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19 Most Iconic Fendi Bags to Add to Your Collection

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Fendi is a name that brings desire into the hearts of fashionistas everywhere. Specifically, this Italian fashion brand has made a name for themselves with their Fendi bags. They’re synonymous with a strong attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and of course… style. So, it’s understandable that fashionistas around the world want their own coveted Fendi bag, whether it’s their iconic baguette silhouette or anything with the recognizable Fendi Zucca logo.

Best Fendi Bags to Add to Your Collection

But which bags are known to stand the test of time, and which ones are trendier moments in the Fendi timeline? In this article, we break down some of the more timeless styles from Fendi as well as how to properly shop for their gorgeous bags. And most importantly, we help you learn how to determine an authentic Fendi bag from a fake. Keep reading more for a style crash course on Fendi bags!

Most Iconic Fendi Bags of All Time: Contents

19 Best Fendi Bags Worth Investing in

From all-time classics to the hottest, newest additions, here we have compiled a list of the best Fendi bags for you to consider getting.

1. Fendi Baguette Pouch

The Fendi Baguette bag is a truly versatile option that comes in a range of finishes, including prints to complement your style. The original Baguette debuted in 1997 and even became a cult-favorite thanks to being featured frequently on Sex and The City. Hands down, it’s one of the most coveted Fendi bags from the Italian fashion house. Choose from the iconic Fendi monogram in a range of colorways or opt for colorblock or a monochromatic effect.

What makes this bag so ideal is that it can be worn in so many different ways. For a traditional touch, wear it as a shoulder bag. When you’re on the go, turn it into a crossbody style. But if you want to be fashion-forward, it can turn into a belt bag – giving you a secure way to hold important items while also staying hands-free.

Made in Italy from premium Italian leather, you’ll like this low-profile but eye-catching Fendi bag. The Fendi Baguette measures 6.5 inches long by 4.3 inches high with a depth of one inch. Get one for yourself directly from Fendi or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Baguette Pouch

2. Fendi Peekaboo Bag

Channel your inner Jackie O. with this classic Fendi purse. Coming in a range of sizes that include mini, essentially, medium, and large, we love the endless color palette available to you with this Fendi bag. Specifically, you can choose between patent leather, calfskin leather, jacquard fabric, mink, and chenille, to name a few.

The Peekaboo style first debuted in the spring/ summer 2009 collection but continues to be a mainstay. While the mini size is ideal for a night on the town or even for a special event, the medium and large are perfect for a day around town. And if you’re interested in making an entrance, consider the Peekaboo Iconic Mini in either white mink or brown mink.

But you’ll like that you’ll still get plenty of room thanks to the two main compartments that are standard in all of the Peekaboo sizes. And the classic twist lock adds a touch of sophistication, while an interior zip compartment gives you more space to hold essentials. With 117 unique designs within this Fendi bag category, there is something for everyone. Get yours on Fendi’s site or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Peekaboo Bag

3. Fendi Mon Tresor

Bucket bags have never gone out of style, and with one look at Fendi’s Mon Tresor, it’s easy to see why. Wear it as a crossbody or dangle it from your shoulder. You’ll make an entrance with this bag that features the classic monogram in a few eye-catching colors. Whether you prefer the classic brown monogram or something more vibrant such as the hand-painted green, orange, or pink styles, this small yet roomy Fendi purse is a must-have.

This leather Fendi bag first continues to be versatile thanks to the crossbody and shoulder straps. But you’ll like that both straps are detachable, giving you a streamlined image whichever way you choose to wear it.

Sturdy gold metal hardware accents help to complete the effect. We think that you’ll love taking this cute little bucket bag with you to Saturday brunch with the girls, or on vacation to St. Tropez. Whichever style you choose, you’ll enjoy the roomy interior that measures 7.1 inches tall, 4.7 inches length, and 3.9 inches deep. Pick it up on Fendi or My Theresa!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Mon Tresor

4. Fendi By The Way

What can we say about a Boston bag like By The Way? We love how this is an ideal option for the woman on the go who needs a bag that can hold her essentials while still being stylish and smart. Fendi’s By The Way is equal parts fashion and function.

