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How to Use Hair Wax: Hair Wax vs. Gel

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Hair wax allows you to infuse instant strength into your strands, making them thicker. You would also love the fact that it is safe for your hair and has quite a lot of other benefits. In this article, we have compiled all the information you need to have about hair wax. Read on to know what hair wax is, what it contains and how to use it for great hairstyles.

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What Is Hair Wax?

Styling your hair can be very difficult when your strands are weak and frizzy. You won’t be able to get it to hold up long enough to achieve that beautiful style you saw in the fashion catalog. This is why you need a hair wax.

Hair wax is a thick hair styling product containing wax to help you give your hair a firm hold, shine and calm frizz. You can use it just before you braid your hair into a ponytail or show off your beautiful highlights.

Hair wax has been around for quite a while, but it has been getting more attention in recent years. Its significant benefit is its ability to remove frizz. Since the product blocks humidity and locks in moisture, there is no way your strands are getting dehydrated after using the product.

Hair waxes vary based on the consistency and what they do for your hair. Two of the major types of hair wax are mud wax and clay wax.

  • Mud wax is fantastic for those that love a matte finish that comes with extreme hold and above average shine. It is made to give you a natural look while providing more flexibility and fuller texture. You will absolutely love this quality hair wax, and it’s a personal favorite for those who want that classic look that fits every occasion.
  • Clay wax got its name from the natural clay usually present in the ingredients list. This type of hair wax is excellent for that messy look. It adds a ton of texture and volume to your mane making it feel fuller in both structure and body. For those with a thinning hairline, this is a perfect way to mask your hair type without weighing it down.
What Is Hair Wax?

Hair Wax vs. Gel vs. Other Styling Products

Hair gel, hair wax and some of the other styling product on store shelves can seem alike. They might even have some ingredients or benefits that are precisely the same, but they are actually different. Some brands also interchange their names, but you can check out the differences here so that you know exactly what you need to go for.

  • Hair wax is used to describe products that give your hair a firm hold without making your hair greasy. There are no damaging ingredients included like alcohol, which will end up dehydrating and damaging your strands. And unlike other hair styling product, it is quite pliable and leaves your hair with a matte finish.
  • Another similar product is the hair gel. Hair gel is translucent in color and is not as consistent as hair wax. It leaves your hair with a thick feeling after solidifying and looks wet. The ones that contain alcohol are not ideal for the health of your hair and can cause dehydration. You can choose to use the lightweight type, and it will give you a great hold with the added advantage of being able to wash out easily.
  • There are also other hair styling products like hair pomade, cream, and spray. All of these are distinctly different from hair wax. While hair pomade gives you that ultra-slick and shiny look, a hair cream acts like a protective finishing touch, and different kinds of hair spray can be used to add texture, body and additional shine to your hairstyle.

Hair Wax Benefits

Whether or not you have heard of hair wax before, you have undoubtedly seen that it has excellent benefits for your hair. You don’t need to panic if you can’t get to your hair stylist in time – just pick up a bottle of the best hair wax and you can get your hair into a neat, slick, and shiny edifice.

Here are all the benefits of hair wax:

• Works for Color-Treated Hair

Some hair styling products can be very harmful when you mix them with other hair care products like shampoo, conditioners or aren’t even suitable for color-treated hair. However, hair wax doesn’t belong to that category. It is universal and very efficient no matter the product you use it with. You will undoubtedly get a stunning result when you use it after shampooing your hair or apply keratin treatment.

• Washes out Easily

You don’t have to worry about washing out hair wax when you are using it to style your hair. It comes out more easily than gel and pomade, and the great thing about hair wax is that it doesn’t leave any flakes or greasiness.

• Easy to Apply

When applying hair wax, you don’t need any special tools. Just rub some of it on your hand and apply it to your hair. This means you can use it on the go, and you don’t need to plan your whole fashion purse around carrying tools. Just one bottle of hair wax, and you have all you need!

• Enhances Your Natural Texture

Hair wax is naturally good for adding texture and volume to your hair. For thin hair, it can help improve the volume of the strands thereby making your hair look thicker. You can also use it to get more control over the style of hair, without suffering any adverse effect.

Hair Wax Side Effects

With all the benefits that hair wax brings to the table, it doesn’t stop it from giving off some adverse effects when you don’t follow the directions. Some of these side effects include:

  • Wax Build-up: Hair wax can begin to build up in your hair if you don’t wash it out really thoroughly. This is because wax can be insoluble in water and won’t wash out without a thorough shampooing. The hair would also look greasy due to wax build-up.
  • Dry Scalp: Using too much hair wax can cause the hair to stop absorbing moisture totally, which would lead to dandruff and flakes, or dry scalp, itching and irritation. To avoid this, you should use the proper amount of hair wax (check the container of the product for directions).
Hair Wax Side Effects

How to Use Hair Wax

Using a hair wax for your styling solution is easy. Depending on exactly what style you want, there are different steps to follow. We have some of the methods you can get out of a bottle of hair wax and also the directions. Before you jump into the steps, however, you need to get a bottle that has the level of hold you need for the particular hairstyle you want.

  • The first thing to do is take a pea size of hair wax out of its bottle and rub it evenly across your palms.
  • Apply it to your hair as you desire, until you feel you have the right amount.
  • For flexible curls, apply the wax to the ends of your hair for springier and longer hold.
  • For bedhead styles, rub the wax across your hair before tousling your hair into that undone style. Then take each strand between your fingers and twirl.
  • For adding volume, apply the wax close to the roots of your hair and finish the styling using a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment.
How to Use Hair Wax

Tips for Applying Hair Wax

  • Check out the right type of hair wax for your hair type before getting one. You can ask your stylist for the hold level you need before going to search for one.
  • You should also wait for your hair to get dry before applying it, because wax adheres more to dry hair.
  • When spreading the hair wax, make sure it becomes thin and colorless before you stop applying it. Then move from the roots to the tips with your fingers.
  • Avoid letting the wax touch your scalp, as it makes it more difficult to wash off.
  • If you have applied enough wax to your hair and it still isn’t holding, try a hair spray, but only when necessary.

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