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When it comes to getting the best over-the-knee boots, many women get nervous. Which style should I get? How do I wear them? Do they really fit me? Over-the-knee boots have always been considered the most difficult boot style to wear, basically made for the boldest. As such, in this article, we discuss how to wear over-the-knee boots right and list the best out there that will make you look gorgeous.

How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots: Best Over-the-Knee Boots

How to Wear Thigh-High/ Over-the-Knee Boots: Contents

9 of the Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy in 2020

To save your time and the stress, we bring you the best over-the-knee boots available today. Give your woman appearance an elegant spark by exploring our list of the coolest thigh-high boots on the market.

1. The Perfect Neutral Over-the-Knee Boots

Splendid offers a pair of classy over-the-knee boots made of super-supple suede. A streamlined shape, a leather lining and a suede upper body are all that makes it a well-designed pair of thigh-high boots that speak for your appearance like that of an elegant, gorgeous stylist. Do you want low heels and yet something flashy? Get this pair from Nordstrom!

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Splendid Poet Thigh-High Boots

2. Thigh-High Boots Made For Walking!

On My Theresa, you can find this pair of Gucci thigh-high boots for classy women who love the logo craze. They are made of leather-trimmed jacquard, which has its length above the knee in all alluring logo prints, featuring an iconic slouchy silhouette and adjustable leather ties. This model narrows your leg beautifully towards the knee that you may think you are becoming an angel, and well, right from the legs.

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Gucci Thigh-High Boots

3. Knit Thigh-High Sock Boots

This is one of the best over-the-knee boots for 2020, as it’ll keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Like the boot is dramatic, elegant and posh, it spares you none of that, you become posh-elegant-dramatic. The sole of this pair of Fendi thigh-high boots is extended upwards with red leather, and that says a lot for a classy woman’s appearance. Pick up a pair from Farfetch!

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Fendi Thigh-High Boots

4. Slouchy Over-the-Knee Boots

Isabel Marant’s over-the-knee boots for 2020 are simply beautiful! You get these slouchy thigh-high boots means you get the shoe of the season – crafted from fine leather and with sculptural cone heels. It has an almond toe, made from khaki-brown calf leather, a buckle detail on top, while the heels are comfortable enough to wear them all day long. Rock your Isabel Marants with a mini dress, and your friends’ facial expression will tell you how good you look. You can find this pair on My Theresa.

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Isabel Marant Likita Thigh-High Boots

5. The Blogger-Approved Leather Over-the-Knees

We can’t miss this. The Ganni pair of fierce black leather thigh-high boots means comfort combined with a fashion blogger-approved style. The super dope black silhouette accentuates the leg shape in an adorable beauty. For its sole, you have something of class, as the low square heel is super comfortable too. Head over to Net-a-Porter to grab this boot!

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Ganni Thigh-High Boots

6. Classic Flat Over-the-Knee Boots

This is a pair of black suede over-the-knee boots with an adjustable fit provided. Do you want a boot that fits perfectly well with any pair of pants, an asymmetric skirt or jeans? Stuart Weitzman is the one you are looking for, and it’s available through Net-a-Porter.

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Stuart Weitzman Thigh-High Boots

7. Most Elegant Over-the-Knee Boots

This pair of rock ‘n’ roll shiny patent leather boots is one of the best thigh-high boots thanks to the sleek and beautiful feature it gives to the legs. It is perfect for every elegant outing, whether at a casual night out or a cocktail party. Available at Farfetch, these Saint Laurent thigh-high boots feature a pull-on style, which makes it easy to wear, as well as a pointed toe, and a tapered high heel.

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Saint Laurent Thigh-High Boots

8. The Boldest Thigh-High Boots

Talk of an embodiment of beauty! Black suede combined with a leopard-printed translucent shaft has been used to design these over-the-knee boots to make them more than just an ordinary pair of boots. With Gianvito Rossi, you have your leg embodied in classy and elegant footwear. It gives its wearer a unique and stylish appearance, at that, you will have a vibrant display of your legs adorned with these clear boots. You can get them from Forward.

