Hair » 63 Purple Hair Color Ideas to Swoon over: Violet & Purple Hair Dye Tips

63 Purple Hair Color Ideas to Swoon over: Violet & Purple Hair Dye Tips

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Purple isn’t considered the royal color for nothing! It evokes mystery, magic, and intrigue. Purple hair is inherently alluring and sensual. The most refreshing and innovative way of tapping into the brilliance of purple? Incorporating it into your hair color!

Purple Hair Color Ideas to Swoon Over: Violet & Purple Hair Dye Tips

Today, we will provide you with some creative strategies on dyeing your hair purple or violet and give you insight into making the dynamic color work for you. We will round out our guide with the most compelling purple hair color ideas courtesy of Instagram!

Violet & Purple Hair Color Trend: Contents

How to Choose the Perfect Purple Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

It is absolutely essential to choose a purple hair shade that flatters your skin tone. Ignore this advice at your peril! The wrong purple hair pigment can wash you out at best and look cheap and tacky at worst. Luckily, this is an easy blunder to avoid. All it takes is a strong understanding of your skin tone.

Quick pointer for establishing whether you have warm or cool skin. If you have a warm undertone the veins in your arm will appear green, and if it is cool your veins will appear blue. If your veins appear to be a mix of green and blue, then you have neutral undertones and can generally get away with a wider range of purple hair shades and pigments.

Warm shades of purple will look best on those with warm skin undertones, while those with cool skin undertones should give their preference to cooler shades of purple hair. Of course, women with neutral undertones are the lucky ones, since they can experiment with a wide range of violet hair color shades.

Best Purple Hair Colors for Fair Skin

Porcelain beauties, this one’s for you. Women with fair skin should choose a purple hair shade that is more subdued and muted. Vibrant, energetic shades will wash you out and create an unappealing contrast. Choose a periwinkle, heather, or lavender hair shade.

Incorporating a pale pink hair dye or blue into your purple hair color will look graceful and romantic. The cool shades will enhance the cool base of your skin tone. Women with fair skin can get away with incorporating fun shades of pink into their purple hair, creating a dreamy and whimsical colormelt.

How to Choose the Perfect Purple Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Best Purple Hair Colors for Light Skin

Women with light skin have a slightly deeper tone than women with fair skin. A lavender hair color will bring out the cool shades in your skin while also subtly flattering the warmer tones in your hair.

Women with light skin can experiment with a deep and cool shade of ice violet. A metallic, luminous shade of lavender can be immensely flattering when rendered with a cool overlay.

Best Purple Hair Colors for Medium Skin

Medium and olive-skinned women have a naturally tan skin tone. Medium skin typically, but not always, has a warm undertone. Medium skin pairs beautifully with a more vivid shade of electric lilac, violet, or indigo.

A more vibrant shade of bluish-purple will enhance the warmth of your skin while creating a striking silhouette. Warm skin tones can be livened up with lively shades of magenta and royal velvet purple hair colors.

Best Purple Hair Colors for Deep Skin

Women with darker skin have a lot of latitude when it comes to choosing a purple hair pigment. You can go for a baby purple hair shade for a playful and sassy contrast or you can go deep for a romantic and alluring aesthetic.

A rich eggplant or plum purple will play up the deep and warm undertones of your skin. You can experiment with some metallic lavenders and lilacs but ensure that they are on the warmer side, as a cool tone may have a dulling effect on your skin tone.

How to Dye Your Hair Purple

Women who are looking to dye their hair purple have a dizzying array of options. If you are ready for a full-fledged commitment, go monochromatic and dye your entire hair, from root to tip.

If you fancy a casual flirtation, experiment with some balayage purple hair or babylights. An ombre strikes a happy medium. Violet hair can certainly be experimental but it can also be easily incorporated into a more conservative aesthetic.

How to Choose the Perfect Violet Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

If you are looking for a total revamp on your look, be forewarned that violet hair, like many of its pastel counterparts, requires a certain level of upkeep and commitment. If you’re into a low-maintenance style, stick with a few highlights and err on the side of subtlety. Even better? Why not go for a temporary purple hair dye!

Temporary Purple Hair Dye

Temporary hair dye has always been the fun and furious go-to for punk princesses and the counterculture set. These days temporary dye has a much wider milieu and can be enjoyed by women of all sensibilities.

