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15 Hottest Square Sunglasses for Women in 2021

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Summer is around the corner and it´s time to buy into the latest trend: square sunglasses for the hippest women. We are talking all types here, from thick frames to double rims, gorgeous pieces passed down to us from the ladies from the ‘80s.

Square Sunglasses for Women
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Square sunglasses are characterized by angular frames that are wide and tall in equal measure. The type of square glasses you wear depends wholly on the shape of your face, though they are ideal for the round, oblong or oval face shapes. Just as with any accessory, you will want to flatter your features, highlighting your best aspects while minimizing the least desirable.

Square sunglasses are a specific shape, despite their variations in size and design. They will look their best when matched with the right visage and personality type. After all, who does not want to blow away the competition with her impeccable looks?

Square Sunglasses for Women: Contents

15 Best Square Sunglasses for Women in 2021

Here is a list of our top square sunglasses to choose from this year! Which will you add to your wardrobe for a seriously sassy look?

1. Celine Smart Fit

You want to show off your glamorous side with a Celine number? Here is one you simply cannot go wrong with. With gorgeous thick brow tortoise frames to the square sunglasses, this Italian beauty is bound to turn heads on the street. Pick it up on Nordstrom!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Celine Smart Fit Square Sunglasses

2. Ray-Ban Gold Square Sunglasses

Gorgeous in a gold tone, these square sunglasses come with a teal lens, tortoiseshell acetate with the metal frame and 100% UV protection. The leather case will keep them nice and safe as you tour Europe this summer. This classic piece is available online at Net-a-Porter.

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Ray-Ban Square Sunglasses

3. Pared Bigger and Better

Large, square and with a few extra angles, it is the oval or oblong face that will benefit from this number most. Add tortoiseshell acetate to the frame and this pair of non-polarized lenses will give you much to enjoy while warding off the sun. You can get these square sunglasses from Shopbop.

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Pared Square Sunglasses

4. Gucci 56mm Square Sunglasses

Simple, modern and a bestseller due to its feature on the runways, this Gucci pair contrasts the bold and angular rims against the logo brand on the temples. Made in Italy, this sleek and small accessory goes well with smaller features, particularly a heart shape. Find it in different colors on Nordstrom!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Gucci Square Sunglasses

5. Oliver Peoples Aviri Square

The color of these spectacular square sunglasses is rose and damson – simply perfection! Rose-colored glasses are always the best, especially if you would like to see the world as a more beautiful place to live in. Made in Italy and with 100% UV protection, there is no doubt you will rule the runway in these square sunglasses. Pick them up at Forward!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Oliver Peoples Square Sunglasses

6. Chanel Oversized Square Sunglasses

Chanel’s oversized square sunglasses are one-size-fits-all and super chic for the flirty feminine ladies who love a butterfly effect to their eyewear. It is pretty in pink, with tinted lenses and a 100% acetate outer composition. It is available for sale online at Farfetch.

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Chanel Square Sunglasses

7. Dior Stellaire Square Sunglasses

Gorgeous metal frames with an aviator look to it give these square sunglasses the character needed to show off a bold and professional attitude. The smoky tint to the lenses with 100% UV protection makes for a mysterious outlook. A mature option for the businesswoman in you, find it on Nordstrom!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Dior Stellaire Square Sunglasses

8. Givenchy Oversized Square Sunglasses

Chic, professional and utterly versatile, these fun and flirty square sunglasses are just perfect for every aspect of your day. The blue gradient lenses add to the protection your eyes get from UV rays, while the gold-tone hardware contrasts well with the black acetate frames. Oversized to perfection, this is one accessory that works well for most. Pick it up at Net-a-Porter!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Givenchy Square Sunglasses

9. Stella McCartney Moder Flat Tops

When it comes to square sunglasses, the flat top is not always a fan favorite, but most definitely are worth the buy. It does well in adding width to the forehead and balances out the triangular, as well as the diamond-shaped faces. The rivet logo letters of the brand as well as the removable chain give the accessory vintage character vibes. Get these chic square sunglasses from Shopbop!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Stella McCartney Square Sunglasses

10. Karen Walker Nirvana Square Butterfly

With adjustable cushioned nose pads and a lightweight look, the halo frames and light lenses ensure you look lovely without attracting too much attention. Simple and sumptuous, these square sunglasses are perfect for your daily routine. Get the perfect specs from Nordstrom!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Karen Walker Square Sunglasses

The thicker the square-framed sunglasses, the better it is for some women looking to add some character to their looks. Tortoiseshell in molten browns, this Italian option for your summer eyewear is as timeless as it is ‘60s glamorous. These Marni square sunglasses are available online at Moda Operandi.

