Fashion » 17 Fun Cult Gaia Bags That Will Add an Eccentric Touch to Any Wardrobe

17 Fun Cult Gaia Bags That Will Add an Eccentric Touch to Any Wardrobe

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that when it comes to head-turning statement accessories, Cult Gaia bags are a fan favorite. The unique designs are must-have items for the fashionable crowd and are often spotted on some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities and social media platforms like Instagram.

Best Cult Gaia Bags of All time
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These iconic designer bags are designed to be heirloom pieces that maintain a timelessness as they’re handed down from one generation to the next. If you’re trying to figure out which handbags you should invest in, we’ve curated a list of the 17 best Cult Gaia bags for your accessories collection.

Your Guide to Cult Gaia Bags: Contents

17 Best Cult Gaia Bags to Get

If you’re ready to upgrade your closet, then starting with statement accessories that can help complete your look is a good way to go. In this guide, we’re ranking 17 of the best Cult Gaia handbags – in no particular order – that you’re going to want to add to your closet.

1. Cult Gaia Small Gaia’s Ark Bag

Summery weather – regardless of whether you’re on vacation or just live in the perfect climate all year – calls for the right accessories. This fun yet functional Cult Gaia bag is made from bamboo and would look right at home with your favorite sundress outfit. The fun semi-circle and slotted design makes a statement without saying a word. The overlap closure features two wide handles that fold out when you need to retrieve something from your bag. Pick it up online at Farfetch, My Theresa, or Revolve!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Small Gaia’s Ark Bag

2. Cult Gaia Isla Marbled Acrylic Crossbody Bag

If you’re obsessed with jade and marble, you can’t go wrong with this pick. The Isla bag is the perfect clutch that’s been modernized thanks to the longer strap that allows you to wear it as either a crossbody or a shoulder bag. The marbled design will serve as a conversation piece and can be paired with a more understated outfit so that it’s the focal piece of your ensemble. We also love the latch closure that also features three matching baubles. It’s available at My Theresa.

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Isla Marbled Acrylic Crossbody Bag

3. Cult Gaia Tallulah Acrylic Shoulder Bag

Tortoiseshell is always in style, and this whimsically shaped bean-style Cult Gaia clutch attracts even more attention because of the gorgeous finish. We’re also in love with the fun beaded removable shoulder strap that features a variety of sizes to create even more visual interest. This cute little clutch also comes with a magnetic closure and an interior wall pocket. Find it at Nordstrom!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Tallulah Acrylic Shoulder Bag

4. Cult Gaia Fan Ark Mini

The obsession with tortoiseshell continues with this fun play on Cult Gaia’s popular slotted semi-circle purse. We love that it features sturdy handles made from tortoiseshell-inspired beads. This fun Cult Gaia purse is perfect for a day spent shopping around town or for a vacation when you’re ready to make an entrance. We love that the handles open out, making it easy to slide essential items in and out. Get it from Revolve or Farfetch!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Fan Ark Mini

5. Cult Gaia Eos Rattan Tote

Rattan is a lot like wicker and continues to be especially popular. This Cult Gaia handbag is perfect for a summer or spring day and is giving us definite relaxation vibes. But what you’ll love most of all is that this handbag is square.

We’re obsessed with the fun structure and the fact that the rattan texture is continued into the handle, which features 12 rattan-covered baubles. The lid is secured with a loop style closure. And since it comes with a dust bag, you can use the dust bag as a liner so that smaller items like lipsticks or even pens don’t slide out through the weave. Pick it up from Net-a-Porter!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Eos Rattan Tote

6. Cult Gaia Cora Beaded Tote Bag

We can’t get enough of the play on texture and size, which helps to signify a Cult Gaia bag. This cute number is giving us a 1970s vibe in every possible way. We’re obsessed with the wood beading construction, but love that it comes with a built-in liner to keep small items secure. You’ll like that the bag features a zippered closure and that you get two wood-bead handles, making this ideal to wear over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm. It’s available at Farfetch, Revolve, and Moda Operandi

