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9 Best Hair Extensions for Every Hair Type

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Hair extensions are the fastest cure-all for your hair woes, as they instantly add volume and length and look so natural if you choose the right products. In today’s guide, we will show you the best hair extensions you should get now to wow your partner, friends, colleagues, family members, and – yes – your Instagram followers. If your search is based on a discrete form of hair extensions – clip-in hair extensions, for instance – you are at the right place. 

In this article:

Our Picks for the Best Hair Extensions

Targeting women with wavy or curly hair, straight and thin hair, these are the best hair extensions for every natural hair color and type!

1. HairUWear Hairdo 22″ Straight Clip-In Hair Extension – Ginger Blonde

This is one of the best clip-in hair extensions for those with blonde hair. Made for any kind of meetings, luncheons, or other specifics, it will transform your look like a (beautiful) bride arriving at her wedding party. Its strength lies in the length and volume, and it has a range of 7-11 natural-looking tones. With this professionally crafted hair extension, a whole new you is an effortless process. Get yours from Dermstore!

Best Hair Extensions: HairUWear Hairdo 22" Straight Clip-In Hair Extension

2. Hairdo 23” Wavy Clip-In Extension

Available in six colors at Ulta Beauty, this clip-in hair extension features invisible quick clips that say you are a natural long hair owner. Interestingly, the process is hassle-free. Couple that with its one-piece extension pack (length, volume and gorgeousness in one hair extension), and you have something near perfection.

Best Hair Extensions: Hairdo 23” Wavy Clip-In Extension

3. Sono 1 Count 155g 18” Solo Straight 100% Human Hair Extensions

This one brings a dark chestnut and medium ash look to your hair. Making our list was easy, mainly because it blends under the top layer of hair copiously. And like a perfect crown, this will stay on your head for a long time. The process is fast and best described as ‘one-time fitting’. To top it all up, it features an adjustable microfilm wire. This human hair extension comes in 10 colors on Amazon.

Best Hair Extensions: Sono 1 Count 155g 18” Solo Straight 100% Human Hair Extensions

4. Uniwigs 100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair 3 Bundles

This is an authentic virgin human hair extension with an unprocessed natural color and ability to blend with your natural hair seamlessly. Neatly and tightly, this won’t shed. And when the hair seems to have changed, you can dye and restyle so the glamour continues. These straight hair extensions come from Amazon.

Best Hair Extensions: Uniwigs 100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair 3 Bundles

5. Sono 1 Count 160g 20” Clip-In Straight 100% Human Hair Extensions

This is dark brown. Instantly, you can grow from cropped cut to long, mermaid-like hair. You don’t need any long-term commitment to get you going dark brown. When you get it, it is always ready for use. Made with pressure sensitive clips sewn into it, it says ‘I’m ready if you are.’ These clip-in hair extensions come in 11 colors, all available on Amazon.

Best Hair Extensions: Sono 1 Count 160g 20” Clip-In Straight 100% Human Hair Extensions

6. Star Show Malaysian Curly Human Hair Extensions

This is another choice for a wavy look. And that is just one option out of the 22 sizes available on Walmart. This is virgin human hair that can be dyed and bleached to get the look you are looking for.

Best Hair Extensions: Star Show Malaysian Curly Human Hair Extensions

7. Tressecret Remy Human Hair Clip-In Extensions

Do you love experimenting with hair colors without damaging your natural hair? Then you should try these hair extensions. They change your hair look to either ash-blonde or bleach blonde, ombre or red hair – overall 24 color options available on Amazon. It is human hair that requires your natural hair to be 4 inches to use.

Best Hair Extensions: Tressecret Remy Human Hair Clip-In Extensions

8. Rogue 18” Ombre Slip-On Synthetic Hair Extensions

Ombre as the moon and shiny as the radiant sun, this hair extension is the 18 inches synthetic hair strand that gives you that perfect Indian goddess look. It moves from your head down to the back end. And when you want to style, we believe it is the right choice. This one comes in six natural colors from Amazon.

Best Hair Extensions: Rogue 18” Ombre Slip-On Synthetic Hair Extensions

9. Satin Strands I-Tip Fusion Jamaican Spice 18-Inch Human Hair Extensions

The color of a Jamaican Spice and the quality are on the high, a premium human hair extension with a percentage of 100. Styling is as versatile as it gets, and each set of 40g begs for seamless application. These hair extensions are specially made for short and thin hair, but other classifications can enjoy it as well. Overall five colors are available at Sally Beauty.

Best Hair Extensions: Satin Strands I-Tip Fusion Jamaican Spice 18-Inch Human Hair Extensions

What to Look for in the Best Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type?

There are many different types of hair extensions to choose from. We bring you the simple method of making the right choice of hair extensions for your hair type.

  • Tape-in hair extensions are perfect for those with fine hair.
  • Sew-in hair extensions work best for curly and thick hair.
  • Bonded and micro-bead hair extensions are meant for those with thick or medium thick hair.

Here are things you should check, starting with the purchase:

Check the Materials, Quality Matters!

Is it natural human hair or made by combining different unnatural materials? Hair extensions are categorized into these two. Natural hair extensions are the best, but the cost can be intimidating for someone on a tight budget… and they last longer. They look like you were born with them, while synthetic hair extensions are no friend of heat.

Check the Color, It Must Match Your Natural Hair

Picking the exact (or sometimes close) color of your hair as the color of your hair extensions creates an aesthetic amalgamation and maximizes the potentials. When you go to the market or shop online, a wide range of colors is typically available. Yet, the right color is sometimes unavailable for the best hair products.

So your aim should be to pick from the best… one, which can give your hair the right shade. The process requires a degree of effort at times but we think it is worthy.

Match It to Your Own Hair Density

Since hair extensions can be quite heavy, they often lead to hair breakage. To minimize the damage hair extensions can cause to your natural hair, always try to pick ones based on your hair density. If you have fine hair, always opt for lightweight options. Those with thick hair, on the other hand, can experiment with heavier hair extensions.

Consider the Maintenance

After purchasing and fixing the hair extensions, the job is half done. The other half commands a maintenance effort, and natural hair extensions require more than their synthetic counterparts. However, the long-lasting effect greatly depends on you.

Turn to a Professional Stylist

‘But I can do it myself?’ You probably have this in mind and it is true. But after removing the hair extensions, your hair needs a week to return to its normal density, and only a professional stylist can deliver the best result. She (or he) will check and give you the normal hair routine.

And the hand of a professional is not something to underestimate. You can let one look at your hair extensions from the start if you can afford it. Interestingly, this depends on the type of hair extensions, as some professionals are more skilled at one type than the other.

Woven or Clip-In?

Fusion and tape-in hair extensions will work fine with any hair type. Weaves, on the other hand, are best suited for curly and kinky hair types. Hair experts advise bonded hair extensions for their strength. They can be creatively manipulated to enhance the hair. Also, they make your scalp and natural hair safer. So when buying, choose woven hair extensions or those that have a small number of clips.

Go for Remy Hair Extensions

This is one of the most popular classifications. Remy hair extensions are bundled, and their roots are kept while the ends are fixed to the right direction. Specially made, this allows free flow of hair, and the cuticles of your strands will not tangle.

Or Consider Seamless Hair Extensions

This can be achieved in a simple way. Let your hair stylist put the hothead hair extension far from your hairline – this will make it look real. You don’t need heat to achieve such a seamless blend, but the extension is allowed to flow in the natural direction of your hair and is placed near the head. Couple that with the fact that it is free from damage.

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