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Marni Square Sunglasses

12. Fendi Square Sunglasses

For a boldly beautiful look with smoky gradient lenses and perfectly squared-off frames, this Fendi option is simply breathtaking. Pair it with your favorite swimsuit or pantsuit – you decide. The lenses are nylon, the frame in metal, and it offers 100% UV protection. Pick it up online at Nordstrom!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Fendi Square Sunglasses

13. Acne Studios Big George

The burgundy square sunglasses by Acne Studios call for a fun day out with the ladies; perhaps even your significant other. It is fun and flirty, with a tilt up to give a cat-eye feel while maintaining its modern design. A definite summer dress code feature, find it at Shopbop!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Acne Studios Square Sunglasses

14. Leowe Square Sunglasses

If you want something super striking and out of the ordinary, these “nerd specs” might just fit the bill. Crafted in Italy from black acetate and an honestly bold frame, you will really enjoy the finishing touch it provides for a true fashionista. Get them from My Theresa!

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Loewe Square Sunglasses

15. Bonnie Clyde Wall

At 62mm, these oversized square sunglasses are minimalist, modern and with a flat-front aesthetic that is hard to gloss over. It is made for all ages, bringing the ‘70s into 2021. With anti-reflective nylon lenses, the metal and acetate combo specs provide 100% UV protection while ensuring a softly feminine appeal. You can find these square shades at Nordstrom.

Best Square Sunglasses for Women: Bonnie Clyde Square Sunglasses

Are Square Sunglasses for You? Best Square Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

To figure out the shape of your face, take a photo both at rest and with a wide smile. Use a marker to draw the shape of the face in each one and then combine them. If it ends up being two different shapes, which is likely, you can rock even more styles, so don’t worry about it.

At the end of the day, it is most important to measure your face and choose a frame size proportionate with your features to avoid looking like a bug. While oversized sunglasses are great, they don’t do well on every individual. Choose complementary colors against your skin tone as well. Things to remember when picking colors include:

• Black is your go-to. It will always look good. It outlines the eyes when the lenses are transparent or translucent. Not the best for opaque.

• Clear and invisible frames look amazing on most skin tones, so you can enjoy them as you wish. Just give it a try and see how it works on you first.

• Colorful frames can clash with your undertones, meaning you have to know your skin color and what compliments it well. Yellows with yellows, reds with reds, blues with blues.

• Textured frames in color are always your best bet.

• Brown and black colored frames are better for brunettes, while lighter and translucent models in caramel or pink are perfect for blondes.

Best Square Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

If you are unsure about the type of square sunglasses to pick up during your next shopping spree, here is a little guide based on face shapes:

Square Sunglasses for Round Faces

Round faces have fuller cheeks, a full chin and forehead. If you are all curves and no angles, the ideal eyewear should be without curves and focus on the sharp lines instead. This elongates the face and thins out your cheeks. The best square sunglasses in this case would be those with colorful frames, high on the temples and square-shaped.

Square Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Oval faces are rounded and proportional, with a more angular chin. The most universal of faces, the oval can sport any type of eyewear and does beautifully with the square, particularly with a marble or tortoise frame, a little edgy with a slight cat-eye.

Square Sunglasses for Square Faces

Wide foreheads and strong, wide chins are a trademark. Honestly, it is best to avoid the angles here, particularly since your features are sharp and pointed themselves. You will need to soften the edges, meaning that even if you pick up square sunglasses, you will have to grab the roundest version you can find for best effects. You will need to balance out those lovely cheekbones, so slightly rounded squares with a small cat-eye detail would work best here.

Square Sunglasses for Heart Faces

Think of an upside-down triangle, with a wider forehead, high cheekbones and pointed chin. If you have a lovely heart-shaped face, the square sunglasses might not be the best option, but would still work, so long as the frames are thin, possibly double-wired, and come closest to aviators or D-frames.

Tips for Choosing Square Sunglasses for Women

Square Sunglasses for Triangle Faces

Your face should have a narrower forehead but an angular and wider jaw region. While the cat-eye is your best friend here, you can easily pick up a pair of square sunglasses with pretty detailing. You want to elongate the forehead while drawing attention away from the jawline. This means going bold at the top and simple at the bottom for most effect.

Square Sunglasses for Diamond Faces

A diamond face is widest at the cheekbones and narrow both at the jawline and forehead. Rimless glasses will work well here and you might want to try for square sunglasses with a softer edge, the frame no wider than the cheekbones of the one wearing it.

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