Fashion » 21 Coolest White Shoes for Women 2021: White Heels & Flats for Every Occasion

21 Coolest White Shoes for Women 2021: White Heels & Flats for Every Occasion

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Without mentioning clichés about various days of the year, let’s just say that white shoes are great. While it’s white sneakers that are having a moment right now, white heels, flats, and sandals also deserve some attention! If your wardrobe skews light and you cannot get enough of those soft summer pastels then white shoes for women can be your staple. However, you don’t have to be a pure and breezy kind of dresser to rock white heels or flats.

Coolest White Shoes for Women: White Heels & Flats for Every Occasion
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We’ve collected the 21 best white shoes for women to rock, including white sandals, flats and plenty of gorgeous heels. Then I’ve put together a comprehensive style guide so you can incorporate white shoes into every part of your life. Lastly, we know cleanliness is key, so we’ve included a guide to teach you how to clean white shoes no matter what material they’re made of.

Your White Shoe Guide: Contents

21 Best White Shoes for Women from White Heels to Flats

These are the best white flats, heels, and sandals to make you feel light yet sophisticated all year long. Pay attention to this list if you’re searching for white shoes with a bridal twist, as well!

1. Studded Kitten Heel White Sandals

These are slinky white shoes with an edge. These Prada slingback sandal heels are embellished with silvery pyramid studs over the buckled vamp. They have a 2.5-inch kitten heel that makes walking a breeze, and are made of soft, high-quality calf leather just as we’d expect from Prada. Buy them from Net-a-Porter!

Best White Shoes for Women: Prada White Sandals

2. Strappy White Sandals with Embellished Heels

White heels like this pair from Jacquemus are great for daytime events and for dressing up in the summertime. Their upper consists of three thin straps, one over the toe and two others over the foot. The 3-inch heel is where we see more substance, as it is embellished with two large beads and some gold-colored ring hardware. Get them at Forward!

Best White Shoes for Women: Jacquemus Noli White Sandals

3. Block Heel White Sandals

Slip-on sandals are not usually as solid as this pair, which has a blocky 2.5-inch heel and wide vamp and front straps. Each strap is decorated on the side with a gilded house crest button. As you lift your feet everyone will see that these are Christian Louboutins thanks to the signature red sole. They are available at Nordstrom.

Best White Shoes for Women: Christian Louboutin La Saviata Emblem White Sandals

4. Walnut d’Orsay White Shoes for Women

If you’re a little quirky you won’t be able to resist these white shoes from Loewe. The pump upper is all class, with an elegant half d’Orsay cutout helping to elongate the leg. The 1.5-inch kitten heel is low, comfy and extremely unique since it is shaped to look exactly like a walnut. This humorous accent doesn’t take away from the sophistication these kitten heels hold. Order them from My Theresa!

Best White Shoes for Women: Loewe White Heels

5. Fringed White Flats

White slides can be great on casual days. They are airy and light but with a touch of substance courtesy of some extra special embellishments. These white sandals include a short fringe and a gold horsebit hardware that adds the equestrian element for which Gucci is known. Find them on Net-a-Porter!

Best White Shoes for Women: Gucci Horsebit White Flat Sandals

6. T-Strap White Shoes for Women

These gorgeous white shoes will not go unnoticed. They are Marni shoes through and through, with thoughtful and unusual shapes and subtle color blocking. The bulk of the shoe design is certainly white, but a black leather strap over the front of the foot and a deep red snakeskin-embossed block heel add some flare. The open part at the back of the heel and the round shapes along the sides of the T-strap are a soft textural touch. These white heels are sold online through Shopbop.

Best White Shoes for Women: Marni White Heels

7. Crochet White Heels

There is something irresistibly delicate and feminine about these Neous crocheted kitten heels. The white crochet at the front shows a lot of skin and keeps things airy, but it doesn’t seem quite as bare as a pair of strappy white sandals. A buckled strap around the ankle helps give a bit of support, though the heels are very low so you don’t need to worry too much. Pick them up from Net-a-Porter!

Best White Shoes for Women: Neous Acantho White Heels

8. Patent White Sandal Heels

If you’re a Givenchy fan, then these white heels are a must. Their heels are quite unusual, since they are blocky but with the center cut out in order to make the shape of the square G logo. There is a cross strap at the back of the heel that wraps around to support the ankle, and a thick vamp strap. You can buy them from Forward.