Temporary purple hair dye is perfect for women who want to indulge themselves in a foray into hair color without the huge commitment. Temporary dye typically lasts a few days to a week, making it a tempting option for parties, events, or experimentation. It is also a great trial step for women who want to dive into permanent hair color later on down the line.

Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Dye

You can also try a semi-permanent purple hair dye that doesn’t require bleach. This technique involves using a deep burgundy, eggplant, or plum hair shade directly over your natural hair color. After you have dyed your hair, you may notice either deep or subtle results, depending on your base color.

Brunettes will likely only notice a sheen or tint of purple, whereas blondes and redheads may have more true-to-form results. You can then overlay your slightly purple locks with a temporary hair dye for some added violet voltage!

Semi-permanent purple hair dyes usually wash out after about six washes. We recommend using dry shampoo to increase the shelf life of your semi-permanent purple hair.

Permanent Purple Hair Dye

For the determined, there is the permanent purple hair dye solution, in which case you will enjoy the royal color for a longer period of time. These are the steps to follow if you want to dye your hair purple at home:

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

Let’s make one thing clear, girls: no bleach or dye job should be performed on weak, brittle, or dehydrated hair. For beautiful results you need healthy and strong locks – pre-dye. This step holds true for women who are using permanent and temporary dyes, alike.

Luckily, prepping your hair for its bright violet future isn’t too challenging of a task. All it requires is some forethought and dedication. Moisturizing masks, conditioners, and hot oil treatments should be used a few times a week in the month leading up to your bleach and dye sessions.

How to Dye Your Hair Purple

Deep conditioning treatments can be done at home or in a salon but whatever your choice, don’t skip out. These treatments nourish dehydrated hair follicles and impart shine and vibrance from tip to strand. We also love using natural hair oils like coconut oil and avocado oil. They contain compounds that strengthen and nourish the hair shaft.

While you’re at it, why not subject your hair to a simple trim? Chop off the split ends and say goodbye to brittle, breakage-prone strands. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and alternate with a moisturizing conditioner so you can remove build-up, dirt, and oil from your hair and scalp without stripping your hair of natural moisture.

Step 2: Bleaching 101

(At The Salon)

We suggest conducting a strand test before diving off the bleach deep end. A strand test in a non-conspicuous region of your hair will provide you with an idea of how your hair reacts to bleach.

Avoid washing your hair for two to three days before your bleaching appointment. This allows natural oils to build up. The oils accumulate on the roots and taper down to the ends and they protect your hair from the harsh effects of the bleach. Of course, not all violet-minded gals need to bleach their hair but if your hair is anything darker than medium brown that means one thing: bring on the bleach.

If you have lighter hair, you can certainly skip this step and dye the purple pigments directly onto your hair. Women with brown or black hair must subject their strands to bleach, particularly for those who want to experiment with a vibrant lilac or lavender shade. The darker the hair and the lighter the desired result, the more bleaching sessions you will need to undergo.

We always encourage women to get their hair bleached at a salon. This minimizes risk and damage and allows you to undergo this harsh procedure in a clean, safe environment. Salons also use the innovative Olaplex, a product that reduces the damage of bleach and improves the health of your hair.

If you have darker hair, you will need more than one bleaching session. If your hair is in optimal and healthy condition, you can undertake the second bleaching session within the next few days. For finer hair that is more susceptible to breakage, we suggest waiting at least a week for the next session.

(At Home)

If you’re the DIY kind and want to try at-home bleaching, you certainly can. However, we only recommend this for women with naturally blonde or light brown hair. Women with dark brown or black hair should always get their hair professionally bleached for better results.

How to Dye Your Hair Violet

If you are bleaching your hair at home to get that gorgeous purple hair color, make sure to do it on dry, unwashed hair. Divide your hair into four to six sections of 1-1 ½-inch strands and apply the bleach working your way up to the mid-length of your hair. You can use a hair clip to pull back the sections that might be hindering you.

Make sure to bleach your roots last. Keep the bleach on your scalp for less time than the rest of your hair, since the heat from your scalp will process and develop the bleach faster.

As you are done, wash your hair completely removing the bleach and apply a moisturizing conditioner. Leaving the bleach on longer than the stated time will not deliver better results, but rather will damage your hair. In case you experience severe scalp itching or hair breakage after the process, make sure to wait at least a week before the next bleaching session.

