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How to Choose Bronzer for Your Skin Tone & Type

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There are different types of bronzers, each working best for certain skin types and makeup skills. Additionally, bronzers come in different shades to match every skin tone. How do you find your perfect match? Below, learn how to choose the right bronzer for you, based on your skin type and tone!

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How to Choose the Best Bronzer for Your Skin Tone

Start by figuring out your undertone (cool, neutral, or warm), to guide which undertones you will look for in your bronzers.

  • Bronzers for Cool Undertones: If your skin has cooler, pinker or beige-based undertones, opt for a cool toned bronzer with a bit of a taupey finish.
  • Bronzers for Neutral Undertones: Most bronzers will likely look great on your skin. You’re looking for neutral shades, and even a bit of red in your bronzer won’t hurt.
  • Bronzers for Warm Undertones: Many bronzers run the risk of looking too orange or red on warm-toned skin, so definitely opt for more golden bronzer hues.

Next, you’ll want to choose a bronzer based on how dark your skin is. Those with light and medium skin tones can easily choose a bronzer that is about 2 or 3 shades darker than their skin tone. The paler you are, the more important it is that the bronzer will be easier to blend away, in case you over-apply.

Those with darker skin, however, might have a difficult time finding a bronzer dark enough to show up (not to mention that effect might not work so well on their skin). Instead, a bronzer with a bit of a glow or a reddish tint can give a touch of warmth to the skin.

  • Bronzers for Fair Skin Tones: To gently tone down the natural pink tint of alabaster skin tones and to add that desirable touch of warmth, go for warm beige, pale and honey shades of bronzer. You should avoid overly yellow or brown tones, but instead pick bronzers with a hint of rosy undertone not to deprive your complexion of its healthy glow. Also make sure your bronzer is sheer, as it blends well and doesn’t look too harsh against your pale complexion.
  • Bronzers for Medium Skin Tones: Those with medium skin tones should consider amber and golden tones to even out the skin tone and add a youthful radiance.
  • Bronzers for Olive Skin Tones: Those with olive skin tones already have a natural tan, therefore picking a neutral shade of bronzer is your best bet.
  • Bronzers for Dark Skin Tones: Darker-skinned beauties can pick sweet cocoa and chocolate bronzer tones, giving preference to warm, golden browns instead of neutral ones that tend to wash out deeper complexions.

How to Choose Bronzer for Your Skin Type

To get that even application and glowing look, you also want to learn how to choose the best bronzer for your skin type.

  • Bronzers for Normal Skin: Chances are you could use any kind of bronzer, so it is strictly a question of what your favorite application method is.
  • Bronzers for Dry or Mature Skin: Powder bronzers (especially shiny powder) can emphasize dryness and wrinkles, so you might prefer liquid and cream bronzers, which have a more moist finish. Alternatively, make sure your skin is adequately moisturized before you apply any powder-based bronzers.
  • Bronzers for Oily Skin: You should opt for powder-based bronzers. They will give you that coveted tan, without making your skin look too shiny. If you have larger pores or acne scars, you should avoid shimmery bronzers, because they can emphasize the uneven skin texture.

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