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How to Remove Waterproof Makeup Safely

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Your facial cleanser and water are likely not going to be good enough to get rid of your waterproof makeup! Chances are you will need a more specific makeup-removing product, and you might even want to adopt the double cleansing technique. Below, we’ll make sure you know how to remove your waterproof makeup at the end of the day.

Single Cleansing

If you are absolutely set on only cleansing your face once, opt for the kind of cleanser that can truly break down waterproof makeup. Oil cleansers and balm cleansers tend to be the best at that, since they are made of oil, which is great at breaking down water-resistant makeup ingredients.

Unlike using pure oil or a makeup remover, however, these cleansers also contain mild surfactants that ensure that they will be rinsed away with water. Cream cleansers also tend to be better than gel cleansers at removing waterproof makeup, but they’re not as good as oil and balm cleansers.

The best way to use these cleansers is to apply them to your face while it is dry. Squeeze out a bit into your palm, and massage it into your skin in upward, circular motions. You will immediately notice the oil or balm cleanser breaking down and dislodging your complexion makeup.

When you get to the area around the eyes, use your ring finger to gently massage the cleanser over the eye area, being especially thorough but still careful when you go over your eyeline and eyelashes.

Once your whole face is covered in cleanser, and all of your waterproof makeup has broken down and mixed with it, rinse as much of it off with a splash of water. Once most of that makeup and cleanser have been washed down the drain, use a facial cloth, a facial sponge, or some cotton pads to get rid of any residue.

Finish off with a swipe of toner or essence, and moisturizing serums and creams.

How to Use Waterproof Makeup

Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is by far the better choice for really getting the face clean of all of those waterproof makeup products.

Double cleansing is a two-step process in which you first break down the makeup with an oilier or creamier cleanser, and then you give the face a quick scrub down with a gel or foam-based cleanser that will also break down those oils. It is a great way of removing waterproof makeup, especially for those that have oily and acne-prone skin.

If you would like to use an oil or balm cleanser for your first cleanse, simply follow the directions I listed above. On the other hand if you plan on doing the first cleanse with regular oil, like sunflower or coconut oil, or with a makeup remover, then you want to do things just a little differently.

I prefer using my hands to rub the oil or waterproof makeup remover into my skin, although some people prefer using a cotton pad – in the cases of some makeup removers, a cotton pad will also work better. Either massage the oil into your skin to break down the makeup, or wipe your skin with the cotton pad in upward motions.

Be extra careful around your eyes, using gentle motions in order not to pull on the sensitive skin there. Once all of the makeup has broken down, use a paper towel, a soft dry face cloth, or cotton pads to wipe off the mixture of makeup and remover.

Once you’ve removed as much as possible, splash your face with water, and dispense a nickel-sized amount of gel or foam cleanser into your hands. Massage the cleanser into your skin with upward, circular motions, until you have covered your whole face.

Next, use water to rinse off as much of the cleanser as you can. Make sure all of the cleanser is gone by wiping your face with a damp face cloth or a damp cotton pad.
Nourish your cleansed skin with an essence or some serums, and cap things off with a healthy dose of moisturizer.

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