Step 3: Choose Your Salon Wisely

When it comes to dyeing your hair purple, you want to find a salon that specializes in innovative and unique colors. This means choosing an edgier salon with stylists who have extensive repertoires with artificial hair colors. Your neighborhood cut-and-trim hairdresser may simply not be the best choice.

While many of these stylists have longer waitlists and demand higher price tags, it is absolutely worth it. They have the expertise to diagnose the condition of your hair and can monitor the bleaching process to minimize damage.

They also have valuable insight and can recommend the best purple hair color for your skin tone and features. Stop around on the salon website or Instagram to find examples of their previous work.

Step 4: Toning the Hair

Hair toner is next to necessary for women who want hyper-vibrant, lighter shades of purple hair. Why? Toners mitigate the yellow-orange color that bleach creates.

Based on color theory, purple and yellow-orange are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. When you mix them together what do you get? Brown. If you overlay purple hair dye directly onto hair that hasn’t been adequately bleached or toned, your hair will turn a muddied shade of brown-purple. You don’t want all your hard work to be in vain!

After toning, many hair colors will veer either on the side of silver or the side of white. If your hair is more orange-hued after bleach it will turn silver, whereas if bleach renders your hair yellow tones, it will come out more white in color!

A purple-based toner will help you get the perfect end results. Apply the toner like you would bleach and allow it to fully saturate your strands and soak in. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash the toner out with cool water.

What Colors Flatter Purple Hair?

Step 5: At-Home Purple Hair Dyeing

So you’ve bleached your hair and now you’re ready to bring on the purple! While we advocate visiting a salon specialist for your purple transformation, you can definitely try and capture the magic from the comfort of your own home.

• To dye your hair purple at home, give your strands a few days rest after the bleaching and toning treatments. Begin with dry, unwashed hair, since shampoo and conditioner can create a build-up around the hair strands, making it harder for the purple hair dye to adhere to the strands.

• To create an at-home purple hair color-melted look, you can combine different shades into your hair. Prepare the different purple shades in different bowls, mixing each in with white conditioner.

• Painting your hair in different purple shades will lead to a beautifully blended balayage look. In this case it’s important to place the shades in a uniform way to avoid a stripey, patchy color job.

• Apply the lighter violets and lavenders on the lighter sections of your hair and the darker shades of wine and eggplant on the darker parts of your hair for a lovely color-melted job.

• Incorporate a fluorescent pink into your purple hair dye for a punchy, highly pigmented, and spectacularly vibrant color.

• Mix up panels of pink, indigo blue, and purple for a dreamy violet colormelt that feels organic and original. These three colors effortlessly complement each other and can bring your purple locks to a whimsical new height.

• Purple is such a crowd-pleaser because you can go vibrant or you can go muted. For a subdued shade, use a less concentrated pigment.

• Divide your hair into four to six sections taking into account your hair thickness.

• Apply the purple hair dye with a tinting brush and leave it on for the recommended time but never longer. You can apply a shower cap for cleaner results.

• After the recommended time, rinse off the purple hair dye following with a color-protecting conditioner. You’d better not shampoo your hair for at least three days post-dye to seal in the purple hair color.

• Try a leave-in vinegar treatment to seal in your purple hair color. For this you just need to apply vinegar through your hair for 3 minutes and wash it out with cool water. A scented hair mist will be ideal for masking the strong scent of the vinegar.

• You can also use a hair gloss after conditioning your hair to get a glossy and bouncy appearance.

How to Maintain Purple Hair

After dyeing your hair purple or violet, you want to take care of your new hair color well to keep it bright for a longer period of time. Here is what you should keep in mind when wearing a purple hair color:

How to Maintain Purple Hair

Invest in Color Treatment Products

Spoil yourself and your new purple hair with specially formulated color-treated products. They may be expensive or intimidating to women who are dyeing their hair for the first time but they are necessary.

Avoid clarifying shampoos because they are designed to strip oils, chemicals, and build-up on the hair. When you have dyed hair violet, you want to keep the chemicals on your hair so clarifying shampoos are a no-no!

Color-treated products are designed without sulfates, which is perfect because sulfates are notorious for stripping color from the hair. These types of products seal in pigment and ensure that you won’t have to touch up as often!