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Gianvito Rossi Thigh-High Boots

9. Snake-Effect Over-the-Knee Boots

Do you want boots that are convenient and beautiful as well? This is one of the best pairs of over-the-knee boots with its snakeskin effect, which is more than average and scoring high in elegant appearance. The boot’s fine leather and high heels will give you the uniqueness and the beauty. It’s available through Moda Operandi.

Best Over-the-Knee Boots to Buy: Paris Texas Thigh-High Boots

The Origin of Thigh-High/ Over-the-Knee Boots

Also known as cuissardes, basically, over-the-knee boots are protective boots that extend beyond the knees. Originated as far back as the 15th century, they were worn for extra protection by male horse riders. So, it was a mere protective boot. The main aim was to offer extra protection during horse riding and some other activities.

Thigh-high boots are another form of over-the-knee boots. They extend above the knee and usually to the mid-thigh. They are usually made of various materials such as vinyl, latex, silk, etc.

Women started wearing over-the-knee boots around the 20th century. And although earlier usage was around the 20th century, the fashion trend only began in the 1960s. Historically, actresses were the first to use thigh-high boots to act male characters’ roles.


In 1962, Mancini introduced over-the-knee boots for Balenciaga’s fall collection. Later, in succeeding years, more beautiful styles were introduced and became moderately popular, like Roger Vivier’s creation for Yves Saint Laurent’s couture collection in 1963 that was inspired by his iconic design created for Rudolf Nureyev in the ballet Swan Lake.

In 1971, Jane Fonda used a type of boots that were as long as the knee for the film Klute. Later around 1977, Karl Lagerfeld was credited for re-introducing the over-the-knee boots into a collection for Chloe. However, the style of wearing over-the-knee boots died down a little around the 1980s, only to come back to live again in 1990, when Lagerfeld used them for Chanel’s couture collection. This time, it returned to stay!

This type of footwear, which is now a fashion trend, has passed through many phases – most notably its association being with prostitution in the 19th century. The society reacted when women started wearing what was believed to be men’s wear.

Also, in films – at the time, such boots were costumed with a prostitute character (think Pretty Woman!). Further, as with everything modern, the society has grown to accept what it cannot change.

Now, you know all that went down before Beyoncé, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus adopted the style while you and I also followed the trend.

The Origin of Thigh-High/ Over-the-Knee Boots

How to Choose the Right Over-the-Knee Boots According to Your Body Type

Over-the-knee boots can work for and fit everyone. Well, we are glad that in every case there are certain tips to consider.

Not all thigh-high boots fit all body figures perfectly. We recommend you read further to know some tips for styling your over-the-knee boots that will fit you, or – more precisely – your body type.

Tips for Tall Females

Over-the-knee boots look unique on tall girls. For tall girls, choosing the right pair of thigh-high boots is an easy decision that comes with swiftness. That can be both a flat and a heeled boot – in any case, you are going to look good.

For you to wow your observers, opt for a flashy colored turtleneck and blazer, and then match the color brilliantly with the color of your boots. Or, go for an oversized long knit sweater over a short skirt or tight pants. To be honest, your look will remain a memory to many.

But, if you don’t want attention to be drawn to your height and your particularly long legs, go for other types of boots, like ankle boots. No matter the trick, over-the-knee boots accentuate your legs and your height.

Tips for Petite Females

Discard every fashion myth you must have heard. Over-the-knee boots fit girls with small stature – you just have to choose wisely. It’s a good idea to always opt for heeled thigh-high boots and avoid flat ones, which will highlight your short height.

Petite women can look elegant in over-the-knee boots too, but you have to dress proportionately. Choose long skirts that cover the top of the boot slightly. Consider a button-down shirt that suits you, tucked in the skirt.

For the sake of your petite-ness, don’t choose skirts that are long to an extent that they hide your boots. This will make you look even shorter.

