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How to Use Hair Serum for Glossy, Healthy Hair

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Hair serums contain propitious ingredients. They shelter the hair shaft. If you consistently use them, you will enjoy a better hair appearance. Your hair would not be dry and loose that you hate it – just as the media has said. But don’t miss it. Hair serums differ from hair nourishing hair products, like protein hair treatments or hair oils. They work at the surface. And yes, they change the hair appearance if you know how to use them.

So, how do they work? And what are the differences between hair serums and hair oils? And how do you use them right to deliver the promise advertised? Let’s talk about this!

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What Is Hair Serum?

Hair serums are liquid hair care products made of silicone, ceramides and amino acids (and other ingredients depending on the manufacturer) aiming at detangling, smoothing the hair and removing the frizz. They coat the surface of the hair and are different from oils because they do not penetrate into the hair cuticles. Hair serums aim at hair softness, radiant shine, and free flow without getting tangled.

Among its ingredients, silicone is the most important. It is associated with the hair smoothness and the shiny appearance of the hair after using the serum. It is the ingredient with primary benefits to the user.

A good hair serum would protect the hair against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you are afraid of hair damage, dust and grimes would cause to your hair, you need hair serums too. It would coat the hair follicle, fill up the cracks in the follicle, and give the hair a glossy look.

Using hair serum regularly with the right products will make other hair treatments easier and faster.

Hair Serum Benefits

Keep what you heard on advertisement off your mind for some minutes. You will pick it later – or forget it completely – if they are true. Here are the hair serum benefits you’ll get using one.

Hair Serums Reduce Breakage

We said earlier that hair serum covers the hair follicle and cracks in the hair shaft. As it does, the hair becomes stronger and making it hard to break. Further, we know dry hair types are at higher chance of breaking. Hair serums seal in moisturizers and help dry hair become stronger.

Protection of Hair

Hair serums protect the hair shaft. They prevent a harmful substance such as dirt, grime, sun ultraviolet rays, heat and pollutants from damaging the hair. Additionally, the amino acids contained provide protection to color-treated or heat-styled hair.

Hair Serums Speed up Hair Care Routine

Busy people can count on hair serum to help. It enhances the results expected from using hair care products. Therefore, it helps busy ladies to spend less time in hair care activities. If you use hair serum regularly, then, the effort and time you need for hair care will become minimal. For instance, it improves the hair flexibility that when you want to style the hair, it is absolutely easy.

As Beauty Products

From lustrous locks to softer strands, hair serum makes the hair appear smooth, shiny and glossy. When you are ready to make your hair shine brighter, then, call on hair serums – the right one – it does not usually disappoint. Curly and fizzy hair can testify to these.

Makes Oily Hair Easier to Clean

For those with oily hair, the right hair serum will keep the hair oil within and make the hair easier to wash. Your hair will not drip of too much oil if you choose the right hair serum.

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Differences Between Hair Serum & Hair Oil: Which One Is Right for You?

It becomes difficult to choose between oils and hair serums when you read about the two. You read about the benefits but it’s hard to choose. I will just go for one, you say. They are both liquids in form, and yeah, they are hair care products.

However, they are used for different purposes. And one, out of the two, is right for your current hair condition. One out of the two, depending on some factors like what you want, will work better for your hair.

Let’s make this simple.

Hair Serums

Hair serums can be classified as styling products. If you use them prior hair styling, the hair becomes wet and easy to style into styles. Two drops could be just enough to give the desired flexibility. Unlike hair oils, they won’t change the hair structure.

Their purpose is simple. The make the hair shine, get soft and free of tangles. They offer protection against sun exposure, the heat used in styling and against pollutants. To bring a better appearance that is glossy and shiny, they make the hair reflect light.

They will cover every hair follicle and the follicular cracks. The silicon content is protective and it is the reason they cover the shaft (too much of silicone content, however, can cause hair breakage and eventual hair loss, so choose your hair serum wisely).

