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Your Ultimate Lip Gloss-ary: How to Use Lip Gloss

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Due to the prevailing popularity of lip glosses, we are all aware of the highs – like the flattering look, the feel and the overall fun aspects of wearing lip glosses. We are also aware of the lows, most annoyingly the dreaded sloppy spread of lip gloss when applied improperly, the fact that lip gloss rarely stays put for more than 10 minutes at a time and of course, the best ways to wear it.

Check out a few tips and tricks on how to wear your lip gloss. You will find a few hacks you may not have realized your lip glosses are good for.

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How to Apply Lip Gloss Flawlessly

Lip gloss and lipstick have to be applied differently but the prep is the same. Lip Gloss lasts longer and looks better on moisturized, smooth and healthy lips. This is the right order of applying a lip gloss flawlessly:

  • Start off with a lip scrub to remove dead skin and smooth out your lips. Use a hydrating makeup wipe to clean off the scrub and dead skin. If you aren’t comfortable using a scrub, put petroleum jelly on your lips and rub your lips with a toothbrush, but overall a scrub is a better option.
  • Do the rest of your face first. This will help you calibrate the perfect amount of lip gloss to work with your look.
  • Put on a light lip moisturizer, which will make your lip gloss last longer.
  • Line your lips to define them and create the shape you want. Make sure to gently blend out the edges so the look stays natural.
  • Apply your lip gloss to the middle of your lips and rub them together for an even coat. The best method for this is to apply the lip gloss to the fullest part of your lip but not all the way to the edges. Press your lips together to spread the gloss evenly, and you’re almost there!
  • Correct any mistakes with the corner of a tissue or preferably Q-tips if you have them on hand.

Note: If you intend to apply your lip gloss over your lipstick, you should apply your lipstick between steps 4 and 5. Lip gloss can help give your lipstick staying power as well as shine, so don’t be afraid to go for it. There are two ways you can do this.

  • Option 1: Apply your lipstick first, then layer your lip gloss over it. If you’re wearing a clear lip gloss and don’t want to add color to your applicator, dab your gloss on the center of your lips with a finger and then rub them together as described in step 5.
  • Option 2: Custom-blend your lipstick and lip gloss for the perfect shine and then apply. In this case a lipstick brush would be the best way to go.

How to Make Lip Gloss Last All Day Long

The look you get with freshly applied lip gloss is gorgeous, but it is ridiculous that the look can be so difficult to maintain for more than 10 minutes. At least that is how it used to be – for you, you’ll know better because we have the tips on how to make your lip gloss last all day long.

How to Wear Lip Gloss
  • You have to have a good foundation to make your lip gloss stay put, so first things first soften and exfoliate your lips. There is no need to go searching for an expensive exfoliator, you can do it all on your own. Coffee ground and coconut oil, sugar with lemon juice and honey or any one of a million recipes can help soften and smooth your lips. Once you have a great foundation, its time to get your all-day gloss popping.
  • Use your lip liner and create a base for that longer-lasting lip gloss look. Make certain to line first, then fill in with the pencil so your lips are evenly colored – even if it’s a nude.
  • A light yet hydrating lip balm, preferably one with a waxier consistency rather than a slippery one is another trick for a lip gloss that stays put. You want to build that long-lasting glossy look, so before going for the lip gloss, moisturize your lips using a clear lip balm.
  • Lightly dab on a bit of concealer or foundation that will give your lip gloss something else to adhere to, which makes it last longer.
  • If you want a colored lip gloss, choose an opaque one rather than rely on the base and foundation/ concealer trick. But if you just want shine – go for it. Choose your lip gloss carefully, but for the longest-lasting look, choose one with a stickier consistency as your final glossy step.
  • Layering your lip gloss over a matte liquid lipstick will make your lip gloss stay put all day long.

Other Lip Gloss Tips & Hacks to Know

Lip gloss is the Swiss Army knife of your makeup bag. Tinted, glitter or clear, you can find multiple uses for every tube in a moment of need.

Some of the uses of lip gloss are cosmetic, sure, but you might be surprised how many different little hacks you can use lip gloss for. The composition of the shiny and sometimes admittedly gooey lip option can be a lifesaver for your fashion emergencies and sometimes health as well. How?

How to Make Lip Gloss Last All Day Long

Lip Gloss for Getting Magical Eyelids

Mix your eyeshadows with lip gloss to create a more pigmented and vibrant creamy look. Glide it on and be careful to do so evenly. Too much and it will look and feel gloopy and gather in the creases of your eyes. Less is more, and this can be done with the lip gloss alone as well – whether it is shimmer, glitter, tinted or clear lip gloss.

Do you want to try a colored liquid eyeliner? Mix your lip gloss with a great color eyeshadow and carefully use your liner brush to paint your new eyeliner on.

Shape Your Eyebrows

In a moment of need you can substitute your clear lip gloss for brow gel. Use a spoolie with it for best results, and you’re well on your way.

Cuticle Repair

Use your lip gloss to smooth out your cuticles between manicures or whenever they are looking or feeling a bit rough. Make certain not to use too much, just a drop will do, and your cuticles will look and feel better right away.

Ring Too Tight?

If your hands (or feet if you’re wearing a toe ring) have swollen, which can happen as the day progresses, it can create a painful situation when removing your rings. Use your lip gloss as a lubricant to rectify the problem quickly and painlessly.

As Highlighter

The youthful, dewy look that many miss from their younger days is easily achieved with a kiss of lip gloss on your cheekbones and the brow bone. Regular gloss, lightly tinted and even lightly shimmering gloss can all work fabulously in this way.

Lip Gloss Tips & Hacks


Cracked heels, dry elbows and even a dry nose can benefit from the application of lip gloss when needed. Often, especially in winter, the layers of clothes we wear can have a drying effect on the skin and can surprise you when you’re out and about. No moisturizer on hand doesn’t mean you have to suffer – just use your lip gloss instead.

Whether your nose is dry from crying, allergies or just blowing your nose from a cold, you can prevent peeling and sensitivity with just a tiny drop of lip gloss on the skin of your nose.

WD-40 Equivalent

If you have a jammed zipper, use your lip gloss in an emergency the same way you would use WD-40. Just a dab in the spot where the zipper gets stuck can lubricate it enough for the pull and teeth to begin functioning freely again.

Texture Changer

Want to turn your powder blush into a cream blush? Mix it with some lip gloss and dab it on. Smooth it out on your skin and enjoy the finish!

Hair Fixer

Flyaways, frizzy tips and even short hairstyles can all benefit from a quick application of lip gloss when you’re already out and about or caught off guard. The most important thing when doing this is to use only the smallest amount – too much will make your hair look greasy or dirty.

Just a drop of lip gloss rubbed on split ends can be an unexpected help. For short hair with an unruly lock or two, the strategic application of lip gloss can tame it back into place.

Prevent Blisters

Create a barrier between your feet and your shoes by rubbing just a bit of lip gloss on the sides and heel of your feet where they will come into contact with the shoe. No more chafing or uncomfortable rubbing when you utilize your lip gloss this way, but don’t forget to check and clean your shoes afterwards.

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