If you have a petite stature, it is better to choose over-the-knee boots that are convenient, match it with a baggy dress or a long oversized sweater – and you are fine. You will want to choose the bright color of dresses as they increase your appearance in terms of stature, and present you as a bright, beautiful damsel that we believe you are.

You can also choose a sweater and a skirt of the same color, or a monochrome mini dress and style it with a pair of leather boots – and that will make you stylish.

How to Choose Over-the-Knee Boots

Tips for Curvy Females

Pencil skirts are your best bet to wear with over-the-knee-boots, for they highlight your curves. Feel free to flaunt your endowment with pencil skirts that fit you and accentuate your curves and that are as long as the top of the knee. They should go very close to the knees (but never cover the knees). Mini-skirts, on the other hand, might raise brows.

So, match your skirt with a shirt, blouse, or sweaters in a similar color with your skirt. In addition, you might want to balance it with a jacket.

Finally, the over-the-knee boots are best to be of opposite color. For example, choose black boots to match an all-white dressing style and you will surely wow the majority of people successfully.

Tips for Athletic Females

Pick a sweater, tight pants or jeans and let the over-the-knee boots highlight your figure and legs. Especially if your sweater matches your boots, you will look more gorgeous. Thigh-high boots will highlight your legs and give them the advantage to appear extra gorgeous.

Concurrently, you might want to adopt a casual outfit. Then choose a jacket or a modest top to wear with thigh-high boots.

How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots Right

When it comes to learning how to wear over-the-knee boots or thigh-high boots like models do, there are a few fashion tips to know. The boots are classy, elegant and stylish – always! Also, they can be even more interesting if they are combined with the right dress, and worn properly.

Especially in winter, over-the-knee boots are desired because they are protective and generally stylish. The length of a woman’s leg is covered and if chosen rightly, she can be as stunning as a princess-model-queen.

A brilliant idea of wearing over-the-knee boots is with dresses and skirts, and the knowledge of making a beautiful combination will make the wearer dazzle. Well, the wrong dress and thigh-high boots will do the opposite exponentially!

Over-the-knee boots do not have to be intimidating – no! You just have to ask yourself a few questions. “Am I going for a high-heel boot or a flat sole?” is a good example.

To help you learn how to wear thigh-high boots, we have gathered some style secrets for you to adopt and some you shouldn’t – in fashion sense. Stand to your modern girl wardrobe; put our advice and suggestions behind your mind. Dress and make your friend look at you four times every second.

Below are a few fashion dos and don’ts of wearing over-the-knee boots that will help you look like a real celebrity (pardon the flattering!).

How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots with Mini Skirts

Fashion Dos:

• Use the color of the over-the-knee boots to choose your pantyhose. Make sure you choose carefully so as not to pick colors of pantyhose that do not match. Black thigh-high boots look great with black tights, while for the lighter colors like beige or grey boots, you should choose lighter pantyhose.

• The color should be the best compliment. Black thigh-high boots are just fine with any other color. And choosing a pair of boots with the same color as your outfit – white over white, cream over cream – is adorable.

• Do consider wearing your over-the-knee boots with minimalist outfits – this always leads to the coolest looks. Simplicity is better in any choice of dress. What will count at the end is how well you combine them with other accessories you choose.

• Other accessories should be selected for your own convenience in mind. Even the choice of the boot should be the type that makes you comfortable.

• For short dresses, the distance between the pair of over-the-knee boots and the dress should be less than 15cm. When the dress exposes too much of your skin, this tends to attract more provocative attention. Alternatively, this might be just what you want, if you love such attention.

• Choose a pair of thigh-high boots that are not too high-heeled or skinny-heeled. We previously mentioned convenience. Very high boots are not that convenient if we are truthful, so choose high-heel boots moderately – for your own convenience.

• Short (or petite) ladies should choose high-heel over-the-knee boots (Caution: not too high!). You will look taller by choosing high-heeled thigh-high boots, but not too high to the extent that you need walking aid to walk conveniently.

• When you go for over-the-knee boots that fit your legs tight at the knee, you should wear a dress that covers their top. We don’t need to see the top of the boots.