Mix Dye Into Your Conditioner for a Weekly Treatment

Mix your purple hair dye into your conditioner of choice and work it into your hair on a weekly basis. Store it in a sealed container somewhere cool or at room temperature where it won’t be exposed to sunlight. Let it sit in your hair for five to ten minutes to let the violet hair color truly absorb.

Limit Shampoo Sessions

Limit shampooing sessions. Every time you wash your hair you are stripping away trace amounts of purple hair dye. It may seem drastic but if you can get down to two hair wash sessions a week your color will thank you.

It may feel like an uncomfortable change but luckily the modern beauty world is here to help. Dry shampoo is a wonderful antidote to greasy, lifeless hair, especially when your hair is adjusting to your reduced washing schedule. A texturizing or volume-intensifying dry shampoo can help your locks look full and healthy, even if you’re on day three of dry shampoo!

When you do wash your purple hair ensure you are using lukewarm water. Hot water singes the hair cuticles and more aggressively strips oils and color.

Avoid Heat Products

Heat products should be kept to a minimum. They intensify dryness and lead to brittle hair. Let your violet hair dry naturally and use braids or hair rollers to add organic texture.

Heat products should be used sparingly, and you must always ensure that you have heat protectant products on hand. If you must blow-dry your hair, do so at lower volumes!

How to Maintain Violet Hair

Treat Those Locks

A little moisture goes a long way with dyed hair. Invest in a deep moisturizing treatment, either at home or at the salon. Oil treatments enrich your hair and infuse the follicle with nourishing hydration. Use a hair mask for a weekly pampering experience. Your purple strands (and scalp) will thank you!

Frequent Touch-Ups

Unnatural hair colors are inevitably high-maintenance. There we said it. As much as we would love to sugarcoat it, the truth is that radiant and vibrant purple hair color requires monthly touch-ups. That could be as simple as a babylight application or root refresher, but it has to be done.

Some women love the faded, muted periwinkle hair color that develops over time. If you like the charcoal root look, then you are welcome to limit re-dyeing sessions. Just know that your purple hair color will fade, and that nothing you can do at home will stop it, new dye job aside!

Makeup Tips for Purple Hair

As you get your royal purple hair color, you should also adjust your makeup routine according to the deep pigments of your hair to make sure you always look like a queen as you step out the door.

Heed That Color Wheel

Shades that are diametrically opposite purple like yellow serve as a wonderful baseline. Gold, tan, metallic burnt brown – all of these makeup colors create a moody and seductive appearance with purple hair.

A deep forest or mint green looks ethereal and mythical when paired with dreamy purple locks. Green is a total crowd-pleaser. It pairs perfectly with brown, green, and blue eyes.

Lavender Lips, Lavender Eyes

Lavender and lilac eyeshadow and lipstick is a fearless and playful way of taking your purple hair to the next level. It helps create a cohesive, balanced look that will turn heads. For an original and dramatic evening look, invest in a purple mascara!

As for your eyebrows, keep them in a neutral grey-taupe shade that can be a shade darker than your violet hair.

Makeup Tips for Purple Hair

Match Your Undertones

If you have chosen a cool purple hair dye, go for cool makeup. The same holds true for warm shades. This rule encompasses foundation, concealer, contour, and bronzer. If you clash your undertones, your makeup look will appear brash and dirty. For a seamless and flawless look you need to match your undertones!

Lipstick Wardrobe

When you embrace purple hair, the world of lipsticks opens up to you! Women with cool-toned purple hair look stunning with black, mauve, taupe, and berry shades. Women with warm-toned purple hair look gorgeous with crimson, baby pink, and nude. That being said, you can certainly experiment with all tones now that you’re a lavender-locked babe.

Let Purple Hair Take the Stage

You’ve gone to all the trouble to dye your hair a stunning unicorn shade of purple, so why not skip the OTT makeup and go nude? What we mean to say is: embrace a more natural makeup aesthetic and let your violet hair steal the show. Go for a dewy foundation, nude eyeshadow, and a light layer of matte bronzer.

Pick One

If you’re going to go for bright red lips, tone down the eyes! If you’re doing a dark, inky smoked eye, go for a nude lip. This balance is especially important to strike when you have purple hair lest you look clown-like.

Contour and Highlighter = Yes

Contour and highlighter are wonderful, low-pigment options to create a sculpted and flawless face. It brings your best features to the fore while minimizing the addition of color to your makeup look.

