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13 Best Bodysuits to Buy: How to Wear a Bodysuit

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Do you want to look seductive, poised, elegant, and on-trend? No? Then a bodysuit is probably not for you. For the rest of us who are still reading: welcome! Bodysuits are nothing short of iconic and they have achieved a revered following in the high-fashion community as of late.

Best Bodysuits: How to Wear a Bodysuit
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Bodysuits are effortless, sensual, and they do wonders for the figure. They allow you to create a polished and well-appointed look with ease. If you’ve been on the fence about embracing the bodysuit, then have no fear.

Today we are going to walk you through the best bodysuits for women and give you some outfit ideas so you can rock yours to best effect. Ever wondered how to wear a bodysuit? Sit down and read on!

Style Guide to Bodysuits for Women: Contents

13 Best Bodysuits for Women

From casual to elegant, these 13 bodysuits are the most coveted on the market, and you can be the first to get your hands on any of them!

1. Majorelle Ruffled Strapless Bodysuit

Bring back the heady days of Versailles with this lacey, vampy, and ridiculously seductive bodysuit. We love the intriguing underwire cup detail and the ruffles. It feels like the kind of bodysuit Keira Knightley would have worn in Pirates of the Caribbean. The elasticized neckline brings this dreamy wonder back to earth. It is available in two colors at Revolve.

Best Bodysuits for Women: Majorelle Wyn Bodysuit

2. The Range Minimalist Bodysuit

Cross-over straps on the back are as sweet and playful as apple pie. We love the sleek and form-fitting ribbed shape. This bodysuit is approachable and wearable for everyday. The clean-cut neckline and the comfortable, soft fabric are added bonuses. Pair with jeans or a denim miniskirt. Pick it up at Forward!

Best Bodysuits for Women: The Range Framed Bodysuit

3. Privacy Please Metallic Blush Bodysuit

Rock the city nights with this metallic screen siren bodysuit. We love the thick ribbing and the shimmering overlay. The strappy back feels elegant and brazen. This will be the piece that will take you from bar to nightclub to disco with a sense of frivolity and decadence. Hurry up to grab it at Revolve!

Best Bodysuits for Women: Privacy Please Bodysuit

4. LoveShackFancy Prairie Bodysuit

Be outrageously and unapologetically feminine with this plunging-neckline bodysuit. The ruffled hems are Little House on the Prairie gone rogue! The subtle details of pink peonies infuse your outfit with some requisite joie de vivre! This cutie is available for purchase on Moda Operandi.

Best Bodysuits for Women: LoveShackFancy Bodysuit

5. Majorelle Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit

We love the body-slimming possibilities of this polished and elegant bodysuit. The ruffle trim neckline and short sleeves make this a gorgeous and classy choice for everyday wear. The V-wired front detail enhances the dark romance factor. You can find it at Revolve.

Best Bodysuits for Women: Majorelle Poise Bodysuit

6. Alix Lingerie-Style Bodysuit

Ethereal cobalt dreams come to life in this sumptuous and graceful bodysuit. Unlike its body-skimming counterparts, it is an innovative and dainty way of wearing the bodysuit trend. The elegant chantilly silk fabric and skinny straps are intoxicatingly luscious and feminine. This piece is available at Forward.

Best Bodysuits for Women: Alix Dean Bodysuit

7. By the Way Corset Bodysuit

This corset silhouette lets you indulge in one of the sexiest shapes while flitting through your life with ease. We love the crisp white shade and the cleavage-enhancing neckline. Pair with loose denim or tight black cigarette pants for a festival-meets-eveningwear aesthetic. You can get it at Revolve.

Best Bodysuits for Women: By the Way Bodysuit

8. Lovers + Friends Polka-Dot Bodysuit

Playful and cheerful, this polka-dot number is sheer awwww. We love the surplice wrap style and the bow-tie details on the sleeves. You can dress this bodysuit up with tight skinny jeans or down with some relaxed denim shorts. Pick it up at Revolve!

