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13 Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Summer 2021: How to Wear Espadrilles

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Are there better summer shoes than flat espadrilles and wedge espadrilles? These light shoes can carry you over from day to evening with no issues, with a coastal European flare.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women

Espadrilles are made with soles of rope, and traditionally a canvas fabric, although I’ve also found some amazing flat espadrilles that buck that trend. They can be an ultra-casual yet chic option for day to day happenings, but a pair of wedge espadrilles can also work perfectly for daytime semi-formal events and evening smart casual occasions.

We’ve picked out the best pairs of flat, platform and wedge espadrilles for women to rock this summer and even into fall! I’ll also let you know a little bit about the long and interesting history of espadrilles.

Finally, I’ve collected some tips and tricks, so you can figure out how to style your wedge and flat espadrilles in a way that fits whatever occasion may come up, and will suit your personal tastes.

Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Contents

13 Pairs of Flat & Wedge Espadrilles to Buy in 2021

Perfect for pairing both with a summer dress and a casual jean look, any of these 13 pairs of flat and wedge espadrilles can be a lifetime fashion investment for you!

1. Espadrille Wedges with a Spanish Flair

These elegant espadrille wedges are the perfect bridge between daytime casual and evening fun. They have a comfortable 2.5-inch wedge heel, and a ribbon that wraps around the ankle both for style and comfort. They come in beige, red, and black, and you know they’re quality because they’re made in Spain. Buy them from Net-a-Porter!

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Castaner Wedge Espadrilles

2. Colorblock Flat Espadrilles with Logo Embroidery

These gorgeous flat espadrilles can be worn even to the office, thanks to a sophisticated two-tone design that uses classy leather. For more casual occasions you can opt for the denim/ leather blend, or go all-out with the silver and navy design. They are available for sale through Nordstrom.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Tory Burch Flat Espadrilles

3. Polka-Dot Wedge Espadrilles

These Loeffler Randall wedge espadrilles exude sweet femininity. They are made with a black canvas and decorated with white polka dots. The buckle around the ankle ensures that the look stays firmly sophisticated. You can find them at Shopbop.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Loeffler Randall Wedge Espadrilles

4. Gucci Platform Espadrilles

This is another pair of Spanish made wedge espadrilles. Despite having a 4-inch heel they retain a casual vibe thanks to a stripey marine design and an open-toe front. They can be purchased through Farfetch.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Gucci Wedge Espadrilles

5. Scalloped Suede Platform Espadrilles

These Chloe platform espadrilles are a combination of three unique elements that make them unforgettable. The feminine scalloped edge design, the retro-futurist platform, and the casual espadrille design come together to make a remarkable shoe. Buy it online from Net-a-Porter!

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Chloe Platform Espadrilles

6. Embroidered Cherry Wedge Espadrilles

These platform wedge espadrilles are oh-so-sweet and playful, you really don’t want to miss them. They are adorned with an adorable cherry and bee design that graces both the wedge and platform, as well as the fabric of the shoe. Online they are sold at My Theresa.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Castanel Wedge Espadrilles

7. Suede Lace-up Flat Espadrilles

Suede is a slightly more elegant choice for espadrilles than canvas, which means that these gorgeous flat espadrilles can work for all kinds of daytime occasions including dressy ones. The mustard color is bright and fun, while a ribbon around the ankle adds a touch of class. The back of these shoes is open, so you can stay cool even on the hottest days. You can find them for yourself at Matches Fashion.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: J.W. Anderson Flat Espadrilles

8. Logo-Embroidered Flat Espadrilles

Choose black or white for these casual flat espadrilles. Branded with the Saint Laurent logo, they exude the cool and expensive vibe that only a truly simple yet well-made item can exude. They would be perfectly paired with a pair of chino shorts and a polo, and worn on a day of boating. They can be ordered online from Net-a-Porter.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Saint Laurent Flat Espadrilles

9. Woven-Rope Printed Wedge Espadrilles

These wedge espadrilles combine a classy design with a more organic style, for a chic and ultra-casual look. They are a result of a collaboration between Missoni and Castañer, and come embellished with the brand’s iconic colorful zig-zag motif that can be worn with jeans or shorts for a sporty look or a breezy summer dress. Purchase them from My Theresa!

