Slingbacks are the trendiest footwear items of the moment, and that’s a fact. But why is the world divided between slingback flats and slingback heels? What style is the hottest?

Slingback Flats Trend: Best Flat Slingbacks

While slingback heels appear to be the number one footwear style at the moment, slingback flats are equally popular yet slightly less favoured, but they will soon turn the situation on its head. As soon as the first spring days finally warm us up, slingback flats tend to become the actual deal, ultimately elevating their condition to be summer’s must-have shoes once June arrives.

Just to be prepared for the warmer temperatures, we managed to round up 15 pairs of the cutest slingback flats for 2018, but first, let’s jump into the slingback flat shoe world a little bit!

What Are Slingback Flat Shoes?

An absolute must for stylish women, slingback flats are quite a simple footwear style that, although being overall minimalist, can feature a plethora of additional embellishments. While in general slingbacks are shoes with a strap that wraps around the back of the heel, keeping it open, the kind of slingbacks everyone is looking for are pointy-toe, preferably monochrome, and with unconventional takes on the back straps, whether it is with logos, studs, bows, or crystals.

Unlike slingback heels, slingback flats feature a maximum of 1-inch heel, which makes them equally cozy and easy to walk in or painful depending on your posture (if you have problems with that, always look for flat slingbacks with at least 1-inch heels).

For this reason, slingback flats are just the epitome of the stylish summer we all deserve and immediately exude holiday vibes even when their urban structure is here to remind us that we are still walking down a city street and not nearby the beach.

What Are Slingback Flat Shoes?

Ideas on What To Wear Slingback Flats With

Like slingback heels, slingback flats are the kind of shoes that people come to either love or totally despise. Such harsh feelings towards slingbacks are due to the fact that pairing them with something flattering is considered hard.

In reality, however, slingback flats couldn’t be easier to combine, as proven by these fashion tips that we highly recommend experimenting with!

Slingback Flats with (T-)Shirt Dresses

Imagine a long, (T-)shirt dress, a statement purse and a pair of urban-chic slingback flats, et voilà, your perfect summer outfit is done. In spring, you’ll just need to add a light-colored denim jacket (here’s a little tip: if you feel horizontal stripes don’t look flattering on you, opt for elongating vertical ones!).

Denim, Denim, Denim!

Whether it is a jacket, a skirt, an overall or a pair of jeans, denim is just meant to be with flat pointy-toe slingback shoes, as it creates a cute contrast that can easily transition from day to night. If you know you’ll wear denim a lot this summer, hunt for the perfect white slingback flats!

What To Wear Slingback Flats With

Slingback Flat Shoes with Pencil Trousers

If you are looking for an instant flattering outfit that effortlessly exudes elegant accents as well, just combine your perfectly tailored trousers with a pair of suede or patent leather slingback flat shoes, depending on the material of your pants. Staying fresh and cool during summertime has never been easier!

Consider All Things High Waisted

As stated above, many “fear” flat slingbacks because they believe they don’t do any justice to the silhouette. In this case, there’s just one rule to follow – stick to high-waisted trousers, skirts and jeans and just feel flawlessly cool!

Going Matchy-Matchy

Last but not least, here’s a tip confined neither to the silhouette nor the figure, but just to fashion. Since slingback flats are the perfect poster shoes for minimalist urban styles, opt for a matchy-matchy outfit that combines the shoes with the trousers or the entire look, leaving it up to a bold lipstick to create a dynamic contrast – you’ll turn heads for sure!

How to Wear Slingback Flats

15 Pairs of the Best Slingback Flats for 2018

Ready to explore the minimalist, yet lovely world of slingback flats? Here you have 15 pairs to admire, try on and never break up with!

1. Miu Miu Slingback Flats

Miu Miu has been a “slingbacks advocate” for a while now, and its classic slingback flats with gingham straps are all the rage among the fashionable crowd. Among the different color options, all available for purchase at Net-a-Porter, we recommend opting for Miu Miu’s nude patent leather slingback flats, as their versatility will get you covered both whenever you need something to elevate your casual outfit with, and when you just need to complete the perfect wedding-ready look.