Fashion Tips for Purple Hair

So what are the best colors that purple-haired queens should give preference to?

Bring on the Sunshine

Go yellow! Yellow is opposite purple on the color wheel, and when combined they create an original, unexpectedly delightful pair.


Invest in shades of lilac, royal purple, and indigo. While the full-dose purple requires a certain level of confidence, it can be an outrageously brazen way of wearing your boldness on your sleeves.

Fashion Tips for Purple Hair

Minimalist Futurism

This is a particularly wonderful aesthetic strategy for women who choose an icy or cool-toned purple hair shade. Sleek, clean lines and details of chrome and grey look out of this world futuristic with ethereal purple locks.

Black, White, Lavender

Of course, you can’t go wrong with black and white but it bears repeating. A monochromatic black or white outfit will look compellingly mysterious and romantic with luscious purple hair. This trick is universal in that it has an equally beautiful effect on both warm and cool undertones of purple.

Bow Down to the Color Wheel

One quick tip: we suggest avoiding a monochromatic outfit of orange or red. Frankly speaking, the colors will clash in an unappealing way. If you live by the clash, then pay heed to our next tip!

Power Clash Effectively

If you want to power clash, however, do it right: combine quirky prints, curated accessories, and diverse colors to make the outfit a hit.

Dark Purple + Deep Blue / Light Purple + Light Blue

If you have a deeper shade of eggplant, plum, or wine, your hair will look absolutely compelling with a shade of royal blue, indigo, or denim. Go for a deep blue blazer for an elegant, yet innovative, look.

On the other hand, a lilac, lavender or heather shade will look ethereal and dreamy with a shade of sky, ice, and cerulean blue.

63 Purple Hair Color Ideas to Embrace

Looking for the right source of inspiration to pick your purple hair color? Look no further! Below, we present 63 amazing ways to wear violet and purple hair with confidence.

1. Sparkling Amethyst Purple Hair

A prismatic gradient that will have the spectators starry-eyed! Tones of fuchsia, electric mulberry, and gilded mauve melt together in this dreamy violet hair color. It-factor hair glitter ups the glittering goddess factor. A soft retro wave is ultra feminine.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

2. Cosmic Wine Purple Hair

If you combined space-time with a glass of wine, what’s the end result? This galactic grape-loving purple hair color! We love the charcoal root and the neon amethyst, violet, and magenta ombre. Delicate finger waves bring it back to planet earth.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

3. Painterly Plum

This sleek and enigmatic mane is compelling in its moody sensibility. The deep violet hair looks alluring with the gentle babylights of jam and mulberry. The straightened locks allow the dynamic purple hair pigments to catch the light.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

4. Starburst Supernova

How else could you describe this intergalactic delight than as a dazzling supernova of depth and color? Shades of violet and magenta mingle with babylights of orchid. Floor-sweeping hair extensions are a must for this rich and gorgeous purple hair color.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

5. Downtempo Raisin

Purple hair need not be all shimmer and vibrance. We love this subdued and immensely wearable deep violet and raisin ombre. The shadowed, charcoal roots and mid-sections keep the look relaxed and sophisticated.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

6. Ice Princess Purple Hair

This ice cold royal purple-navy blue colormelt is evocatively romantic. It suggests images of a fantasy princess trapped in a gothic palace. The waves refract the light and give the two shades the appearance of a winter tempest. Pair this gorgeous purple hair color with a black turtleneck and pearl earrings.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

7. A Lilac and An Amethyst

This candy delightful melt of lilac, amethyst, and burnt rose feels feminine and whimsical, yet polished. The power of this purple hair color is the glossy finish. Invest in a hydrating gloss spray to create this mesmerizing look.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

8. Velvet Wine

The wispy, back-combed texture gives this violet hair color an alluring and enigmatic mood. We can picture the choppy cascade of violet and wine locks under a sensual beret. The painted magenta refreshes the look and keeps it just the right bit of edgy.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

9. Peacock Imaginings

This purple hair color is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The radically innovative splash kaleidoscope/ water gun technique creates a mosaic of rippled gradient shades of purple, blue raspberry, and burnt teal. A complex chignon will have all eyes glued to you.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

10. Orchid Mirror Purple Hair

The hair that could entrance and hypnotize even the most cynical of observers! The density of the deep lilac and orchid color lends these locks an existence of their own. The opaque shade of purple hair is delicious when executed with a thin sheen of glossy shine.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

