix aficionados ran amok and instantly began talking about them. What’s even more interesting about this whole tiny sunglasses situation is that, (un)surprisingly, most of those people who despised them back during the Fashion Weeks have now changed their mind and started experimenting with them.

‘90s Tiny Sunglasses Fashion Tips: Small Sunglasses for Women

Again, as it often happens, the seal of approval of the tiny sunglasses trend came from famous Instagram celebrities and models that are currently favoring small sunglasses over oversized ones.

Their biggest endorsement, however, came from the Kardashian/ West/ Jenner family, which began donning tiny sunglasses since Kanye West (Kim’s husband and rapper-turned-designer), emailed his wife telling her that she “cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little glasses.”

Starting from there, It girls Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and of course, Rihanna (who actually began wearing small sunglasses way earlier) are now always spotted wearing a pair of super small sunglasses.

And after this article, maybe, you’ll join the small sunglasses squad, as well.

How to Wear Small Sunglasses

The problem with tiny sunglasses is not tiny sunglasses per se, but rather the feeling that we get while wearing them. Are they the right shape for my face? Do I look like Rihanna or like a bad version of Neo from Matrix?

Here’s all you need to know to look flawless wearing small sunglasses!

How to Wear ‘90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses

Tiny Sunglasses for Round Faces

Since round faces are, well, rounded, heavily geometric micro sunglasses are the way to go. Favor cat-eyed small sunglasses over oval ones (and avoid round tiny glasses at all costs), and just play with different frame colors and tinted lenses according to your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin tone, have fun trying sun-kissed tinted lenses, such as orange, yellow, or golden ones, and vice versa!

Tiny Sunglasses for Oval Faces

You lucky people with oval faces, there’s basically nothing you can’t pull off! Whether your pair of small glasses is squared, oval, rounded or anything else, you’ll look flawlessly stylish regardless.

Tiny Sunglasses for Square Faces

To highlight their gorgeous features, people with square faces can opt for a pair of oval sunglasses or, alternatively, a pair of small sunglasses refined with the tiniest of the cat-eye frame, as it will create the perfect balance between the cheekbones and the jawline.

Best ‘90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women

Tiny Sunglasses for Perplexed Faces

If you still can’t wrap your head around the trend of ‘90s tiny sunglasses, even if your wardrobe is full of Nineties miniskirts or you just look gorgeous in small glasses, try to get a pair of micro shades with a relatively “bigger” or “chunkier” frame (à la Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million), which will make a good and timeless fashion investment to flaunt in the years to come, for sure (and it will also get you accustomed to tinier glasses and, eventually, to the tiny trend).

15 Pairs of Killer ’90s Small Sunglasses for 2018

Coming in a variety of forms, from oval to round to square, small sunglasses don’t really serve the purpose of protecting your eyes from the harmful sunrays, since they normally are available in micro sizes that hardly cover your eyes, and besides fashionistas love wearing them on the bridge of the nose. Such ‘90s sunglasses are actually fun accessorizing options, which can instantly elevate your outfit despite their micro sizes.

If you are ready to take the plunge and try the trend, here we present the best tiny sunglasses for women to try this summer (or any other season to come)!

1. Small, Round, and Golden

Take a pinch of Steampunk aesthetics, sun-kissed shades, and a little bit of edginess, and mix everything together, to create your brand new pair of Thom Browne small wrap sunglasses. This pair of tiny sunglasses is just the best option if you fancy Coachella-approved sun-drenched hues but would rather wear something less hippy in terms of structures and overall style. You can find it at Farfetch.com!

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Thom Browne Small Wrap Sunglasses

2. Roma Round-Frame Small Sunglasses

Not entirely tiny and just perfect for the newcomers to this trend, these round-frame small sunglasses from Illesteva are named Rome for a reason. They are utterly chic like Italian style and just so alluring that even Bella Hadid wore them recently with a pair of gold hoop earrings. There can be no excuse for not obtaining them right away from Net-a-Porter!

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Illesteva Roma Round-Frame Small Sunglasses

3. Tiny Tinted Glasses

If there’s anything fancier than tiny sunglasses, that’s probably tinted sunglasses! While most tinted sunglasses are bigger and more rounded, The Row’s Empire Suite oval sunglasses are relatively small (yet still not too small) and are refined in one of the most gorgeous orange hues you will ever lay your eyes on. Available on Saksfifthavenue.com, this pair of small sunglasses is just perfect for the upcoming summer season!

