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9 Most Iconic Nike Sneakers for Women Designed So Far

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Originally named Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike is one of the world’s leading sportswear brands along with Adidas and Puma, with Nike sneakers being some of the most iconic of all time. Jump to the list of the best Nike sneakers for women, but also, let us recap Nike’s history a bit, as its legacy has never stopped charming us for more than 50 years, now!

Most Iconic Nike Sneakers for Women Of All Time

Iconic Nike Sneakers for Women: Contents

9 Best Nike Sneakers for Women

Questionable inspirations aside, Nike’s high quality materials and top-notch designs are never debatable, especially when it comes to Nike sneakers. To fully celebrate Nike’s legacy and importance in the industry, we decided to compile a list of Nike’s most iconic sneakers for women of all time, so that you will never go wrong when looking for a footwear investment that will never go out of style!

1. Nike’s Most Desirable Pair of Sneakers: Nike Air Max 1

Teenagers worldwide, reunite! If there’s one pair of trainers past and present (and future) teenagers have always wanted, well, that’s the Nike Air Max 1, available on

Officially debuted in 1987 with their innovative Air-Sole unit, Nike’s Air Max 1 has become an absolute hit for both athletes and street-wear enthusiasts, with more and more It-girls on Instagram immersing themselves in a vintage-meets-street-wear style that gets easily complemented specifically by this pair of iconic Nike sneakers.

Nike’s Air Max 1 has also evolved a lot throughout the decades so that it is now possible not only to choose from different colors, but also materials and different patterns.

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike Air Max 1 Trainers

2. Nike Is Epic, Indeed: Nike Air Epic

Introduced in 1985, Nike’s Air Epic is the pair of sneakers everyone literally runs to when looking for something vintage yet high-tech, cozy yet somehow elegant. Unisex and extremely useful for actual runners, Nike’s Air Epic is currently one of the label’s bestsellers and, just by looking at its incredible color options, it is not that hard to understand why. Get them from Amazon!

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike Air Epic Trainers

3. Who Says Nike Cannot Be Minimalist? Nike Air Presto

We often associate Nike with ultra-colorful designs and whimsical patterns, but that is not always the case. Nike Air Epic’s little sister, Nike Air Presto is actually pretty cute and minimalist, with its overall design meant for an everyday comfort. Elegant yet never boring, Nike’s Air Presto is definitely one of the world’s best Nike trainers for women. You can get your pair from

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike Air Presto Trainers

4. Nike’s Epitome of Simplicity: Nike Roshe One

From one minimalist style to another, there’s a pair of Nike sneakers that could really get anyone ready for a peaceful meditation, and that’s Nike’s Roshe One. Inspired by the concept of Zen, Nike’s Roshe One features zero embellishments and a modified Waffle outsole (which is one of Nike’s trademarks), and it is literally to die for! You can even customize it according to your own preferences on Nike’s website.

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike Roshe One Trainers

5. Nike’s Elegant Simplicity: Nike Tanjun

If you like Nike’s Roshe One, this pair of Nike trainers will appeal to you even more. Named after the Japanese word standing for “simplicity”, Nike’s Tanjun treats us to one of the world’s most modern, elegant yet simple designs ever, which could just complete any look, even the most conventionally elegant ones, with the extra it-factor we all deserve. You can find it online at Nike.

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike Tanjun Trainers

6. Nike Air Huarache

Available on Nike’s website, this is one of the most eclectic, revisited and whimsical pairs of Nike sneakers ever. The very first Nike Air Huarache made its debut in 1991, immediately hitting it big. Its success was so imposing, Nike had to reinvent and revisit the model a thousand times from the early Nineties to the early ‘00s, never missing a chance to release an it-item both men and women couldn’t live without.

Nike’s Huarache sneakers for women are more elegant in their structure when compared to the ones meant for men, but the overall style is pretty unisex, so just go sport the one you like the most!

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike Air Huarache Trainers

7. Nike’s Winner: Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2

We have a winner, right here! The brand new Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 recently won the acclaimed Competitor Magazine’s 2017 Editor’s Choice award, subsequently flying off the shelves in a matter of minutes. Its seamless fit and luxurious cushioning make the sneakers the best choice for those who love running shoes that don’t look like actual running shoes, which is no small feat indeed. You can get yours from

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 Trainers

8. Flower Power: Nike Juvenate SE

One of the best pairs of Nike sneakers for women is the new Nike Juvenate SE, which is made of an ultra-flexible mesh upper and the cutest floral design (although it is available in other patterns, too). We bet this pair of Nike trainers will become an even bigger hit in the years to come, so make sure you get your favorite color from Nike!

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike Juvenate Trainers

9. Nike’s Streetwear Icon: Nike Classic Cortez

Introduced back in 1972, the Nike Cortez shoes are a favorite among street style icons and just almost every man and woman. It was actually Bill Bowerman’s first running shoe for Nike that was made to be so light and waterproof, but also functional when it comes to creating outfits. It has never stopped evolving, and now you have a wide range of appealing color options to choose from, so head over to!

Best Nike Sneakers for Women: Nike Classic Cortez Trainers

Nike Origins and History

Although less turbulent than that of Puma and Adidas, Nike’s history is quite interesting too, as it is linked to Japanese shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger (now known as Asics). Whether one is a “sneakerhead” or not, investing in a pair of Nike trainers has always been a win-win decision, with many still sporting a pair of Nike sneakers from the Eighties.

Founded by Philip Knight, a University of Oregon track athlete, along with his coach Bill Bowerman in 1964, Blue Ribbon Sports initially operated as a distributor for Onitsuka Tiger in 1964, and officially became Nike Inc. later in 1971.

As many may not know, Nike’s new name did not come by chance, as it was specifically inspired by the ancient Greek goddess of Victory – Nike. The label’s new name definitely put a good spell on Nike, as it quickly gained success ultimately hitting it big in the Eighties.

Its high quality materials, the endorsement from some of the world’s best athletes and its iconic V-shaped logo helped Nike become not just a footwear and sportswear label, but rather a status symbol, with Nike sneakers still being the evergreen, never-go-without it-items for many teenagers and adults all round the world.

What many may not know, however, is Nike’s story behind its equally iconic “Just Do It” tagline that, although being undeniably catchy, was actually inspired by a serial killer. As revealed in a 2009 documentary entitled “Art & Copy”, Nike’s motto was inspired by convicted murderer Gary Gilmore who, right before being executed for his crimes back in 1977, said a terse “Let’s do it” to the firing squad.

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