Fashion » Trendy Short Shorts for Women in 2021: Tailored, Leather & Denim Short Shorts

Trendy Short Shorts for Women in 2021: Tailored, Leather & Denim Short Shorts

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Short shorts are any summer outfit’s BFF, even though many feel insecure wearing them. Are they flattering? Will these short shorts make me look (and feel) trashy? How should I combine my shorts with the rest of my fashion pieces?

Trendy Short Shorts for Women
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Unsurprisingly, these are just a few of the existential questions many wonder about as soon as the temperatures rise and the on-trend short shorts in your wardrobes begin to wink at your sweaty faces, hoping you will finally wear them with self-confidence.

With summer almost here, since mini shorts are such a hot topic, we have compiled a list of the best short shorts for women, from denim short shorts to leather and perfectly tailored options. But before jumping to the list, make sure to look through all the dos and don’ts of wearing short shorts without looking trashy.

Trendy Short Shorts for Women: Contents

21 Best Short Shorts for Women in 2021

Can you find any other more versatile and functional summer staple than short shorts? We also can’t! So it’s high time to get ready for summer browsing through our selection of the coolest short shorts for everyone of you out there and for every occasion, too!

Below you’ll find not only casual short denim shorts, but also sleek leather options, as well as flirty and elegant tailored designs we love so much!

Short Shorts Fashion Tips

7 Best Short Denim Shorts for 2021

1. Classic Denim Shorts

Available at Net-a-Porter, Rag & Bone’s classic Torti short shorts are perfect spring and summer and will just stay flawless and wearable in the years to come, too. Just pair them with a basic T-shirt and white sneakers and you’ll look effortlessly fab!

Best Denim Short Shorts for Women: Rag & Bone Denim Shorts

2. Denim Short Shorts, Indeed

If you have zero problems with showing off your legs (which are surely fabulous!), these denim short shorts are perfect for you. You can find them at Shopbop and then just combine them with an off-the-shoulder shirt, better when gingham-patterned.

Best Denim Short Shorts for Women: Agolde Denim Shorts

3. Distressed Denim Shorts

Here is the thing: everyone should love a pair of distressed short shorts paired with a slightly neon bomber jacket, as the late Eighties/ early Nineties fashions were some of the happiest ever presented to our world. If you already own a vintage bomber jacket, sweatshirt or raincoat, it’s time to head to Net-a-Porter to get the best pair of Eighties-inspired denim shorts signed Agolde!

Best Denim Short Shorts for Women: Agolde Denim Shorts

4. A High-Waisted Short Dream

Since we know many of you are really into the Fifties/ Sixties pin-up styles, here’s the best pair of denim short shorts to don all summer long! High-rise, slightly distressed, and freshly made of cotton, this pair of short shorts is already your new BFF. Get it on Forward!

Best Denim Short Shorts for Women: GRLFRND Denim Shorts

5. Inside Out Denim Shorts

Along with pin-up fashion, many of you love checking out the newest “anti-fashion” inspired trends, and all for good reason! This pair of inside out avant-garde Unravel denim shorts prove anti-fashion-inspired garments are cool, indeed, and, above all, extremely versatile and wearable. Pick them up on My Theresa!

Best Denim Short Shorts for Women: Unravel Denim Shorts

6. Going Back to Black

Denim comes in black as well, and if you are into black denim, in general, we recommend checking RTA’s Ace black short shorts from Forward, as their silhouette and cute details are just here to give you the best glam rock allure.

Best Denim Short Shorts for Women: RTA Denim Shorts

7. Redoing Denim Shorts

Re/Done is here (available on Farfetch) to delight us with the best Nineties-inspired short shorts, meant to be paired with all those boyfriend and band T-shirts that you have been collecting over the years.

