Fashion » 23 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2021: White Sneakers Outfit Ideas

23 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2021: White Sneakers Outfit Ideas

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White sneakers are nothing short of ultra-chic for the spring and summer seasons. White trainers are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe, but it’s only in recent years that we’ve come to think of them as cool street style footwear. White sneakers work really well with the ‘90s revival we’ve seen on the runway and in the streets, and they are an awesome way to dress down an overly formal look.

Best White Sneakers for Women: White Sneakers Outfit Ideas
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Whether what you really want is a delicate pair of low-top white sneakers for women or bulky, arch-supporting workout shoes, we want to help, so we’ve collected the very best white sneakers that you can buy right now in all kinds of designs. To keep your white trainers looking fresh, we included the most comprehensive cleaning guide possible, as well.

Lastly, we know you gotta think outside the shoebox when wearing white trainers these days, so we’ve added some fashion and styling tips that will encourage you to get creative with your look.

Women’s Guide to White Sneakers: Contents

23 Best White Sneakers for Women to Buy in 2021

Amidst this cool range of white sneakers for women, it’s impossible to not fall in love with at least a few pairs, so get your favorites and hit the streets in your new impeccable white shoes!

1. Leopard Laced White Sneakers

These Golden Goose white trainers have a slightly distressed vibe, with a cream-colored rubber sole and gray detailing. There are some playful touches to these shoes, as well, like a neon green star along the side and leopard print laces. They are available at Forward.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Golden Goose White Trainers

2. Ruffled and Striped White Sneakers for Women

There is a ‘70s feel about the color-blocked stripes of blues, oranges, and browns that decorate the side of these white sneakers, as well as the low-top design. These unique trainers have other elements worth noting, though, like an orange croc-embossed heel, white ruffles surrounding the eyelets, and laces covered in the “Tory Sport” brand name. You can buy them through Shopbop.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Tory Sport White Trainers

3. Logo-Embossed White Trainers for Women

These low-tops embody a vintage style that is super trendy these days, making them some of the best white sneakers for women to wear this spring. They have the “Marant” logo printed along the side, along with all kinds of blue leather and cream suede detailing. They are sold online via Net-a-Porter.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Isabel Marant Bulian White Trainers

4. Checked White Sneakers

These white sneakers from Burberry will get you feeling really fancy. The label is proclaimed in red on the heel of the shoes (‘burb’ on the left, ‘erry’ on the right), and is also signified by the perforated check pattern on the sides. Made in Italy of high-quality leather, they are comfy, luxurious, and chic, despite the velcro strap closure. Get them from Farfetch!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Burberry White Trainers

5. Architectural White Sneakers

These are the best white sneakers for bringing the drama. They have an architectural design that is hard to describe in words. The rubber soles are thick, covered in a spiky texture and a mesh trim. On top the shoes are covered in decorative zipper hardware, while the two-toned laces soften things somewhat. You can find them at Moda Operandi.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Giuseppe Zanotti White Trainers

6. Soft and Sporty White Sneakers

These are the best white sneakers for women who like multi-functional shoes that are fashionable but also great to work out in. Their soft rubber sole with Air Max unit in the heel protects the foot while you run, and an open weave mesh at the top allows the foot to breathe. They are super cute, however, with an asymmetrical lace, purple and gray detailing, and the super important Nike swoosh at the sides. Pick up a pair at Nordstrom!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Nike Air Max 270 White Trainers

7. Urban High-Top White Trainers

From Off-White we have these eccentric though decidedly white sneakers. These high-tops have a playful urban aesthetic, with lots of conspicuous tags and colorful accents in green, blue, and orange. The high-top design is perfectly unisex and casual. You can get them from Forward.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Off-White Off-Court White Trainers

8. Dad White Sneakers for Women

Can dad sneakers be truly fashionable? Absolutely, assuming they’re stamped along the side with the Balenciaga label. These ultra-sporty runners are made of white, lavender, and purple panels made of mesh and leather, with big rubber soles to cushion the feet completely. Order them from Net-a-Porter!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Balenciaga Triple S White Trainers

