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15 Best Laptop Bags for Women: Stylish Laptop Backpacks & Totes

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Laptop bags go beyond just keeping your technology safe – they can be a surprisingly eye-catching statement or a classy complement to your look. Because there are so many different laptop bags for women, you can really adapt yours to your lifestyle and wardrobe.

These days you usually see slim laptop bags, laptop totes with central compartments, or even laptop backpacks. If you always need your laptop nearby, it’s better to have a comfortably bag that you will love to show off.

We’ve selected the 15 best laptop bags for women to carry, spanning all different styles and constructions. Then we have some tips and tricks so that you can figure out which style of laptop bag will be best for you.

Laptop Bags for Women: Contents

15 Chic Laptop Bags & Backpacks for Women to Carry Year-Long

These are the best laptop bags for women that you can buy online right now. Crafted by renowned designers or quality bag makers, we guarantee that they are stylish and built to last.

1. Slim Red Laptop Bag

This is one of the best laptop bags for women to pick up if they’d like a dedicated laptop bag that stays separate from their-go to purse. This punchy bag is slim, meant to act as a pocket for your laptop. You can slip it into a large tote, or carry it separately since it comes with a detachable shoulder strap. It is made of striking red leather, with the Marc Jacobs lettering over it in stark black, so it would work best with a more intense style. Buy it from Farfetch!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Marc Jacobs Printed Logo Laptop Bag

2. Caution Laptop Backpack

If you’re already a fan of Off-White’s quirky designs, then you’ll love this laptop backpack. The bag is black but emblazoned with the brand’s X and arrow logo and embellished with straps that look like caution tape. It has one main compartment with an inner padded pocket to keep your laptop safe. It’s the kind of conceptual choice that would be a great daily carry for an art student or someone working in a creative field. Pick it up from Forward!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Off-White Easy Laptop Backpack

3. Sleek Black Laptop Bag

This is one of those slim laptop bags for women that really remind us of a briefcase. It is only big enough to hold on to your laptop and perhaps a few documents, but its black design and gold tone hardware are so elegant that it will be easy to pair with other outfits and bags. This Tumi bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so you can double bag it, or you can just pop it in a larger bag. You can also slide it over the handles of bigger luggage if you’re a frequent business traveler. It is available at Nordstrom.

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Tumi Voyageur Joanne Laptop Bag

4. Timeless Black Laptop Bag

Made by Prada, this attractive computer bag also gives us some briefcase vibes but in very timeless way. The slim bag might be covered with polyester, but the wrap-around leather handle detailing and triangular Prada plaque both make it feel like it could come from any era. It can fit a wider laptop easily, while with a slimmer laptop you could also slide in a few more goodies, but its detachable shoulder strap makes it ideal for double-bagging. Order it from Farfetch!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Prada Logo Plaque Laptop Bag

5. Weekend Laptop Bag

If you like to have everything on hand for emergencies or just as part of your busy lifestyle, then this is one of the best laptop bags for women like you. This large Beis weekend bag has one large compartment with a padded pocket for a laptop and tons more room for all of your other items. It has a chic black hobo-style design, with a solid bottom that is actually a hidden shoe compartment. It’s great for the office, gym, or a weekend away. You can get it through Revolve.

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Beis Weekend Laptop Bag

6. Textured Leather Laptop Bag

If high-quality leather makes you drool, then pick up this Salvatore Ferragamo computer bag. It is made of textured calfskin and constructed to last, in an elegant design that’s great for professional settings. It’s a slim bag meant to be kept separate from your purse, though it does have a lot of pockets and inner compartments should you need it to hold a few more items for you. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap like other slimmer laptop bags for women. Shop it at Farfetch!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Salvatore Ferragamo Textured Laptop Bag

7. Mint Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpacks come in all colors and materials, with this Calpak one meant to fit more bohemian or girlish aesthetic. It is made of vegan leather in a pastel mint tone, with cord detailing that feels a little more rustic. The construction itself is super modern, however, with a back sleeve to slip over luggage handles, a zippered and padded laptop compartment, and a main compartment replete with pockets to keep you organized. Grab it at Nordstrom in mint or any of the other four colors available!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Calpak Kaya Laptop Backpack

8. Traveler Laptop Bag

Compartments galore! This Welden laptop tote has three large inner compartments and plenty of pockets, so you can keep all your goods in it and stay organized. It will fit a 13-inch laptop in its central compartment, so do keep the size of your tech in mind. We’re obsessed with how this bag combines functionality and aesthetic, with cool geometric quilting that feels classy yet modern. Despite the size, it is definitely one of the best laptop bags for women who need a one-and-done for day-to-day. Purchase it from Shopbop!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Welden Travaille Laptop Bag

9. Camouflage Laptop Backpack

Herschel bags are still a staple, even though the days when it seemed like everyone had one have passed. This camo computer bag fits perfectly into the coming print trends of fall and winter, but has a girlish touch with striped red and white lining. It’s a simple construction that’s great for students, with a large main compartment and inner laptop pocket, as well as one outer pocket for pens, keys, and other oddities. It is sold through Revolve.

