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How to Use Shower Oil for Body Cleansing

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Just like you can use bath salts and body scrubs in baths, you can use bath oils, too. They are also known as shower oils. And they have their benefits too. What are the benefits of shower oils? Which cleansing oils for body should I go for to give me the soft, goddess-like skin of my dream? How to use shower oil effectively? This article has got all your questions and doubts covered!

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What Is Bath Oil and How Does It Work?

Cleansing shower or bath oils, as the name implies, are oils, which are used in the bath to perform a similar function like bar soaps and body washes. Like facial oil cleansers, they have the properties to make your skin clean without stripping it of its natural oils.

While body oils are applied after the bath or shower to moisturize the skin, cleansing bath oils are used to clean and hydrate the skin. Once the bath oil mixes with water, it forms a milky emulsion, which the user can use with water to make the skin sparkling clean.

The origin of bath oils and shower oils is famous as India, but in all honesty, every country has at one point combined effective oils with water for one skin benefit or another. History says, during the Stone Age, humans practiced the combination of olive and sesame oils to enjoy their bath. And science backed it up that the bath oils were healthy for use.

We have capitalized on that these days. Shower oils are good thanks to the nourishing and hydrating natural substance. If oils are combined with water, they form a powerful product. The penetration effect can go deeper into the skin than before. And that idea through the test of time has become what we have in bottles and that is used for skin treatment all over the world.

Homemade bath oils should be used with caution. Their ingredients are not like the manufactured ones. While most manufactured shower oils help to maintain the skin oils, homemade recipes could lead to the loss of moisture.

What Is Bath Oil and How Does It Work?

Cleansing Shower & Bath Oil Benefits

For those who want to make a transition from their regular bar soaps to shower oils, these are the reasons the move is worth it:

  • Shower oils are protective. They form a thin film-like moisture layer over the skin that is known to be protective against environmental factors. They help prevent bacterial infection.
  • The skin cells tend to unite, and this formation can lead to what is called transepidermal water loss. Bath oils provide intense hydration. The oils would normally hydrate the skin unlike your normal bath wash or bath salt. More than that, if you have been using other forms of skincare products for long, switching to bath oils is recommended. It locks or seals moisture and humectants into your skin for long.
  • The scent is amazing. This one is not what you could die for, but a good scented bath oil makes a huge difference, really. Smelling nice is necessary for good mood, and bath oils can bring such aroma and sensation.
  • So you feel stressed? Worry not. When used in bath, the ingredients – herbs, for instance – of bath oils can help bring back your energy to your body, relieve your aching muscles and clarify your mind. Also, after bath you will notice that stiffness around your joints is gone, and you feel relaxed and energized like a brand new engine.
  • Bath oils improve blood circulation. The application of oils during or after bath will dilate the blood vessels, and this will allow more circulation of blood in the skin.
  • Your skin starts to glow. When the health of your skin is improved by consistently feeding it with essential oils form bath oils, the result is that your skin shows it all. Shower oils bring out the adorable radiance out of your skin.
Cleansing Shower & Bath Oil Benefits

How to Use Bath Oils for Body Cleansing

Now that you have gotten a bottle of bath oil that perfectly fits what you desire for your skin, you can focus on the right method for you to get the best result.

  • Prepare your bath and rinse your body. Fill the tub with water.
  • You can use the bath oil after rinsing your body. However, if the oils aren’t emulsifying oils, then, you can change the order in which you use the oil.
  • It would be wise to tip the cleansing oils to your bath water. Ensure the water is warm. Add the oils to the running water.
  • Light the mood with some candles or use scent lamps. Your favorite music playing a soft tune is good for your mood.
  • If you didn’t rinse your body, ensure you brush the skin with a dry, bristle brush before you step into the water. You can do this before you rinse your body. It will help to exfoliate and increase penetration.
  • Step in and enjoy your oil bath.
  • For those that have sensitive skin, it won’t be wise to use bath oils directly in bath water. Therefore, you can use a heated scent diffuser. Alternatively you can spritz the oil on a towel and use it.
  • Some cleansing oils are not good for your skin type, so read the information on the bottle of the product.
  • Try your hands at different types of bath oils. You will discover the one that suits your mood best and the one that doesn’t.
  • If you don’t have time for a bath, you can use your body cleansing oil while taking a shower, just like your normal body wash.
  • Bath time should be quiet. If you wish, you can listen to yourself breathe. Just do away with loud noise.

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