We like that you get two roomy compartments, divided by a zip interior pouch. The adjustable shoulder strap gives you the freedom to wear this Fendi bag as a crossbody. But it can be detached with snap hooks as well so that you can use the double handles instead. And the double handles feature a raised, hand-painted Fendi monogram that creates color contrast and textural interest from the monochrome bag.

Available in five colors (blue, white, brown, orange, and pink), you’ll be sure to make an entrance when you walk into your next board meeting. By The Way has been delighting fashionistas since 2014 and is the perfect accessory for the woman who wants to make a statement. Get yours from Fendi or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi By The Way Bag

5. Fendi Kan I F Purse

Kan I F is a classic magnetic closure-style bag with a flap that’s been upgraded thanks to the Fendi touch. We love how the core portion of the bag is embossed with the raised Fendi logo, while the flap is a muted solid tan to create a contrast.

But what sets this Fendi bag off is the fact that the classic Fendi Zucca initial is centered on the flap in gold-tone hardware and accented with dark brown. And that hardware is carried throughout the bag as accents for the carrying strap.

You’ll like that this medium-sized Fendi purse is quite roomy with a large interior and side pocket for essentials like your smartphone or credit cards. Measuring at 9.8 inches long, 7.1 inches tall, and 4.1 inches wide, the Fendi Kan I F bag is perfect for a day on the town. Grab yours from Fendi or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Kan I F Purse

6. Fendi Karligraphy Pocket Bag

If you’re looking for a show-stopping clutch that’s equal parts vintage and timeless, the Fendi Karligraphy Pocket handbag should be at the top of your list. Fans of Karl Lagerfeld will love that this eye-catching clutch features his recognizable twist on the Fendi logo written in a double F script form, instead of block letters.

This petite clutch features a strap that makes carrying it by hand easier, as well as a fixed chain strap so that you can easily sling it over your wrist or wear it in the crook of your elbow. You’ll like that this cute style is available in black or white. While the black matte design is contrasted with tan, the white colorway is contrasted with black.

The prominent Lagerfeld-designed Fendi Zucca is centered in the front with gold hardware, which is carried throughout the clutch. You’ll like that the interior is divided by a rigid partition with an internal pock. And there’s an external pocket on the back as well to hold essentials. Pick it up online at Fendi or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Karligraphy Pocket Bag

7. Fendi Kan U Handbag

Fans of traditional-style designer purses will love the Kan U Fendi handbag. This classic style features a matte black exterior with a textured flap with the iconic raised and hand-painted Fendi logo in the traditional colorway. We love the versatility of this bag, as it can easily transition from a casual to a more formal setting with no issues.

You’ll like that this accordion-style handbag comes with a removable shoulder and carrying strap – giving you the versatility to be hands-free when you want to be. The interior provides plenty of space with two main compartments that are separated by a rigid partition and a small interior pocket as well.

Plus, the gold-toned metal hardware adds a touch of sophistication. Wear this cute Fendi bag as either a crossbody, shoulder bag, or handbag, depending on how you rock the straps. But first, get your style from Fendi or My Theresa!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Kan U Handbag

8. Fendi Double F Small Purse

Not everyone wants to carry a massive bag. And if this sounds like you, the Double F Small from Fendi is going to be ideal. This petite handbag can pull double duty as a crossbody and clutch thanks to the dual strap design. But what sets this design apart from some of the other “traditional” monogram Fendi bags is that the colorway is lighter than the more well-known dark brown monogram style.

We’re loving that this small yet fashion-forward Fendi handbag offers a contrast to help create visual interest. While the front features the classic Fendi monogram in a tan colorway, the back is a solid tan with metal-accent Fendi initials on the flap.