9. Pink Stripes White Sneakers

Pink suede stripes along the side add a girlish touch to these white trainers for women. Made by Adidas, they are classically shaped shoes that are perfect for any type of workout but also cute enough to wear day to day. They are available at My Theresa.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Adidas Originals i-5923 White Trainers

10. Pink-Soled White Sneakers

Add a whimsical touch to your wardrobe with these white trainers! Resultant of a Keds and Kate Spade collaboration, these feminine shoes are straight out of Willy Wonka – the pink rubber soles look like they were crafted from bubble gum! The top of the shoes is made of high-quality leather, in a low-top vintage style. They can be purchased from Shopbop.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Keds x Kate Spade White Trainers

11. Chuck Taylor White Sneakers

Named after the American baseball player, Chuck Taylor, All Stars are as iconic as can be. These timeless white sneakers are a great look for both men and women, and they will never ever go out of style. Blue and red piping, along with the classic low-top design, give these shoes a bit of a ‘70s touch that will be a hit in the coming seasons. See them online at Converse!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Converse Chuck Taylor White Trainers

12. Rainbow-Studded White Trainers

These are the best white sneakers for women looking for a bit of a boost from their shoes. The rubber-sole platform is quite high, but it’s straight in the retro style that is so popular right now. These Marco De Vincenzo x Superga trainers are not without their embellishments, either: the Superga branding is everywhere, while the lace eyelets themselves are decorated on each side with a series of Swarovski crystals organized in rainbow colors. Purchase a pair of these from Farfetch!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Superga x Marco De Vincenzo White Trainers

13. The Ellen White Sneakers

Ellen DeGeneres is our favorite fashion icon, especially when it comes to casual, androgynous looks. These low-top white sneakers definitely embody her joyful style! The leather upper part is decorated with racing stripes and a heart balloon overlaying them, while the rubber sole is covered in cute black doodles. They are sold at Nordstrom.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Ed Ellen DeGeneres White Trainers

14. V-Marked Retro White Trainers

This is another entry for the best white sneakers with an androgynous, retro charm. These simple trainers are super well-made, with a leather upper that is perforated to allow for aeration and a comfy rubber sole. They are decorated with a red V at the side, and green leather at the heel. Buy them from Matches Fashion!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Veja V-10 White Trainers

15. Shell-Decorated White Sneakers

These are the best white sneakers for summertime! These simple white trainers boast a canvas upper, for that rustic look, and are embellished in a super unique way. The rim of the shoe is lined with a rainbow braid from which little seashells hang. The same rainbow braid is also used for the laces. Get your pair at Forward!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Alanui x Superga White Trainers

16. Vegan White Trainers

If all these white trainers made of leather are making you salivate, but you’re into that vegan lifestyle (and the knowledge that leather in the fashion industry is usually a byproduct from the meat industry isn’t enough to assuage your guilt) then consider this faux leather pair from the one and only Stella McCartney. These chunky white sneakers are very sporty, with a massive rubber sole with some cream-colored detailing as well as velcro straps. Order them from Net-a-Porter!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Stella McCartney Eclypse White Trainers

17. Blue, Red and White Sneakers

Feeling patriotic? These white sneakers are decorated with sporty red and blue panels, and also sport blue laces, for a color-blocked effect. They have the ‘C’ logo on the side, and they are made of fabric rather than leather. Simple and functional, you’ll feel good running around in these. They are available at Shopbop.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Champion Super Court White Trainers

18. Green-Touched White Trainers

These white sneakers for women will keep you feeling fresh. They are made of stark white leather, with a low-top design, but a green panel at the heel and a print on the tongue gives them a minty vibe that we love for spring. These are the Adidas shoes inspired by tennis player Stan Smith, so you know that they’ll be great on your feet. You can find them at Forward.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Adidas Originals Stan Smith White Trainers

