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9 Cozy Teddy Bear Coats to Snuggle up in Winter: How to Wear Teddy Coats

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Teddy bear coats are cozy, warm, snuggly and, above all, pretty trending right now, meaning that finding the perfect one for you is easier than ever before. Since teddy coats are quite unique in their style, and we know many won’t dare to wear them because they fear teddy coats might make them look clumsy, we decided to discuss how to wear teddy coats fearlessly all winter long, looking chic and jet-setting every time you walk out the door.

Teddy Coats: How to Wear Teddy Bear Coats

The Trend of Teddy Bear Coats: Contents

9 Best Teddy Bear Coats for 2021

Already in love with teddy coats and can’t wait to get your hands on the perfect one for you? Here are our favorite teddy bear coats to get for winter 2021!

1. Classic Camel Teddy Coat

Is there anything more iconic than a camel teddy bear coat combined with a pair of shredded jeans? Probably not! Since we guess you probably already own a pair of ultra-cool mum jeans, we decided to treat you to the coolest teddy coat of the moment, which is also easily available at Nordstrom.

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: Ten Sixty Sherman Wubby Teddy Coat

2. Deep Burgundy Teddy Bear Coat

If you are trying to find the best coat for the season but can’t decide upon a teddy or a faux fur coat, it is time to opt for a cozy hybrid of the two! MissGuided has the perfect faux fur teddy coat in the cutest wine coloring, and anyone can get a hint of its warmness at MissGuided!

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: MissGuided Teddy Coat

3. Pastel Teddy Coat

Teddy coats can be feminine, too, as proven by this extra-cute lilac teddy bear coat available at Net-a-Porter. It is the right fancy item to pamper yourself with just in time for the festive season.

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: Stand Studio Teddy Coat

4. A Real Teddy Bear (Coat)

On the other hand, if you are looking for a standard, statement teddy bear coat to channel all winter long, we suggest heading over to ASOS to get this soft and textured coat that, needless to say, will make you look like a real-life (yet sophisticated) teddy bear!

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: New Look Teddy Coat

5. All Black Everything – Teddy Bear Coats Included

Since we know many of you like the idea of donning a teddy bear coat but don’t feel comfortable in something big and light-colored, we decided to offer the most elegant, dark-toned teddy jacket around, which is available for purchase at Nordstrom. Your wintery total-black outfits are safe!

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: Lira Clothing Teddy Coat

6. The Warmest Teddy Jacket

Bardot know how to keep us warm and cozy, and is therefore a guarantee when it comes to wintertime attire. Their teddy bear cropped jacket combines sporty finishes with a warm shearling padding, ultimately proving all-time classics can be practical indeed, too. Get yours at Revolve!

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: Bardot Teddy Coat

7. Color-Blocked Teddy Bear Coat

For an even stronger avant-garde touch, we recommend getting a look at Blank NYC’s color-blocked teddy bear coat, the oversized style and shaggy fur of which are meant to turn heads, for sure. You can find it at Nordstrom!

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: Blank NYC Teddy Coat

8. Oversized Teddy Jackets

UGG knows how to keep us warm, too (well, let’s say the brand in general will never disappoint us when it comes to wintertime fashions), and is doing it with one of the most comfortable oversized teddy bear jackets ever. You can find it online at Revolve. We suggest pairing it with your casual chic fall outfits.

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: Ugg Jackeline Teddy Coat

9. High-End Teddy Bear Coat

Last but not least, Burberry treats us to this elegant teddy bear coat that is just meant to be with all of your vinyl skirts, not to mention that one sequinned dress that you bought but are currently not wearing because you feel you don’t have anything to pair it with. Pick it up online at Farfetch!

Best Teddy Bear Coats to Buy: Burberry Teddy Coat

Teddy Bear Coats: The Most Coveted Styles

Worn by almost any rock star during the Sixties and Seventies (they were one of Mick Jagger’s favorites), teddy bear coats can be quite versatile. The classic teddy coat style features a dark-brown color (like a bear’s fur), and a cocoon-like fit, which makes any coat look utterly cozy and warm, indeed.

This style was surely one of the most coveted during the Mod culture era of the Sixties, but got slowly revamped through more modern lenses during the Eighties, the early Nineties and, ultimately, the 2010s.

While during the Eighties and the Nineties the most acclaimed teddy bear coats involved neon hues and even more oversized structures (just think about any winter-approved Samantha Jones outfit in Sex and the City), our beloved modern teddy bear coat is classier in its colors and slightly less structured, as it favors softer lines over rigorous ones.

It is, however, equally eclectic, as the most coveted teddy bear coats quite often feature color-block motifs, mustard yellow and fire red finishes, and, of course, both mini and midi lengths, which really help enhance any silhouette while, at the same time, allowing a plethora of outfit combinations.

Best Teddy Bear Coats To Snuggle Up In Winter: Teddy Bear Coats Outfits Ideas

How to Wear a Teddy Bear Coat: Teddy Coats Style Inspiration

The main fashion rule for wearing teddy coats right is to keep your look as understated and minimalist as possible, especially if you have picked a bold, oversized teddy bear coat. Other than that, you can always dare to create more statement-making looks, embracing your bright personality and throwing on a teddy coat over any outfit, from the hip casual ones to the most elegant cocktail looks – you’ll never fail!

Three are the main outfit options when it comes to styling teddy bear coats, and they all celebrate any woman’s unique personality, for sure.

The first style option is the best one for anyone who’s always on the go and needs something to channel all day long, from the office to the restaurant, as it includes a (preferably light/ dark brown or black) teddy bear coat layered with simple separates, such as a knit sweater, a pair of skinny jeans, and cute ankle boots (which you can change with a pair of pumps if the restaurant is particularly fancy).

How to Wear Teddy Coats

The second style option could be described as a revisited Samantha Jones 3.0, and features a colored teddy coat (whether it is red, yellow, green or purple it doesn’t matter, you do you), combined with a black, high-waisted miniskirt, a slip top and an oversized cardigan, to throw away as soon as you get into the club. For an extra dose of edginess, you can pair your teddy bear coat with a statement sequined dress or miniskirt – we bet Samantha Jones would approve!

The third iconic outfit inspiration involving teddy coats comes directly from the Seventies, and suggests pairing a camel-beige sweater (better if turtleneck) with a pair of bell-bottom trousers or jeans, and a pair of brown Oxford shoes or boots, depending on the weather.

If you are still unsure about getting yourself a teddy bear coat or not, just remember that it received Mick Jagger’s seal of approval!

How to Style Teddy Coats
Teddy Coats Outfits Ideas

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