The dual flap design gives you the freedom to choose between showcasing the bold Fendi monogram or opting for the more understated solid leather instead. You’ll like the two roomy separate compartments (each one accessible from its respective side of the bag flap) that are secured by a magnetic clasp and also include an inside pocket. Go for this style picking up your favorite option online at Fendi or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Double F Small Purse

9. Fendi Kan I Bag

For the person who wants a truly unique bag, the Fendi Kan I fits the bill. This Fendi handbag comes with scalloped edges around the flap and edges of the body. As is common with Fendi, this bag gives you the versatility to use the handle strap or wear it as a shoulder bag or crossbody thanks to the longer chain strap, which is removable.

This supple leather bag comes with beautiful metalware accents that are palladium-finish for the white and red colorways or gold-finish for the black version. We also like that this bag comes with additional metal rings on the handle strap to give you the option to add bag charms for a personalized effect.

You’ll enjoy a roomy divided interior with gusseted compartments that are divided by a stiff partition. And closing the interior is easy thanks to the twist lock metal hardware on the front. Find it in a myriad of colors at Fendi or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Kan I Bag

10. Fendi Backpack

Backpack styles are all the rage for people who prefer to always be hands-free. The Fendi backpack is the perfect solution, as it’s roomy and features a double-strap design that gives you the freedom to wear it as a traditional backpack or to sling both straps over one shoulder for a laid-back effect.

This larger Fendi handbag comes in black or red. But what caught our eye is that the shoulder straps are secured to the upper portion of the bag through a large and bold metal medallion that features the Fendi logo. And you’ll like that the shoulder straps are adjustable so that you’re able to find the most comfortable fit.

However, what sets this Fendi bag apart is that the shoulder straps are detachable. And that means you can turn this backpack into a handbag. The drawstring closure and flap that is held secure with a padlock help to round out some of this bag’s top features. You can buy your favorite color online at Fendi or Farfetch.

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Backpack

11. Fendi Sunshine Shopper

Bolder fashionistas are going to appreciate the Fendi Sunshine Shopper bag. With dimensions that measure 15.9 inches long, 13.8 inches tall, and 8.5 inches deep, this is a roomier option that’s ideal for someone who’s going to spend all day in town. They’ll need more space to hold essentials versus the person heading to one event before going back home.

The Sunshine Shopper is one of the few Fendi bags in our recommendations that feature the full Fendi name instead of just the initial monogram. But we’re crushing on the rich tan leather with the heat-pressed Fendi Roma stamp that creates a beautiful contrast.

You’ll also fall in love with the tortoiseshell-style handles. And while this bag lacks any interior pockets, we think the roomy size, gold-tone accents, and D-rings on the sides that give you the option to add a shoulder strap make this a “fashion do.” Get it from Fendi’s website or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Sunshine Shopper

12. Fendi Peekaboo Click

We featured the Fendi Peekaboo earlier in our guide, but it deserves to be shown again because of this variation. The Peekaboo Click takes the same design as was shown in our earlier recommendation and creates a twist. This version of the style is a cute clutch that features a double-sided clasp.

But what sets it apart is that it also features a unique mechanism that automatically opens both sides of the clasp simultaneously. You’ll like that, while petite, this pouch offers two separate compartments thanks to the rigid partition.

And of course, you can also choose to use the included shoulder chain that turns this clutch into a shoulder bag. Choose from the cute pink chamois or green suede style at Fendi!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Peekaboo Click Bag

13. Fendi Karligraphy

Small doesn’t have to be impractical. If you loved the Karligraphy Pocket, you’re going to love its larger sibling, Karligraphy. This Fendi handbag features a flap that bears the iconic Karl Lagerfeld-designed cursive FF logo. We like that this mini bag offers an understated elegance that’s effortlessly timeless.

