Fashion » 13 Covetable Denim Mini Skirts to Kick-Start Summer: Tips for Styling Denim Minis

13 Covetable Denim Mini Skirts to Kick-Start Summer: Tips for Styling Denim Minis

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Who said denim mini skirts are meant for teenagers only? Fresh, stylish, and one of the best fashion items to blow summer away, denim skirts can be worn at any time and by anyone. How? Well, you’ll find it out soon! Before learning how to wear a mini jean skirt like an adult, get ready to be smitten with these 13 covetable mini denim skirts for this hot summer!

Best Denim Mini Skirts: Tips for Styling Denim Minis

The Trend of Denim Mini Skirts: Contents

13 Best Denim Mini Skirts to Buy This Summer

No other summer staple can compete with short shorts or mini jean skirts, since they both are fundamental pieces for putting together easy-breezy summer outfits. Moreover, you can always take your denim mini skirts from summer to the milder autumn days and the beginning of blossoming spring.

So investing in the most fashionable denim mini skirts of summer presented below is always a good idea any way! We promise you, these 13 options are the coolest available around!

1. Frayed Hem Denim Miniskirt

Topshop’s denim mini skirt may (intentionally) appear simplistic and feature a whimsical frayed hem, but boy isn’t it unique! Its A-line silhouette will fit anyone, and you’ll love its bright, light denim wash. Pair it with a white tee and get ready for your next urban adventures! You can find it at Nordstrom.

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Topshop Denim Mini Skirt

2. Asymmetrical Denim Miniskirt

Who says mini denim skirts can’t go wild and crazy? Sandy Liang’s asymmetrical denim miniskirt, available for purchase at Shopbop, is any anti-fashion lover’s dream come true, and will, moreover, elongate anyone’s silhouette with its wrap-around, balancing structure. If you own a pair of the so-called “ugly sneakers,” it’s time to use it!

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Sandy Liang Denim Mini Skirt

3. A Classic Denim Skirt with a Twist

If you are in love with all things denim, a pair of Levi’s jeans or a jean jacket is mandatory in your wardrobe. So why not venture with a Levi’s high-rise denim miniskirt? Practical and made of cotton, it will instantly become your new summer BFF. Get it at!

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Levi's x Redone Denim Mini Skirt

4. Acid-Wash Denim Skirt

If ’80s-inspired denim skirts are your thing already, then you’ll be soon in the mood of getting an acid-wash denim miniskirt. This Miu Miu skirt’s elasticated waist, along with its zip-up detail on the front, will give you the right amount of flawlessness anyone needs to rock the summer. You can find it at Net-a-Porter!

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Miu Miu Denim Mini Skirt

5. Neon Pink Denim Mini Skirt

One of the best things regarding denim is that you can find it in any color. If you love the coziness of the texture but would rather go for other colors than the classic “blue jean,” Amiri’s bright pink “reconstructed” denim miniskirt must enter your shopping list. You can get it at, and we bet soon can’t get enough of it!

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Amiri Denim Mini Skirt

6. Rugged Denim Miniskirt

Free People’s denim mini skirt is pretty simple in its lines and details yet is extremely unique in the way it flatters anyone’s body. We specifically recommend it for anyone who’s into vintage fashion and would love to try something “new” for once without moving away too much from her personal style. It’s available through Shopbop.

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Free People Denim Mini Skirt

7. Bold and Fierce!

Among all these mini denim skirts, Agolde’s is probably the fiercest. Definitely “mini,” sensual, and bold, it is meant to make heads turn! Get it at Shopbop and have fun completing the look with all of your early ‘00s-inspired pieces.

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Agolde Denim Mini Skirt

8. Pierced Denim Skirt

For a grunge-meets-Generation-Z type of denim skirt, head to Farfetch to get this Hudson black denim mini skirt! Its strategic cut-out details along the waist will balance any figure while also adding some much-needed risqué touches of glamour.

