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How to Choose the Best Orange Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

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There are so many shades of orange lipsticks out there, and our best advice to find the perfect match for your skin tone is to experiment! Visit your local Sephora, Ulta, or other beauty store and try out a few samples to find your perfect match. We’ll help you choose the best color for your complexion.

Knowing your skin tone is the first step to finding makeup that will truly enhance your natural beauty. Not sure what skin tone you have? An easy way to tell is by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If the veins appear blue or purple in color, you have a cool skin tone. If the veins on your wrist appear green, you have a warm skin tone.

If you can’t tell whether the veins are blue or green, you may have a neutral skin tone. Generally, cool skin tones also tend to have a pinkish tint while warmer skin tones have more yellow or olive hues.

Orange Lipstick Colors for Cool Skin Tones

To really make your cool skin glow, you’ll want to stick with orange lipstick shades that have peach, coral, or red undertones. Coordinate with a complementary blush to add warmth and vibrancy to your look.

The red-orange shades are especially gorgeous on anyone with blue eyes, as the orange is a great complementary color to bring out the cool blues in your eyes. If you have especially fair skin, stick with pastel shades with pink undertones to keep things bright and light. Don’t forget a touch of blush to bring the whole look together!

Shades to avoid would be darker, warmer oranges with brown undertones, as these may wash you out or be too harsh against your features.

Orange Lipstick Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Naturally tanned, olive skin looks absolutely amazing with a bright pop of orange. Can you say Rihanna? This is a great beauty trend for all complexions, and warmer skin tones will find the true oranges and tangerines especially flattering.

Darker red-oranges can really add dimension to warm skin tones! These shades will brighten and warm your appearance. If your skin leans more towards olive or yellow, opt for a richer tangerine shade in order to bring a bit of glow to your complexion.

Shades to avoid include anything with too much of a pink undertone, as this may clash with the natural yellow/ olive hue of your skin.

Orange Lipstick Colors for Deep Skin Tones

Deep skin tones look absolutely stunning in a bold tangerine or true orange. It’s honestly the only color you need to pull off an incredibly on-trend, pulled-together look.

Keep the rest of your makeup simple and go for a bold orange lip. You can experiment with the richest shades thanks to your gorgeous skin tone! A red-orange will also play off the deep tones of your skin.

Shades to avoid would be anything too pastel or light, as these won’t match your striking skin tone.

Orange Lipstick Colors for Any Skin Tone

For a universally flattering orange lipstick shade, opt for something light and breezy in a sheer tangerine finish. A peach gloss is a great shade that looks great on pretty much everyone. That will also let you build color gradually and make sure that the application is just right for your unique skin tone.

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