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13 Best Sweatpants for Women in 2021: How to Take Track Pants to Street

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Sweatpants are officially one of the biggest fashion trends of the moment, with many designers willing to take them from the gym to the streets. However, since sweatpants, also known as track pants, and joggers, are quite peculiar items, which most women, girls, and people in general don’t feel comfortable wearing at all times, all our beloved designers and creative directors had to find a way to let sweatpants become more versatile and appealing. Did they achieve this goal?

Best Sweatpants for Women: How to Wear Track Pants

Given these 13 best sweatpants for women we managed to find for you (by the way, if you like a specific pair of track pants hurry up – they are at a premium and fly off the shelves within hours), not to mention the huge visibility track pants are currently having on all social media platforms, we believe so!

Style Guide to Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Contents

13 Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women in 2021

It’s so much easier to wear a certain trend, when you manage to find the most fitting proposals for your unique personality and taste, and we believe the following track pants are the coolest around for women in 2021!

1. Bright Neon Track Pants

Whenever there’s a street style trend to revisit, we all know Palm Angels is going to be more than eager to treat us to their creative input. Available on Farfetch, Palm Angels’ track pants are unconventional indeed, as it mixes elegant accents such as flared legs with edgier detailing, like the side motif or the neon color. Also, these track pants for women are made of 100% polyester in Italy.

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Palm Angels Joggers for Women

2. The Wildest Track Pants Around

If you are all in for Kappa’s extravaganza but are now specifically looking for something over-the-top and slightly anti fashion-inspired, Monse’s track pants are what you are looking for. Wide, white, and featuring stripes and side snap buttons, they’ll give you the right cool kid attitude to get springtime off to a good start. Check them out on Moda Operandi!

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Monse Joggers for Women

3. Eighties-Approved Boyfriend Sweatpants

Since one of this fashion year’s biggest goals is to turn sweatpants into something wearable for any occasion, our list includes some easy-to-wear track pants, joggers, and sweatpants, too. We believe Gucci’s track pants would easily fit into this category, as their vintage appeal could just complement any style and look good on everyone, everywhere, and at any time. Find them on Net-a-Porter and get ready to flaunt that white polo shirt hidden somewhere in your wardrobe.

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Gucci Joggers for Women

4. Sporty Chic Vintage Track Pants

Of course, the more wearable category had to include one of Isabel Marant’s track pants for women. Part of her Étoile line, this pair of red striped track pants exudes coziness and luxury from all over the place, and can be found online on My Theresa.

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Isabel Marant Joggers for Women

5. Sweatpants With a Touch of Color

If you love reading about new trends, you probably already know one thing – low waisted pants, jeans, and skirts are going to be huge this year. Needless to say, it applies to women’s sweatpants, and track pants, too. Chinti and Parker’s multi-colored ribbed sweatpants are the perfect combination of two trends and will make anyone feel cool and fancy any time of the day. You can find them at Shopbop.

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Chinti and Parker Joggers for Women

6. Logo Track Pants for Women

Champion’s take on the sweatpants trend, unsurprisingly, is covetable and imposing to say the least. One of the best track pants for women out there, this pair features little logos emblazoned on the sides and one of the most vibrant and richest colors on the list. Get them from My Theresa!

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Champion Joggers for Women

7. Sweatpants Made Hygge

Those who are familiar with the term (well, it’s more of a philosophy at this point) “hygge” and are always looking for something that lives up to this name, fashion included, might find peace with these T by Alexander Wang joggers, which look nothing but extra cozy and cute. You can find them online at Forward.

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: T by Alexander Wang Joggers for Women

8. More Sweatpants, More Logos!

Adidas Originals had something to say regarding women’s sweatpants, too, and we are so into it! ’90s-inspired, featuring the label’s logo, bright red and sporty, they could be used for both athletic and fashion reasons. Either way, they’ll make you feel comfortable and fancy. Find them on Nordstrom!

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Adidas Originals Joggers for Women

9. Wild Track Pants with Oversized Pockets

Available at Farfetch, Natasha Zinko’s tracksuit pants are probably the coolest on this list. However, even if you are not into sportswear that much, you’ll fall in love with the timeless color combination, the impressive details, like the oversized pockets, and the subtle vintage-inspired vibes these sweatpants ooze out.

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Natasha Zinko Joggers for Women

10. Pink Is the Color of Passion and Track Pants

Here’s the cutest win-win pair of pink track pants for women, available online on Revolve. They are pink, with a contrasting side stripe, a cropped flared leg, and an elasticized waist, so they are basically the coolest millennial-approved item of the moment. Also, if you have some time, take a moment to check the coordinating jacket. It’s a must-have staple!