Best White Shoes for Women: Givenchy White Sandals

9. Knotted Leather White Sandals

Square-toe white heels are a great ‘90s callback, so be sure to pair them with a slip dress! The strappy upper is made of thin leather chords with a few knotted details at the sides. The slingback strap offers some hold over the foot, which is great with the sculptural 3-inch heel. Purchase these By Far white shoes through Moda Operandi!

Best White Shoes for Women: By Far Charlie White Sandals

10. Tied-with-a-Bow White Shoes for Women

Some days you want to plop on your highest heels and turn heads. These gorgeous Alexandre Birman white sandals will certainly do the trick. They have a 3-inch stiletto heel that looks impressive due to its thinness. The upper is sweet and sassy, with a thick bow tied around the ankle and a smaller one over the vamp strap. Get them from Net-a-Porter!

Best White Shoes for Women: Alexandre Birman Clarita White Heels

11. Asymmetrical White Heels with Bows

These 4-inch white heels give us serious bridal vibes, but we think they’d be great for other occasions as well. They have an asymmetrical bow design we’ve come to love from Jimmy Choo, with one oversized bow at the counter of the right shoe and another over the left shoe’s vamp. Otherwise, these strappy sandals are quite classy with a medium-sized vamp straight and a thin buckled strap supporting the ankle. Order them from Nordstrom!

Best White Shoes for Women: Jimmy Choo Aveline White Sandals

12. Snake-Embossed White Shoes

If you’d like a vintage touch and a bit more coverage, then these Attico white heel slingbacks are a great choice. They have a low kitten heel and a pointed upper opening that starts fairly high on the foot. The slingback strap will keep you physically cool, while the easy-to-miss snake embossing will keep your cool in the sartorial sense. They are available at Farfetch.

Best White Shoes for Women: Attico Wrap-Ankle White Pumps

13. Croc-Embossed White Slides

These Gabriela Hearst flat white slides are a vacation essential. They’re quick to slip on and they feel so perfectly beachy. They are made of croc-embossed leather, which allows you to wear them with slightly dressier outfits as well. They will fit easily into a travel bag, but remember that they won’t give you much support. Find them through Net-a-Porter!

Best White Shoes for Women: Gabriela Hearst Franzine White Flat Sandals

14. Smooth White Pumps

You don’t have to be a femme fatale to wear these 4-inch pumps, but once you have them on you might feel like one. These Manolo Blahniks are timelessly seductive and chic, with an elongating pointed toe and stiletto heels. They are sold at Forward.

Best White Shoes for Women: Manolo Blahnik White Heels

15. Sphere Heel White Sandals

Cult Gaia is known for their architectural twists on simple designs. These strappy white sandals encase the foot quite well with a triple cord take on the T-strap. It’s their heel that makes them unique, as it is constructed to look like two spheres sitting one on top of the other. Buy them online from Net-a-Porter!

Best White Shoes for Women: Cult Gaia Eden White Sandals

16. Satin White Heels

You’ll feel like Cinderella in these elegant Roger Vivier satin pumps. They have a comfortable 2.5-inch heel you can spend all night dancing in. The design is classy, with a pointed toe and stiletto heel. They will glimmer in the light thanks to crystal-embellished buckles right over the vamp. Pick them up from My Theresa!

Best White Shoes for Women: Roger Vivier White Heels

17. Powder White Heels

These gorgeous Gianvito Rossi heels are an even more mature take on the white pump. Their design is sleek and elegant, with a pointed toe and 3.5-inch stiletto heel. They are made of powder white calf and lamb leather, which has a much more elevated texture that would pair well with unique fabrics. Purchase these from Net-a-Porter!

Best White Shoes for Women: Gianvito Rossi 85 White Heels

18. Strappy Stretch Toe White Heels

Bottega Veneta is known for their high-quality leather goods, with these white shoes fitting the bill. They are very strappy, which is great for summer, with a toe strap that prevents slipping as well as a strap around the ankle. The sole is a little textured, which helps with gripping the floor and also adds a sporty contrast. You can get them through Forward.