Best Denim Short Shorts for Women: Re/Done Denim Shorts

7 Best Short Leather Shorts for 2021

1. Bow-Detail Leather Short Shorts

Available on Forward, these Iro cream leather shorts are a literal piece of walking art, as they come in that versatile color that will pair perfectly with your summer pieces, as well as feature the right dose of femininity to create casual chic looks. If you are looking for a girly item to channel in the years to come, here you have it!

Best Leather Short Shorts for Women: Iro Leather Shorts

2. Paperbag Belted Leather Shorts

Paperbag belted short shorts are a sort of timeless trend and are surely the hottest items at the fanciest parties. If you are looking for the best pair of paperbag leather shorts, Blank Denim’s piece at Shopbop is an absolute win-win!

Best Leather Short Shorts for Women: Blank Denim Leather Shorts

3. Burgundy Leather Shorts

For an unconventionally romantic pair of short leather shorts, we suggest checking Topshop’s ’80s inspired burgundy shorts on Nordstrom, as their flattering silhouette will make anyone happy and empowered, for sure.

Best Leather Short Shorts for Women: Topshop Leather Shorts

4. Faux Leather Shorts

If authentic leather is your fashion deal breaker, Stella McCartney’s (of course) faux lather shorts available for purchase on Net-a-Porter are the optimal solution for you! They are also extremely cozy and wearable and will look particularly cute with military-inspired jackets or blazers.

Best Leather Short Shorts for Women: Stella McCartney Leather Shorts

5. Classy Black Leather Short Shorts

Here’s the best pair of short shorts for those who love edgy leather shorts with a high dose of elegance – Altuzarra’s leather shorts with a high-rise waist and folded cuffs. Pair them with a pussy-bow white shirt and just get ready to turn heads. You can get them from Moda Operandi.

Best Leather Short Shorts for Women: Altuzarra Leather Shorts

6. Game On, Leather Shorts!

For a more masculine pair of leather shorts, head to Farfetch and just get ready to play around with these Red Valentino high-rise leather shorts. The texture and detailing are literally to die for!

Best Leather Short Shorts for Women: Red Valentino Leather Shorts

7. Oh-So-Soft Leather Short Shorts

Is there anything more urban-chic-approved than this pair of black leather shorts with a darling design? Probably not, but we are not complaining. You can find this pair at Free People.

Best Leather Short Shorts for Women: Free People Leather Shorts

7 Best Tailored Short Shorts for 2021

1. Gingham Cotton Short Shorts

It’s spring, and who honestly doesn’t live in fabulous bright blue gingham shorts in springtime? If you do, get these from Shopbop, if you don’t, just imagine wearing them with tons of cute white blouses or off-the-shoulder crop tops!

Best Tailored Short Shorts for Women: Corozo Gingham Shorts

2. Pleated Short Shorts

Since many don’t wear short shorts out of fear they won’t flatter their silhouette, here we present the most flattering short shorts of all time! Available at Revolve, they feature vertical stripes and pleated detailing, which will instantly elongate any figure (of course, helping you look even more fabulous).

Best Tailored Short Shorts for Women: For Love & Lemons Striped Shorts

3. Vintage Short Shorts

Tailored short shorts are synonymous with vintage shorts, as proven by iconic brand Prada. This pair of late Eighties-inspired plain blue short shorts will make any vintage lover rejoice, for sure! You can find them on My Theresa.

Best Tailored Short Shorts for Women: Prada Sporty Shorts

4. Preppy Lovers

Here’s another pair of flattering striped short shorts, yet filtered through a more preppy-approved lens. Made almost entirely of rayon, this pair of L’Academie mini shorts available on Revolve is the best way to get ready for summer!

Best Tailored Short Shorts for Women: L'Academie Striped Shorts

5. The Most Romantic Short Shorts

I know I said it a lot, but these short shorts are ultimately the most romantic on this list. Combine them with Mary Janes and a pair of tiny sunglasses, and just get ready to literally radiate fashion. You can find this one on Forward.

