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19 Best High Heel Sandals for Summer 2021: Heeled Sandals Style Tips

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If you’re looking for footwear that will take you from day to night this summer, high heel sandals are by far the best choice. Heeled sandals are cute and flirty, allowing the feet to stay cool even on the hottest days, and they come in a magnificent variety of styles that can work with any outfit.

Best High Heel Sandals for Summer: Heeled Sandals Style Tips
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We’ve collected 19 pairs of the best heeled sandals you can find online, from designers renowned for their iconic designs and high-quality footwear. To make sure you choose the right heeled sandals for any occasion, we included a quick guide based on different events and formality levels.

It’s also important you feel comfortable in your high heeled sandals, so we explain how to choose a comfortable pair and what kind of steps to take to stay extra supported while wearing them. To finish off, we have a few extra fashion tips so you can look as good as you feel in your flirty high heel sandals.

Your Guide to Heeled Sandals: Contents

19 Best Heeled Sandals to Rock This Summer

Perfect for wearing to summer parties and wedding ceremonies, as well as on a daily basis, these heeled sandals promise to transform your looks instantly!

1. Sculptural Bow Heeled Sandals

These Zimmermann lavender heels offer a mature twist on pastel colors that is ideal for any daytime occasion whether casual or formal. They are made of goatskin suede, with a bulky, rounded bow vamp and a more delicate ankle strap with a small gold buckle. The heel itself is 3.75 inches in height. Get them at Shopbop!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Zimmermann High Heel Sandals

2. Logo High Heel Sandals

These high heel sandals don’t shy away from telling you who made them. They’re Balenciaga through and through with the logo covering the vamp and the ankle straps. The shoes are made from impossible-to-miss hot neon green leather, with block 3.5-inch heels that will give you both height and stability. They are available at My Theresa.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Balenciaga Logo High Heel Sandals

3. Quadruple Bow Sandals

These are the Jimmy Choos Carrie Bradshaw dreams of. They have one of the most playful designs on this list, but since they are all black they still have an air of sophistication. The main point of interest with these high heeled sandals is their voluptuous quad bows – on one shoe the bow was attached at the back of the heel and on the other at the vamp – an asymmetrical look that will draw attention. Buy this pair from Nordstrom!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Jimmy Choo Aveline High Heel Sandals

4. Metallic Hot Purple Sandals

The girlish design of these heeled sandals, including their metallic hot purple color and the crystal embellishments on the vamp, is daringly contrasted by the ultra-skinny 3-inch stiletto heels. These Miu Miu sandals are all drama, and we think they’re best worn on a wild night out. Order them from Forward!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Miu Miu High Heel Sandals

5. Elegant Suede Heeled Sandals

The buttery black suede from which these Isabel Marant high heel sandals are made is as elegant as velvet, especially in this beautiful design. These heels have a simple, strappy vamp, with the focal point of the design being the thick ankle strap that is embellished with a crystal-studded circular buckle. These heels will be perfectly paired with your most glamorous evening wear. You can get these 4-inch heeled sandals through Net-a-Porter.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Isabel Marant Alapee High Heel Sandals

6. Zip-Tie High Heel Sandals

As always, we can trust Off-White to deliver conceptual footwear. These heeled sandals definitely make a statement, with blocky 3.5-inch neon heels, transparent vamp, and a twisted red leather ankle strap with a little zip tie accent that gives an industrial vibe. Wear them whenever you feel funky. Find them at Forward!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Off-White Capri High Heel Sandals

7. Block-Heel Brown Leather Sandals

These solid looking brown heeled sandals will support you well this summer. They are made of slightly textured cow leather, with thick straps at the vamp and ankle. Gold is the accent color of choice, which was used for the sizable Valentino hardware in the center of the vamp as well as for the small buckle at the ankle. Wear these with a flowy skirt or some vintage jeans! These heels are available at My Theresa.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Valentino Garavani Go Logo High Heel Sandals