In terms of function, you’ll appreciate the two main compartments that are separated by a stiff partition and the multiple pockets on the inner compartment – creating a built-in space for credit cards, business cards, or other essentials. As is standard with Fendi bags, you’ll also have a choice between a leather hand strap and a chain shoulder strap that adds to the versatility of this bag.

Wear Karligraphy as a handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody, depending on your mood. Choose from black, red, or tan. While the black version has a matching black suede interior, the tan and red styles feature a rich chocolate brown interior. All styles come with beautiful gold-tone metalware accents. Find them all on Fendi’s website or My Theresa!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Karligraphy Bag

14. Fendi Belt Bag

Belt bags are back in a big way, and Fendi has their share of options to keep you on-trend. The Fendi Belt Bag is striking because of the bold medallion closure. While the body is designed from rich black leather, the accented flap features the hand-painted Fendi Zucca.

We’re crushing on the red leather backing the Fendi initial on the closure medallion, which helps to create visual interest. Choose between wearing it as a belt bag or as a shoulder bag thanks to the shoulder chain that’s included.

You’ll love the hands-free design and the generous length on the belt, making it ideal for a range of sizes. But if you prefer a bolder style, opt for the red leather body that provides a rich contrast against the Fendi monogram. You can find all the color options at Fendi or Farfetch.

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Belt Bag

15. Fendi Flip Bag

People on the go know that a small bag just isn’t going to cut it. The Fendi Flip has you in mind. Whether you’re jetting off to a meeting or are switching between shows, this bag is large with plenty of space to store essentials without looking overloaded.

You’ll like that this bag measures 11.8 inches long, 9.3 inches tall, and 5.1 inches wide – making it perfect for holding your tablet, smartphone, and essentials such as a notebook or even a magazine. You’ll get a main compartment with two additional interior side pockets for things like pens or business cards.

This black leather bag offers an understated effect for the person who’s all business. A few small gold accents provide visual interest on the flap, but the remainder of the Fendi bag is left untouched for a sleek impression. Choose between the wide canvas shoulder strap with the iconic logo or opt for the thinner leather shoulder strap, all available at Fendi and Farfetch.

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Flip Bag

16. Fendi Runway Shopper

Runway Shopper is such an apropos name for this stylish medium-sized handbag. This design packs a bold punch while still managing to be understated. We’re in love with the monogram leather body that’s contrasted against dark chocolate brown trim. But what catches your eye is the Fendi stamp in that same rich chocolate trim.

And you’ll love that you can choose how you’ll wear this cute Fendi bag. Opt for either the rigid oval double handles or the longer shoulder strap, which can turn this from a shoulder bag into a crossbody.

While this designer bag doesn’t feature any interior pockets, it does offer an exterior zip pocket on the front. And the roomy interior is more than sufficient for a day spent shopping at your favorite stores. Pick it up online at Fendi or My Theresa!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Runway Shopper

17. Fendi FF Tote

Make a statement without saying a word with the FF Tote. The FF Tote is a twist on the Fendi Gloria handbag in a slightly smaller version. This medium-sized leather bag also follows the trend from this fashion house with a range of options for carrying your purse.

You can opt for the wide double handles accented with FF details in a gold-finish metal hardware or the adjustable shoulder strap. And that means this can also be a crossbody if you choose to wear it that way. We’re also in love with the bold hues. Choose from red, black, white, or a soft blush pink hue.

The FF Tote is considered a small bag, but considering that it measures 12.2 inches long, 8.3 inches tall, and 4.3 inches wide, we think you’ll find this is perfect for lunch with friends or even an impromptu business meeting. Regardless of the color you choose, you’ll like that this Fendi purse features a magnetic closure and an interior zipped pocket. So grab it online from Fendi or Farfetch!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi FF Tote Bag

18. Fendi Camera Case

The Camera Case is the perfect travel companion for the stylish woman. When you’re on the go and sightseeing around a posh metropolitan town, you don’t want to carry essentials in a flimsy pouch. The Fendi Camera Case solves that problem with sturdy construction that offers the protection you need for sensitive electronics like your smartphone, hotspots, or even cameras.