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Miu Miu Flat Slingback

2. Bling-Bling Flat Slingbacks features all we need to assemble the best elegant outfit, as proven by this pair of ultra-romantic pink slingback flats with crystal leaves around the buckle and along the strap. Since these slingbacks are made of top-notch materials, they won’t end up making you sweat in summer, which is definitely a plus!

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Aquazzura Flat Slingback

3. Anti-Fashion Slingback Flats

Although we commonly link slingback shoes to casual chic fashions, that’s not always the case, especially whenever Balenciaga is involved. If you are looking for something to pair your tracksuit with, or just need a pair of unconventional slingback flats to interrupt your romantic looks with out of the blue, this pair of Balenciaga slingbacks is made for you! Find them at Net-a-Porter!

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Balenciaga Flat Slingback

4. Not Anti-Fashion, Yet Not Totally Haute Couture Slingbacks

If your cup of tea contains something in-between Balenciaga’s anti-fashion style and Miu Miu’s extra-romantic attitude, we recommend heading to to fall in love with this elegantly casual pair of Givenchy leather slingback slippers. The statement logo on the straps is just the icing on the cake.

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Givenchy Flat Slingback

5. Comfortably Luxurious Slingback Flats

Slingbacks are, in general, particularly suitable for minimalist styles, as proven by this pair of simple suede slingback flats from Paul Andrew, available for purchase at Monochrome and clean-cut, they work with literally everything and are just the best option whenever denim is involved.

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Paul Andrew Flat Slingback

6. Take a Bow!

Enjoy these lovely Unützer slingback flats from, having fun pairing them with any spring or summer look you are planning to show off. While the bows on the sides are suitable for any ceremony outfit, the sharp pointy toes flawlessly exude covetable urban vibes.

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Unutzer Flat Slingback

7. Hippy Slingback Flats

Is there such a thing as hippy slingbacks? Frye’s slingback flats from Nordstrom are the best example of hippie slingbacks, as their sleek profile and earth-toned soles will just go perfectly with any long, flowy boho/ hippie dress.

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Frye Flat Slingback

8. Cozy Flats

Available for purchase at Shopbop, Sigerson Morrison’s slingback flats are the coziest styles on this list, as their soft leather and asymmetrical style will keep your feet fresh and happy. Their bright blue hue is just meant to be with any summer dress!

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Sigerson Morrison Flat Slingback

9. Shining Slingback Flats

For a 100% urban-approved look, head to Nordstrom to invest in the most glamorous pair of patent leather slingback flats from AGL, a family-run fashion label that provides covetable and made-in-Italy shoes. If you love to dare with fashion and already own a vinyl skirt, well, it is time to use it!

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: AGL Flat Slingback

10. Summertime Flat Slingbacks

Available on, this pair of L’Autre Chose slingbacks will make you nostalgically impatient for the long summer days on the beach, where bright blue slingback flats just become the perfect choice for any sun-kissed look.

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: L'Autre Chose Flat Slingback

11. Disco-Sling

Sequins could, at first glance, appear as quite unconventional for slingback flats, but Coach managed to change our minds with its sequined slingback flat shoes that are just to die for. Get them at Nordstrom and get ready to wear them all day long, from the office to the club!

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Coach Flat Slingback

12. Brightly Flat Slingbacks

Here we introduce another pair of slingback flats meant to be for the nights out with friends – Leith Masonn’s silver slingback shoes available for purchase at Nordstrom! If you happen to have a cold undertone and love pearly white dresses, these will just complement your soul!

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Leith Flat Slingback

13. Spring Break Slingbacks

Who’s packing for a refreshing weekend outing? If you are one of those people, consider taking Loeffler Randall’s gorgeous slingback flats with you, as they exude all things springtime and carefreeness. You can find them on!

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Loeffler Randall Flat Slingback

14. Boho-Chic Slingback Flats

Well, we apparently found another pair of boho-chic slingback flats on, this time around from notorious brand Huma Blanco. We are already sure these handmade slingbacks will fly off the shelves as soon as spring/ summer really hits the temperatures!

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Huma Blanco Flat Slingback

15. Your Dream White Slingback Flats!

Last but not least, on you’ll find these white slingback flats, which will equally make you long for summertime, indeed! This style also comes in rich blue and patterned versions.

Best Slingback Flats for 2018: Louise et Cie Flat Slingback

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