Best Bodysuits for Women: Lovers + Friends Bodysuit

9. Baserange Blush Velour Bodysuit

Are you ready to traipse from invite-only dinners to secret lounges to yacht parties? Don’t forget to bring this plush pink bodysuit with you. The breezy adjustable shoulder straps allow the fabric to dangle seductively against the skin. Pair with colorful print shorts and gold accented jewelry. It is available for purchase at Net-a-Porter.

Best Bodysuits for Women: Baserange Bodysuit

10. L’Academie Print Bodysuit

Bring houndstooth prints to Madison Avenue with this cosmopolitan and worldly bodysuit. The loose fit and the plunging neckline create a compelling silhouette, while the tight base helps construct an alluring shape. Pair with black cigarette pants or satin shorts. It is available at Revolve.

Best Bodysuits for Women: L'Academie Bodysuit

11. Alix Body-Hugging Bodysuit

Embrace a relaxed and classic silhouette with this camel nude bodysuit. We love the stretch fabric and the Eighties aerobics-ready neckline. The tight fitting shape pairs perfectly with loose trousers or a maxi skirt. Pick it up at Revolve!

Best Bodysuits for Women: Alix Mott Bodysuit

12. Lovers + Friends Cami Bodysuit

Ring in midnight with this dazzling and hedonistic dream number. The vintage Hollywood V-neck and silky fabric create an alluring look. This bodysuit is the epitome of easy glamour. Just throw it on with a pair of hoop earrings and you’ll be ready for a luxurious night out. Snatch it now at Revolve!

Best Bodysuits for Women: Lovers + Friends Bodysuit

13. Free People Bohemian Bodysuit

Are you ready to be a globe-trotting gypsy? This luxe bohemian bodysuit will be your go-to for your fabulous and worldly adventures. The eyelet lace design and lace-up bodice pair dreamily with the black shade. A denim skirt is a match made in heaven with this number. This lovely piece is available at Revolve!

Best Bodysuits for Women: Free People Bodysuit

The Fashion History of the Bodysuit

Want to know where your new favorite piece of clothing came from? Read on!

Bodysuits have their origin in the leotard. Leotards have been a staple piece of apparel in the dance and performance world for a long, long time. Leotards are wearable and comfortable and they help create a sculpted and lean silhouette while providing ease of movement.

Leotards originated in the second half of the 19th century and are credited to no other than Jules Leotard, a French gymnast who wanted to create the perfect solution for athletes involved in trapeze work. His leotard was popular among athletes who wanted to retain their modesty whilst maintaining the flexibility of their craft.

The leotard has come a long way since those days. Back then it was typically made of wool and wasn’t quite so sexy. As sensibilities changed and comfort became more important than modesty, leotards became more tight fitting and stretchy.

The leotard was then appropriated by the ballet world because of its form-fitting shape and the flexibility and wide range of movement it allowed dancers. It allowed the contours of the body to shine in the dim lights of the theatre.

Leotards were ushered into the fashion world in the 1940s when their utility was recognized by the designer community. In the 1970s, new materials like spandex and nylon allowed the leotard to thrive in comfy, leisurely iterations, culminating in the modern bodysuit variety.

The Fashion History of the Bodysuit

The bodysuit took off in the 1980s with the Jane Fonda athletic trend. Bodysuits, along with leggings, were the new standard for comfort-craving fashion lovers. Donna Karan, Azzedine Alaia and Betsey Johnson brought the look to the chic set.

In the past decade, American Apparel took the helm and brought the trend back to the forefront of sartorialists’ minds. Bodysuits can help you create a laid-back, minimalist, and not trying mood, which is exactly the look American Apparel tries to propagate. Performers like Madonna, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga swear by the bodysuit in their real lives and on stage.

Basic Types of Bodysuits for Women and Tips for Choosing the Right One

Bodysuits have come along way since their trapeze-oriented origins! You can find a bodysuit for all occasions and in all fabrics and styles. Bodysuits come in every material under the sun

Looking for something raunchy? Go with a plunging neckline. Want to make a statement while retaining an aura of elegance? Choose a silk variety!