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Pam & Gela Joggers for Women

11. Army Sweatpants

Speaking of signature styles and must-have items, we had to include at least one pair of iconic camo-printed track pants. We opted for an edgy army green one since it’s unapologetically one of the most versatile looks. You can find them at Revolve in a lovely cropped style!

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Pam & Gela Camo Joggers for Women

12. Sweatpants That Will Make You Travel Back in Time

Miu Miu knows a good pair of sweatpants must be comfortable and edgy, with the right extra high street-inspired factor that would make anyone look like an early ‘70s diva. That’s way you’ll find their retro blue track pants waiting for you at Net-a-Porter, with the elastic waistband and contrasting side stripes.

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: Miu Miu Joggers for Women

13. P.E. Nation’s Track Style

Last but not least, you can head over to Farfetch to get the season’s hottest sweatpants, signed P.E. Nation. They are cozy, somehow elegant, and sporty, but most of all, they’ll make all of your Instagram followers jealous!

Best Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women: P.E. Nation Joggers for Women

The Origin of Sweatpants As a Major Trend

Like puffer jackets, sweatpants and track pants share quite a history in the world of fashion, which we think is worth mentioning now more than ever before. So, without further ado, here’s all you have to know about sweatpants!

The First Sweatpants Ever!

First things first, what’s a pair of sweatpants?

Generally speaking, sweatpants (known as tracksuit or jogging bottoms in the UK, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand) are a kind of sports trousers mainly used for athletic purposes. Well. At least that’s what they were initially designed for by Émile Camuset in the Twenties (he was the founder of Le Coq Sportif, a famous sportswear brand that likes to experiment with sporty-chic fashion, too).

As soon as Camuset released track pants to the public, almost any athlete began sporting them, especially during official occasions (such as the Olympics). As it happened with many trainers, and sneakers, Olympic athletes worked as sort of ante litteram influencers, spreading the sweatpants love all over the world.

The Hype of the Modern Track Pants

However, since sweatpants strictly targeted either athletes (even non-professional ones) or just homemakers, students, children, and whoever wanted to stay comfy at home, track pants had to wait up until the Eighties to make their big street debut, thanks to the hip-hop culture that made them part of its “dress code.”

The Eighties, which were a propitious time for unisex and tech clothing in general, helped track pants spread their wings and hooked many women as well, meaning that although sweatpants were seen more as mannish, women had the chance to experiment with them a lot.

How to Wear Sweatpants for Women

Ultimately sweatpants hit it big in the fashion industry due to two occasions, which had (almost) nothing to deal with fashion. The first one was related to Mean Girls, the most iconic Nineties movie of all time (sorry, that was probably biased of me).

As soon as many girls and young women saw Regina George flawlessly wear them in public, sweatpants became a huge phenomenon, with many designers playing with different styles, materials (velvet), and colors (here the most coveted one was pink, especially on Wednesdays!), and launching them during the Fashion Weeks.

The second turning point occurred with another film – Sleepless in Seattle with “next door” diva Meg Ryan. Do you remember that scene where she was on the couch, in sweatpants, scarfing down popcorn? Well, it became so iconic that it also helped sweatpants become even more mainstream.

Although track pants for women never disappeared throughout the Nineties, and the first decade of the ‘00s, it was with the 2010s that sweatpants slowly began to steal the show again, mainly thanks to anti fashion brands like Vetements that weren’t afraid to play and revisit them, often with exaggerated motifs.

How to Choose the Best Joggers for You

Now that you know everything about sweatpants, you’ll probably feel like “ok, but how am I supposed to choose the best pair for me?”, especially now that there are so many of them available around.

Well, choosing the best joggers is a lot easier than choosing, for example, the right pencil skirt, as you have to ask yourself the following three questions:

– What Am I Using the Sweatpants for?

If you strictly wear them to the gym or for any in/outdoor activity, the first thing you have to choose is the right material for you. In this case, we don’t necessarily recommend a pair of 100% cotton sweatpants, but rather some made of elastic and durable fabrics meant for sports.

If you are willing to take them to the streets, we recommend fabrics (such as cotton or even synthetic ones, as long as they are clean-cut and without any sort of pilling effect), which look good. Sweatpants are great for the streets as long as they make those who are wearing them feel a million bucks (which you should because you are all worth a million bucks!).

That’s basically the secret.

– Will the Sweatpants Enhance My Figure, Making Me Feel Like the Gorgeous Diva That I Am?

All body types are awesome body types, and all body types deserve to be enhanced. If you know you won’t feel comfortable wearing something that you know will make you feel too short, too tall, too unbalanced, etc., always remember to opt for high-waisted sweatpants if you need a pair to elongate your figure (better when slightly straight and cut at the ankle length).

