One of the best Eighties/ Nineties fashion trends, slingback shoes are again all the rage at the moment, often described as the real deal among (real) fashionistas. Since not everyone enjoys the unconventional structure and style of slingback heels, finding someone who wears them because they genuinely like them and not just in the name of fashion is actually hard.

Slingbacks Trend: Best Slingback Heels/ Pumps

We are here to discuss the ‘80s slingback trend and, ultimately, give you some tips, tricks, and 15 shopping ideas that will change your viewpoint, helping you (learn how to) love slingback heels and get your (maybe new?) own pair of slingback pumps for spring and summer!

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15 Pairs of the Best Slingback Heels for 2019
What’s the Trend of Slingback Shoes All About?
How to Wear Slingback Heels: OOTD Ideas

15 Pairs of the Best Slingback Heels for 2019

You are now more than in love with slingbacks and can’t wait to take the trend to the streets – we already know that! Our top picks of slingback heels for 2019 will inspire you to find that perfect pair you can wear from day to night, with a cute polka-dot dress or a pair of ripped vintage jeans! Let’s dive in!

1. Portrait of a Lady in Slingbacks

Meant to blow the spring 2019 fashions away, Aquazurra’s slingback pumps were inspired by an Indian sari and are as elegant as simply minimalist. With their cute crystal embellishments on the back of the straps, Aquazurra’s slingback heels are perfect for literally any occasion! Pair them especially with contrasting blue jeans and a plain black top. Find them at Net-a-Porter!

Best Slingback Heels: Aquazzura Slingback Pumps

2. Carrie-Approved Slingback Heels

Manolo Blahnik’s Allurasa slingbacks, available online on, are any Nineties fashion lover’s dream. Sleek and minimalist, they’ll elevate any outfit from casual to ultra-chic. Try wearing them with a balloon skirt à la Carrie Bradshaw!

Best Slingback Heels: Manolo Blahnik Slingback Pumps

3. Logo Slingback Heels

This pair of Prada slingback heels has all things trendy for sure, as it features structural heels, logo prints and a pearl white and blush color combo. Find them at MatchesFashion and get ready to wear them at any night out with friends!

Best Slingback Heels: Prada Slingback Pumps

4. Go-To Slingback Pumps

Available at Net-a-Porter, this pair of Tabitha Simmons slingback pumps personifies any style savior, indeed. If you are about to attend a gazillion of weddings or any other type of ceremony during the upcoming 6 months, this pair of slingbacks will become your next BFF!

Best Slingback Heels: Tabitha Simmons Slingback Pumps

5. Pink Slingbacks

If you already own a pair of black, white, or blue slingbacks, it is about time to get a pink one! Tibi just got us covered with the perfect pair of pink slingback heels to exclusively wear on Wednesdays. Get them from Net-a-Porter!

Best Slingback Heels: Tibi Slingback Pumps

6. Go-with-Everything Slingback Heels

Although we know that slingback heels go with everything, this pair is doubly versatile! More delicate and, if possible, elegant, these By Far premium leather slingbacks come in four classic colors, from nude to tan to black, and feature a comfortable 2-inch block heel that you can wear from office to the bar. You can find them at Net-a-Porter!

Best Slingback Heels: By Far Slingback Pumps

7. Disco Glitter Slingback Heels

Since slingbacks are not just for weddings, we decided to add a little bit of excitement with Jimmy Choo’s glitter slingback pumps, available for purchase at Nordstrom. A sleek structure makes this pair the cutest around, while the glimmering rose and silver tones promise to go with everything easily. Who’s ready to take the dance floor with these glitter shoes?

Best Slingback Heels: Jimmy Choo Slingback Pumps

8. Sixties-Inspired Slingback Pumps

Conceptual and structural, Reike Nen’s slingback pumps are the epitome of high-end craftsmanship and will make anyone turn head and ask you where you got them. The answer, in any case, is “at”!

Best Slingback Heels: Reike Nen Slingback Pumps

9. Conceptual Slingbacks

We love a good pair of haute couture-esque slingback heels, like these by Yuul Yie! Their unconventional heels might look uncomfortable at first glance, but are 100% cozy and, more than anything, eye-catching! Get your conceptually chic new pair of slingback pumps in white or black from Moda Operandi.

Best Slingback Heels: Yuul Yie Slingback Pumps

10. ‘90s Glamour Slingback Heels

For a classier side of the Nineties, head to to find this speechlessly gorgeous pair of suede slingbacks subbed Sabine! These are mandatory for your spring cocktail parties! While the black pair is minimalist and delicate, the snake-patterned red pair is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Best Slingback Heels: Ganni Slingback Pumps

11. Marigold, Yet Eccentric Slingbacks

Victoria Beckham is known for her visionary takes on fashions, as proven by this haute couture-inspired pair of slingback pumps available at Since these shoes are both chic and urban, we recommend donning them everywhere, anywhere, especially if you are always on the go and need something to wear from 9 A.M. up to 10 P.M.