11. Royal Eggplant

Mussed-up, messy, and urban, this purple hair color is perfect for the too cool to try set. The eggplant shade is brought to vivid life with subdued mauves and vibrant amethysts. The babylights are hard to distinguish, making the look a blend to believe in.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

12. A Flower on the Sun

Radiant beyond comprehension, this curly mermaid violet hair evokes images of mysterious goddesses rising from the sea. Painted portions of lilac, violet, and iris make this a floral beauty that will enhance any gal’s hair game. Pair with diamond earrings for extra WOW.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

13. Moon Stone Purple Hair

The opalescent, gritty gradient of this gorgeous purple hair color is flawless. The darkened base of eggplant plays provocatively with boysenberry, mulberry, and jewel-tone wine pigments. The textured waves will make you look like a doll come to life.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

14. Candy Vamp

We harken all witchy women to the salon! This playful purple hair color is beyond creative and perfect for the dynamic mid-fall months. The buttery tangerine orange power clashes with the royal purple, and the intricate knot plays up the color variation. Only for the bold!

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

15. Ultraviolet Hair

This electric ice blue-purple colormelt feels like the future come to life. We almost need sunglasses to protect us from the shimmering brilliance. A loose braid and delicate waves look original with the blueberry ombre.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

16. Banging Pastels

We love the sweet yet sassy bang finish for this pastel candy-inspired purple hair color. The base of violet and heather blends seamlessly with a chromatic burnt fuchsia. Soft waves and a berry lip stain polish the look off.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

17. Valentine’s Slay

You’ll be collecting all the roses with this vibrant, dazzling, and glossy dream. Burgundy and wine balayage descend from a sharpie-esque shade of pigmented amethyst. We love the luscious romantic ruby glaze.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

18. Violently Violet Hair

This purple hair color is brighter than the sun and as dreamy as a mid-winter reverie. We love the electric shock of gloss, glisten, and shine. Dusty magenta highlights look effortlessly mesmerizing with a mussed-up finish and choppy ends.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

19. Midnight Flower Garden

For those nocturnal animals among us, why not embrace this deep and moody blend of wine magenta ruby, vibrant eggplant, and crisp raisin? The perfectly painted highlights create a mesmerizing swirl effect – pure magic.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

20. Imperial Mulberry

This ombre purple hair color is provocative and fun-loving, a hard combo to nail! We love the imperial purple shadowed roots and the contrast the roots provide with the soft and messy cascading waves of vivid purple hair.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

21. Jewel-Toned Amethyst Hair

The sheer vibrancy of this purple hair makes it clear that it’s not for the faint of heart. The monochromatic color is fearless and head-turning. The shoulder-length cut keeps the look polished and urbane.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

22. Majestic Mood Lighting

This purple hair is the aesthetic equivalent of a seductive cocktail bar or a moody and atmospheric rooftop lounge. The blend of cool and warm blueberry and royal purple is seductively hypnotizing.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

23. Primal Passion Purple Hair

Violet is not only one of the most wearable colors – it is one of the most compelling. It feels fresh and unique and endows the wearer with a breezy level of sensual confidence. A mix of straightened and wavy hair is an easy reimagining.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

24. Grape Soda Purple Hair

This purple hair color is all fizz and carbonation. A high-intensity glaze will wrap this stunning grape pigment in a layer of lust-worthy shine. An extra dose of dye concentrated along the ends feels rejuvenated and bewitching.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

25. Charcoal Violet Hair

The blend of charcoal, gunmetal, and violet hair colors creates a deliciously enigmatic melt. You can hardly discern where one shade ends and another begins. The delicate finger waves transform this into an immensely wearable everyday look.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

26. Enchanted Mermaid Purple Hair

The most luxurious mermaid of the pack, this mythical beauty welcomes attention with her never-ending locks of electric amethyst and royal purple. The intriguing raven overlay will pair perfectly with a monochromatic outfit of black.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

27. Violet Bunny

Marry this creamy and delightful pop of violet hair with retro waves for an ultra-feminine style that won’t disappoint. The sheer gradient of purple hair shades is exquisite and ethereal. Pair with pearls for a seductive twist on an old classic.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