Do not be afraid to dare with low-waisted, straight sweatpants if you feel like your shoulders are too big (low-waisted sweatpants immediately balance the figure making the pelvis look wider).

Bell-bottom or even palazzo track pants are great for any kind of figure but will make petite women look even more petite if they are low-waisted. Our general advice regarding palazzo sweatpants is to combine them with a pair of platform trainers so that your figure will look balanced and flawless anyways.

How to Choose the Best Joggers/ Sweatpants for Women

– Will I Regret Buying Them?

This might sound like a peculiar question, especially since we are all here loud and proud of our love for sweatpants.

However, since sweatpants are must-have staples confined to the gym or home, and they’ve been showed off down the streets mainly by influences, models, and celebrities, we figured many of you would love to try them but are not, somehow, 100% into the trend yet.

In this case, we suggest choosing your joggers focusing on the colors and the logos, with the former being solid (preferably black, blue, or red), and the latter being almost inexistent. By following this simple vademecum, even though you’ll end up regretting the purchase, you’ll keep your pair of sweatpants and surely use it at home or abroad, while traveling.

Also, monochromatic, simple track pants will help you get in tune with the trend, opening the doors of your wardrobe for future, whimsical sweatpants and jackets.

How to Wear Track Pants Like a Model

Like vinyl skirts, and teddy bear coats, sweatpants are some of the most-worn items on the Internet, with tons of models flawlessly sporting them. As with anything models flaunt, they inevitably attract a lot of us, “nonprofessional model people,” leaving us filled with doubts. Will they fit me? Will I look good in sweatpants?

Well, of course, you will!

Whether you already own a pair of sweatpants or are looking for a few pieces of advice to wear track pants as a model, here’s our list of fashion dos and don’ts to stick with!

How to Style Sweatpants/ Track Pants for Women

Do Take Care of Proportions

As we mentioned before, proportion is key, so make sure to choose the right sweatpants, favoring high-wasted ones if you feel your figure needs to be elongated.

Always pay attention to the cuff of your sweatpants, making sure it hits just above the ankle. Otherwise roll or cuff them (of course, if you aren’t trying to embrace the anti-fashion Vetements aesthetic with ground-skimming sweatpants, which look cool as well!).

Do Wear Your Track Pants Both with Sneakers and Heels

You have such a wide range of shoes to wear with track pants, from sporty sneakers to platform shoes, strappy sandals, and even heels! To make your look overly sporty, pick comfy slip-ons, espadrilles or sneakers.

Also, do wear high heeled sandals or pumps with sweatpants! The best thing about sweatpants is they are quite versatile and give their best when worn with contrasting ensembles. So go ahead and don’t be afraid to play with fashion!

Do Accessorize

Whether you are opting for a sporty or a casual chic outfit, don’t be afraid to combine your sweatpants with a few accessories. Dangling or hoop earrings look particularly cool in this case, as well as luxurious clutches if you are into contrasting outfits.

Opt for a clean-cut black pair of sweatpants to make things easier and to be able to fearlessly play with accessories more!

Do Opt for Monochrome Track Pants

Aside from making you middle-school self proud, you’ll end up looking like an off-duty model who’s about to dance the night away at the most amazing anti-fashion party (you can always opt for a contrasting blouse to spice things up).

How to Wear Track Pants for Women

Do Favor Sweatpants with Striped Patterns on the Sides

If you are not that comfortable wearing track pants, invest in a good pair of monochrome ones with a long, striped pattern on the sides à la Adidas, especially if the sweatpants are black and the stripes are white. Then tuck a white T-shirt or even a classic shirt into your sweatpants and top everything off with a black blazer.

Do Wear Statement T-Shirts

So, you got your pair of bell-bottom sweatpants, and don’t know how to style it. Music tees, statement or graphic T-shirts, everything that has something written on it is perfect, and will overwhelm you with the highly coveted “cool kid in pajamas” look that we all love.

Do Wear Sweatpants with Shirts

If you own a boyfriend shirt, wear it open like a belly shirt, and complement the outfit with a pair of pointy stiletto shoes. But beware, you’ll turn heads!

Do Not Wear Chunky-Heeled Ankle Boots with Track Pants

They tend to shorten the figure and will easily transform the outfit into quite a sloppy one. Also, if you are a petite woman, avoid saggy crotch or hem dragging, as they tend to throw proportions off balance.

Do Not Wear Track Pants Only at Sports Events

Last but not least, don’t wear sweatpants solely at sports events. Track pants are cool, cozy, and comfortable, and deserve to be the center of the attention at all times (well, except for the weddings. Don’t wear a pair of sweatpants to a wedding.)!

How to Wear Joggers for Women

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