• If you are going for thigh-high boots that are gapped at the top, now allow us to see the top of the boots.

How to Wear High-Heel Over-the-Knee Boots

Fashion Don’ts:

• Don’t choose outfits that expose legs more than 15cm. We said it attracts awkward stare, so if you don’t want such, keep to the rule of 15cm. But otherwise, enjoy your short dress. Note: the shorter the dress, the less fashionable your outfit becomes!

• Don’t wear over-the-knee boots with transparent, openwork and printed tights – this doesn’t look fashionable.

• Don’t choose a tight-fitting top. Tight-fitting tops don’t look as fashionable with thigh-high boots as bulky, oversized or baggy tops do.

• Don’t wear leather over-the-knee boots with leather leggings. This is a big ‘NO’ for fashion sake. It presents an awkward appearance that is just not beautiful. If you are going for leather leggings, it is advisable to pair them with suede thigh-high boots.

• Don’t wear over-the-knee boots with patent leather, deep décolleté, or leopard prints. Instead, you should pair your boots with clothing that is covered up at least one way, such as turtleneck sweaters, maxi hemlines or a coat to top off your look.

• For anyone with a fairly short height, don’t choose flat thigh-high boots.

• Never choose over-the-knee boots that are overly tight or too loose to avoid ill-fitting looks.

How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots to Office

How to Wear High-Heel Over-the-Knee Boots

High-heel over-the-knee boots are the most capricious styles, and you should be particularly careful wearing them to avoid ill-fitting looks. Never pair your heeled thigh-high boots with tight silhouettes, short skirts and shorts, body-hugging short dresses, sheer and fishnet tights, asymmetrical skirts and dresses, animal prints, and complex details.

Instead, lots of layering, straight cuts, rough and baggy silhouettes should be your best bet in this case. Your dresses and skirts should be midi and straight cut, while simple tight pants look simply outstanding with this style of boots. Layering your outfit with long or knee-length coats will amp up the elegant factor in your look.

How to Wear Flat Over-the-Knee Boots

The easiest way to embrace this trend is going for flat over-the-knee boots, which are classy, comfortable and chic, and look absolutely chic on tall women. And since comfortable shoes ask for comfortable clothing, pair your boots with easy mini dresses, button-up denim skirts, short shorts and casual sweaters, and just anything casual and cool.

Color coordinating your outfits is crucial here, as you want to create mature and visually slimming looks. Also make sure the hem of your skirt or dress doesn’t cover the top part of the boot to avoid a heavy silhouette.

Layering with a longer trench coat, cardigan or vest will create a beautiful balance with your flat thigh-high boots, elongating your silhouette visually.

Some Tips and Practices That Bring Out the Best Appearance

More than what you have read and know them to be, over-the-boots have become stylish and trendy in recent years. They are your best on cold days for they help to keep you warm. They will do what a sweater does to your upper body – but to your legs.

Aside from providing your body with warmth, they are meant to add class and elegance to your appearance. To ensure this is achieved, we have gathered some ideas and fun ways of wearing over-the-knee boots that will make you look ravishing as your desire: modern girl in thigh-high boots looking like a celebrity.

How to Style Over-the-Knee Boots

• For everyone, there are many styles to adopt. Rocking your over-the-knee boots with an oversized sweater might be a place to start. Complete your outfit with skirts or casual shorts that expose some flesh and you have made yourself an adorable fashion model. This look is for those who want a taste of elegance.

• Meanwhile, black over-the-knee boots are beautiful. They look slimming and complement any other color of the dress. They might be the best color of boots to have; having black boots means you have boots that go with a dress of any color. Add black thigh-high boots to your wardrobe and pick to match with whatever color of dress you have and whenever you desire.

• Also, gray and brown thigh-high boots are good choices. Like black thigh-high boots, they are worthy of keeping, as they look stunning with dresses of the same color. However, to prevent being submerged in a color, you can choose a deeper or lighter tone of the dress (or a different color of dress entirely).

• Many colors are still available that will look good with certain outfits, like white or pastel over-the-knee boots that are also just perfect for the warmer seasons.