28. Babydoll Purple Hair Color

A soft and girly purple hair color that will take the word graceful to the next level! We love the delicate and wispy styling and the breezy and loose side bang. A sumptuous blowout will up the elegance factor.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

29. Indigo Peacock

Have a ball with this fearless and vibrant gradient purple hair! This look reminds us of an ice pop! We love the indigo and blue raspberry roots and the orchid ombre. Tight curls add a crisp and energetic feel.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

30. Ice Iris

What’s better than the choppy and urbane bob cut of this trendy look? The ice-glazed iris shade, of course! Painted sectionals of vibrant orchid blend flawlessly with the dusty light purple hair color. Pair with a delicate slip dress.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

31. Temptress Purple Hair

This purple hair hair belongs to a temptress, one who approaches life fearlessly and romantically. The long hair feels bombshell-ready, and the babylights of burnt blush rose and ash grey create a captivating, yet subtle, silhouette.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

32. Party Confetti

Play with all the pigments at the party with this confetti-esque purple hair color. A bedhead silhouette and choppy ends bring the look down to earth and give the artistic colors a more relaxed feel. Pair with a silky black tank and black lipstick!

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

33. Lavender Iris Melt

Put two of nature’s most romantic and timeless shades into a bowl and melt away! The soft pastel finish is elegant and graceful for women who want to embrace purple hair on more dainty terms. The light bang is modern and très femme.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

34. Fruit Punch, Anyone?

We want a sip of this purple hair color! When overlaid upon the purple shades, the dazzling glaze creates a mind-numbingly powerful effect. The magical magenta, icicle blush, and unrelenting violet create a lush and opulent ‘do!

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

35. Moon Goddess Garden

If you grew a lunar garden on the dark side of the moon, you wouldn’t be far off from this spellbinding purple hair color. The eggplant base, paired with flamenco dancer fuchsia and soft orchid, is a preternatural color harmony!

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

36. Jewel-Toned Royal Purple Hair

This purple hair color belongs to the sassy and confident youngest princess in a technicolor fantasy royal family. Indigo blue roots blend into a balayage of the softest lavender with ease. Pair with silver jewels and high-impact blush to complete the look.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

37. Vintage Iris

Old Hollywood called – it wants its hair back! The painted vibrant iris shades strike an absorbing contrast with the palette of ash and burnt grey. The luscious contours of this violet hair will fit in perfectly with a screen siren silhouette.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

38. Fierce Cascade Purple Hair

If you can’t choose just one shade – don’t! Violet, amethyst, periwinkle – bring them all into the mix. The key to this purple hair color is plump and fluffy hair. Playful waves create a casual feel that will take this look from day to night.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

39. Winter Violet Hair

A creatively constructed reimagining of purple hair colors for the cooler months. The icy sheen reminds us of soft snow falling into a vibrant and opulent glass of winter. One can dream, right? Spiral curls up the feminine majesty.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

40. Fairy in the Jewel Cave

Imagine a dainty fairy casting a spell of serenity over you as you drift into an intoxicating sleep. Jewel tones of amethyst and glistening pink Swarovski crystals mingle together and astonish the senses.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

41. Metallic Orchid

As the night falls, this dazzling and riveting shade of eggplant and metallic orchid will steal the hearts of all who lay eyes on it! The choppy bob and cultivated waves look elegant, almost sophisticated.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

42. Grazing Unicorn Purple Hair

This unicorn prefers to lounge in meadows of pastel flowers and she wears this passion on her mane! Unexpected pigments of teal and strawberry feel dainty and diaphanous. The soft finish of this purple hair is uber girly.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

43. Alpine Glow Violet Hair

Imagine the sun setting over a glacier-topped mountain. The sky turns the most dazzling shades of purple, indigo, and pink. This purple hair color tries to capitalize on this stunning natural phenomena. And the results are beautiful.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

44. Kool-Aid K-aptivate

If your hair is due in for a refresh, this should be your go-to purple hair color. It’s vibrant without being flamboyant and it’s innovative without being outlandish. The perfect balance for newcomers to the lilac side!

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

45. Canvas Delight

We are just loving this indigo-meets-lavender colormelt. It feels like it’s everywhere these days and for good reason. The blend is tantalizing and harmonious and it evokes a sensation of delight. Grab some extensions and a curler!