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Oliver Peoples x The Row Small Oval Sunglasses

4. Clueless-Approved Vintage Tiny Sunglasses

Affordably available at Urbanoutfitters.com, this pair of vintage small sunglasses is extremely wearable and trendy at the same time, as its unconventional squared shape could complement any style and facial feature.

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Urban Outfitters Small Rectangle Sunglasses

5. Oval and Tiny Vintage Shades

This pair of Ceecee oval sunglasses is equally affordable and wearable yet will probably suit those who favor Matrix-inspired/ futuristic looks more. If you just fell in love with it but are not sure how to wear it, opt for a total black outfit and a pair of platform sandals! Get yours from Urbanoutfitters.com.

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Urban Outfitters Small Round Sunglasses

6. Place des Victoires Small Sunglasses

Named Place des Victoires, these small sunglasses signed Ahlem are unisex, in a perfect champagne nude tone that will flatter anyone and just any style. The geometric shape of the shades is just another intriguing detail that makes these sunnies too chic to be true. Pick your pair from Farfetch.com until they are forever gone!

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Ahlem Small Geometric Sunglasses

7. Classically Oval, Structurally Chic

For a more classic pair of small sunglasses to wear flawlessly with either a preppy-inspired look or a grunge-approved one, head over to na-kd.com to get these minimalist (and affordable!) micro shades that many are already and understandably obsessed with.

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Na-Kd Small Round Sunglasses

8. Nineties Octagonal Sunglasses

Make your inner Nineties-self proud with this pair of vintage octagonal sunglasses available at Urbanoutfitters.com! Just don’t forget to combine them with your favorite choker (don’t mind those who say chokers aren’t trendy anymore), and a band T-shirt.

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Urban Outfitters Small Octagonal Sunglasses

9. Staring Through the Sun

Eyewear colossus Ray-Ban couldn’t, of course, exempt itself from launching a pair of dreamy tinted sunglasses just in time for the summer, which will make you literally look at things through sun-kissed lenses. Those who are blessed with warm skin undertones will find this pair of tiny sunglasses particularly flattering, too! You can find them at Revolve.

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Ray Ban Small Oval Sunglasses

10. Vintage Round Sunglasses

Available at Urbanoutfitters.com, this pair of warmly dark-toned tiny sunglasses is just the best mix between hippie and urban aesthetics, and is basically meant to be for any beach party (especially if it includes an equally warm bonfire).

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Urban Outfitters Small Vintage Round Sunglasses

11. See-Through and Tiny Shades

If you fancy tinted sunglasses but lean towards the lighter side, head over to Urbanoutfitters.com to get this pair of vintage-inspired, sleek sunglasses! While their delicate structure will accentuate your gorgeous facial features, their soft color will make any skin glow. Just opt for the blue-colored lenses if your skin tone is particularly warm!

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Urban Outfitters Small Vintage See-Through Sunglasses

12. Vintage Petite Sunglasses

For an extra dose of coolness, mixed with a hint of nerdy attitude, have fun with this pair of small round sunglasses from Urbanoutfitters.com. The tortoise frame and stronger structure give room for anyone to play with different styles, from the casual to the more elegant!

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Urban Outfitters Small Vintage Round Sunglasses

13. Retro-Femme Cat Eye Sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses are not always synonymous with round or square frames, especially when it comes to Sixties-inspired shades. One of this spring’s biggest trends includes tiny cat eye sunglasses, like this pair from Urban Outfitters. Their pointed frame and chic aesthetics will easily go hand in hand with most of the seasonal hottest hits (also, if you own a cute vinyl skirt, it is time to use it!).

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Urban Outfitters Small Cat-Eye Sunglasses

14. Roberi & Fraud Blogger-Approved Oval Sunglasses

If the ’90s sunglasses are definitely your cup of tea, dare with this pair of gold-framed tiny sunglasses from Barneys! Their oval shape will make it easier for you to feel comfortable and flattering as you show them off out and about. In this case, a polka-dot dress is mandatory! The silver version of these sunnies can be picked up from Ssense.

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Roberi & Fraud Doris Small Oval Sunglasses

15. Vintage Slim Cat Eye Sunglasses

Last but not least, here’s the pair of small sunglasses that almost everyone will find suitable, as it is tiny yet not too small, geometric yet quite rounded and even cat-eyed, elegant yet not too soigné. Available at Urban Outfitters, the Virginia vintage slim cat-eye sunglasses are so fancy and wearable that Kanye West would probably want us to add them to our wish lists.

Best '90s Tiny/ Small Sunglasses for Women 2018: Urban Outfitters Small Slim Sunglasses

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