19. Cross Velcro White Sneakers

For those of you with a slightly futuristic aesthetic, these are the best white sneakers around! Their bulky design gives maximum support, with an arched rubber sole lined in blue at the bottom. Pink and yellow panels on the upper add a playful touch that is countered by the black inner collar and tongue tip. Lastly, the velcro straps crossed over each other cement the unique, futuristic vibe of these Kenzo shoes. Pick up a pair through Farfetch!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Kenzo Sonic White Trainers

20. Red-Touched White Trainers

Lovers of all things luxury, have a look! These white sneakers from Givenchy are the height of sports-luxe. They have a simple yet elegant low-top design that is slightly embellished with a red panel at the heel. The Givenchy brand name is printed there in delicate gold lettering, while two little knots add a certain charm. They are sold online at My Theresa.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Givenchy Urban Knots White Trainers

21. Portofino Painted Sneakers

If your taste for luxury labels runs in a slightly more eccentric direction then we think these white trainers for women will be your favorite. These Dolce & Gabbana shoes are stained with Portofino at the sole and bottom of the upper leather, but that’s not the only embellishment. The tongue is decorated with a golden trim, and the D&G branding is everywhere from the heel to the laces to the tongue. Order a pair from Farfetch!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Dolce & Gabbana Portofino White Trainers

22. Cream-Sole White Sneakers

If your style is heavy on the earth tones, these might be the best white sneakers for you to buy. Because their rubber sole is colored a cream shade they’ll be easier to match to outfits with a lot of brown or beige. Their design is quite simple, with two velcro straps for easy wear. They are available through Matches Fashion.

Best White Sneakers for Women: Acne Studios White Trainers

23. Color-Blocked White Trainers

These white sneakers for women have a very sporty style, with a purple suede panel adding that one unique and earthy touch. They are color-blocked with the aforementioned purple as well as yellow, light blue, and pink panels. These delicate colors have a softening effect on the bulkier, more functionable design of these white sneakers. Get them from Shopbop!

Best White Sneakers for Women: Iro Curverunner White Trainers

How to Clean White Sneakers

Before you even consider purchasing a pair of conspicuous white trainers, make sure you know how to keep them clean! While stark white sneakers are super fashionable, they lose all of their impact the second they get muddied. Keep your luxe white sneakers looking good for as long as possible by following these cleaning tips.

Prep Your White Sneakers for Cleaning

No matter which of the following cleaning methods you decide to try, make sure to first take the laces out of your shoes, so you can clean them separately in either soap and water or with a bleach solution. You can also just pop the laces in the laundry machine with a load of whites.

If your white trainers are made of leather, place a shoe tree or some balled-up plastic bags inside them so that they can retain their shape even if they get wet.

Simple Cleaning with Soap and Water for All White Sneakers

Everyone has soap and water on hand, so these are the first route you should go in for cleaning your white sneakers. This method is great for refreshing the brightness of your white sneakers and giving them a new life, although it likely won’t work for super tough stains.

How to Clean White Sneakers

Online sources will recommend both dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent, and both seem to work well!

• In a bowl, mix together warm water and a tiny amount of detergent – enough for the water to foam up a bit, but not so much that it colors the water, as this may also stain your shoes.

• Dip a cloth in the water and soap solution and wring it out. Use it to very gently wipe your shoes and soles until they are clean.

• For slightly tougher stains or build-up you can dip a toothbrush into the mix, and use it to scrub the shoes gently. Be careful doing this over leather, as you risk damaging its surface.

• Once you’re done, wipe your shoes down with a clean, damp washcloth to remove the soap residue. Your shoes should look brighter and whiter right away!

• Put the shoes aside to dry – it may take up to 24 hours for them to dry completely. You can stuff them with paper towels to help them keep their shape and to speed up the drying on the inside.

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are awesome for giving leather shoes a quick clean! It’s a great method if you’re in a bit of a rush and your white trainers just require a bit of a glow up rather than a full cleaning.

Wipe your white sneakers down thoroughly with the disinfectant wipes, and then go over them once again with a slightly damp cloth. Give them a few hours to dry and then rock on!

