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I Swear by Relevant Skin’s Melt It off Balm To Remove My Party Makeup

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Honestly, there’ve been many occasions when I’ve come home from a long day and thought about sleeping in a full face of makeup. Thankfully, I’ve always been snapped out of my sleepy daze when I’m reminded of the “breakout roulette” I’ll be playing if I don’t commit to removing the impurities from the day with my nightly skincare routine.

Although applying makeup is one of my favorite things to do, removing it always feels like a chore. It doesn’t help that waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and smudge-proof lipstick involve a few extra steps to ensure my skin is cleansed of any residual dirt. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. 

I recently learned that I’m not the only one. During our annual holiday party, I spoke to a few of my fellow Glowsly girls, and we all agreed that taking off our makeup was our least favorite step of our routine, especially during the hectic holiday season. We concluded there must be an easier way to clean up the beauty of the day without the hassle. 

I recently discovered the Melt It Off Balm Cleanser ($28) from Relevant: Your Skin Seen. I was intrigued by the gentle cleansing balm advertised as a single step to remove makeup while keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. I tried it out, and I can honestly say it’s a game-changer. Read about my journey to finding my game plan for removing my makeup after the holiday parties. 

relevant skins melt it off balm to remove party makeup

Easy clean-up

I’ve tried various skincare products to make the makeup-removal process easier. While micellar water, cleansing oils and balms, and makeup remover wipes have always come in handy, I’m eager to find the quickest makeup removal technique possible.

After a long day of work and socializing, I tried the Melt It Off Balm Cleanser. I applied a dime-sized amount and gave it five minutes for the plant-based formula to fully absorb into my skin. The texture was smooth and felt nice on my skin. I was happy that the product, made with skincare actives like green coffee seed oil and squalane, was specially formulated so as not to clog my pores. 

With just one swipe, the makeup easily transferred onto my makeup-removing cloth. I was genuinely surprised when it instantly came off in one easy step. 

relevant skins melt it off balm to remove party makeup

Double cleansing is a necessity

I followed up the simple makeup remover with the brand’s Complete Cleansing Serum ($30). I used the dermatologist-tested serum to ensure that any remaining makeup invisible to the naked eye didn’t find its way onto my silk pillowcase.

When I completed the two-step nighttime skincare regimen, I loved that my typically dry skin didn’t feel tight and dehydrated like I’ve experienced with other products. Instead, I felt rejuvenated. My skin felt soft and refreshed, likely due to the squalane and chamomile extract in the formula. 

I also appreciated not having to do too much wiping around my delicate eye area. In the past, I’ve used products to remove waterproof eye makeup that left my eyes feeling sensitive. I’m happy to report I had a different experience with the gentle cleansing duo.

Since I’ve only used the brand for a couple of weeks, I can’t say whether it successfully targets fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and blemishes and prevents signs of aging. However, I look forward to seeing how the products improve my skin over time.

Shopping the product

I can confirm that I’ve discovered a product I must have on my beauty counter, but even more so during the busy holiday party season when I don’t have the time or patience to struggle with makeup removal.

All products from Relevant are crafted for all skin types, tones, and textures and contain clean, high-performing formulations backed by science. Nyakio Grieco, who also founded Thirteen Lune, continued her dedication to inclusive beauty with science-led skincare through Relevant. She collaborated with top labs to formulate each product with superfruits and skincare actives in efficacious percentages to create products that truly perform.