8. Square Crystal-Studded Heeled Sandals

These Manolo Blahnik heeled sandals are fairly delicate and yet they pack a punch. They are made of metallic violet leather, with a skinny vamp and a front strap both of which are totally covered with a row of square purple crystals. The 4-inch stiletto may not be the most comfortable but at least it will attract impressed glances. Pick them up from Forward!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Manolo Blahnik High Heel Sandals

9. Black Block-Heeled Sandals

This sturdy pair of heels is more restrained than what we’re used to seeing from Gucci, but it is certainly as well-crafted as can be expected from the Italian brand. These shoes have blocky 4-inch heels and sturdy straps at the vamp and ankle. The gold GG hardware is conspicuously placed over the vamp. You can buy these from Farfetch.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Gucci High Heel Sandals

10. Neon Yellow High Heel Sandals

Neon colors have been trending for a few seasons now, and what better way to showcase them than with a pair of statement heeled sandals from Saint Laurent? These loud sandals have a fairly restrained design that helps make the bright color more wearable. They are quite sleek, with a slim 4-inch heel, thin ankle strap and simple vamp. A heel counter gives some additional hold to the shoes. They are available for pre-order at Forward.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Saint Laurent High Heel Sandals

11. Strappy Knotted Heeled Sandals

These high heel sandals are one of the most wearable options on this list, as they can easily be worn both for day and night. Their strappy knotted detailing and tie-off ankle strap are organic enough to work with a boho-chic, casual aesthetic while still being delicate enough to work with most evening wear. These 4-inch Aquazzura neutral heels are sold online via Net-a-Porter.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Aquazzura Whisper High Heel Sandals

12. Eiffel Tower High Heel Sandals

These heeled sandals are very literally architectural, with the shiny pink heel designed to look like the Eiffel Tower. The upper part of the Vetements sandals is made of clashing red suede, making for a complex pair of heels that will look best worn with a more neutral outfit. Get them at Forward!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Vetements High Heel Sandals

13. Padlocked Metallic Heeled Sandals

These silver high heel sandals could easily become an indispensable part of your summer evening ensembles. From the front these Tom Ford heels seem like they are barely there, as the vamp and ankle straps are both remarkable things. However, these glamorous shoes do have some substance to them, with a golden heel and a padlock ornament proving sophistication. Order them from Net-a-Porter!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Tom Ford Padlock High Heel Sandals

14. Black T-Strap Sandals

These T-strap heeled sandals might look simple, but there are a few things about them worth noting. These elegant heels are as wearable as can be, both due to the comfort of their 3-inch heel and the sturdiness of their counter, as well as because their elegant design will work with nearly every outfit. These heels are designed by Stella McCartney so they are made of recycled vegan faux-leather and embellished with a gold charm. You can find these at Forward.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Stella McCartney High Heel Sandals

15. Crinkled Silver Heeled Sandals

These Alexa Chung high heels have an elegant design that is touched by some playful elements, making for a whimsical pair of evening shoes. These shiny sandals are made of crinkled silver, with a blocky heel countered by a delicate vamp and ankle strap. A little bow adds texture and girlishness over the vamp. These heeled sandals are available at My Theresa.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Alexa Chung High Heel Sandals

16. Green Python Sandals

We’d be remiss not to include a pair of wildly trendy snake-embossed high heel sandals. The dangerous pattern is matched by the metallic green color of the leather. Skinny 4.5-inch stiletto heels only magnify the drama of these Attico shoes, which should be pretty comfortable otherwise thanks to a strap keeping the ankle secure and another thick buckled strap holding the foot. Buy these at Forward!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Attico Mariah High Heel Sandals

17. Color-Blocked Slingback Sandals

These colorful high heeled sandals have a bohemian vibe that we think will pair just as well with distressed jeans as with flowy summer skirts. They have a blocky 4-inch heel that will keep you stable along with a bright green slingback strap. There are two straps over the foot – one in muted blue, the other a green tone that give a color-blocked effect with a natural feel. You can get these sandals at Forward.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Cult Gaia Kaia High Heel Sandals

18. Crossed Vamp Fuchsia Heeled Sandals

If your plans for this summer include a lot of memorable nights, these could easily become your signature heels that will cement you in everyone’s mind. They are made of leather colored a loud metallic fuchsia tone with a 4-inch heel that will prop you up sky-high. The vamp is made of two straps that cross over one another, and there are more straps around the ankle and over the foot to keep you feeling secure as you dance wildly. These Retrofete high heeled sandals are sold at Forward.

