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How to Wear Orange Lipstick Day or Night

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You don’t have to be a beauty guru or professional MUA to pull off an orange lipstick! Believe it or not, orange is a universally flattering lipstick shade thanks to its versatile undertones. This trend looks especially gorgeous in the spring and fall. We’ll give you helpful tips on how to rock an orange lipstick without looking like a pumpkin.

Keep It Warm

While a stunning orange lipstick is a beauty look all on its own, you need to remember to complement it with the rest of your face products. Orange shades tend to add a lot of warmth to your skin, so you may want to opt for a more full-coverage foundation to cover up any redness or blemishes. Once your foundation is done, add bronzer and a hint of blush for a sun-kissed glow that will look great with the orange lip.

Layer Slowly

Unless you’re a true beauty guru, don’t jump in with three applications of a strong color like orange! Pull off this trend by keeping a light hand when applying. Mix it over or under your favorite lipstick colors to create a subtle shade that’s all your own. It may take a few rounds of trial and error before you find a look you truly love, but it’ll be worth it once you nail this beauty trend.

Give Your Lips Some TLC

Since orange is a brighter shade, it truly makes your lips stand out – kind of the whole point! To get them ready for the spotlight, prep your lips with an exfoliating lip scrub and some hydrating lip balm before applying your lip color.

Apply a matching lip pencil prior to the orange lipstick application to make your lip makeup look neat and to keep the color in place for long. Take a bit more care when applying this color since the stark pigment will make mistakes or crooked lip lines stand out.

Orange Lipstick Makeup Tips

Make Your Lips the Center of Attention

Since orange is such a vibrant shade, keep your eye makeup simple and subtle, opting for translucent eyeshadow colors and creating minimal eye makeup looks. Otherwise you can just wear some mascara with winged eyeliner to add drama to your look. On special occasions, going overboard and pairing orange lipstick with smokey eyes is a fantastic idea.

Keep Your Style Simple

Don’t overwhelm your orange lipstick look with crazy outfits or accessories. For a totally effortless look, pair an orange lip with a white tee and jeans or your favorite simple, casual look. Add a loose, low ponytail and you’re ready to go. For a nicer event, opt for whites or golds to pull the look together.

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