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Lip Primer Guide: Do You Need One?

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  • A lip primer is a lip makeup base that hydrates lips and makes the color stay put without creasing, feathering, or bleeding.
  • There are different types of lip primers, like pencils, stick primers, crayons, mattifying, plumping, and multi-purpose products.

Like a face or eyeshadow primer, a lip primer is that extra step in a makeup routine that guarantees longer-lasting, perfect lip makeup throughout the day. It creates that smooth base for your lipstick application, preventing feathering, smudging, and flaking. But do you really need one? Ahead, break down everything about lip primers, what they are, their benefits, and the right way of using one.

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What Is a Lip Primer and What Does It Do?

A lip primer is a base for lipsticks that acts as an invisible layer to protect lips from over-drying from lip color products while at the same time making sure that the color doesn’t smudge or bleed. Another function of lip primers is to enhance the intensity of color and prolong the longevity of wear.

Lip primers come in a variety of formulas and textures and with different added benefits, as you’re able to see on our list above.

A lip primer is similar to your face or eyeshadow primer in its effect, and, as we’re sure you know, it can make or break your overall look. By introducing a lip primer into your regular makeup routine, you’ll be surprised at how much you can refine and elevate the look of your lips.

Lip Primer Benefits: Do You Really Need One?

Is a lip primer something you absolutely need in your makeup routine? We would argue – yes!

However, if you still need convincing, let us give you a quick rundown of the key lip primer benefits so you can decide if it’s worth adding as another step in your routine.

  • Smooth lip base without dry patches or fine lines
  • No bleeding or feathering of lip color
  • The lipstick doesn’t crease even with long wear
  • Lip color lasts for a long time without fading
  • Lips are moisturized and nourished
Lip Primer Benefits

Lip Primer vs. Lip Balm

While it may seem like you can use your lip balm as a lipstick primer, these two are different products with different functions. A lip balm is meant to nourish, hydrate, and heal lips, whereas a lip primer creates a base for your lip makeup, locking in the lip color and preventing smudging. A good lip primer will also moisturize along the way. If you are looking for the perfect one to get, check out our guide to the best lip primers.

How to Use a Lip Primer

Here are the essential steps you need to take to use your lip primer efficiently so that you’ll end up with a perfect result each and every time.

Step 1: Exfoliate Your Lips

The single best thing you can do for your lips to keep them smooth and healthy-looking is to exfoliate regularly, just as you would your face or body. It leaves the surface of the lips clear of dead cells, which is essential for a long-lasting lipstick or lip gloss color.

Some lip primers double as an exfoliant, so you won’t have to buy one separately, although it’s easy enough to even make your own with a bit of sugar and honey.

Step 2: Apply Lip Balm

If the primer you have chosen is slightly drier in texture or dries to a matte finish, you’ll want to apply a very thin coat of lip balm to calm down your lips after exfoliation and prevent further dehydration.

Step 3: Apply Lip Primer

Take your lip primer and apply a thin layer onto your lips. Make sure that you don’t overdo the amount of product you apply, as you can easily end up with a sticky mess that doesn’t do the job.

Depending on your lipstick primer, you’ll have to wait a couple of seconds for it to dry before going in with a lip color so that you get all the benefits you’re looking forward to.

How to Use a Lip Primer

Step 4: Apply Lip Color

This is the step where you use a lip liner in the shade of your lipstick, or if you have a lip primer in pencil form, you can skip the liner.

Now simply smooth your lip color over your lips in whichever texture and finish you have chosen. Make sure you don’t go over the lip line for the best result.

Step 5: Blot with a Tissue

Don’t skip this step if you want your lips to be correctly set. Just take a paper tissue and gently pat your lips to soak up any extra lip color product.

And there you have it – your lips are now ready for a close-up selfie.

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