A bodysuit is like any item of clothing, however, in that no one piece of clothing can be considered universally flattering. Flattering your figure with a bodysuit is a twofold process.

First, identify what style of bodysuit you like. Secondly, identify your favorite features and choose a design that enhances your assets while minimizing your flaws. Below we will list the four main varieties you will encounter in your bodysuit search and we’ll give you advice on finding a flattering fit!

Athletic & Athleisure Bodysuits

The term athleisure was only coined recently but the style itself has been on heavy rotation since the 1970s! Today’s breed of athletic bodysuits can be dressed up or down but they usually have one thing in common: stretchy, comfy materials.

Spandex, nylon, rayon, and breathable cotton are reliable and consistently easy to wear. Whether you wear this bodysuit to the gym or not is your decision – recreational use is suggested!

You can pair athletic bodysuits with your everyday garments like jeans or shorts but you can also go full laid-back with athletic shorts and runners. We love an aerobics-ready bodysuit when paired with track pants and a baseball cap for a cute coffee date look.

Bodysuit Style Ideas

Flatter Your Shape

• An athletic bodysuit is the perfect choice for women who love their arms and want the world to know it! A tight spandex fabric hugs the collarbone and emphasizes the shoulders, and the upper arms.

• Women with larger breasts should invest in a padded variety. Extra fabric around the bodice will provide valuable support.

• Women with smaller breasts can certainly double up with a sports bra to emphasize their décolletage and create the illusion of size.

• Women who are insecure about their waist and abdominal area can find a bodysuit specifically designed to pull the body in and create a lean, seamless look. Think Spanx!

Sultry and Seductive Bodysuits

We’re talking plunging necklines, exposed backs, and lace-up bodices here, ladies. These bodysuits don’t go quiet into the night! They are designed to reveal, to provoke, to entice.

Sultry and alluring, these bodysuits typically come in plush materials like silk, jersey, lace, and satin. Some of the more seductive varieties can double as lingerie, with lace detailing, mesh panels, and strategic cut-outs. We love off-the-shoulder and corset-style bodysuits for evening and date wear.

Flatter Your Shape

• If you have larger breasts, we suggest choosing a bodysuit that offers support in the form of padding and straps. A plunging neckline or sweetheart cut can enhance your assets while keeping you secure. A V-neck halter cut will offer support while emphasizing your features. Be wary of strapless bodysuits and tube top varieties. They simply won’t provide the support you need.

• If you have smaller breasts, a plunging neckline is a wonderful choice. The design may skim your breasts, creating the illusion of more prominent cleavage. You can also experiment with sculptural, strapless varieties and tube tops.

• If you’ve worked hard for your toned stomach and you want to show it off, albeit subtly, we love lace bodysuits and cut-out designs. These styles allow you to show off your abs while still maintaining an aura of intrigue and modesty.

• If you are insecure about your arms, we recommend choosing a batwing-sleeve design. Cut-out sleeves are other appealing options that allow you to experiment with the playful potential of the bodysuit whilst minimizing your flaws.

• Women who are insecure about their breasts should play up their backs instead! A backless bodysuit allows you to emphasize your toned and beautiful back while taking the attention away from your bust.

Bodysuit Outfit Ideas

Polished and Sophisticated Bodysuits

If you like to keep your lingerie drawer separate from your everyday staples, this category may be more to your liking. Sophisticated, non-revealing cuts are appropriate for office wear and can transition easily from a family lunch to an after-work date.

These bodysuits mimic more traditional cuts of shirts and come in materials like silk, satin, cotton, and jersey. Many bodysuits that fall under this category feature longer sleeves, or turtleneck necklines.

We love a blouse-style or wrap-style bodysuit for an elegant and graceful approach to eveningwear. Spacious sleeves add a layer of quiet sophistication to the silhouette. This breed of bodysuit is appealing without being too revealing!