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Cora Beaded Tote Bag

7. Cult Gaia Astraea Mini Leather Tote

If you’re looking to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with this Cult Gaia bag. Let’s start with the fun asymmetrical design of the tortoiseshell handle. You’ll also love the bold ivory white leather and the loop through closure that serves to be equal parts interesting and functional. This bag measures 4.5 inches tall, making it ideal for a statement piece to top off the perfect outfit. Get it through My Theresa, or Farfetch!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Astraea Mini Leather Tote

8. Cult Gaia Estelle Mini Crossbody

Straw clutches are always in style, which is why we’re including the Estelle in our round-up in must-have Cult Gaia bags. We are obsessed with the classic trapezoid shape. But what makes this pick stand out is the fact that it features a gorgeous brushed gold snap closure with fixed handles. And we like that this still comes with a shoulder strap so you can choose between wearing it as a clutch or a shoulder/ crossbody look if you prefer. The shoulder strap is made from faux leather and is detachable. You can find it for sale at Revolve, and Farfetch.

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Estelle Mini Crossbody

9. Cult Gaia Farah Wristlet

Everyone loves fringe, which is why we’ve picked this beaded stunner from Cult Gaia. The Farah bag is a fun mini option that has a bit of whimsy in it thanks to the double-sided fringe. It features a magnetic interior snap closure and is fully lined. This little wristlet is perfect with denim and measures eight inches tall, making it perfect for a date night outfit when you don’t want to carry a lot of items with you. Get it from Revolve!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Farah Wristlet

10. Cult Gaia Dory Feathered Pouch

If you feel like accessories should be designed to turn heads, then the Dory feathered pouch should be on your shortlist of must-have Cult Gaia bags. This incredibly fun pick is another cute little wristlet that features ostrich feather trim in a bold pink hue. And as if that’s not enough, the entire bag is drenched in bead accents that will turn heads and have people asking you, “where did you get that bag?” You can pick it up from Forward.

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Dory Feathered Pouch

11. Cult Gaia Gia Shoulder Bag

Clutches and wristlets are nice, but when you need to carry more than your phone and a tube of lipstick, they become a bit impractical. This Cult Gaia bag is for the person who needs more space. We love how that statement mahogany bead handle strap could almost double for jewelry.

The soft curved design on the off-white leather bag almost seems to expertly follow the curve of the strap, too. And because of the somewhat neutral hues created through the handle strap and the bag itself, it can pair perfectly with so many items. It’s available through Net-a-Porter, and Farfetch.

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Gia Shoulder Bag

12. Cult Gaia Roksana Tote Bag

We can’t get enough of vintage-looking Cult Gaia bags. And if that sounds like your style, you’ll love this handbag. Roksana is another fun loop-style closure handbag that features an inset leather panel that contrasts against the woven neutral fabric exterior. But we like that this is a roomy bag, measuring 26.2 inches wide and 14.6 inches tall – meaning that it’s a truly practical solution. There’s also an interior zipped pocket to keep essentials such as your phone or cards protected. Pick it up from Farfetch, or My Theresa!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Roksana Tote Bag

13. Cult Gaia Eos Box Clutch

Our obsession with baubles continues thanks to this fun tortoiseshell Cult Gaia purse. The Eos box clutch is perfect for a date night, or even as a statement accessory for the next wedding you plan to attend. The clutch is made from sturdy acrylic and features the signature spherical beads that this brand is best known for. Find it online at My Theresa, Moda Operandi, and Farfetch!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Eos Box Clutch

14. Cult Gaia Emmi Bamboo Tote

If you love the idea of an open concept tote that’s ideal for holding larger items, you won’t be disappointed with the Emmi bamboo tote. This funky and whimsical hobo-style bag features a bold curved handle. But you’ll like that the entire bag is designed from bamboo wood – a renewable resource so you can feel good about this splurge.