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Hudson Denim Mini Skirt

9. Frills x Denim

Frilled hems are still here to help us look flawless especially when appearing on a light-colored denim miniskirt, like this Isabel Marant denim skirt available for purchase at My Theresa. Perfect for spring- and summertime, due to its fresh fabric and cool silhouette it easily transitions from the days at the beach to the nights at the clubs!

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Isabel Marant Denim Mini Skirt

10. ‘00s-Inspired Denim Mini Skirt

For a more contemporary take on the early ‘00s fashion, Grlfrnd has treated us to this Shakira (or Anastasia, if you prefer)-approved miniskirt. Its raw hem and side star accents will give you the right “not a cowgirl, not yet a Coyote Ugly woman” attitude to rule the following summer days (and nights!). It’s available at Revolve, too.

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Grlfrnd Denim Mini Skirt

11. Athleisure Denim Mini Skirts, Kinda

Of course, Adidas Originals had to deliver one of the best sportswear-inspired miniskirts in denim ever! Available at Net-a-Porter, this Adidas + Daniëlle Cathari denim mini skirt is practical, fresh, and just the best option for anyone who feels like denim skirts are “too outdatedly rigorous.”

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Adidas Originals Denim Mini Skirt

12. Less Is More

Simple, plain black, short, and slightly frayed at the hems, Agolde’s denim mini skirt from Revolve is as simple as that, and we absolutely love it!

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Agolde Denim Mini Skirt

13. Flip Denim Skirt

Last but not least, here’s another outstanding mini denim skirt by Jean Atelier available for purchase at This one is not as simple as Agolde’s, yet is not too layered nor intricate as Levi’s, and is basically the perfect piece for anyone who loves staying in-between the newest fashion trends.

Best Mini Denim Skirts: Jean Atelier Denim Mini Skirt

Basic Style Rules on Wearing a Denim Mini Skirt Like an Adult

How many times have you heard someone say “you can’t wear a denim skirt, much less a denim mini skirt, when you are past your mid-twenties”? We bet the answer is “too many times.” Since this concept is not only untrue but also extremely wrong, let’s proceed to dismantle all preconceptions and prejudices regarding denim miniskirts!

But first, as usual, let’s dive a little bit into this fashion item’s history.

Denim Skirt – a Legend Born in the Seventies

One of the most appealing parts of the history of denim skirts is how they were born. “Daughters” of the hippy revolution, denim skirts were officially introduced in the early Seventies as a way to recycle jeans (which were massively used back in the day and make us love denim skirts even more).

As usual, when something is born in the Seventies, it gets a creative makeover in the Eighties, and that’s specifically the case. In the Eighties, denim skirts got shorter and were revisited with details, frills, frayed hems, and embroideries aplenty.

The denim miniskirt’s destiny took its ultimate, unpredictable glamorous turn in the mid-Nineties when Baywatch legend Pamela Anderson was spotted donning one paired with a crop top. Ever since then, things were never the same for denim miniskirts.

Either despised or hopelessly loved my many girls all around the world, denim skirts were dubbed as “childish” after the early ‘00s, as they were often (and quite derogatorily) described as “middle-school girl” pieces of clothing (that maybe has a lot to deal with TV series such as Lizzie McGuire!), even though icons like Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Aguilera, and Kelly Rowland couldn’t stop wearing them between 2001 and 2004.

After almost a decade when denim skirts basically ended up on the scrap heap, these little pieces of denim rose from the ashes mostly thanks to the anti-fashion movement, which emphasized the usage of distressed denim favoring it over other more conventionally luxurious fabrics.

Mini Jean/ Denim Skirts History

How to Choose the Best Denim Miniskirt for You

Ok, now let’s get into the more boring (but often important) part. How do I choose the best denim mini skirt for me? Given the fact that anyone can and should wear a miniskirt if she wants to, we know that many feel uncomfortable flaunting one. So, here are a few tips and tricks you may want to follow to rock your denim miniskirt comfortably!

High-Waisted Denim Miniskirts

If your biggest insecurity is your tummy, get a high-quality high-waist denim skirt (preferably without too many pockets or details in the front), and pair it with a crop top or a loose blouse tucked in the skirt. Just remember that denim, as a fabric, could be tighter than simple cotton or linen, so make sure the skirt’s size perfectly fits you!