You’ll like the versatility you get with this bag, a common theme throughout Fendi’s handbag designs. When you’re out and about, attach the chain strap and wear as a crossbody. But if you’re en route, you can detach the strap and use this as a tote to carry important items in your carry-on bag.

Plus, this stylish case features the classic Fendi logo on the front and back with light tan trim and the Fendi stamp on the front in the same tan leather. And you’ll like the gold accents throughout on the zipper and strap attachment D-rings. Get it online from Fendi or My Theresa!

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Camera Case

19. Fendi Flat Pouch

Turn heads even if you’re just stopping to ring up your purchases at the checkout counter. The Fendi Flat Pouch is a beautiful accessory that is multifunctional as either a clutch, portfolio, or an oversized wallet. And because of this, it also becomes a truly unisex design that’s flattering for all genders, whether you’re at work, out around town, or partying the night away.

This roomy pouch measures 9.1 inches long, 6.7 inches tall, and 0.4 inches wide – giving you plenty of space to hold important documents. We think it would be perfect for globetrotting fashionistas to hold their passports and other essentials in their carry-ons.

The simple design features a fold-over flap that’s secured with a golden fastener. The calfskin showcases the iconic Fendi monogram with the hand-painted FF design that will turn heads no matter where you go. One of the best Fendi bags to invest in, it is available online at the brand’s website and Farfetch.

Best Fendi Bags: Fendi Flat Pouch

A Brief History of Fendi Purses

While most people think of Fendi handbags, this fashion house also has an established history of creating a range of luxury goods that include clothing, shoes, and even color cosmetics.

It Started with a Husband & Wife Team

The Italian fashion house first opened its doors in 1925 in Rome as a family-run business by the husband and wife team Adele and Edoardo Fendi. The brand instantly became a leader in the luxury world, constantly being recognized for their attention to detail, excellence in craftsmanship, and innovative styles.

From the moment they opened their doors, the fashion house was instantly associated with handbags and fur goods. And as the brand continued to grow, word spread not just throughout Italy, but around the world about its premium leather handbag line.

A Brief History of Fendi Bags

Collaborations with Groundbreaking Designers

Fendi continues to innovate by collaborating with groundbreaking designers from around the world. One such notable collaboration was with Karl Lagerfeld, who was the creative director of the brand in 1965 and again in 1992. Lagerfeld is credited with creating the iconic “Double F” monogram (also known as the Zucca logo) in 1965, a logo that is frequently seen throughout the Fendi handbag portfolio.

Many times, popular handbag styles are reimagined to bring new life to vintage aesthetics. A great example of this is the Fendi Baguette. This Fendi bag is considered a classic and the perfect representation of Fendi’s unique style. Launched in 1997, the Fendi Baguette has over 1,000 iterations. 

While Fendi has been part of the LVMH Group since 2000 and then became its largest shareholder, the brand continues to be synonymous with creativity, quality, tradition, and experimentation.

A Brief History of Fendi Handbags

How to Spot a Fake Fendi Bag

It goes without saying that a brand-new luxury handbag from a brand like Fendi will set you back a pretty penny. And for some people, that price tag might be a bit outside of their means. So, how can you nab a must-have Fendi bag from this iconic Italian fashion house? In addition to smart tips, we’ll tell you who to avoid when you go shopping, and how to instantly spot the real deal from the fakes.

Avoid Knock-offs

For starters, let’s just get it out of the way and say don’t buy obvious knock-offs from questionable sites that sell knock-offs or disreputable in-person sellers who are offering you a Fendi bag for a few hundred bucks. When the average Fendi bag starts at around $1,000, anything that’s being offered at a deep discount is an obvious fake.

Not to mention, buying counterfeit designer handbags can mean you’re indirectly funding terrorism. No one needs that on their conscience!