Best Slingback Heels: Victoria Beckham Slingback Pumps

12. A Pop of Color

Get your trendiest slingbacks in a zesty color from and make heads turn wherever you go! With L.K. Bennet’s mustard slingback heels, you will easily achieve the perfect color-blocked spring outfit.

Best Slingback Heels: L.K. Bennett Slingback Pumps

13. Kitty Slingback Pumps

Inspired by ’80s icons like Mick and Bianca Jagger, Self Portrait’s slingback pumps are destined to become this spring’s must-have items, as they flawlessly combine glam rock attitudes with urban-chic accents. You can find them in two color options on!

Best Slingback Heels: Self-Portrait Slingback Pumps

14. Urban Love

For the ultimate taste of the big city life-inspired fashions, head to, grab this pair of Neous suede and leather slingback pumps, and dare to combine it with your best athleisure look. This is the pair to wear with practically anything!

Best Slingback Heels: Neous Slingback Pumps

15. Slingbacks with Sculptural Heels

Have you ever wondered what it means to walk on eggshells? Well, you can get a glimpse of this idiomatic face with Loewe’s sculptural slingback heels, available for purchase at This is perhaps the most artistic pair of slingback pumps for 2019!

Best Slingback Heels: Loewe Slingback Pumps

What’s the Trend of Slingback Shoes All About?

First things first, where did the slingback trend come from? And what is it all about?

Characterized by a closed (or open) toe and an open back, slingback shoes feature a strap that crosses behind the heel or ankle. They are perfect transitional footwear options standing somewhere in between classic pumps and summer heeled sandals. Slingbacks are ideal for wearing (almost) year round, if you live in a warmer climate, since they are great spring and summer shoes that can be proudly donned in the first fall months as well.

With the Chanel two-tone slingbacks being the epitome of elegance since 1957 when they were first introduced, these shoes quickly started to gain fame to be later revived in 2015 by Karl Lagerfeld. More specifically, slingback heels are one of the best styles from the late ‘90s, Sex and the City-flavored era, even though they were nowhere to be seen during the first decade of the ‘00s.

What's the Trend of Slingback Shoes All About?

Their versatility is well expressed in the styles of slingback shoes available as well, as you can find slingback flats and heels, with the heel types ranging from tiny kitten heels to towering stilettos to sculptural and chunky options. Small embellishments used often just elevate the shoes from normal footwear items to deal-breakers.

Of course, closed-toe slingbacks with kitten heels are the most graceful and comfortable options among the heeled ones, since they are practical enough to wear throughout the day and feature the right amount of pizzazz to take your day-to-day outfits to a whole new level. Moreover, slingback heels are the best footwear options to wear both on a daily basis and for special events, as you can easily pair them with a cocktail dress or plain blue jeans.

With the anti-fashion movement and individuality prevailing over everything in fashion recently, the slingback trend is all about freedom of (fashion) expression and creativity. Slingback heels take us out of our comfort zones, making us surprisingly cozy with their comfortable structures (just opt for wider slingback shoes if you have wide feet!).

How to Wear Slingback Heels: OOTD Ideas

If you are still unsure about wearing slingback heels, since you still doubt their wearability, just rest assured that slingbacks are actually all about wearability and versatility. Giving outfit ideas with slingback heels is actually quite complicated, given the fact that they go hand in hand with literally everything (even with sportswear! Go check Kim Kardashian West’s latest looks!).

However, for those who need guidance, here are the three golden rules to keep in mind when trying to style a pair of slingback heels.

Wear Your Slingback Heels with Casual Wear

Since their structure is effortlessly elegant, slingback heels are just the perfect shoes for any casual style admirer who wants to subtly elevate her outfits. Try to combine a pair of simple casual jeans (especially low-waisted), a plain white or black top with a pair of leather slingback heels – you’ll completely change your opinion of these ‘90s shoes.

Slingbacks Trend: How to Wear Slingback Heels

Bring Along Your Trench Coat

Although casual and wedding-ready outfits get their best with slingback shoes, there’s a single item that is absolutely meant to be with them, namely the trench coat. If you don’t own it already, invest in a classic beige/ dark green trench coat and a pair of white slingbacks, and you’ll basically grant yourself the most majestic spring outfit of all time!

Wear Your Slingbacks with Pride

Whether you love simple, casual-chic outfits or more eccentric ones, the key rule here is to wear slingback heels fiercely. Don’t be afraid to combine them with a killer red vinyl skirt, tracksuit pants, color-blocked clothing items or even a denim overall. As stated above, slingbacks are so sophisticated that nothing could make you or them look bad or shabby.

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