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What Is Texturizing Spray for Hair and How to Use It?

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We have prepared a guide for you to know what a volumizing spray is, how dry texture spray works, and how to use it.

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What Is a Volumizing/ Texturizing Spray?

Everywhere you look nowadays, everyone wants to have a feel of tousled hair that seems undone but is pretty perfect. And you just might want to get that also. As you would know by now, going to the salon frequently to get this look can cost quite a fortune, especially when you want to get the service of the best professionals. This is why you can choose to get a hair texturizer instead.

Also known as hair texturizer or dry texture spray, volumizing or texturizing spray is a product that adds texture and volume to your hair and makes sure that it still has enough grip to look fantastic. The product does quite the magic when you spray it on your hair – it pumps your hair volume from the root and still keeps the strands firm to avoid breakage. What you get at the end of the day is more volume but lighter stands.

Texturizing spray comes in either liquid or gaseous form, and is majorly infused with salt that goes into the hair. The whole process works just like a sponge – the hair absorbs the product and acquires more volume, and the strands become thicker.

This, in turn, makes the hair strands less dense and less weighty. So there’s also better texture and a tousled look. The liquid works really well on wet hair, while the aerosol hair texturizer can be sprayed on dry hair for a beachy look and a matte finish.

Dry Shampoo vs. Texturizing Spray

When it comes to hair care products, there exist some products that can be easily confused. For example, many people think dry shampoos and texturizing spray have the same effect on the hair. Well, if you are one of them, we have the answer to that right here.

Dry shampoo is basically a hair shampoo that comes in powdered form. You can either shake it into your hair as a powder or get the one that has a spray can. The powder goes to the root of the hair and removes all oiliness while leaving your hair firm and clean.

This is almost the same thing that texturizing spray does, but instead of soaking up oil, it adds texture and pumps your hair volume where it is most needed. And while you can use dry shampoo for oily portions of your hair, you can use hair texturizer all over to get the undone look.

Before you go looking for a dry shampoo, however, some brands use innovation to make products that can work as both dry shampoo and texturizing spray. So they absorb oil while giving your hair much more volume.

How to Choose a Volumizing/ Texturizing Spray?

How to Use Texturizing Spray to Build Volume?

If you really want to get the kind of result that you have seen on the Internet or you were promised on the label that comes with the volumizing spray, then there are two ways that we recommend for you to apply the product.

One way you can go about it is…

  • Make sure that your hair is damp and then apply the product to the root of your hair. You can add more to a specific area where you want more volume.
  • You can also start at the back and work your way forward. This would allow you to have more volume without getting any frizz.

Another way is…

  • Section your hair horizontally and spray the hair texturizer at the roots. It is preferable to use a light texturizer for this method.
  • Spray from the top of your head to the nape of your neck.
  • Flip the hair upside down and use your fingers to massage from root to tip. Turn your head back to its normal position, and you will be wowed by the result you get.

You can also use volumizing sprays for ponytail, braids and even around your scalp – they are that versatile. The best way to use texturizing spray is to apply it to your hair whenever you need that volume, since it works instantly.

There are also directions on the best time to use each product on the label. So if you have gone through our list of the best texturizing sprays in another article, then you certainly will know how often to use them in the directions.

The beautiful thing about dry texture spray is that it can work for all hair types. Whether you have straight, fine, wavy and even curly hair, you can use the product to get more volume for your hair.

The only thing that applies here is that the amount you use would depend on your hair type. If you have full hair with a lot of volume already, all you need to do is add a little volumizing spray to your hair, and you get more volume with better and long-lasting soft texture.

However, if your hair type is the limp or fine type, you need to add more hair texturizer to your hair, especially of the hair falls flat on your head. The spray will help you get more volume when you do this.

If your hair belongs to the curly category, don’t panic, you can still use a dry texture spray. But make sure you get a co-wash or pre-wash like a ‘volume pre-wash shampoo’ so that you can still retain your beautiful, voluminous and light hair after washing it off.

How to Use Volumizing/ Texturizing Spray?

Other Hair Texturizer Tips & Hacks to Know

We have some extra but vital piece of information about dry texture spray. These tips will make you get a better and more productive experience out of the product.

Dry Texture Spray Can Be Used as a Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo works mainly by absorbing excess oil to give your strands a lift. Well, that’s the exact same thing that a dry texture spray does to your hair. So if you don’t see a dry shampoo around, just get a texture spray to do the job for you.

Applying Texturizing Spray Correctly

When using the dry texture spray, make sure that you keep the can at least six inches away from your hair. Holding it too close will cause the gas to liquefy and too far will make too much of the gas leave the can without touching your hair.

You Can Get Flat Hair

We have been discussing all the pros of using texturizing spray all over this article. Well, you can also have your hair fall flat on your head if you use this product incorrectly. To avoid this, lift your hair when applying the spray and don’t just apply it to the top while your hair is lying flat on your head. Try to get the product on your scalp.

Hair Texturizer Works for Braids and Ponytail

If you have braided your hair or love to wear ponytails, you can still add texture spray to your hair care routine. It will help you maintain a high angle and help the braid stay firm while you sleep. What’s better than waking up and waving those beautiful hair strands around?

Keeps Bobby Pins Intact

Texturizing spray can help you hold bobby pins or other hair accessories that you use to keep your hair in place. It creates quite a good grip when you apply it to that spot where the pin would stay.

Tips for Using Volumizing/ Texturizing Spray

How to Volumize Your Hair Effectively

There are some other ways that you could add volume to your hair without using a texturizing spray. And in this section, we would be giving you some excellent tips that you can use to get hair that is not only full but also healthy and thick.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes all you need to do to grow healthy hair is to eat a healthy diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. If your hair just started thinning recently, then you definitely should go for a medical check-up. It could be as a result of iron deficiency, anemia, and a thyroid problem, and it could also be a disease.

Correcting it will cause you to regain that full hair you had before. If the problem isn’t medical, then you can still check with your stylist for professional advice on the type of hair care product to use.

Use Hair Texturizing Products

Haircare products you can use to add volume and give life to your strands also include:

  • Clarifying Shampoo: This makes your hair lighter and adds volume to it. So, wash your hair with it 2-3 times a week for good results, but use it twice a month for colored hair.
  • Volumizing Mousse: Add hair mousse at the root of your hair to get the same result as with the clarifying shampoo.

Switch Your Parting Style

Using the same type of parting for such a long time can make your hair settle and remain flat on your head. For better volume use a fine-tooth picking comb to create the pattern you want. Then brush your hair while using hair spray to hold it in place.

How to Volumize Your Hair Effectively

Use Hot Rollers

When you are going out and don’t have so much time for getting volumizing shampoo on your hair, just throw in some hot rollers. Put them curled around your hair and leave them on while you go about your makeup. Remove them when you are done, and brush your hair in the direction you want the waves to go. For the rollers effect to be long-lasting, use hair texturizer on each section before your brush.

Get a New Haircut for More Volume

You can get a haircut that adds volume to your hair. This works with length and layers. You should allow the layers to be placed inside the hair and not at the ends. You can also go for short haircuts and medium cuts that won’t drag your hair down. This will allow your strands to reveal your scalp less and let the maximum volume be created.

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