• Choose lace-up over-the-knee boots to present a glamorous look. It doesn’t matter where they are laced up – front or back – this choice of boots is your best for a night out. They make your legs look alluring.

Choose a long unbuttoned coat over these boots; you can expose some flesh over the boot with shorts (we recommend not too short). There and then, you have what you want, as a beauty for everyone to behold.

How to Wear Thigh-High Boots

Over-the-Knee Boots with Dresses

Create an easy-going look pairing a knitted dress with pantyhose and over-the-knee boots to give you a beautiful look. You can also use a long sweater, instead of a knitted sweater dress, to give you a similarly beautiful look.

Some ladies like a free-flowing dress that extends down past their knees, but not too long beyond their knees. And this is another way to achieve a chic appearance.

Always opt for covered-up, minimalist and preferably monochrome mini and midi dresses to wear with over-the-knee boots, as plunging necklines, busy prints and too much detailing can spoil the look.

Your thigh-high boots and a slip dress will always look cute! This is another choice that looks cool and yet without undermining beauty. Choose slip dresses that are made of silk, and suede boots that are light brown, and you have killed it!

Over-the-Knee Boots with Leggings

Use leggings to match the boot’s color. The combination of boots and leggings is good with a knitted sweater – especially a long loose knitted sweater. And to add an extra touch of elegance, use a scarf.

Over-the-Knee Boots with Mini Skirts

If you are wearing a mini skirt, maintain a distance of about 15cm, and pair it with a covered-up top, like a turtleneck sweater or a button-up shirt tucked in your skirt. When you opt for a mini skirt with thigh-high boots, you look good layering it with a long coat, a jacket or a hoodie.

How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots with Skirts

Over-the-Knee Boots with Midi-Skirts

The longer skirt hides the top of the over-the-knee boots. This way of dressing serves more warmth to your body. For business outings, midi skirts, like pencil ones that cover the top of the boots slightly, look good and do not attract provocative gestures.

When it comes to midi skirts with thigh-high boots, it’s a good idea to choose a style with a center or side slit. The uniqueness of this appearance is that the skirt shows the top of your right leg of the boots. With this, walk like a model because your appearance is good.

Over-the-Knee Boots with Pants

Select fitting pants that are smart and tight to wear with over-the-knee boots. The best choice of pants for thigh-high boots is the culottes. Boots can be brown, black or any color, but black pants are always cool with all colors of boots.

You can combine your white pants with pastel or grey suede over-the-knee boots. Black and brown also look good in this case, creating a starker contrast.

Over-the-Knee Boots with Jeans

When you are choosing jeans to wear with thigh-high boots, there is a limited range of colors to go for. They are mainly dirty blue, gray, and black. We suggest you avoid real blue and bright blue jeans at all cost.

Always wear oversized, elongated and loose sweaters and tops with jeans and over-the-knee boots, ones that will cover the waistline.

Over-the-Knee Boots with Shorts and Rompers

Avoid shorts that are too short and leave more than 15cm from the boot’s top. Shorts are more fashionable for some women than a miniskirt, especially if you still want to show some flesh. Oversized sweaters slightly tucked in, and button-up shirts will create fantastic outfits with shorts and over-the-knee boots.

Another alternative is considering rompers instead of shorts. Ensure the romper brings out the shape of your waist and is loose enough to look like a mini dress. In warm weather, you might want to use a sweater over it.

Best Over-the-Knee Boots for Every Body Type

Extra Tips for Wearing Thigh-High Boots

• If the over-the-knee boots are not tight-fitting, use thinner socks to make them comfortable.

• Consider adding knee-high socks to your look that pop out of the boots, as this will add extra pizzazz to a simple casual look, like a sweater dress.

• Thigh-high boots with an all black outfit look radiating and beautiful on light-skinned girls.

• For petite ladies, layering is the best way of wearing over-the-knee-boots, as it presents your body size well and looks good. Curvy girls should be cautious of this style, as it hides your curve.

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