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How to Choose the Best Neon Nail Polish Colors for Your Skin Tone

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Choosing a flattering nail polish color is important, but it’s even more critical with neon polish since those bright colors seriously stand out. Below, we have added a few tips to help you choose neon nail polish colors that’ll flatter your skin tone, along with some application tips.

The great thing about neon polishes is that they stand out against any skin tone and darkness level, so no matter where you are on the spectrum, it’s going to be a good look… as long the undertone suits.

That’s why it’s critical that you actually know what your undertone is! The main categories are cool, warm, neutral, and olive.

Cool Undertones

Those with cool undertones have slightly pinkish or reddish skin. Contrary to popular belief, those with cool skin don’t have to be especially pale, though as the skin tone gets deeper, the cool undertone tends to be a little redder rather than pink.

Those with cool undertones will want to avoid neon green or yellow-green nail polishes, but they can definitely rock blues, purples, and pinks. Orange and yellow tones are not going to be the most flattering, but they won’t clash either, so you can still give them a try.

Warm Undertones

Those with warm undertones have slightly yellow skin, and veins that can appear a little green. If you have warm undertones, you may want to avoid very cool purple, cool pink, or blue nail polishes, which can make the skin seem a little sallow. On the other hand, yellows, corals, oranges, and reds will look amazing. When it comes to green, it may not flatter, but it won’t clash.

Neutral Undertones

Next, we have those with neutral skin that has an equal balance of warm and cool tones and can appear very even. Those with neutral skin look fantastic in all neons since they don’t have to worry about any color clashing.

Olive Undertones

Lastly, there are those with olive skin, which appears a little greenish. It’s very easy for those with green undertones to appear sickly if they wear the wrong colors, which are especially oranges and warm reds. Yellows, blues, purples, cool pinks, greens, and even blue-based reds can look fantastic, however.  

Tips for Pulling off Neon Nail Colors

Here are a few tips we have to make sure your neon nails look amazing and fit with your look!

How to Wear Neon Nail Polish?
  • Make sure that neon nail polish is appropriate for your workplace. More conservative environments may not allow anything brighter than a soft pink, but in a more creative environment, even a wild neon yellow is fine. If your workplace is conservative, you can still experiment with neons on your toes as long as you wear shoes that cover the polish.
  • Neon draws a lot of attention to your hands, so make sure to moisturize well, shape the nails properly with a nail file, and push back the cuticles so that your hands look their best.
  • When it comes to applying neon nail polish, our biggest tip is to also have a white nail polish on hand. You can apply the white nail polish instead of or in addition to a base coat, and it will help your neon polish stand out more and look opaquer.
  • Make sure the polish is applied evenly, and clean up any mistakes with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover.
  • Experiment with neon nail polish as an accent on just one or two nails, or use it to draw on colorful French tips.
  • Once your nail polish starts chipping, touch it up or remove it immediately. Chipping on bright nails is readily noticeable and looks very sloppy.
  • When it comes to putting together the rest of your look, remember that wearing neutral tones like beige, white, or black will allow your nails to stand out more.
  • You can also match your nails to a color-blocked outfit, to neon accessories, or have them be a punchy addition to a monochromatic look.

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