Best White Shoes for Women: Bottega Veneta Stretch-Toe White Sandals

19. Double Buckle White Sandals

If you haven’t found your strappy white heels of choice yet, consider this gorgeous Aquazzura pair. Their design consists of two diagonal straps across the foot and one straight over the vamp. The diagonal design prevents the ankle strap from cutting off the foot, which ends up being a very flattering design. There are two buckle embellishments on the side of the foot. Order them from Moda Operandi!

Best White Shoes for Women: Aquazzura Carolyne White Sandals

20. Delicate White Gladiator Sandals

You can get creative with how you wrap these delicate leather chords around your foot and leg. These wonderful Studio Amelia flat sandals are comfortable and flattering with a design that is simple yet unique. They do show off a lot of foot, but could be appropriate even for dressier daytime occasions. They are available via Net-a-Porter.

Best White Shoes for Women: Studio Amelia White Sandals

21. White Wedge Sandals

Wedges are the best heels for summer and doubly so when they come in white. These Kalda white wedges are extra strappy, with a set of four skinny vamp straps and two skin upper straps. They are slip-ons with a 2.7-inch heel, so be careful walking around in them. You won’t have to walk far in them anyway, because they are guaranteed to bring all the attention directly to you. They are sold at Farfetch.

Best White Shoes for Women: Kalda Simon White Wedge Sandals

How to Wear White Shoes Every Day, Everywhere

While white might be a neutral, it’s a very striking neutral, so white shoes might not work with every outfit the way black shoes would. Pay attention to these tips & tricks for wearing white shoes in order to make them a great part of your everyday look!

• Pastels and white are a match made in heaven! When in doubt, these are the colors you want to wear when rocking white shoes.

• When it comes to other color stories, a single white separate like a blouse, jacket, or skirt is often necessary.

• Pairing your white shoes with patterned garments that have a bit of white in them will always look good, and it’ll even have a retro touch if your garment has white polka dots or stripes on it.

• Wearing white shoes with a white outfit can be difficult because if the shades of white don’t match, the whole thing can look off, and one item will end up looking dirty. One way around this is to wear separates that are different shades of white and beige, so that the mismatch seems intentional.

• If you’d like to wear white shoes with a matching white dress without looking bridal, simply add a few accessories like a designer belt, scarf, statement jewelry, and bag in a high-contrast color like red or black.

• Sometimes adding a few more accessories can be all it takes to make your white shoes work with your outfit. Add a white scarf, big earrings, or a bag to an outfit to help pull things together.

How to Wear White Shoes

White Shoes in Casual Settings

• White sandals will work with most casual summer outfits, including ones that feature darker colors.

• It’ll be easier to pair white shoes with lighter palettes in instances where your casual outfit consists of longer trousers or sleeves.

• An example would be wearing white flats with light-wash jeans and a pale top.

• When in doubt, add more white accessories!

• White shoes can pair very beautifully with flowier outfits, especially if they are made of fabric or suede rather than leather. Don’t let your bohemian style stop you from wearing white shoes!

• If your daily style leans a little more towards edgy, then opt for white shoes with a platform tread sole. They’ll work with your edgy style despite their light color!

White Shoes at the Office

• White flats and heels can be great at the office. Stay away from overly strappy white sandals, and instead chose a pair of shoes that will cover most of your foot.

• This is an instance when wearing white shoes with a white outfit will be very over the top. If your office is more conservative stay away from the monochrome look.

• One way to wear white shoes would be with a look consisting of white bottoms and a black blouse. The white shoes will add continuation to the skirt or trousers and elongate the leg.

• If you do decide to try a monochrome look, it won’t be too jarring as long as you stick to trousers and layers. In fact, the more separates, the better, with a look consisting of white trousers, blazer, blouse, and shoes having the potential to be very chic.

How to Wear White Heels

White Shoes with Evening Wear

• With so many white heels and pumps on this list, of course white shoes can work with evening wear!

• Stark white pumps look particularly striking when paired with solid, dark dresses in black, red, navy, or even jewel tones like deep purple or green.

• If you’re aiming for a more youthful look, you can also pair your white shoes with a bright magenta or orange dress.

• If you’re a little nervous about the contrast, add a white clutch to your look to bring things together.

