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13 Cute Summer Flat Sandals for Women & Tips for Wearing Them

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Flat sandals are always the hottest summer footwear options, and there’s a clear reason for that. First and foremost, summer flat sandals are awesome, let’s be honest! Secondly, they fit anybody and any occasion, which is definitely a plus whenever it comes to footwear and summer.

Cute Summer Flat Sandals for Women & Tips for Wearing Them

Flat sandals for women can also get pretty creative (and wild, as you’ll see in our selection), and we cannot think about a summer without (at least) one pair. Since summer is soon approaching, make sure your shoe rack has a new flat-sandal-member in its club!

Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Contents

13 Summer Flat Sandals for Women in 2021

Comfy, cozy and cute, you can easily take these summer flat sandals from day to night without ever having sore feet. Which pair will you buy into?

1. Colorful Flat Sandals

Available on Farfetch, this pair of flat sandals by Paul Smith will definitely set a cheerful tone for all your summer outfits and will look best with simple cropped denim. Classic flat sandals are taken to a whole new level thanks to the use of vibrant criss-cross straps and an ankle strap that will make your legs appear more slender.

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Paul Smith Flat Sandals

2. Metallic Silver Flat Sandals

Whether you are a sci-fi lover or just need a touch of brightness in your day-to-day life, this pair of Isabel Marant metallic leather sandals is the way to go! Due to their unique simplicity, they’ll look flawless from day to night. Get yours at My Theresa, and also get ready to wear them all summer long!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Isabel Marant Flat Sandals

3. Metallic and PVC Summer Sandals

One of the best things about metallic flat sandals is that they easily complement any skin tone, especially when tiny embellishments like PVC inserts are involved. Get your summer touch of elegance from Net-a-Porter, with this pair of soigné Tabitha Simmons flat sandals!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Tabitha Simmons Flat Sandals

4. Contrast Power Flat Sandals

When in doubt, dare with color-block accessories! In the perfect Malone Souliers style, these flat sandals feature a sophisticated structure and an edgy contrasting leitmotif, spearheaded by dynamic rope straps that instantly elevate any outfit to its chicest counterpart. Pair them with a mini straw bag and just be ready to dominate the beaches this summer! Find them at Shopbop!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Malone Souliers Flat Sandals

5. Relaxed Luxe

When in doubt, wear Prada! Prada’s patent leather flat sandals, available at My Theresa, are one of the best Sixties-inspired fashion statements so far and are basically meant to be with all your T-shirt dresses. Get your mini dress its BFF buying a pair now!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Prada Flat Sandals

6. Exotic Sandals Mania

Designed using contrasting exotic textures, this pair of Sam Edelman flat sandals is slightly bolder than the previous ones on this list and will look best at a night out in Barcelona rather than in Provence. If you are heading to both places this summer, get this pair at Nordstrom!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Sam Edelman Flat Sandals

7. Logoed Flat Sandals

If flat sandals are your thing and you already own a pair in each color available, we recommend investing in a pair of timeless sandals, i.e. Gucci’s Marmont quarter strap flat sandals. Cozy, minimalist and chic, they’ll serve as the perfect shoes for every occasion! You can get them at Nordstrom.

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Gucci Flat Sandals

8. Espadrilles-esque Summer Sandals

We get it, you need a pair of flat sandals to wander through the city streets you’ll visit this summer. So why not opt for a classic pair of revisited espadrilles? They are flat, dipped into the cutest navy blue and white colors, and easily available at Shopbop.

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Kate Spade Flat Sandals

9. Embellished Flat Sandals

We ask the attention of all those who just got invited to the millionth wedding this summer and can’t think of anything but a comfy pair of flat shoes to wear. Well, we got your back! At MatchesFashion, you’ll find this gorgeous pair of Etro suede sandals, the rich color and solid structure of which will save your days as a wedding guest!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Etro Flat Sandals

10. Romantic Summer Sandals

If total-white is your yearly attire, these floral-detail See by Chloe flat sandals have basically your name engraved on their so(u)les. Get them at Shopbop and have fun pairing them with your favorite romantic summer dresses!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: See by Chloe Flat Sandals

