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How to Wear Metallic Lipstick Like a Star

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If you’ve applied lipstick before, the process of using a cool metallic lipstick shouldn’t be too unfamiliar. You’ll apply your metallic lipstick like a regular one, but we have a few suggestions to take your application to the next level. Also, find some dos and don’ts of pulling off metallic lips like a true star.

  • Start by prepping your lips with a lip scrub and balm. We love the Clinique Sweet Pots because they come with both in one product! Even though metallic lips have a shiny finish, they dry down to a velvet matte. If you have dry and flaky lips, it will affect the final look.
  • Decide what look you’re trying to achieve with your metallic lipstick. For an ombre look, you can go around the edges of your look with a darker matte lipstick, then focus your metallic lipstick around the center.
  • For a subtle look, use a sheer metallic lipstick all over without a lip liner for a shimmery lip gloss look.
  • For a dramatic electric look, use a bold metallic lipstick all over. Don’t hold back choosing a shade. You want your lips to be the center of attention!
  • For a day-to-day look, use a lip liner slightly darker than your skin tone to line your lips, then go all over with a neutral metallic lipstick shade. This will give your lips a little extra glitz without being overpowering. Perfect for an office-appropriate matte lip!
  • Apply your metallic lipstick slowly! Rushing to put on a metallic lipstick will always result in a mess because of the glitter. Take your time. Start closest to your lip line, then work your way in. If your lip color dries down to a matte finish, be sure to let it dry down before doing anything to get the full long-wear effect.
How to Wear Metallic Lipstick Like a Star

Dos and Don’ts of Metallic Lipstick

  • Do keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Metallic lipsticks work like a centerpiece. Keep the rest of your look clean to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.
  • Don’t go crazy on the highlighter. This is a staple in so many makeup routines, but I’d advise against it. Having a completely matte face will give the metallic lips the contrast they need to stand out to their fullest potential.
  • Do set the area around your mouth with powder. This is especially for those metallic lipsticks that don’t dry down. Setting the area around your mouth makes sure that no lip product is tempted to mix with a complexion product and helps with the contrast between your lips and your face.
  • Don’t default to applying your metallic lipstick with the brush it came with. It’s tempting. We know. But things can get seriously messy with metallic lipsticks (any lipstick, really)! Try using a lip brush from your kit to apply your lipstick for more precise application.
  • Do clean up around your mouth with concealer after applying. Metallic lipstick has to look precise or it looks like a mess. Clean up any mistakes with your matte concealer to take some of the pressure off of application! Don’t forget to blend that concealer out.

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