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What Are Blotting Papers Good for & How to Use Them?

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When that midday shine shows up on your skin, blotting papers can always come to the rescue! Blotting papers are a must in every purse, especially if you happen to live in a hot climate or to have oily skin. These delicate sheets are able to quickly mattify the skin without loading the face up with more makeup, and without disturbing the makeup you’re already wearing!

Below, we explain exactly what blotting papers are and how they work. We’ll make sure you learn how to use blotting sheets correctly, and we’ll even give some tips for other unique uses for blotting sheets!

What Are Blotting Papers and Why Do You Need Them?

Blotting papers are thin sheets of cosmetic paper, usually made of some sort of natural plant pulp, that are able to absorb oils. They are a super useful item to have in your makeup bag or purse, because they are the perfect way to remove oil and shine from the skin throughout the day, even if you are already wearing makeup.

This is because blotting sheets manage to absorb the excess oil without having any impact on the makeup, which remains looking flawless. The great thing about blotting papers is that they remove excess oils without drying out the skin, and some are more absorbent than others, so you can opt for a very matte look or for a glowing look that isn’t greasy.

If you have oily or combination skin that gets shiny throughout the day (especially in summer), you will find blotting papers super useful. Blotting sheets can also help those who live in a hot climate, as they are also able to remove the shine caused by sweat throughout the day.

What Are Blotting Papers and Why Do You Need Them?

How to Use Oil Blotting Papers?

Using blotting papers is actually super easy! You can use them regardless of whether you are wearing makeup or not.

  1. Get One Paper

    Dispense a single sheet from your container.

  2. Press It

    Gently press it against your face, covering the larger areas that need to be mattified, like the forehead, cheeks, and chin.

  3. Do Not Wipe

    Be careful not to wipe, as this can remove your makeup.

  4. Blot the Nose Area

    Then fold your blotting sheet in half, and press it over and against the sides of your nose to eliminate the shine over there.

  5. Repeat

    Repeat these steps as necessary.

  6. Throw It away

    Once done, throw your blotting sheet away. Some natural blotting papers are compostable, so dispense with them appropriately.

  7. Touch up Your Makeup

    After blotting, if necessary, you may choose to touch up your makeup.

Blotting Sheets vs. Blotting Powder

Are you trying to decide between using blotting papers, or simply carrying blotting powder with you? I’ll try and make that decision easy by explaining how the two work and what the differences are.

Blotting powders work to eliminate shine and to absorb oils from the skin as they are applied to the skin. This means that you cover your skin in powder, which absorbs the oil into it but remains on the skin. This gives the skin a matte finish and also an added layer of makeup.

For some people, this can leave behind a “cakey” or overly made up look, while for others it can actually help perfect their makeup. This depends on how you like your makeup to look, and on how your skin responds to powder.

Facial Oil Blotting Papers/ Sheets

Blotting papers, on the other hand, absorb the oils from the skin and then lift them away from the skin, without leaving behind a residue. This is much better for those who don’t want to change or add to their makeup at all. It is also a great way for those who don’t wear makeup at all to remove shine from their skin.

Other Uses of Blotting Sheets

While blotting papers have a clear primary purpose, they are actually not a one-use product! You can get creative, and find that blotting sheets have some fabulous additional uses.

  • Blotting papers are perfect for mattifying the lips! This can turn your satin-finish lipsticks into matte lipsticks in a second, and effectively double your lipstick collection! After applying your lipstick, simply blot it with the blotting sheets for that perfect matte pout.
  • After having a chat, you can use blotting sheets to clean your phone screen. We all know about that greasy, makeup-tinged residue our phone screen collects after we’ve used it for a chat. A quick wipe with blotting papers will eliminate that right away.
  • In a pinch, you can also use blotting papers on your hair instead of dry shampoo. Press them at the base of your scalp to absorb a bit of that scalp grease, and buy you a few more hours before you have to go for a wash.
  • You can use blotting papers as a stand in for face powder. They will help absorb the moisture and oils from your foundation, to give you a matte finish without the use of any powder. Powder does a better job of extending foundation’s longevity, but some people find that no matter what, powder looks cakey on their skin, in which case this can be an adequate alternative.
  • If you are a fan of all-cream makeup products, including cream blushes and eyeshadows, you can use blotting sheets to help blend and set these products without the use of powders or sponges. Blotting sheets give the perfect light blending for cream blushes and shadows, and they help to slightly mattify them in order to give give them extra longevity without the use of setting powders.

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