Also, hair serums prevent the hair from being dry or brittle. The amino acid in its ingredients repairs the hair follicle.

Hair Oils

Hair oils are hair food. They nourish, condition and give health benefits. When you apply them, they penetrate into the strands and work from there. They improve the health of the hair.

Fatty acids are stimulated in the hair to replace lipids. You remember; fatty acids help to prevent hair dryness and breakage. Also, just as they contribute to hair growth, oils can serve as a hair mask for dry hair types. Examples of hair oils include coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, etc.

So generally, hair oils are health boosters, protective products and hair lubricants. They give multiple benefits than hair serums.

Which One Should You Choose?

What do you want? This will answer everything. If you look closely at the explanation above and relate it to what you want, you should be able to decide.

Hair serums are styling tools. Hair oils are hair food. While hair oils have many health benefits and make the hair grow faster and better, hair serums will only help to improve the hair’s appearance.

If you want to style your hair, consider hair serum. It will make the hair manageable especially if your hair is frizzy. For hair treatments and nourishment, hair oils are recommended. You know what you want now?

Hair serums, if used regularly, will benefit anytime you are ready to style. Hair oils on the other hand are the ones to use more for their health benefits – depending on what you want.

How to Use Hair Serum?

So you have understood the purpose and how hair serum works, but you haven’t understood how to use them. It isn’t hard. If you are attentive, you will use hair serum right and get the best result from it. Here is how!

Before Application

  • Get the right and the best hair serum. To do that, buy from respected brands. Read the details on the bottle to help you relate to what you expect and what the product will actually provide.
  • For fine or oily hair, buy lightweight hair serums. Some hair serums are protective against heat. Ladies who usually perform heat styling will want to choose this type of hair serum.
  • Ensure you read and compare details on the product and relate it to what you want.
  • Check out our list of the best hair serums to help you or try to make your own homemade serum.
  • Choose a shampoo that does not have cleaning agent for your wavy, curly or frizzy hair.
  • You need to wash your hair first. Before washing, apply a drop or two (depending on the amount of hair on you) of serum, then wash it with shampoo.
  • If your hair is the dry type and you will style after wash, then, hair serum should be applied when the hair is still wet.

Hair Serum Application Steps

  • Apply the hair serum to your hair when it is still wet. If your hair is the extremely dry type, do not towel dry your hair. Just squeeze excess water out of it. You will add the serum to the hair while it is still wet.
  • Moderation should be observed. Too much hair serum will make the hair heavy, too greasy and maybe messy. So, add drops of serum depending on the amount of hair you have.
  • Style your hair, if you plan to style it.
  • If you are going to use heat for styling, spray the hair with some heat protecting products.
  • After styling, put a drop of hair serum (or more, depending on the quantity of hair) on your palm. Or put a drop over the hair in the middle.
  • Wait for 5-6 seconds for the drops to liquefy.
  • Rub your two palms against each other.
  • Apply the serum to the back of your hair. Massage the hair, especially at the tip.
  • Repeat the process to add more serum if it seems not to be enough.

After Application

  • Comb the hair serum gently through your hair.
  • For curls, re-curl your hair to add a fresh look to it.
  • Blow-dry your hair to prevent dust accumulation.

Other Hair Serum Tips

  • Your hair does not necessarily need to be dripping wet when applying hair serum. It just has to be damp.
  • Before you buy hair serum, understand what you want and how it works.
  • Buy another serum next time if you feel the one used was too greasy or not as greasy or dries too quickly.
  • After application, you can cover the hair with a non-fluffy towel or an old T-shirt. Depending on the type of hair serum, this action helps the serum penetrates.
  • If you want to use hair straighteners, use them before applying serums.
  • Hair needs more serum at the root. Then, comb through.
  • Don’t rub hair serum on your scalp. Only comb it through your hair.
  • Avoid straighteners and heat styling tools – if you can. They cause hair damage.
  • Moderation is important.

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