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Laptop Backpack

10. Lagerfeld Figure Laptop Sleeve

Carrying a computer bag decorated with a cartoon figure of the late Karl Lagerfeld is a daring choice, but we suspect the designer would appreciate the gesture. If you set aside the cartoon, this laptop bag is pretty simple, made of black fabric with silver hardware. It’s sleek and minimal, with a detachable strap. Get it from Farfetch!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Karl Lagerfeld Kikonik Laptop Sleeve

11. Elegant Cherrywood Laptop Bag

Kate Spade really delivered with this magnificent bag. It’s one of the best laptop bags for women, especially if you can’t decide between a carry-all or a sleeker computer bag. It is slim but instead of having just one compartment for the laptop, it also has a second compartment with lots of pockets that can hold a variety of streamlined items. It is made of grained leather in the color of cherrywood, which is a nice complement to a wardrobe that eschews blacks. Buy it at Nordstrom!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Kate Spade Margaux Laptop Bag

12. Classic Carryall Laptop Bag

This classy bag from Coach holds it all without making you look like a bag lady. It will hold laptops sized up to 13 inches in a secure central compartment, while other items can be kept in the spacious side compartments. At first glance it looks like a high-end tote, with gold hardware and long handles that allow for easy shoulder carrying. It is available at Farfetch.

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Coach Charlie Carryall 40 Laptop Tote

13. Minimalist Black Laptop Tote

If you already have a pocket for your laptop, this designer tote bag is large enough to hold it even once it’s already cushioned. Made of textured black leather, this tote design by Saint Laurent is minimal yet elegant in a size that can fit anything you might need for a day at the office or a weekend away. Order it from Net-a-Porter!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Saint Laurent Shopper Large Laptop Tote

14. Hidden Compartment Laptop Tote

This colorful tote from Tory Burch will add a lively touch to your wardrobe. It’s one of those undercover laptop bags for women, with a central compartment that can hold a 13-inch laptop. The sides of the bag are high, so from the outside it looks like a regular open-top tote. It comes in a few colors, but red is our favorite. Pick it up from Nordstrom!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Tory Burch Perry Laptop Tote

15. Elongated Shopper Laptop Bag

Amazing laptop bags for women can come in all shapes, as this gorgeous Aesther Ekme elongated tote proves. Because of its depth it can hold a lot more than just your laptop, so it’d be a great weekender. Speaking of, the laptop compartment is hidden in its center and will fit a 13-inch laptop. Find it on Farfetch!

Best Laptop Bags for Women: Aesther Ekme Laptop Tote

What to Look for When Purchasing the Perfect Laptop Bag?

Laptop bags for women can come in all kinds of forms. They can be slim, with a single compartment, intended to only carry a laptop, or they can be large enough to act as your go-to bag with a dedicated padded compartment.

• On our list we only selected the best laptop bags for women, so we can guarantee that they are super durable. However, if you are shopping on your own, look for markers of a good bag like durable zippers, no loose threads, and even, solid stitching.

• If you’re a business traveler, consider finding a laptop bag with a back sleeve. This back sleeve will allow you to slide the laptop bag over the handles of your luggage, and will make your stroll through the airport very easy.

• If you’re looking for one bag that will carry it all, choose either a large purse with a padded laptop compartment or a laptop backpack.

Tote-Style Laptop Bags

• Tote-style laptop bags are bags with three compartments. The central compartment is intended for the laptop, and the other two can be used to carry other things.

Types of Laptop Bags for Women

• Sometimes the tote top is open, so the only zipped compartment is the laptop one, while in other instances you can zip up the whole thing.

• Tote-style laptop bags look just like large purses, so they tend to be the most appropriate choice for professional settings.

• Be aware that tote-style laptop bags with an inner compartment will usually only hold small and medium-sized laptops. You will need a backpack or dedicated laptop sleeve if your laptop is bigger than 13 inches.

Laptop Backpacks

• Like a traditional school bag, a laptop backpack has two straps and is meant to be carried over the back.

• In the main compartment of the backpack there is usually a cushioned pocket that fits the laptop and that can keep it safe against the back.

• Laptop backpacks are great because they distribute the weight of your laptop evenly over your shoulders and they are much more ergonomic.

Backpacks can come in a variety of sizes, but most of them will carry even larger laptops. You might need to invest in a larger backpack if you have a very large design or gaming laptop.

• They come in a variety of designs, and can be sporty, quirky, or even feminine.

• The only drawback to laptop backpacks is that they are too casual for many industries. If you’re a student or working in a creative field where you always need your laptop, a backpack is the healthiest choice.

How to Choose Laptop Bags for Women

Laptop Sleeves

• If you prefer to use a smaller purse on most days and to just bring your laptop along with you every once in a while, then it is better to have a slim laptop bag that you keep separate. This way you can rock the double bagging trend when you need your laptop.

• These days, laptop sleeves are extremely stylish. They are often designed to look like briefcases, so they are great in professional environments.

• Most laptop sleeves come with a detachable shoulder strap, so they are surprisingly comfortable even during a longer commute.

• Most of these small, sleeve-style laptop bags for women will have additional compartments to carry your laptop chords, but it’s always better that you double check.

• If you do decide to go in the double bagging route, make sure to choose a laptop bag that is stylistically cohesive with your other purses.

• This means that if most of your purses are leather, it’s best to choose a laptop bag with a leather outer. If your purses have a classier style, opt for an elegant laptop sleeve, and make sure the colors are complementary.

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