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What Is Finishing Powder/ HD Powder and How to Use It?

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Does your makeup crease, cake or smudge throughout the day? You are probably missing the step of finishing powders! In this article, we explain what finishing powders are, and how they differ from other makeup products like setting powders and sprays. We will explain how to use HD powders to get skin that looks airbrushed.

What Is Finishing Powder?

Also known as an HD powder, a finishing powder is a makeup powder that is meant to give the skin a blurred effect. These powders can come pressed into a compact or sitting loose in a shake jar.

HD powders are usually made up of powder or minerals that have light-refracting properties. Thanks to those minerals the powders create a photo-focus effect where texture issues like larger pores and fine lines appear minimized or totally disappear.

Finishing powders and HD powders can do the following:

  • They blur the skin to minimize the look of larger pores.
  • They reflect light in order to make the skin appear more youthful and less wrinkled.
  • Finishing powders can minimize the look of texture in the skin.
  • Some finishing powders will help lightly mattify the skin, while others can give it a more luminous finish.
  • They work as light setting powders for those whose skin is too dry for traditional setting powders.

Finishing Powder vs. Setting Powder vs. Makeup Setting Spray

  • The primary purpose of finishing powders and HD powders is to perfect the look of the skin, as a nearly-final step in the makeup routine. They can be applied alone or over a setting powder.
  • Unlike finishing powders, setting powders have a completely different primary purpose. The job of a setting powder is to lock foundation into place and increase makeup’s longevity. It is possible for a finishing powder to somewhat set makeup, and it is also possible for a setting powder to have a blurring effect on the skin, but those are usually incidental, as the two products are formulated with different purposes in mind.
  • Finishing sprays and makeup setting sprays are a totally different ball game. These sprays, when applied to the skin, help meld layers of foundation with powder in order to give the skin a more hydrated finish and to help increase makeup’s longevity. They can be used on top of both setting powders and finishing powders, although they’re no replacements.
What Is Finishing Powder/ HD Powder?

How to Use Finishing Powder

Using finishing powder is super-easy, and these are the application steps to follow:

  1. Apply Your Face Makeup

    Setting powders can be applied over bare skin, but normally they would go on after your normal makeup application – this can include all complexion steps including foundation, setting powder, contour, highlight, and blush. If you need the makeup to last a long time, make sure to set your foundation with a dedicated setting powder. Make sure to buff away any excess powder by using a clean powder brush and circular motions all over your face.

  2. Tap off the Excess Powder

    Dip or swirl a fluffy brush into your finishing powder of choice. Make sure to tap off the excess product, as this is a case where more is definitely not better.

  3. Apply It

    With a gentle motion, sweep the powder unto your face in long downward strokes. If your finishing powder is also doubling as a setting powder, use a tapping motion to apply it instead.

  4. Add More

    Only if necessary, load your brush up with more product in order to cover the whole face.

  5. Buff

    Examine your face in the mirror – if it’s flawless, you’re good to go. If not, buff your skin away to perfection with a clean, dense powder brush and small, circular motions.

  6. Apply a Setting Spray

    For maximum longevity, set the whole thing with a makeup setting spray.

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