• If your white heels are a little strappier or embellished, they can be an understated addition to a silver-toned dress.

• When worn with a gold dress, white heels will stand out and will also add sophistication to a color that can otherwise be garish.

How to Wear White Sandals

How to Clean White Shoes

White shoes are unforgiving once they get even a little dusty. It’s so important to clean them up after every few times you wear them so that you can maintain their quality and keep them looking bright.

You will want to try different cleaning methods depending on what material your white shoes are made of. We’ve narrowed down the best method for cleaning white shoes made of leather, PVC, and fabric.

Storing White Shoes

No matter what material your designer white shoes are made of or what their style might be, storing them is an important aspect of keeping them in good shape for many years. White shoes, in particular, can become dirty to the point where cleaning is very difficult if they sit in a dusty place for too long.

• Since white shoes are not usually something you’ll wear every day, it is best to keep them out of the way. Don’t leave them near the door with your sneakers.

• At the same time, don’t stuff them in the attic or a rarely opened closet as you’ll forget about wearing them and they’ll get dusty.

• Keep your white shoes off the floor and above other shoes. If you have a shoe rack, keep them on the top rack so dust or dirt from other shoes won’t fall on top of them.

• The top shelves of your closet are a great place for keeping your most prized and designer-made white heels, as they won’t be forgotten in this place of honor but they will also be away from harm’s reach.

How to Clean White Shoes

How to Clean White Shoes Made of Leather

• For day-to-day maintenance just wipe your white shoes down with a soft, dry cloth.

• If you’re dealing with a bit of dirt build-up, then wipe them down first with a damp cloth. If there are any areas where the leather is more heavily discolored, then take your time rubbing the cloth over that part of the shoe. Once you’re happy, immediately dry them with a dry microfiber cloth.

• If you’re in a rush, a damp cotton pad will also work for the wipe-down.

• For patent leather shoes, you can also do this method with a wet wipe. However, this can damage regular leather shoes, so pay attention to the finish.

• For tougher stains, a toothbrush will be your best friend! You can dip the toothbrush into a mix of water and clear soap. Gently rub the toothbrush against the stain until it starts to fade. Once you’re happy, wipe away the soap with a damp cloth, and then do a second wipe down with a dry one.

• You can also try the toothbrush method with a bit of white cream toothpaste. After you’ve massaged the toothbrush against the stain, let the toothpaste sit over the stain for a few hours, and then rub it off with a damp cloth. Do a second wipe-down with a dry cloth, as staying damp for too long will damage the leather.

• You can try the eraser method for getting rid of scuff marks on non-patent leather shoes. Do it regularly to avoid ending up with darker scuff marks that are impossible to clean. Gently rub a plain white eraser against the scuff marks and you’ll notice that they disappear. Don’t be too harsh or aggressive, as you might wear away some of the leather.

How to Clean White Shoes Made of PVC

• Though PVC is not as long-lasting as leather, it is a lot easier to clean because you don’t have to worry as much about water damage.

• You can absolutely clean your PVC shoes with a rag soaked in soap and water, or you can use a wet wipe. It is still better to dry them off afterwards, but you don’t need to be as concerned if they don’t dry thoroughly.

• For tougher scuffs and marks, you can use a bit of colorless nail polish remover. Soak a cotton pad in the polish remover, and then rub it against the scuff or stain.

How to Store White Shoes

How to Clean White Shoes Made of Fabric

• When it comes to white shoes for women, chances are you have a fabric upper and either a leather or rubber sole. For shoes with a rubber sole, you can just toss them in the washing machine for brightening them up. Opt for a gentle, low-heat cycle. This will not work for shoes with a leather sole.

• If your white shoes have a leather sole, you’ll have to try a spot cleaning. Don’t use bleach, as it can turn the fabric yellow.

• If necessary, line the inside of your shoes with a plastic bag or some paper to prevent getting water on the sole.

• A toothbrush is the best way to gently scrub away at a stain on fabric shoes. Dip a toothbrush in a mixture of warm water and detergent, and scrub it against the offending stain.

• Once the stain has faded, blot at the spot with a damp washcloth to remove any soapy remnants, and then leave the shoes somewhere safe to dry.

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