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

46. Periwinkle Crystal Ball

An ethereal, nymph-like purple hair color that incorporates the most succulent shades of periwinkle, opal, and heather. The balayage gradient feels organic, and immensely elegant. Pair with a soft mauve lipstick and babydoll eyelashes.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

47. Heavenly Heather

This heather shade is a soft alternative to some of the more vibrant purple hair colors we have seen! The magic of this violet hair is in its subdued finish. It looks dusty and subdued – perfect for urbanites who prefer a minimalist aesthetic.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

48. Cosmic Star Shower

Imagine a star shower of the most brilliant purple hair shades and pigments racing across an ink black sky. Envision these graphic colors swirling around and captivating your imagination. Now grab those shades and make a look out of them!

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

49. Lilac Quartz

Blend a feminine shade of rose quartz with a lively violet hair shade and finish with a curl. A glossy veneer takes the look to a scintillating new height. Pair with crystal earrings and a tan bronzer for a girlish look that you’ll love.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

50. Candy Floss Purple Hair

Embrace the delightful palette of the rainbow with this pastel purple hair daydream. Butter sunflower, radiant magenta, and fresh grape shades mingle together to create this sensational, and unique, finished product.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

51. Dark Unicorn

Go back to the future with this dense and industrial royal purple and charcoal colormelt. The balayage is hardly detectable, and the lush waves are redolent of a dark unicorn. Pair with a black turtleneck and silver studs for a cohesive aesthetic.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

52. Vivid Love Purple Hair

Get your roller skates on and hit the Eighties-themed roller derby! The jaw-dropping shades of magnetic purple hair and baby pink make this a fearless and playful look to covet! The waves capture movement as you glide across the floor!

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

53. The Orchid Bombshell

Get your extensions ready because this alluring purple hair color requires thick and luscious layers. The reverse ombre is unexpected and charming. The eggplant ombre ends look rich and dense. The key here is a high-duty glaze.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

54. Fortune Teller

Look into a crystal ball and you’ll find this enigmatic purple hair color calling from the world of magic. Crisp ink black looks utterly bewitching when paired with the melt of graceful pastels. A soft curl accentuates the magic.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

55. Triple Berry Purple Hair

Three’s a crowd? We object! This girlish and relaxed style melts rose, dusty blush, and plush lilac hair color to beautiful effect. The soft contour of the purple hair feels retro and incredibly polished. Perfect for day-to-day wear for gals on the go.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

56. Seductive Ice Queen

If there was royalty in a magical ice realm, this gal would be their queen. The glazed icy coolness of this purple hair color is heart-stopping. Who knew that shades of radiant orchid and dusty grey could so captivate the crowds?

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

57. Galactic Silk Purple Hair

Who knew that minimalistic grey and ice lilac would produce such a dizzying marriage? The key to this purple hair color is sheer glaze and gloss. You must treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment to truly nail this stunning style.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

58. Heavenly Creature

Plucked from the imaginings of a fantasy book, this ethereal purple hair color will captivate and amaze. The chubby fishtail braid adds a lustrous and playful addition. The dusty periwinkle color will pair perfectly with nude lips and a warm bronzer.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

59. Jewel Sand Purple Hair

Grind down precious stones like amethyst and opal, and what do you get? This transfixing orchid colored ‘do. Tones of silky blueberry enhance the warmth and dynamism of the violet hair color. Sleek and straightened hair allows the colors to sparkle.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

60. Dusty Nights

Dusty, gunmetal grey and cold charcoal are a mysterious beauty’s secret vice. A shock of lavender dye adds a magical and elusive quality. The chubby braid and texturized hair add dimension to the purple hair color.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

61. Cotton Candy Dreams

Cotton candy isn’t the sole purview of pink. Purple hair colors can get in on the fun, too! Charcoal roots pair with subtle amethyst babylights before descending into a cascading pastel ice purple. Pair with neon lips for a playful twist.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

62. Purple Daydreams

Like soft clouds passing through the light of a setting sun, this purple hair color mesmerizes the eyes and captures the imagination with its soft contours and dreamy suggestions. Pastel purple and smoky cream make a stellar pair.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

63. Lunar Eclipse

Calling all moon sirens. This one’s for you. A cold charcoal-gunmetal base looks compelling with the painted sections of blueberry and peacock purple. The purple hair colors blend delightfully in a messy mini-ombre.

Violet/ Purple Hair Color Ideas: Purple Hair Dye Tips

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