Makeup » By/Rosie Jane’s Latest Fragrance Increased My Love for Vanilla Aromas

By/Rosie Jane’s Latest Fragrance Increased My Love for Vanilla Aromas

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I’m not usually drawn to vanilla fragrances when searching for a new scent to add to my fragrance wardrobe. I’m often captivated by the delicate aromas of sweet florals and fresh linens. But when I tried By/Rosie Jane’s recent release, DULCE Eau De Parfum ($70), I was delightfully surprised that it changed my stance on vanilla-focused aromas. 

After speaking with Rosie Jane Johnston, the Founder of By/Rosie Jane, I had a deeper understanding of the nostalgia behind the fragrance. It’s worth noting that DULCE is By/Rosie Jane’s eighth clean fragrance created by Johnston, all of which were inspired by varying moments in the former makeup artist’s life.

“Taste evolves with time, and for me, I want to wear whatever makes me feel happy in the moment,” Rosie Jane Johnston shared exclusively with Glowsly about the casual scents designed to be worn daily. “Our identities and experiences evolve … [and] our fragrances should too,” she added.

The inspiration

Using her words as a guide, I decided to try something new for the season. With the crisp weather quickly approaching, I was already brainstorming ways to incorporate warmth and comfort into my daily life (think cashmere sweaters and seasonal candles). That being said, I was open to the idea of trying the warm scent that featured sweet vanilla, hinoki wood, and nude musk notes.

According to Johnston, the scent is meant to evoke the memories of good times, innocence, and the sweetest things in life. “I created DULCE because I wanted to make a very literal vanilla scent,” she said. The decadent and rich scent was inspired by mainstream vanilla perfumes of the 1990s and her first year living in Los Angeles.

My experience 

When I sprayed the fragrance on my pulse points and plush sweater, I felt hugged by my favorite vanilla-filled memories. It quickly transported me to the first time I used vanilla beans in my brioche bread (which, by the way, has become a must-have amongst my family and friends).

The hinoki wood adds warmth to the fragrance, making it suitable for all seasons, especially autumn, and the nude musk creates a skin-like aroma, as it gently settles into the skin. Truth be told, when I smelled it for the first time and took that first deep inhale, my mind immediately spurred up an image of classic vanilla ice cream made from thick, rich cream, fresh from the farm.

I experimented with layering DULCE, and I can confirm that it can be layered with a wide variety of other fragrances like the Idôle Eau de Parfum from Lancôme. I loved the scent of this perfume, and I think it’s going to be my signature fragrance for fall.

By/Rosie Jane’s DULCE Eau De Parfum ($70) is available exclusively in-store and on The scent is available in perfume oil ($45) and travel spray ($28) at The perfumes are housed in recycled and recyclable packaging and are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and phosphates.