Flatter Your Shape

• If you are insecure about your arms, we suggest choosing a wrap or blouse variety with loose, cascading sleeves. Kimono style sleeves are a trendy and sophisticated way of keeping the attention on your assets.

• You should never be deterred from wearing a bodysuit due to an insecurity about your waist or stomach. Bodysuits are not necessarily tight and form-fitting. We love loose, silky varieties that feature folds and fabric layers around the waist.

• When it comes to sleeves, be cognizant of your height. Shorter women should be wary of kimono style sleeves and should always be prepared to visit a tailor should the sleeves be too long. Taller women have more latitude with these kinds of sleeves.

• A turtleneck bodysuit is a wonderful choice for women who want to slim down their arms and waist.

• Women with larger breasts can turn to a blouse, wrap-style bodysuit for alluring and elegant coverage.

Bodysuits Outfits to Try

Basic & T-Shirt Bodysuits

Whatever your style sensibility, a basic black, white, or grey bodysuit should be a favorite in your closet rotation. A monochromatic bodysuit with clean lines and a simple silhouette can be paired with virtually anything. It can be an easy basic to throw under a cardigan for a relaxed look or it can be paired with a suit jacket and dressed up with fabulous accessories.

A basic bodysuit is perfect for those days when you can’t construct a new outfit to save your life. We love cotton and jersey varieties because they are wearable and feel like a second skin. T-shirt style bodysuits that feature looser fabrics, fun logos, and simple designs, are a great first-stop for newcomers to the bodysuit trend.

Flatter Your Shape

• If you like basic bodysuits but you’re self-conscious about your arms, choose a monochromatic, long-sleeved black style. It will allow you to look slim and put-together. No tricks necessary!

• Alternately, if you love your arms, a V-neck or scoop-neck cotton or jersey bodysuit will allow you to highlight your upper arms and shoulders.

• Basic bodysuits need not be tight. If you are insecure about your stomach may we suggest a loose cotton or jersey bodysuit that gives you room to breathe. T-shirt style bodysuits are indistinguishable from their traditional cousins and they do wonders when it comes to disguising problem areas. Black is a universally slimming color.

• A V-neck is a perfect choice for women who have larger breasts. The strategic design, particularly when paired with medium-length sleeves, will serve as subtle support.

• Taller women should always ensure that their basic bodysuit is on the stretchier side. A cotton variety can shrink in the wash and you want to get as much comfortable wear out of it as possible. Rayon is a reliable and stretch-friendly fabric.

Why Should You Consider Wearing a Bodysuit?

Let’s rephrase that. Why shouldn’t you consider wearing a bodysuit? They’re comfortable, convenient, and a breeze to wear. Besides comfort and wearability what other features does the bodysuit boast?

How to Wear a Bodysuit

Easy as Pie

We all have days where our innate sartorial creativity is in short supply. It’s on days like these that you need a bodysuit most. It’s basic aesthetic arithmetic, really: bodysuit + jeans = yes, yes, YES.


Bodysuits flatter the figure, which we hope the latter section made crystal clear. They do some particular wonder-work when it comes to the butt.

Most designs offer coverage and support and because of the gravity-defying design they work to visually lift the behind. Even a thong-style bodysuit will allow you to look perky and toned. Everything will be pulled up for maximum flatter-factor.


The sheer variety of styles, designs, and constitutions makes bodysuits an ‘everyone’s invited’ affair. You can stock up on different types so you have a bodysuit for every whim and occasion. You can go form-fitting on days when your confident as can be or you can choose a basic and pared-down version for casual and cozy days.


Why not transition your bodysuit into a seductive piece of lingerie? This is particularly useful for lacey and party-ready designs. Who needs to invest in expensive Victoria’s Secret gear!

Say Goodbye to Endless Tuck-Ins

One of the most practical features of the bodysuit? It is the best line of defence against fabric bulges. How pesky is it when your shirt becomes untucked and ruins your crisp and clean aesthetic?

