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10 Most Iconic Puma Sneakers for Women of All Time

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Puma’s history is one of the most interesting and tumultuous around, as it is intertwined with that of another equally renowned footwear label – Adidas. Mainly known for some of the most iconic sneakers for women and men around, Puma is currently at the peak of its success, with more and more designers teaming up with the label on the edgiest trainers and the most thrilling collaborations (just think about the acclaimed Fenty x Puma by Rihanna collab!).

Most Iconic Puma Sneakers for Women of All Time

We had, of course, to both celebrate Puma’s legacy and sum up the most iconic must-have Puma women’s sneakers released so far, although we already know the list will tremendously expand in the years to come. But also, let’s quickly recap Puma’s history, as it is an adventurous one for sure.

Iconic Puma Sneakers for Women: Contents

10 Best Puma Sneakers for Women

Ever since the very first Puma soccer trainers were released, Puma has never missed a chance to treat us to iconic and evergreen sneakers to wear on any occasion, among which ten are the ultimate all-time bestsellers!

1. Puma Suede

One of Puma’s biggest successes is the Suede. Available in a plethora of shades, different materials, and embellishments on Puma’s website, the Puma Suede (also known as the Clyde), debuted in 1968 but was made famous by basketball legend Walter “Clyde” Frazier in 1973. Its silhouette is as elegant as simple, and has so far inspired many designers, Rihanna included, for their own footwear creations. The Puma Suede is the pair of Puma sneakers one could never get tired of!

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma Suede Classic Trainers

2. Puma Basket Platforms

After hitting the scene in the early Sixties, the Puma Basket instantly became one of the German label’s most iconic styles also thanks to the hip hop culture. Nowadays it is worn by fashionistas from all over the world, too, and is particularly trendy this year. You can get your pair from

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma Basket Platform Trainers

3. Puma 76 Runner

Lightweight and low-profile at first glance, the silhouette of the Puma 76 Runner trainers takes inspiration from a vintage track spike from 1968. Through the years, its styles, motifs and embellishments have evolved into a pair of trainers that one could easily wear while jogging at the park, or with a pair of high-rinse vintage jeans and a casual shirt. Its mesh upper is one of the sleekest around, while its structure makes it possible to run miles with your favorite music playing in your headphones. Get them from Amazon!

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma 76 Runner Trainers

4. Puma Match

The Match is one of the all-time best-selling Puma sneakers for women, too, with its iconic figure coming from a long line of tennis trainers designed by Puma in the Seventies. Classic in its soul yet fancy at heart, Puma’s Match comes in a great variety of colors and could literally satisfy any taste. Find your pair at Puma!

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma Match Trainers

5. Puma Fierce

With an exaggerated heel thickness at both sides for greater stability and an edgy slip-on bootie construction, Puma’s Fierce sneakers could bring out your fierce side in you, indeed. Inspired by dance movements, this pair of women’s Puma sneakers plays with distorted proportions and elegant lines, resulting in a mix of emotions that makes it harder for us to resist, indeed. Get yours from Puma now!

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma Fierce Trainers

6. Puma Sky

Introduced in 1980 as the ultimate basketball shoe, Puma’s Sky is still considered as one of the most iconic Puma sneakers for both women and men. Its newest evolution, the Puma Sky II HI, features a sleeker OG silhouette, yet always includes its iconic dual hook-and-loop strap that is honestly a win-win design choice when it comes to street wear-inspired outfits. You can find your favorite color at

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma Sky Trainers

7. Fenty x Puma Creepers

When talking about Puma nowadays, one can’t help but mention one of the most successful collaborations of the past few years – Fenty x Puma. Created by musician-turned designer Rihanna in 2015, the Fenty x Puma collaboration sold out in minutes as soon as it dropped both online and in stores, with many willing to pay ten times the price on eBay to get their hands on the iconic Fenty x Puma Creeper sneakers.

Inspired by both Puma’s legacy and Rihanna’s love for New York City’s punk rock subculture, the Puma Creepers became so popular they even won the Shoe of the Year at the Footwear News Achievement Awards 2016 in NYC. Rihanna’s Fenty items are still a hit this year, and we bet will keep on rocking all the way through the upcoming ones, too! Make sure you get your pair from Puma now, until they are completely sold out!

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Fenty x Puma Creeper Trainers

8. Puma Suede Heart Reset

When it comes to the best Puma sneakers for women that want to flaunt their sweetest girly side, Puma’s Suede Heart Reset is the ultimate go-to shoe of the moment! Coming with a lovely bow-like lacing system and featuring the cutest shades of pink, mint and bright lemon, this pair is actually the modern updated version of the classic Puma Suede. You can find your iconic pair of Puma Suede Heart sneakers on Puma’s website now.

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma Suede Heart Reset Trainers

9. Puma Basket Heart

Talking about the most winning modern Puma sneakers for women and not mentioning the Basket Heart model would be a big mistake, and we especially want to take time to appreciate the beauty of the latest version of these Puma trainers – the Basket Heart De. Featuring two different fun laces that you can mix and match according to your mood of the day, this pair is classic, timeless and modern to the nines, so make sure you get yours from Puma now!

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma Basket Heart Trainers

10. Puma Whirlwind Reset

If you want to move like a real whirlwind, you definitely need this pair of Puma sneakers, as it’s super lightweight, fun and stylish. It’s actually the re-issue of the iconic Puma Whirlwind debuted in the 1980s, which took the sneaker industry by storm back in the day with its unique design featuring nylon, suede and a luggy bottom. The modern version comes in fresh colors, and looks as iconic, so it’s hard not to get one pair from Puma now.

Best Puma Sneakers for Women: Puma Whirlwind Reset Trainers

Puma’s History

As we previously mentioned, Puma’s history is linked to that of Adidas, and more specifically to the Dassler brothers. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler initially founded a company called “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik“ (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory) in Germany back in the early Twenties, which soon gained the favor of various prominent personalities and athletes, such as Jesse Owens, who wore one of their sneakers during the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936.

From the early Thirties to the early Forties, the company released one footwear success after another, with many being literally obsessed with the Dasslers’ footwear creations (just like everyone is obsessed with both Adidas and Puma sneakers nowadays). However, due to a misunderstanding between the brothers during an allied bomb attack in 1943, the brothers ended up splitting the business in 1948, with Adolf starting his own company, called Adidas, and Rudolf his own – Puma.

Like Adidas, Puma’s early Fifties and Sixties were equally glorious, with the latter specifically focusing on soccer footwear and hitting it big with its sales right away. Puma’s soccer trainers were some of the most desirable worldwide, with Puma’s designers having to expand their models making them suitable for other sports, too, as each time an Olympic athlete demanded a pair of Puma sneakers for his athletic performance, the audience literally ran amok asking for more.

As the decades went by, Puma began venturing out into women’s wear as well, both in terms of sneakers and clothing pieces. Puma’s women’s wear garments were particularly required during the “tennis craze” of the Seventies, which made many athletes and shopping-enthusiasts in general hopelessly fall in love with the label, and it is not that hard to understand why!

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