A-Line Mini Denim Skirts

A-line denim skirts are usually a win-win option for everybody but might be specifically handy if you happen to have the so-called “pear body,” as they balance the figure harmonizing it (for an extra dose of balance, combine the skirt with a butterfly-sleeved blouse!).

Denim Skirts, Denim Belts

To give the illusion of or to accentuate your hourglass figure, opt for a high-waist denim miniskirt with a belt cinched at the waist, better in the same color. A denim belt is not mandatory, though, unless you are Queen Britney Spears in the early ‘00s.

Petite Girls, Petite Denim Skirts

If there’s one thing petite girls can do, that is rocking a really short denim skirt. For an extra dose of slenderness, pair it with nude sandals and a bra/ crop top.

How to Choose the Best Denim Miniskirt for You

How to Style a Denim Mini Skirt Like a Pro

Now that we are done with the history behind the denim skirts’ birth and fame, it’s time to get to the juicier stuff. Can anyone wear a denim skirt? Can I wear a denim miniskirt and look like a proper adult who pays her bills? How do I choose the best denim miniskirt for me?

Let’s start off with the first two questions, both of which have affirmative answers.

Yes, anyone can wear a denim skirt, of course. However, since denim miniskirts may make us feel uncomfortable at certain occasions, here are a few tips and tricks on how to wear them like a pro!

Mini Denim Skirts for Casual-Chic Occasions

You know what looks good with a pair of blue jeans? Yes, right, you got it: a white shirt. When it comes to not-too-formal occasions, use that same white shirt, tuck it in your denim skirt (better when black or blue and without any sort of extra embellishment), complete the look with a designer handbag, a pair of loafers, and get ready to surprise everyone with your surprisingly soigné look.

How to Wear a Denim Mini Skirt

Speaking of Loafers

Flat shoes, pointy mules, flat slingbacks, and, of course, loafers and slip-ons are the best shoes to wear with denim skirts, as they balance the denim’s casual attitude with more elegant touches of timeless chic. If you feel too “shabby” wearing a denim skirt, orient yourself toward a more “shabby-chic” style! Shabby-chic is never wrong.

Logos Are a Denim Skirt’s Best Friend

Although expensive logoed T-shirts are not necessarily synonymous with adulthood, wearing a logoed T-shirt with a mini denim skirt will very likely make you feel like one. Favor tinier logos over bigger ones, and complete the outfit with an elegant contrasting blazer.

Pin-Up Mini Denim Skirts

Nothing makes many women feel more comfortable with themselves than Fifties-inspired outfits. If you happen to be one of those women who feel empowered and sexier with such attire, invest in a good high-waisted denim miniskirt and have fun reinventing the Fifties fashions with a Bardot blouse, a pair of wedges, and big, colored sunglasses – we bet you’ll love it! High-waisted denim skirts also balance the silhouettes more, so those who prefer pieces of clothing that elongate the figure might definitely benefit from them.

Bodysuit, Adults, and Denim Skirts

Nothing screams “I am almost a thirty-something and I feel comfortable with my body” than a black bodysuits. So why not pair it with a denim skirt, instead of the same pair of trousers? Complete the look with some heeled sandals, a messy bun, and a clutch, and you have just assembled your “adult night out outfit.”

Denim Mini Skirt Outfits Ideas

Exaggerate, the Anti-Fashion Way

One of the best ways to pull off basically anything these days is exaggerating the outfit opting for an anti-fashion approved combo that looks all the rage. Take your mini denim skirt, combine it with a pair of ugly trainers, a logoed sweatshirt, and a pair of tiny sunglasses, and you’ll look unapologetically flawless (at least on Instagram).

When in Doubt, Wear Black

If you really love mini denim skirts but cannot imagine yourself wearing one, try a black denim skirt instead, complete the look with a black tee and a pair of black sneakers, and you won’t even notice the “denim” part of your outfit!

Jean Mini Skirt Outfits Ideas

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