Bodysuits allow you to take control and go ultra-streamlined. Even the tightest of shirts can migrate and bunch when tucked in – the bodysuit won’t let you down that way. No more hourly adjustments here, gals. Simply seamless.

Dynamic Coverage

Bodysuits are a match made in heaven with trendy and sassy toppers like a kimono or sheer lace overcoat. They allow you to play with textures, proportions, and layers without adding bulk. This makes a bodysuit an all-seasons staple. Layer away!


Bodysuits, particularly the form-fitting varieties, help cut a well-shaped and lean form. They tuck everything in and hold your shape together beautifully. Bodysuits can enhance your cleavage in a protected, supportive way. Win-win.

What Are the Cons of Wearing a Bodysuit?

Amongst so many reasons why you should consider falling in love with bodysuit outfits, are there any cons anyway?

Tips for Choosing a Bodysuit

No Clasp Zone

While many modern iterations of the bodysuit feature a crotch clasp, this is not always the case. In these instances, taking the whole thing off to go to the bathroom can be a hassle.

This is especially true for tight, lace-up, zip-up styles. Taking it off can take five minutes, and so can putting it back on! Even bodysuits with clasps, particularly cheaply-made varieties, can cause discomfort down below.

One Size Fits… All?

Sometimes it can be challenging finding the perfect fit. This is particularly the case with women who have longer or shorter torsos in proportion to their height and frame.

It can be hard to find a bodysuit that looks like a second skin. You don’t want to go a size too small lest you need to make constant adjustments to avoid a wedgie. You don’t want to go a size too big lest you kill the whole mood with bulges and fabric bunching.

Lack of Adjustability

Like the above point, the lack of adjustable features makes many bodysuits unwearable for some women. This definitely holds true for petite, tall, and plus-size women. The lack of straps make some designs a clear yes or no because they don’t allow for customization.

Who’s the Fairest Flaw of Them All?

While we hopefully demonstrated all of the body-flattering types of bodysuits that exist, we admit that they can sometimes be revealing in their most basic form. Standard, stretchy bodysuits are usually made of thin fabric and expose every bulge and love handle. While the myriad available options make this less life-or-death than it seems, it can be a deterrent for women who are unhappy with their upper body.

Bye-Bye Bra

Standard bodysuits often lack built-in breast support. The problem with many backless and sheer designs is that they absolutely preclude the possibility of wearing a standard bra. As in don’t even think about wearing a bra with your strapless, backless, sheer bodysuit. Trust us on this one.

While this problem has an easy work-around in the form of nipple stickers and sticky cutlets, it can be a hassle investing in one more thing just to nail the look. It can also present problems for bustier women who simply need the support of a bra in order to feel comfortable.

Chic Bodysuit Outfits: How to Wear a Bodysuit

Are you in the onesie frame of mind yet? Thought so! Now that you’re well-armed with all the history and insight, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Outfit planning!

You want your bodysuit to up the style stakes and take your OOTD to the next level, inciting awe and envy from others. While bodysuits are truly chameleon-like, fitting into any and all contexts, we want to provide you with a launching pad from which to explore all of your aesthetic options.

Tips for Styling a Bodysuit

Bodysuit Outfit Dos

• Invest in nipple stickers and a stick-on bra. This will open up a world of options to you and will allow you to nail the desirable streamlined look effectively.

• There’s something about the halter neck + choker combo that is endlessly alluring. It’s sex appeal for the masses and oh-so-easy to achieve. Chokers also look festival ready when paired with a lace-up bodysuit. Invest in a choker!

• Pair your bodysuit with an oversized jacket for an alluring play on proportions. We love a basic, form-fitting jacket paired with a bulky retro ski jacket, denim topper, or suede coat. Be experimental.

• Embrace sheer toppers and take a risk. Sheer dresses and baggy tees are wearable options when paired with a bodysuit. Be fearless.

Bodysuit Outfit Donts

• We’ve mentioned this above but we can’t emphasize it enough. Don’t you dare wear a regular bra with a backless or strapless bodysuit. The results will be catastrophic and not cute.

