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17 Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Are Big Sunglasses for You?

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A trendy pair of oversized sunglasses will make you feel so cool as you keep your eyes protected this summer. Big sunglasses give the perfect finishing touch for all kinds of summer outfits. The right pair of oversized glasses can help you channel the classy elegance of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, or it can turn you into a flower child just in time for all the hot music festivals.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women
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We’ve selected the hottest oversized sunglasses for you to try this summer from our very favorite designers! If you’re still unsure whether big sunglasses are for you, we give some guidelines that will help you figure things out, including an explanation of how to choose oversized sunglasses based on your face shape. To finish things off, we’ve added some extra tips and tricks so you can rock your big sunglasses in style!

Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Contents

17 Chic Oversized Sunglasses for Women to Buy

Protect your eyes from the sun with any of these oversized sunglasses, making sure you also look great and in style!

1. Round and Gold Oversized Sunglasses

If you’ve been following the runways then your wardrobe is already filled with ‘70s-inspired items. These Chloe big sunglasses will be the perfect way to complete the look! They have a gorgeous round frame made of multiple gold-tone wires. The lenses are earth-toned so they don’t totally hide your beautiful eyes, but they’ll still give you 100% UV protection. Buy them from Net-a-Porter!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Chloe Big Sunglasses

2. Black and Tortoise Oversized Sunglasses

These Pared sunglasses combine a very modern square design with the retro elements of tortoiseshell acetate temple tips and dark brown lenses. The bulk of the frame is a glossy black that’ll look good in any circumstance, with a unique triangle cut-out in the center of the bridge that makes them memorable. Order them online from Shopbop!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Pared Big Sunglasses

3. Metal Shield Aviators

Aviators are the perfect oversized sunglasses because they don’t tend to overwhelm the face even when they’re truly large. They fit in well with androgynous and unisex looks and are easy to pair with both casual and dressy outfits. This pair from Dior is luxurious, embodied with metal shields over the lenses that add an industrial touch. Pick them up at Nordstrom!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Dior Solight1S Big Sunglasses

4. Blingy Clear Lilac Sunglasses

These big sunglasses might be made of see-through acetate but that doesn’t mean they won’t be noticed. Quite the opposite, their lilac color is a unique choice for a pair of frames that will draw some attention. The frames are studded with crystals, amping up their conspicuousness. They will surely jazz up every one of your outfits! These Acne Studios oversized sunglasses are available at My Theresa.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Acne Studios Library Big Sunglasses

5. Green and Red Striped Oversized Sunglasses

If you’re a fan of Gucci, these oversized sunglasses are definitely going to help you show that this summer. These frames are made of thick clear acetate in a square shape, with green handles and the signature green-red-green stripes across the middle of the frame. The lenses are tinted olive and the handles feature a golden GG plaque. You can find them on Net-a-Porter.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Gucci Big Sunglasses

6. Glitter-Studded Oversized Sunglasses

If you’d like to add some sparkle to your life then look no further than these cheerful Karen Walker oversized sunglasses. Their square-butterfly hybrid frame is made of glitter-studded brown acetate in a combination that is lively without being extra. An arrow detail, where the handles connect to the frames, is a nice touch that displays thoughtfulness and quality, while the gray to clear ombre lenses ensure you’ll be on trend. These sunglasses are sold through Shopbop.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Karen Walker Big Sunglasses

7. Round Oversized Sunglasses

These mod-inspired Celine glasses will get you feeling as classy and poised as Jackie O herself. They have a round shape with handles that sit a little low on the frame, just like the iconic sunglasses the first lady herself used to wear. The frames are made of glossy black or white acetate with black lenses that will keep your eyes hidden from all the paparazzi. Get these big sunglasses at Nordstrom!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Celine Big Sunglasses

8. Big Sunglasses with Gold Detail

Celebrities have both been seen rocking these square aviator-style oversized sunglasses, so you know you can’t go wrong. These glossy black acetate sunglasses have a classic design that’ll flatter most face shapes. A gold plaque with vertical cut-outs at the center of the bridge reinforces the luxury status of these frames. Order these sunglasses from Forward!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Peter and May Big Sunglasses

9. Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

You’ll feel like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn in this updated take on oversized cat eye sunglasses. These super-sleek black acetate frames are glossy and clean, with dark back lenses fitting for a cool big city look. The classic cat eye design has a twist here, with a sort of double cat eye peak that is thoroughly current. You can get them from Net-a-Porter.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Le Specs Big Sunglasses

10. Threaded Pink and Gold Sunglasses

These light-colored Stella McCartney sunglasses will give a fun twist to your casual outfits, with a boho twist that we think would be perfect for festival outfits. These light pink glasses have soft brown lenses and are embellished with small holes along the top that have a piece of gold thread looped through them – an embellishment that lends a boho vibe to the look. They are available from Shopbop.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Stella McCartney Big Sunglasses

11. All-Clear Big Sunglasses

You can wear big sunglasses without blocking off your face! These Loewe sunglasses have both a clear frame and lenses, so they don’t hide anything. What they do is enhance your look with futuristic elegance while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Buy them from My Theresa!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Loewe Big Sunglasses

12. Rimless Oversized Glasses

These rimless oversized sunglasses make a big statement. They have large, square lenses that are tinted orange to protect your eyes without hiding them. Gold acetate temple tips add a retro charm to the look that we think will work particularly well with the ‘70s resurgence. Get them from Forward!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Jacquemus Big Sunglasses

13. Rose-Colored Oversized Sunglasses

These glasses will surely put you in a rosy mood! Their pink lenses will soften your look and give you some necessary sun protection. The frames have a unique oval-square hybrid shape, with a ‘60s-style low bridge. The frame itself is a classy golden-brown acetate. Order them online through Net-a-Porter!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Rejina Pyo Big Sunglasses

14. Geometric White Sunglasses

If you would describe your style as clean and futuristic, then these glasses will fit into it perfectly. These oversized sunglasses have a sleek white frame with some gray detailing, in a geometric shape that is almost square. The lenses themselves are dark blue so you won’t feel exposed. They are sold through Shopbop.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Ganni Big Sunglasses

15. Black-on-Black Big Sunglasses

These black sunglasses with their wrap-around style handles feel a bit like protective glasses, but in a space-age kind of way. They are dark black with lenses that hide the eyes, and their rectangular shape totally covers the face. Wearing them will make you feel like the hero in an ‘80s sci-fi film! Find them online at My Theresa!

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Balenciaga Big Sunglasses

16. Square Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

These ultra-square Marni frames are not for everyone, but if you happen to have more of an oval face they’ll be a flattering fit. They are made of orange and dark brown tortoiseshell acetate – a vintage look that is timelessly fashionable. They provide 100% UV protection, so they are perfect even for the brightest summers. These oversized sunglasses are available at Net-a-Porter.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Marni Big Sunglasses

17. Geometric Wire-Framed Oversized Sunglasses

These Fendi shades are not some boring old-wire framed glasses! These frames have a geometric shape that combines straight lines and curves to flatter most faces. The lenses are a soothing azure with a touch of glitter on the outer corner for some added flare. You can find them at Shopbop.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women: Fendi Big Sunglasses

Are Oversized Sunglasses for You?

Think your face is too small for oversized sunglasses? Think again! Anyone can rock oversized sunglasses and look like a superstar hiding from the paparazzi. The key is to choose the right big sunglasses based on your face shape, and to ensure they’re a good fit.

These days, even truly massive glasses are actually very fashionable, even if they’re not necessarily the most flattering, so I give advice for choosing oversized sunglasses that will be super chic but without overwhelming your face.

• One key thing is to choose sunglasses that do not touch your cheeks. You can do the smile test by trying on the sunglasses and smiling – if the bottom of the frames touches your cheeks then they are a little too big for you. This has as much to do with style as it does with function. If your oversized sunglasses are so large that they touch your cheeks, they are probably also putting undue pressure on the bridge of your nose, and they could cause red marks and irritation throughout the day.