Melamine Sponge for Rubber Soles

A melamine sponge will get the rubber soles of your white sneakers looking impossibly clean, without any damage. If you’re not familiar, melamine is the material that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is made of, but the truth is that you can get simple, no-name sponges for very little money just off of Overstock.

Just dip the sponge into warm water, and then rub it on the sole – it will look super clean and fresh. Be careful to avoid any leather or canvas parts of the shoe, however, as the melamine sponge could damage it.

How to Clean White Trainers

The Cult-Favorite Shoe Cleaner for All White Trainers

If you’re nervous about using regular soap on your leather shoes, then a dedicated shoe cleaner might be in order. The Jason Markk shoe cleaning kit is the best-selling, most highly recommended cleaning kit for white sneakers made of just about any material, including leather.

You can buy this cleaning kit from Urban Outfitters, which includes the soap itself as well as a brush. It is the best direction to go in for delicate, high-end white trainers, as it is made specifically to keep them in good shape.

Toothpaste for White Sneakers from Leather

White toothpaste is surprisingly great for cleaning white leather shoes! Make sure you’re using a simple cream toothpaste, as a colored toothpaste will not work well. This method works especially well on stains, as long as you’re gentle and don’t allow the leather to get damaged.

With an old toothbrush, rub the toothpaste in gently to the area where you would like to give the white sneakers a deep clean. Let it sit for half an hour or so, and then wipe it off with a damp washcloth. You can do this method either before or after cleaning the shoes with a disinfectant wipe or soapy water.

White Sneakers Outfit Ideas

Baking Soda and Vinegar for Canvas White Sneakers

This method is excellent for brightening the color of white fabric shoes, but it might turn white leather yellow. It is best to do after you’ve already wiped your shoes clean of any dirt build-up, as its intended purpose is to give a brighter color to your white sneakers and remove stains from them.

• You will need baking soda and distilled white vinegar. Pour a generous amount of baking soda into a cup, and then add just enough vinegar for the mixture to become pasty. Wait until the mixture is done fizzing, and then use a toothbrush to mix everything together.

• Next, use the toothbrush to rub and clean the white trainers. Start with the toughest stains, and then gently use it to clean up all over the shoe.

• Let the shoes sit in the sun for a few hours while still covered in the baking soda and vinegar mixture.

• Once enough time has elapsed and the white sneakers are looking brighter, hit the soles of the shoes together against each other to remove most of the baking soda, which will have become dry and gritty.

• Next, give the shoes a wipe down with a damp washcloth, and let them dry overnight. They should be looking bright and new!

How to Wear White Sneakers

Bleach for Canvas White Sneakers

For really hardcore stains that will not be removed with gentler cleaning methods, you can resort to using bleach. Please note that bleach should only be used on canvas white sneakers, as it might turn your white leather yellow. Be careful not to breathe in any bleach fumes, and protect your hands by wearing a pair of cleaning gloves.

• Dilute the bleach in a 1 to 5 ratio with water.

• For an overall white cast, dip a cloth into the bleach solution and then use it to rub down the shoes.

• If you’re tackling a particular stain, dip an old toothbrush in instead, and then use it to scrub at the stain.

• Once it’s clean, rinse the white sneakers under warm water in order to get all of the bleach remnants out, and let them dry overnight.

Washing Machine for Canvas White Sneakers

You can even put your non-leather white trainers in the washing machine! This is the best way to give your shoes an all-over clean, especially if they’re made of fabric or canvas.

It is as easy as can be, requiring the least effort. Make sure to use low heat and to let them air-dry afterwards for a full day afterwards, though, or you risk melting the glue keeping the sole attached.

White Sneakers Outfit Ideas for Fashionable Women

There are very few wrong ways to wear white sneakers. White trainers are an awesome addition to any casual or street style outfit, since they are officially fashionable – as long as they’re stark clean, of course.

How to Style White Trainers

Wearing White Trainers with Jeans

• White trainers look the best with a pair of light-wash cropped high waisted jeans, especially if you’re planning to take inspiration from the grunge fashion that is so trendy. A boyfriend cut is the best in this case, especially if your jeans have a slightly distressed look.