• This holds true for sheer or lacy varieties as well. If we can see your beige sports bra lurking under your sexy lingerie-style bodysuit, then you’re doing it wrong.

• If you are wearing low-riding denim or trousers ensure, there is no skin peeking out between your bodysuit and your waistline. This is a disastrous style because it looks messy rather than polished.

• Even if it is love at first sight, don’t invest in a bodysuit that’s too small – even if it is only a half size too small. It may look stunning at first but we guarantee you’ll wear it once and never again. Comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to bodysuits.

If it is too tight and rides up, it will cause discomfort around your crotch, and you will have to be on readjustment duty constantly. Alternately, a too-tight bodysuit can migrate downward, upping your risk of a nip slip.

Tips for Wearing a Bodysuit

Casual Bodysuit Outfit Ideas

• Nothing beats the gold standard in easy dressing: neutral bodysuit+jeans+booties. Add a designer belt, watch, or earrings for a dose of sophistication.

• For warmer days, pair your basic bodysuit with denim cutoffs or a miniskirt and sandals. The look is effortlessly relaxed and youthful.

• A tight bodysuit looks unparalleled when paired with slacks, satin shorts, or a balloon skirt. Play with proportions to strike a compelling balance.

• An off-the-shoulder style bodysuit looks cowboy cool when paired with Western boots, jeans, and a brown belt.

• T-shirt style bodysuits can be paired with your everyday mom jeans or leggings for an upgrade on your standard shirt. No tuck-ins necessary!

• Ribbed bodysuits are ultra-flattering on their own. Pair them with jeans and a sleek suit jacket or denim topper for an urbane, downtown chic look.

• Go comfy casual and pair your bodysuit with relaxed faded denim and Converse.

• Go old school and pair your strapless or skinny-strapped bodysuit with a good old pair of overalls.

• Take athleisure to the street with fitted sweatpants, bulky dad sneakers, and a kitschy tracksuit jacket. Comfort and style = sorted.

• Pair a blouse-style or T-shirt style bodysuit with a leather jacket for a biker babe silhouette.

• Wear under a sheer and flowing bohemian dress for a demure flower girl feel.

• Turtleneck bodysuits are graceful and grown-up when paired with well-fitting trousers and riding boots. Polish the look off with a mini-backpack or designer purse.

• A loose, printed blouse-style bodysuit is gypsy gorgeous when paired with distressed denim.

Bodysuit Fashion Tips and Ideas

Dressy Bodysuit Outfit Ideas

• A wrap-style bodysuit looks effortlessly luxe when paired with high-waisted black jeans and chunky boots.

• A printed or striped bodysuit looks daring with tight leather pants or sleek black denim. Classic pearls make the look cohesive.

• A lace bodysuit looks alluring yet classy when paired with a pencil skirt for a night at a sophisticated uptown bar.

• Take your basic bodysuit from day to night by throwing a detailed kimono on top. Kimono cover-ups look flawless when paired with a black or white cotton tank style bodysuit.

• Pair a lace-up long-sleeve bodysuit with tight jeans for a dinner date approved look.

• Pair your bodysuit with your suit jacket and trousers/ skirt for an office-to-happy-hour outfit that won’t quit.

• Pair with a high-waisted denim or corduroy skirt for a polished, retro mood. Throw chunky boots and a wide-brim hat into the mix for a Swinging Sixties vibe.

• Wide-brimmed trousers are a trend in their own right. When paired with a tight-fitting bodysuit they create an intriguing contrast that is immensely flattering.

• Pair with a pencil skirt and kitten heels for job interviews, work lunches, and meetings with mom!

• Pair with a tuxedo jacket and a chignon bun for a classic and elegant aesthetic.

• Blouse-style bodysuits look amazing paired with sleek trousers and pointy stilettos.

• Be subtly seductive with a tan or nude bodysuit and tight black skirt. Go pop some champagne, you style maven, you!

Bodysuit Fashion Dos & Don'ts

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