• If you’re particularly concerned about big sunglasses overwhelming your face then choose ones that do not cover your eyebrows. Our eyebrows are a very important tool for expressing emotion, so only choose oversized sunglasses that cover them if you really want to conceal your face.

How to Choose the Best Oversized Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

• Even if you are going for a totally oversized, face-concealing look, you should still avoid sunglasses that are wider than your face. Super wide sunglasses don’t flatter because they cut the face and make it seem wider than it really is.

• When choosing oversized sunglasses, you might find yourself reaching for a pair for a larger face. When you try your big sunglasses on, make sure they fit comfortably over your ears to ensure that they really are the right size for you.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Each Face Shape


• Most women have oval faces! Oval refers to the face shape where the forehead and chin are very slightly narrower than the center of the face and without any sharp angles, and the face as a whole is narrower than it is wide.

• Those with oval face shapes can rock almost every shape of oversized sunglasses!

• The key is to avoid overly wide sunglasses that will make your face seem too narrow.

• The fun part about your face shape is that you can get away with both round and square sunglasses, and even wear extremely oversized frames that won’t work for everyone!


• A square face is an angular face with a forehead and jaw that are about the same width as the center of the face.

• If your face is square, it is best to opt for oversized sunglasses with circular or oval shapes that will help soften your features.

Aviators and butterfly sunglasses are also a great choice, as are cat eye sunglasses with rounded bottoms.

• You can get away with larger sunglasses than some of the other face types, since your face will not be easily overwhelmed by them!

How to Choose the Best Big Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


• Those with a round face shape have softer features, and a face that is about equal in height and width.

• The best oversized sunglasses for you will be exactly the right size – big without being too wide and without covering the top of your cheeks.

• Choose sunglasses that will help give a bit of structure to your face. Rectangular and sharper cat eye frames are the best way to go.


• A heart-shaped face is a face with a slightly wider forehead and a very narrow chin. Audrey Hepburn herself was famous for her heart-shaped face!

• With this face shape it’s very important to choose oversized sunglasses that are not too big or ornate on the bottom, as they will overwhelm your delicate jawline.

• The icon herself preferred slightly square oversized sunglasses with a bit of a cat eye at the tip but a more streamlined bottom part.

• While embellishments that streamline the face, like cat eyes, are very charming, avoid too much ornamentation above the bridge of your frames, as this will emphasize the width of your forehead.


• A triangle shape refers to a face with a slightly wider jawline and narrower forehead and chin.

• Use your oversized sunglasses to give a bit of balance to your face, by adding more bulk at the top.

• Cat eye sunglasses and aviator sunglasses are both perfect for balancing things out.

• You can probably get away with wider frames, as well!

• You can play with big sizes that have both more angular shapes and softer rounder shapes.

Big Sunglasses Styling Tips

• If you’re only going to own one pair of oversized sunglasses, choose ones in a neutral color or in a color that goes with your main color palette.

How to Style Oversized Sunglasses

• If you wear a lot of different colors it is best to choose oversized sunglasses with black or metal frames, while if you only wear a particular color family, then it is best to choose sunglasses in that same family.

• If you wear all-blacks, then colorful frames can work beautifully to jazz up your look.

• Make sure your big sunglasses also match your style! If you don’t wear any vintage-inspired items then a pair of retro sunglasses might not work with your look.

• When wearing very big sunglasses, it’s usually better to go easy on the jewelry around the face. Opt for a more delicate pair of earrings or a less ostentatious necklace than you would otherwise.

• Sunglasses are great for covering up when you don’t feel like wearing heavy makeup, but you can still keep a bit of drama to your mysterious look by putting on a striking lipstick!

• You can still show off your oversized glasses when you’re not wearing them! While it might damage their handles if you put them over your head, you can simply fold them and then slide one of their handles behind your shirt or dress collar and let them hang.

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