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Missoni x Castaner Wedge Espadrilles

10. Ruffled Flat Espadrilles

These slip-on flat espadrilles from Michael Kors are super convenient, and yet they can also work for a dressy vibe. They are made with classy black leather that has been ruffled for that ultra-feminine touch. They are sold through Farfetch.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Michael Kors Flat Espadrilles

11. Dressy Espadrille Wedge Sandals

It’s always nice to see brands like Ugg putting the effort in to create something new and chic, despite their reputation. This is probably one of the dressiest options for wedge espadrilles on this list, as they are dark and strappy enough to suit even evening occasions. They come with a comfy two-inch heel, and a sturdy yet beautiful ribbon that wraps around the ankle. You can choose a pair that is blue, black, pink or cream colored. You can get them at Nordstrom.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Ugg Wedge Espadrilles

12. Mesh-Detail Flat Espadrilles

Trust Fendi to make slip-on flat espadrilles that would be unique and edgy. Any fashionista looking for something a little tongue-in-cheek is sure to love these. They are embellished with the brand’s logo on mesh right at the front, and come in two color choices, for the perfect street style. They are available for sale through Forward.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Fendi Flat Espadrilles

13. Minimalist-Chic Espadrille Wedges

These wedge espadrilles are shoes that simply fit. They are extremely elegant, made with a 30mm heel and a minimalist black-tone canvas. They have a flattering rounded toe, and some contrasting lace-up closure that ties around the ankle for extra femininity and class. They are an effortless way of playing up a casual outfit. You can buy these Alohas espadrille sandals from Moda Operandi.

Best Platform, Flat & Wedge Espadrilles for Women: Alohas Sandals Wedge Espadrilles

A Brief History of Espadrilles

The espadrille design has been documented since at least 1322, making them a more timeless design than even that of the Oxford shoe. They originated from Spain and France’s Occitania region, where they wore originally worn by peasants.

The shoes are associated with Catalan national identity, as they are worn during the Sardana, the Catalan national dance. Later they became popular with city workers, as well. Even these days most espadrilles are made in Spain or France.

In the 1948 film Key Largo, the actress Lauren Bacall wore a pair of flat espadrilles with a cord tied around the ankle, and that’s when the style started gaining popularity with American fashion-lovers. Since then the shoe has consistently remained a summer and vacation fashion staple up until modern day.

A Brief History of Espadrilles

The first wedge espadrilles were commissioned by Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s, and since then there was no turning back – these shoes have gone beyond the realm of the casual, and became appropriate for many occasions. Last year we even spotted Kate Middleton wearing a pair of Monsoon wedge espadrilles to many occasions.

How to Wear Espadrilles

Espadrilles, with their repurposed look thanks to woven-rope soles, are usually considered a more casual shoe. While the top part is often made of canvas, the defining feature is the sole, so these days we see espadrilles designed as flats, slip-ons, sandals, and more. Espadrilles can come as flats, wedges, and even platforms, so even if you are a height junkie you are sure to find a pair that will please you.

Espadrilles are usually more appropriate for casual daytime outings, although designers are making strides to create pairs that will suit more elegant occasions. Despite that, even the classiest wedge espadrilles will probably only be fancy enough to suit a semi-formal daytime event, a resort formal event, or a dressy casual evening event.

How to Wear Espadrilles for Women

Casual Styles for Espadrilles

• You can rock a pair of trainer or flat espadrilles with a pair of cut-off shorts and a tank-top or a T-shirt for a cool and casual style that is cuter than wearing sneakers and more comfortable than a pair of flip-flops.

• For a night out at a casual bar or a fun house-party, wear a pair of wedge espadrilles with a cute miniskirt or dressier shorts. A lot of jewelry can really elevate the look.

• Wear a pair of flat espadrilles with a long, flowy skirt or dress for a day when you want to feel like an elegant traveler exploring a quaint beach town.

• Show off your cute espadrilles with a pair of capri pants. Flats will suit a day walking around, while wedge espadrilles, capris, and a blazer could even work for a date.

• Ripped jeans and espadrilles are a match made in fashion heaven. All kinds of ripped jeans work, from the boyfriend cut to ultra-skinny, and at any length, even!

Evening and Semi-Formal Styles for Espadrilles

• For garden parties and other daytime event, try a pair of blush or cream colored wedge espadrilles along with a feminine cocktail dress.

• Rock your little black dress with a pair of smart wedge espadrilles in a darker color, with a strappy sandal design.

How to Wear Flat Espadrilles for Women

Styling Espadrilles for the Office

• Combine a pair of flat or wedge espadrilles that have an ankle ribbon or cord with an elegant jumpsuit for a sophisticated yet not overly styled office look.

• Wear a pair of wedge espadrilles with a rounded, closed-toe along with a pair of smart slacks and a blouse for a perfect smart casual outfit.

• Both flat and wedge espadrilles in a darker shade can work with a pencil skirt, solid colored shirt or blouse, and a smart blazer in a dark color that matches the shoes.

How to Wear Wedge Espadrilles for Women

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