11. Flamboyant Flats

Who says flat sandals are boring? With this pair of whimsical Balenciaga flat sandals, you’ll change your mind in the blink of an eye! Get your monthly (or weekly, because you deserve to pamper yourself daily) dose of coolness on MatchesFashion!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Balenciaga Flat Sandals

12. Metallic, Again!

Since metallic sandals are the real deal, we decided to introduce one more silvery pair of flat sandals to further illuminate your shiniest summer days! Find these Fendi flat sandals at Farfetch and get ready to wear them from May to September!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Fendi Flat Sandals

13. Rope Flat Sandals

Have you already spotted the rope wraparound sandals that everyone seems to like on Instagram? Be an early fashion bird and get them before all of your friends from MatchesFashion: they are designed by Valentino’s creative director and yes, are as glorious as they look!

Best Summer Flat Sandals for Women: Valentino Flat Sandals

How to Wear Flat Sandals with Every Summer Outfit

We bet that you have at least one friend who always says that flat sandals are meant to be with every single summer outfit, but you are still not convinced about it (if you are, then you are probably the friend who “promotes” flat sandals to anyone!). Well, here we bring a few fashion trips on how to wear flat sandals with every summer outfits!

Take Care of the Proportions

As with ballerina flats, many petite girls avoid wearing flat sandals for fear of looking, well, even more petite. Plus-size girls may do the same because they feel flat shoes could make their silhouettes look unbalanced. Well, as always, just remember that proportion is key!

In this regard, whether you are petite, plus-size or just looking for a trick to make your legs and figure look elongated, opt for (preferably) nude-toned flat sandals with no straps tied at the ankles, and favor rounded points rather than sharply pointed toes.

These tricks will give the illusion of a slenderer figure, and you’ll just need to complete the outfit with either a cropped pair of jeans or a high-waisted skirt to feel empowered and even more balanced.

Take Care of Your Feet

Women who suffer from feet/ spine-related conditions, we got your back. Unless you need any sort of orthopaedic shoes, meaning that flat sandals are a big no, we recommend choosing a pair of flat sandals that fit your feet perfectly. Go for a pair that (preferably) features a little arch support and a pointed toe, and doesn’t need to be worn 24/7. Fashion is important, but so is your health!

Flat Sandals Outfits Ideas

Denim, Denim, Denim

Ok, now it’s time for the actual outfit ideas. As many (rightfully) say, flat sandals don’t require any styling tips because they look good with anything. That is right! But we feel one can always try something new and unique.

For this summer, combine a pencil denim skirt (even better if you find one with a front slit) with a pair of metallic flat sandals, an off-the-shoulder top, and a messy bun; you’ll look like a real-life off-duty model. Oh, and don’t forget your straw bag!

Nude-Toned, Kim Kardashian Style

For a cozier version of any Los Angeles-approved Kardashian-inspired look, opt for a midi or long nude dress combined with a pair of nude flat sandals and long, straight hair (unless the temperatures are melting!): you’ll make heads turn and just get yourself an outfit to look hot in from daytime to night!


Flat sandals are synonymous with summer, beach, and fun. And a bicycle to ride nearby the Provence coast! To elevate your outfit to its “summer-vacation-in-France” self, invest in the cutest light-blue mini dress (preferably a T-shirt dress or an A-line one), a pair of color-block summer sandals, and of course a big, diva-like straw hat!

How to Wear Flat Sandals with Every Summer Outfit

Go Extra!

Believe it or not, flat sandals can go crazy. And when flat sandals go crazy, you know that fun’s here! For your summer night outs at the disco, take a pair of black flat sandals and pair it with a little black dress or black skinny jeans and a slip top (better black or glittery). Complete the look with a bun, a pair of hoop earrings, and red lipstick, and get ready to feel the night!

Or Go Preppy

If you already own a few flat sandals to dance the nights away, but are looking for a pair to rock the days at the office, too, search for a pair of leather sandals in a brown shade, and just have fun combining them with a light-blue T-shirt, a designer bag, and blue jeans; your inner Charlotte York will surely approve!

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