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Types of Bronzers, from Cream to Powder

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There are different types of bronzers you can go for, depending on their texture and the easiness of application. Take your skin type and your makeup skills into consideration when deciding on what bronzer will work best for you. Below, find all the types of bronzers with their characteristics to figure out which one would be your best bet.

Pressed Powder Bronzer

This is the classic bronzer choice. A pressed powder is easy to carry and easy to apply, without any mess. Pressed powder bronzers should be applied lightly and blended well, or you risk having your makeup look muddy.

Bronzer Types: Pressed Powder Bronzer

Loose Powder Bronzer

Loose powder bronzer is a little tougher to carry, and it can create a mess easily. However, it is usually a better bang for the buck, because it tends to contain more product for the same price as a pressed powder, and has no fillers.

Applying a loose powder bronzer is almost the same as applying a pressed powder.

Bronzer Types: Loose Powder Bronzer

Pearl Bronzer

These delicate pearls of powder are a luxurious way of applying bronzer. They are multi-colored little balls of bronzing powder, sitting together in a container. As far as comfort and convenience go, pearl bronzers are somewhere between a pressed and a loose powder, and tend to have more shine in them.

Bronzer Types: Pearl Bronzer

Cream Bronzer

Cream bronzers can be better for those with dry or mature skin, and are definitely better for anyone who wants the softest glow possible. They are much more forgiving if you’ve applied too much, and since they are best applied before setting powder, they will always look softer once powdered. Cream bronzers come in both sticks and jar packaging.

Bronzer Types: Cream Bronzer

Liquid Bronzer

Liquid bronzer is very similar to cream bronzer, but with a thinner texture that might require a bit more work to blend. Liquid bronzers are well worth the effort, because you can achieve an incredible glow, and you can also blend them into your foundation for an all-over glow.

Bronzer Types: Liquid Bronzer

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