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Retrofete Os High Heel Sandals

19. Disco Ball Heeled Sandals

For all those looking for ways of adding extra height to their silhouette, Dolce & Gabbana offers this pair of platform heeled sandals that is anything but boring. Made in Italy, these high heels feature sleek black canvas that is juxtaposed with the bejeweled buckle fastening and the mirrored silver block heels mimicking shining disco balls. Grab this pair at Net-a-Porter!

Best Heeled Sandals for Summer: Dolce & Gabbana High Heel Sandals

Tips for Choosing the Best Heeled Sandals for Every Occasion

I have specific tips that will help you choose the right high heeled sandals for every occasion, but first let’s talk about some general tips and tricks that will help you choose the right heels for you.

• If you’re an avid shoe collector, you only need your new high heel sandals to work with a single one of your outfits, but for most of us that’s not the case.

• When in doubt, opt for a pair of heels in a color that will match most of your summer outfits, or at least a good chunk of them.

• If you already have a fairly neutral wardrobe, you can easily choose unique heeled sandals that will give that pop of drama or color to your look.

• Ankle straps are super femme but they do cut off the leg in a way that doesn’t always flatter (just ask drag queen Raven), so if that is one of your concerns opt for a pair of slingbacks instead, since it is important to give the ankle some support.

High Heel Sandals for Casual Wear

• The great thing about casual wear is that it gives you a lot of room to get creative, with sandal heels included.

• You can opt for a plain pair of heeled sandals or you can choose to get funky and choose something unique, like the zip-tie sandals from Off-White or the neon green sandals from Balenciaga.

How to Choose the Best High Heel Sandals for Every Occasion

• Chances are that you will walk more in your casual heeled sandals, so opt for a comfortable pair that has a lower heel and bit more heft.

• Your casual style should definitely match the high heel sandals you choose. These days it’s easy to do, as the rules for mixing and matching shoes and outfits are less stringent than they used to be.

• If your style leans more towards earthy and flowy then look for natural, raw, and bohemian elements in your heeled sandals. This can mean earth tone materials, raw textures, natural embellishments, and wrapped and tied-off cord straps.

• Light colored sandals are usually a better fit for casual, daytime looks, with blacks and metallics usually being too severe or luxurious.

• Avoid overly blingy embellishments, as they can look over the top, misplaced or childish with casual outfits.

High Heel Sandals for Professional Wear

• Do note that high heel sandals are not appropriate in all professional environments. At a corporate office they might be too revealing, while in other workplaces they might not be protective enough.

• If sandals are appropriate at your workplace, make sure the pair you choose is elegant and sophisticated enough for the environment.

• Avoid high heeled sandals with very thin straps, as they will look too flimsy and show off too much of your foot. Choose heels with thicker vamp straps or a heel counter.

• Opt for more restrained colors like black, navy, or brown.

• Some embellishments, like a crystal-studded buckle or a piece of metallic hardware on the vamp are okay, but avoid heeled sandals that are totally covered in crystals or rhinestones.

How to Choose the Best Heeled Sandals for Every Occasion

High Heel Sandals for a Night Out

• This is the time when you can really have fun with your high heeled sandals!

• If you’ll be dancing still stick to comfier sandals that have some heft and hold to them, so you can have fun dancing all night long without any foot paint.

• Any color goes for your going out sandal heels! Metallics and crystal-studded shoes, in particular, will draw a lot of attention.

