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How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish: 4 Glitter Nail Polish Removal Techniques

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Removing glitter nail polish is a challenge because the product is designed with a thicker glue-like substance to hold the glitter pieces and the base polish together. Challenging as it may be, glitter nail polish need not be a lifetime commitment!

Though the hassle of the removal process can be a deterrent for many women, it shouldn’t be! Removing glitter nail polish is a dream with these easy tips. Throw a movie or some music on and turn the removal process into a ball!

Removing Glitter Nail Polish Using the Aluminum Foil Technique

Who would have guessed that kitchen equipment would play a starring role in the beauty arena? All it takes is a few tools and a bit of patience.

Who would have guessed that kitchen equipment would play a starring role in the beauty arena? All it takes is a few tools and a bit of patience.

  1. Get Aluminum Foil

    Tear ten pieces of aluminum foil that are roughly four to five inches in length and three inches in width.

  2. Use Acetone

    Saturate a cotton ball or pad with acetone nail polish remover and place in the center of each sparkly nail. Acetone, while a little harsher, is the best option for removing the hardier glitter nail polish. It is more intensive and will remove your glitter nail polish faster and more effectively.

  3. Wrap the Nails

    Wrap each piece of tin foil around each nail, ensuring that each cotton pad is fully placed on each nail. The tin foil should be tight enough that it holds the cotton pad in place. Your fingers should look like they are wearing little finger warmers, and the tin foil should be fashioned so it sits around the nail and the first inch of the fingertip.

  4. Pull the Foil off

    Leave on for three to five minutes. Applying a light pressure, pull the tin foil off; dragging the cotton pad off with it. If you want to speed up the process of removing glitter nail polish with aluminum foil, stand in the sunlight or in a warm room.

  5. Rub off the Excess

    Rub off any remaining glitter using a cotton ball and acetone.

  6. Hydrate Your Nails

    As a final step, always hydrate your nails and apply a nourishing hand cream to repair them.

Makeup Remover Pad Technique to Remove Sparkly Nail Polish

For women who have less time to dedicate to removing their glitter nail polish, there is another way! Using a facial cleansing cloth or pad that has divots allows you to remove the sparkly nail polish using the dual magic of acetone remover and friction.

The texture of the pad will drag the stubborn glitter flakes off of your nails. Exfoliating makeup pads will be your best choice for this method, as the ridges create a natural friction.

  • Coat the pads in your acetone remover for a simple and effective glitter nail polish removal technique. Rub it up and down, back and forth your nails as many times as needed until you completely remove the sparkly nail polish.
  • Once you get rid of all the glitter, wash your hands with soap and apply a hand cream to repair your nails.

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish Using the Rubber Band Technique

Don’t have aluminum foil lying around? This cheap and cheerful technique of remivung sparkly nail polish may become your new best friend.

Using mini hair elastics (the kind that comes in a pack of 50-100) is an innovative and simple way to ensure that the acetone-soaked cotton pad achieves its maximum effectiveness. The rubber band will hold the pad down and will ensure that your glitter nail polish dissolves swiftly and neatly.

It works similarly to the aluminum foil technique but without the cutting and shaping element!

  • Soak cotton balls in acetone nail polish remover and place one on each of your glitter nails, sliding a hair elastic around to ensure the cotton balls stay in place.
  • Wait for some three minutes and remove the cotton balls.
  • Take makeup remover wipes and saturate them with nail polish remover to gently remove the remaining glitter from your nails.

Glue Technique to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

You can take steps to make the glitter nail polish removal process easier before you’ve even applied it.

  • Begin by mixing a craft glue like Elmer’s with some water to create a liquidy consistency. You can mix the combination in any container but an empty nail polish bottle is preferable.
  • Coat your nails with the mixture and let dry for at least five minutes before applying a clear nail polish. Apply your glitter nail polish using your method of choice.
  • When it comes time to take your sparkly nail polish off, the glue will create a barrier between your nail and the glitter nail polish and will make it easier to remove. You can use your acetone nail polish remover and then chip away the remainder with a manicure stick or toothpick.

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