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Officially back in style thanks to the first wave of the normcore trend, sports slippers and slides are now more in-demand than ever before. With more and more people channeling sports slippers in the streets, a lot of sportswear labels have overwhelmed us with always new types of sports slides, often drawing inspiration from their own vintage models.

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Adidas Adilette

As for those who are reluctant to don a pair of sports slippers down the streets, we have a few pieces of advice! Although sports slippers and slides can be literally paired with any ensemble, we recommend sticking with two specific looks if you still have to come to terms with your (possible) love for slippers and slides.

You can either match your favorite pair of vintage-inspired sports slippers with a pair of mom jeans and a plain white t-shirt or with a mini white dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline, as the first look will grant you an extra-cool, revisited normcore attitude, while the latter – a more “model off-duty” one.

If it is summer, combining a pair of sports slippers with a good pair of denim shorts is always a good idea, although it might not be the best option for those who feel like sports slippers are still too athletic, and prefer something fancier to dress up for a day out with friends.


Get ready to (literally) step into comfort with the best sports slippers and slides for women to take from the beach to the streets!

1. Adidas Adilette Slides

Adidas has been producing sports slippers for more than three decades now, with the Adilette slides being the label’s most acclaimed ones. With a synthetic upper that got embellished with colorful patterns aplenty throughout the years, the Adidas Adilette sports slippers are the perfect match with any high-street ensemble. Pick your favorite color at!

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Adidas Adilette Slides

2. Puma Fur Slides

Among all the summer sports slides, Fenty x Puma’s are surely the edgiest! The Fur slide from the Fenty x Puma by Rihanna collection returned this summer, too, yet in new pastel colors that are utterly covetable. Perfect when paired with a summery, breezy dress, they give their best if combined with a Vetements-inspired, deconstructed look, as well. Purchase this furry stunner on!

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Puma Fur Slides

3. Nike Benassi Ultra Premium Sports Slides

Like Adidas Adilette, Nike’s sports slides have been providing comfort and coolness for a few decades now, and won’t very likely stop doing so anytime soon. You can effortlessly take your Nike Benassi sports slides from the beach to the streets, all summer long. As if things weren’t exciting enough, they feature a textured footbed that massages the feet for an addictive soothing feel. You can get these floral-printed sports slides at

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Nike Benassi Ultra Premium Sports Slides

4. Puma Leadcat Jelly Women’s Slide Sandals

Along with an anatomically molded EVA outsole, which offers comfort and secure fit, these Puma sports slides are the best option for all those who often spend time nearby the pool, and are looking for a pair of practical yet extremely fancy sports slippers to channel from the morning up until the evening. You can pick it either in white or black on

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Puma Leadcat Jelly Women's Slide Sandals

5. Reebok Classic Slide

Reebok is gloriously coming back in style not only with its sneakers, but also sports slides. This specific pair of Classic slides is the epitome of the vintage, late Eighties-inspired style many are (righteously) currently obsessed with, and are just the best investment to make if you love a good pair of sports slippers and slides to take to the street. Navy blue and red are the colors you can pick from

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Reebok Classic Slide

6. Nike Benassi Slides

Get your best athletic look with Nike’s iconic Benassi sports slides, the bold aesthetics and ultra-comfortable sole of which will get you covered whether you are at the beach or need to walk miles to get to the fanciest beach club in town! Get this timeless pair of slides on!

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Nike Benassi Slides

7. Puma Bow Slide Sandals

Influenced by the luxurious world of Marie Antoinette, Puma’s bow slide sandals are one of Fenty x Puma’s biggest hits, and it is not that hard to understand why. Bon-ton, yet sports-inspired, these can be the best compromise, if you are still wondering whether sports slides are meant to be in your wardrobe or not. Go flirty with your own pair of Puma bow slides getting it from

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Puma Bow Slide Sandals

8. Puma Jelly Slide Sandals

Last but not least, just let yourself be inspired by this pair of jelly slide sandals, the bold Nineties-inspired vibes of which won’t go unnoticed. Despite their “jelly” structure, these Puma sports slides are extremely comfortable and easy to walk in, meaning that your feet won’t heavily sweat under the summer sun! You can choose your favorite color option from

Best Sports Slippers and Slides for Women: Puma Jelly Slide Sandals

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