• If you will be opting for more brightly colored or loudly embellished heeled sandals then just make sure that they are not going to clash with your outfit. It’s better to wear them with a simple dress so as to let them be the main statement-makers in your look.

• If you like to wear really ostentatious outfits when you go out then it might be better to keep the sandals more muted by choosing a barely-there strappy pair or a pair in a neutral color.

High Heel Sandals for Formal Events

• The high heel sandals you wear to a formal event should sit somewhere in-between your more conservative professional heels and your more outrageous going-out sandal heels.

• Darker colored or metallic sandals will be easier to wear with a very formal dress or gown.

• It’s important that your heeled sandals look well-made and luxurious in order to match your outfit.

• On that note, very dainty heeled sandals with thin straps might not have enough substance to them for a formal event.

• The same rules apply here as for going out sandals – a more elaborate dress should be worn with more restrained heeled sandals, while a plain dress can be jazzed up by the addition of dramatic sandals.

• If this event is a dinner or a gala where you will spend most of your time sitting then you can compromise on comfort, and opt for a pair of heels that are higher or strappier than what you would normally be comfortable in.

How to Wear Heeled Sandals

How to Make Walking in Heeled Sandals More Comfortable

No matter the season, most of us need shoes that will bridge the gap between aesthetics and ergonomics. Finding high heeled shoes that you can move around in comfortably is important for most, so here are some tips and tricks for choosing comfortable heeled sandals and then wearing them correctly.

• Whether you’re walking, standing or dancing, blocky heels and ankle straps will help keep your foot stable while still looking very elegant.

• Sandal heels with thicker straps over the foot will also help hold your foot better and give you more support.

• If you’re a high heel pro then feel free to choose those dramatic 4-inch heels, but otherwise it’s better to stick to lower and comfier 3-inch heels.

• A more centered heel that sits closer under your foot will be more comfortable for walking around than a heel that sits further towards the back of the sole.

• Make sure to try your shoes on before you buy them or buy them from an online retailer with a good return program.

• Try your sandals on later in the day when your feet are going to be at their largest to ensure that they aren’t too tight anywhere.

• Once you’ve settled on the perfect pair (or pairs) of high heel sandals, adjust their straps that they are tight enough to hold your foot well but not so tight that they dig into your skin or cause blisters.

How to Make Walking in Heeled Sandals More Comfortable

• Jelly cushions are a godsend if you find that any part of the heels is too low or too rough. You can put stick-on jellies under your arch, under the ball of the foot, or under the heel to give additional comfort and support.

• If you’re buying your high heeled sandals for a particular event, make sure to practice walking in them for a few hours, so you don’t accidentally stumble during the important day!

• Wearing them a bit will also ensure that you wear them in and allow their materials to stretch and conform to the shape of your feet.

• Alternating different pairs of high heeled sandals is a good idea for preventing any repetitive stress injuries to your feet, especially if you tend to wear high heeled sandals day-in and day-out during the summer.

• While usually high heel sandals are perfect for allowing your feet to breathe and thereby preventing odor and sweat issues, you still might want to spray your feet with something that’ll keep them fresh throughout the day. The Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S Spray from Nordstrom is a wonderful remedy for the feet.

When, Where and What to Wear with High Heel Sandals?

• On hot days, high heel sandals are perfect for almost any occasion! Assuming your heeled sandals are comfortable enough for you to get around in, you can wear them whenever you like.

• The only exceptions are for highly formal corporate offices and workplaces where open-toe shoes might be risky. Obviously, they’re also a poor choice if you’re planning a hike or another kind of rigorous physical activity.

How to Wear High Heel Sandals

• Bright heeled sandals are very popular these days, and they lend themselves well to both casual and more formal outfits that involve color blocking!

• Statement heels in bright or dramatic colors are also a great way to punch up a more conservatively colored or neutral outfit.

• These days we’re at a time where high heeled sandals are not commonly worn with shorts, but are reserved for longer jeans (perhaps with some well-placed rips to help you keep cool), trousers, cut-off pants, and skirts and dresses of all lengths.

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