• While this look could work with any white sneakers, we like it best with low-top sneakers that have a vintage flare. Wear whatever top you like with this ensemble: a band T-shirt works just as well as a button-up blouse and blazer.

• Be careful when pairing skinny jeans with white trainers. This look can be fine if your white sneakers are very sleek and streamlined, but with bulkier shoes it can make for an unflattering, awkward look.

• If you don’t have a pair of cropped jeans on hand, you can also just roll up the pant leg of your favorite straight-leg or boyfriend jeans.

• If you are wearing a bulkier pair of white trainers with tighter trousers, make sure to balance things on top by layering a jean or army jacket.

• You can also keep things balanced by wearing a large knitted sweater, instead. Turtlenecks, in particular, are coming back in style.

Wearing White Trainers with Skirts or Shorts

• Mini skirts can look fabulous! You can opt for the cute, preppy look with a denim skirt and a blouse or cardigan, and even tie off the whole look with a pair of opaque tights.

How to Style White Sneakers

• You can also try something a little more urban, with bulkier white trainers, a tight skirt, crop top or loose tank top, and lots of fun jewelry.

• You can wear your white trainers with a printed skirt or pants as long as you balance things out with a white cotton T-shirt on top.

• For a more preppy look with dressy shorts or a skirt, remember to opt for low-top white sneakers rather than bulkier ones.

• Long skirts can look fabulous with white sneakers! Opt for skirts that hit somewhere between the knee and the ankle, and don’t be afraid of the different styles. More elegant pleated or A-line skirts look just as nice as flowy skirts.

Wearing White Trainers with Dresses

• Pairing white sneakers with a flowy midi dress is a great way to combine urban-chic and boho-chic styles. Recently, we’ve seen all kinds of celebs and influencers give this look a try, and we find its incongruity irresistible. Try this awesome look now, before it becomes commonplace or even dated!

• A denim jacket will instantly add a casual touch to any garment, so if you’re intrigued but nervous to try the dress and white sneakers combo, simply plop a light-wash denim jacket on top to tie the whole look together.

• These days you can even wear a pair of white trainers when going out clubbing! A tight bodycon dress or a tight skirt and crop top can absolutely be worn with attention-grabbing white sneakers. Opt for contrast by choosing a black, dark red, or dark blue outfit to pair with your shoes.

• If you’re feeling daring, wear your low-top white sneakers with a satin slip dress. It makes for a very fashion-forward, ‘90s-inspired look.

How to Wear White Trainers

Other Awesome Ideas for White Sneakers for Women

• Socks or tights might be the secret to making white sneakers fit with an outfit you might be struggling with. A pair of bulky socks can make an outfit a little more winter-appropriate, for example, or a pair of colorful tights might tie together a separate or an accessory that you really love.

• Speaking of accessories, the bag you wear will also influence your overall look. Wearing a backpack with your white sneakers outfit can lead to a more youthful, schoolgirl look, while a sophisticated purse with a chain strap will bring your look to a more mature place.

• Most rules are out the door when it comes to sporty outfits! Some stripes of white will make your workout ensemble look more harmonious with your white trainers, but it’s not mandatory. Wear whatever you look.

• Cropped pant jumpsuits look fabulous with white trainers! Opt for looser jumpsuits if your trainers are bulky, while a tight jumpsuit can look nice with slim low-tops.

• Wearing monochromatic looks with white sneakers can be very unique, but it’s also a little harder to pull off. As long as the look is put-together, with accessories and belts, then you can make it work. This look can be white sneakers worn with pants and a T-shirt in the same dark color, or it can be white sneakers worn with an all-white outfit.

White Trainers Outfit Ideas

• Wearing professional looks with white trainers is becoming increasingly popular, but I’ll admit I’m still a little nervous about it. To avoid looking like an office worker who takes off her heels and wears her gym shoes to walk home, make sure to match your suit to your running shoes. This means wearing a white T-shirt instead of a blouse, or layering a blazer over a pair of light jeans instead of a skirt or pants.

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