Best Tailored Short Shorts for Women: Zimmermann Black Shorts

6. The Cutest Pair of Short Shorts

Here’s the cutest pair of short shorts ever, of course, designed by Matin using the most natural fabrics. Flattering, wearable, and just perfect for summer, this one will look fabulous from day to night. Pick this one up from Net-a-Porter!

Best Tailored Short Shorts for Women: Matin Yellow Shorts

7. Checked Short Shorts

Last but not least, since everyone (we included) is obsessed with checked prints, here’s one of the best checked options for summer! The silhouette of these short shorts is flawlessly flattering, too. What’s best is that you can easily find this lovely piece at Farfetch!

Best Tailored Short Shorts for Women: Sara Battaglia Checked Shorts

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Short Shorts Without Looking Trashy

Before discussing the actual fashion dos and don’ts, however, I have to share a little disclaimer with you. Since I think short shorts are fabulous, and you all are fabulous especially when wearing them, expect to read a lot of “fab” here and there!

Short Shorts 101: the Right Fit Is Key

Let’s start off with the most important thing – in order to look and feel good in your mini shorts, you have to find the right fit. That means that, for example, if your insecurity is not dealing with an hourglass figure, you should opt for a pair of high-waisted shorts. On the other hand, if your torso is particularly short, a pair of low-waisted short shorts might work best for you.

Most importantly, you have to make sure your mini shorts are wide enough at the waist, otherwise, you’ll deal with muffin tops and blemishes that could make you feel uncomfortable (both physically, as no one has fun in a pair of too tight-fitting shorts, and psychologically).

How to Wear Short Shorts

Balance Is Key Too!

Once you have found the right fit, it is time to think about the outfit combinations. Before that, you should consider how to balance your entire figure. To do so, just remember these key rules:

• To elongate the figure, opt for a pair of high-rise short shorts (if patterned opt for vertical stripes), combined with a long blazer (and not sweatshirts, since the shorts must be visible).

• To elongate the legs, opt for nude-toned sneakers or other footwear items in general (preferably a pair of nude pumps or Mary Jane shoes).

• To slenderize the legs, if you personally feel they need to, opt for loose-fit, wider short shorts and not skinny ones.

• If your mini shorts are whimsically printed or detailed (such as with sequins or metallic appliqués), pair them with a monochrome blouse and tone your outfit down with a “no makeup” makeup look.

• Treat your short shorts like any other type of bottom you wear, such as jeans. So combine them with the rest of your clothing pieces just the way you would when dealing with a pair of pants, avoiding wrong color, pattern and style pairings.

Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Short Shorts Without Looking Trashy

Short Shorts Fashion Don’ts

While they are pretty versatile summer staples, you still have to pay attention to some fashion mistakes in order to avoid ill-fitting looks.

• Don’t wear your mini shorts with overly long and oversized tops, which will hide them and make everyone think you have walked out the door without putting on your pants.

• Although basically you can wear your short shorts with any type of footwear, give your preference to simple, flat shoes and sandals on a daily basis, and keep those stilettos and over-the-knee boots for night-time looks (we know you probably want to channel Pretty Woman and draw extra attention while clubbing).

• Don’t wear inappropriate underwear and tights with your short shorts that will peek through, completely spoiling your look.

Feeling Comfortable Is Your Priority

Although you’ll find many style options on our short shorts shopping list, I would like to point one thing out here, too. Feeling comfortable and empowered is the most important thing when wearing shorts.

If you avoid wearing them because you are 100% sure they’ll make you look trashy, just pair them with a plain white T-shirt (preferably made of high quality cotton), classic, iconic sneakers (maybe ugly sneakers?), a small backpack and no jewelry pieces, and we are sure you’ll feel a million bucks!

What to Wear Short Shorts With

Treat Your Skin Nicely

While there are various ideas regarding shaving, there’s one thing one should always do before wearing short shorts, i.e. moisturize the leg (and preferably put some sunscreen lotion on, regardless of your skin color). It won’t just make you look elegantly fresh, but will also (and most importantly) protect your legs, especially if you live in a polluted big city.

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