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Blue Eye Makeup Tips: How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

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Once you have the best blue eyeshadow colors correctly picked according to your skin tone and eye color, it’s time to master wearing the blue eye makeup trend. There are a few aspects to take into account to make the look work for you. Check out our master-class on nailing the trend of blue eye makeup with confidence.

Keep on Blending!

To make blue eyeshadow look its best, use two different tones – a light and a dark color. Use a soft color for the entire eye to brow area and then a dark color in your crease. To ensure your blue eyeshadow doesn’t look cheap and amateur, invest in a good brush and blend the shadow well.

Always use two different makeup brushes when applying blue shadows – a shading brush for the lid and a blending brush for the crease. Be sure you clean them often, as the blue pigment can often stain the bristles and make your next eye look appear muddy.

Take into Account the Texture

Younger-looking eyes are smoother, so they’ll be able to pull off the vibrant and shimmery colors. Mature eyes will be more suited to matte tones and more subdued cool-tone blues, as this will make the eyes look younger and not enhance any fine lines or wrinkles.

Apply the matte blue eyeshadow shades to the crease and up to the brow and then work the shimmer on the lid. Avoid using too much shimmer, as this will turn your eye makeup into an overly blended ‘80s look.

Make It Deliberately Messy

For a soft and modern blue eye makeup look, try using a dark blue close to the lash line, although not above the crease line, as this technique will make your eyes recede. The key to making blue eye makeup look modern is to not make it too perfect – make sure it looks real and not costume-y.

How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

Keep the Rest of the Face Simple

When wearing blue eyeshadow make sure that is your focal point, so tone down the false eyelashes and instead wear dark black mascara and cat liner. Keep your skin dewy, avoid matte foundations and instead invest in youthful glowy ones.

Redheads should stick with peachy/ coral-toned lipstick colors, blondes should opt for shades of sheer pink, and brunettes should reach for neutral tones, light pinks, or mauve hues. Avoid bold red lips or neon pinks with blue eyeshadow, as they will make the look tacky and too theatrical.

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