The bag relies on spherical and rectangular wood to construct that gorgeous open weave. But if you do want to use this purse to hold smaller items that might slip through the weave, line the bag with a drawstring pouch. Grab it from Net-a-Porter!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Emmi Bamboo Tote

15. Cult Gaia Pearl Bag

Small bags can make a big statement and save you the trouble of having to say a word. The Pearl bag is such an option. And if you’re a fan of extravagant Cult Gaia bags, you’ll love that this is another one that relies on an architectural design and marbled acrylic to create a head-turning bag. And as is popular with Cult Gaia bags, this one also relies on a spherical silhouette. Pick it up from Moda Operandi!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Pearl Bag

16. Cult Gaia Banu Mini Tote

There’s something so magnetic about mixing textures in fashion. And that’s why we’re including this Banu mini pleated tote as one of our top Cult Gaia bags. In addition to the visual interest created through the supple leather contrasted against the metal-ringed handles designed to look like bamboo, we love the structured shape of this bag. The gentle pleats aren’t harsh thanks to the off-white hue of the leather. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes at Net-a-Porter, and Farfetch.

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Banu Mini Tote

17. Cult Gaia Hera Shoulder Bag

If you thought that Cult Gaia was only for fun yet slightly impractical clutches, the Hera shoulder bag is here to disprove that theory. This is a fun, uniquely-designed statement bag that you can rock every day. The larger size easily makes it a great option to keep in regular rotation, whether you’re heading to that board meeting or to have lunch with clients. We love the understated design that contrasts supple black calf leather with bold gold hardware accents throughout the bag. Get it from Moda Operandi, or Farfetch!

Best Cult Gaia Bags: Cult Gaia Hera Shoulder Bag

A Little History of Cult Gaia Bags

After browsing through the unique designs, it’s easy to understand why Cult Gaia has a huge – dare we say cult – following. But you might be surprised to find that this popular handbag line is about more than just creating cute accessories.

More Than a Handbag

Cult Gaia is a handbag line that began in 2012 and is helmed by Jasmin Larian. But one of the biggest things that set this brand apart is that Jasmin isn’t just creating handbags. Since the beginning, one of the key tenets of Cult Gaia is that each item is crafted to be an Objet d’Art – something that serves as a conversation piece and makes you think.

That’s why so many of the popular Cult Gaia bags have unique structural elements that are meant to evoke influences of nature or the world around us. While the brand is best known for its iconic handbags and accessories, Cult Gaia is a full fashion house that also creates beautiful clothing and footwear.

Cult Gaia Bags Guide

A Little Back Story

Unsurprisingly, fashion has always been in Larian’s blood. Both of her parents have creative backgrounds. Her mother was a fashion designer, while her father worked in the toy industry and owns the company that launched the wildly popular Bratz dolls. She is also a FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) alum and began Cult Gaia shortly after graduating.

From Indie Designer to an International Superstar

While Cult Gaia began in 2012, it would be four years before the brand would take off and become a fan favorite of fashionistas and editors everywhere. The Los Angeles based designer created the wooden Ark bag in 2013. At the time, it didn’t generate much interest. But three years later, it became the must-have accessory during the summer of 2016. You’ll note that even we’ve featured the mini Ark bag in our top picks for popular Cult Gaia bags.

What’s so inspiring about Cult Gaia is the fact that it’s a true American success story of a designer with a “dollar and a dream” who followed her passion and found success along the way. Running a fashion line is an expensive proposition, but Jasmin started with just $7,000 – a very modest seed investment indeed.

Cult Gaia Bags History

When Cult Gaia began, she planned to create flower crowns and hair turbans. But her ability to make truly wearable art set the brand apart and propelled it into an international sensation. The Ark bag was propelled to international acclaim thanks to Instagram and the fact that celebrities like Beyoncé and Jessica Alba were photographed rocking the Cult Gaia handbag.

The Secret to Cult Gaia’s Continuing Success

It’s no surprise that Instagram is one of the best things to happen to Cult Gaia and a strong way to stay connected to their audience. But while Larian loves the celebrity fervor for her products, she still believes that the most influential aspect of Cult Gaia is the fact that real people also love to share their favorite looks from the brand on Instagram. This helps to keep the brand grounded and relatable for the everyday fashionista.

Cult Gaia Handbags History

To this day, Larian continues to focus on her core audience, an easygoing individual who loves subtle details and loves the idea of timeless yet functional fashion. Likewise, the brand prides itself on creating eye-catching pieces that are accessible to a wider range of customers – something that consistently competes with more expensive “It” bags.

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