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How to Choose the Best False Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

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With so many gorgeous false eyelash shapes and sizes to choose from, you might be curious as to which one will flatter you the most. To figure that out, you’ll also need to know your eye shape, so hopefully, this guide can help.

False Lashes for Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are quite common, named based on the shape of an almond. The eye itself is a touch narrow, so the whites of the eyes aren’t visible above the iris, while above, both the lid and crease are visible. Those with almond eyes can wear just about any eyelash shape that they like.

False Lashes for Round Eyes

Round eyes also have a visible lid and crease, like almond eyes, but they’re much more rounded. If the whites of your eyes are visible above and below your iris, and people often remark that you have big eyes, then chances are your eyes are round.

For rounded eyes, the go-to advice is to choose false eyelashes that elongate your eye shape, meaning that you should choose cat-eye lashes that are longer at the outer end of the lash line. You can achieve the same effect by popping on a pair of demi-lashes on the outer corner.

However, if you actually want to emphasize just how round and big your eyes are, you can opt for rounded lashes that are longer at the center instead.

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False Lashes for Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes are usually almond-shaped eyes, but they pull a little downwards at the outer corner. If your eyes are downturned, the most important thing is that you always trim your lashes since lashes that hang past your lash line will make your eyes look even more downturned.

Beyond that, cat-eye lashes will help pull your eyes up and give them a lift since they’re the longest at the outer corner.

Choosing False Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

False Lashes for Upturned Eyes

If your eyes are naturally upturned, they go slightly up at the outer corner of the eye. This eye shape is incredibly well-liked by modern beauty standards, so while traditional advice will tell you to choose lashes that will balance things out, we’ll disagree.

If your eyes are upturned, you can try any false lashes that you like! Rounded and voluminous lash shapes will help to slightly balance out your eyes, but cat-eye lashes will be great for emphasizing how upturned they are and giving you an elfish look.

False Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes refer more to what’s happening with your lid than to the shape of the eye itself. With hooded eyes, the crease is a little fuller (or sometimes, with age, the skin over the crease loses some of its tone), so it obscures the crease. Your eyes can be round and hooded, almond and hooded, etc.

If you do have hooded eyes, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stick to a particular false eyelash shape. What you do want to consider is the lash density, however. False lashes that are clustered to look very spiky with large gaps between clusters are often too harsh against hooded eyes, so we’d recommend avoiding those. Instead, opt for feathery lash fiber styles.

Additionally, if you feel like having hooded eyes makes your eyes seem small or camouflages too much of your lid, consider choosing smaller, more natural-looking lashes since massive lashes can overwhelm the eye.

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False Lashes for Close-Set Eyes

In general, the space between our eyes is about equal to the length of our actual eye. If your eyes are closer together than that, you can use your lashes to space them out a little.

The key is to choose a pair of falsies that has very short lash fibers near the inner part of the lash line and then get progressively longer towards the outer corner. Cat-eye lashes are best, but voluminous-style lashes can also work as long as the inner corner part is short.

How to Choose False Eyelashes for Eye Shapes

False Lashes for Wide-Set Eyes

On the other hand, if your eyes are quite far apart, you’ll want lashes that can make them seem like they’re a little closer together. For this, you want lashes that are fairly balanced all the way through and where the lash fibers in the inner corner of the eye aren’t much shorter than the lashes elsewhere along the lash line. Round false lashes are great, but make sure to avoid cat-eye lashes.

False Lashes for Monolids

Many women, usually of East Asian descent, have monolids, which is when the eyes don’t have a visible crease at all. With monolids, the lash line is often a little obscured by part of the lid that hangs over it.

The key part when choosing lashes for monolids is to look for a thinner, more flexible band. This will sit more comfortably along your lash line, so you’ll be much happier with your lashes throughout the day. You may also want to avoid overly large lashes that can overwhelm your eye, but this really varies from person to person.

Beyond that, there are no rules when it comes to the actual lash shape! Cat-eye, round, and voluminous lashes can all look great.

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