Opt for Vintage

So, a great alternative can be to opt for a vintage Fendi bag that is available through consignment. In addition to nabbing a must-have style, you can often get them for significantly less than if you were to buy a Fendi bag directly from Fendi or an authorized retailer.

But you still need to do your homework to make sure that you’re legitimately getting what you think you’re paying for. Consider shopping from reputable consignment platforms such as TheRealReal, where goods are confirmed authentic before they’re listed for sale.

How to Spot a Fake Fendi Bag

Serial Numbers

If you’re thinking of buying a Fendi bag that was made from the 1990s and forward, look for a serial number. Depending on the bag, that serial number can range from six, and eight to 12, or 16 digits. And some bags also feature 15 or 17 digits. Any Fendi bags made before the 1990s will not have a serial number.

Sometimes the serial number is on a tag, and sometimes it is embossed into the interior trim or on a metal plate – location will vary depending on the style of the bag. While vintage Fendi bags may not have a serial number, they do typically carry a style number that is stamped on the interior pocket or featured on a leather tab.

Hologram Labels & RFID

Fendi bags produced from 2004 and after feature hologram labels. These bags have a fabric label stitched into the interior with a hologram affixed to it. And usually, there is a serial number on that label.

But in the last ten years, Fendi has begun embedding RFID tags into some of their bags. This will usually look like a tag with a pouch featuring the chip inside. Counterfeit bags may create the pouch, but it will lack the RFID chip.

Country of Origin

Depending on when your Fendi purse was created, it might list the country of origin differently. Common combinations include Fendi Roma, Fendi/ Made in Italy, or FF/ Fendi Made In Italy.

How to Spot a Fake Fendi Purse

Be Mindful of the Hardware

Fendi is known for their attention to detail. As this relates to the hardware, that means that zippers are always going to be metal and usually are from the popular brand YKK. Knock-off bags tend to feature plastic zippers.


Again, Fendi doesn’t skimp on its product portfolio. So, whether you’re buying a bag made of leather or canvas, the materials should be quality.

For canvas or jacquard, look for a tight weave that is more resistant to wear and tear. Fendi’s trim is also always genuine leather, and any visible topstitching will always be consistent and even.

In contrast, fake Fendi bags (or any fake luxury bag) will often opt for synthetic leather trim, and stitching can be inconsistent. Likewise, any additional accents such as beading should be free of excess glue – another common failing with counterfeit luxury bags.

Color Combinations

While it might seem like Fendi’s designs are varied, some rules are followed. For example, if the exterior features the Zucca (FF print), then the interior of the bag should be a solid color – not a print.

The Fendi Logo

Considering how iconic the Fendi logo is, it’s one area that knock-off bags tend to get wrong frequently. For a real Fendi bag, the iconic Zucca should feature the two Fs where their middle arms are staggered rather than parallel. The letters should never touch.

And usually, the logo will be prominently featured throughout the bag, even if you don’t purchase a Zucca monogram style. Likewise, the logo is engraved on an authentic Fendi bag as opposed to stamped – as is usually seen on counterfeit bags. Typical locations include hardware such as clasps, rivets, and zipper pulls.

How to Spot a Fake Fendi Handbag

Is That Design Currently in Production?

Fendi has a massive handbag portfolio, so this one will require you to do your research before you go shopping. While the brand does offer a wide range of handbags at one time, that doesn’t mean that some designs won’t be retired temporarily, only to be brought back later on.

Always check to confirm that if a bag is being offered (either new or recently vintage from a few seasons ago), it is either actively available now or that it was in production for the year or season a seller is claiming.

Authenticity Card and Dust Bag

Especially if you’re buying a new Fendi bag, it should come with a leather authenticity card and a dust bag. And that dust bag should feature the logo print. When buying a consignment item, it’s ideal when a seller can provide these items, as it will help to give you peace of mind. However, it’s completely reasonable that the owner may no longer have these items.

Photos via Fendi, Instagram