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17 Best Black Leggings to Wear Year-Round: Leggings Outfit Ideas

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A pair of black leggings is a wardrobe must, even if you’re not the kind of person who wears tights out in public. The best black leggings are useful in all kinds of scenarios, thanks to their versatility and comfort. They will look good with nearly every item sitting in your wardrobe! You can style them up or down, or hide them altogether while still benefiting from their warmth and coverage.

Best Black Leggings to Wear Year-Round: Leggings Outfit Ideas
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There is a crowd of naysayer fashionistas who say that black leggings are never appropriate outside the gym, but we reject that attitude in favor of bold permissiveness – as long as you make them look good.

We’ve selected the best black leggings you can buy online for any occasion. To help you choose the ones you’ll like best, we provide a guide to all the things you ought to consider before buying your leggings. To finish things off, we added some style tips for the office, the club, or a casual occasion, so you never feel out of place in your black leggings, no matter where you might be.

Black Leggings for Women: Contents

17 Best Black Leggings for Women for Every Occasion

Whether you’ll wear your black leggings to the gym or will get creative and style them for a cool casual look, here you have 17 options that are the hottest in the industry.

1. Full Coverage Black Leggings

These Zella black leggings are simple, comfortable, and elegant. They have a high-rise fit and long inseam, so you’ll feel totally covered while wearing them. They are made for exercise, so their seams are flat against the skin and their fabric wicks away sweat. However, their simple design makes them super versatile, so you can wear them in many situations. Despite being synthetic, these black leggings are very soft and warm, and they have a slight shaping effect. Buy them from Nordstrom!

Best Black Leggings: Zella Live in High Waist Black Leggings

2. Stirrup Black Leggings

The stirrups on these leggings make them a very unique choice, and they’d definitely be the best black leggings for those with a more conceptual style. The brand name “AMBUSH” is printed in white along the side on these. They are made of a super stretch synthetic, so you’ll find them very easy to move around in, while the high waisted design gives some shape. Wear them with sandals or ballet flats to show off the stirrups around the foot. Order them through Net-a-Porter!

Best Black Leggings: Ambush Black Leggings

3. Matte Skimmer Black Leggings

The best black leggings for summer and spring are ones that sit at about mid-calf, since they add breathability so you can stay cool. Beyond that, these Elisabetta Franchi leggings are an easy choice, with a flattering mid-rise waist and a versatile matte black fabric. They’re made of a soft polyamide/ spandex blend, so they have stretch and breathability, but limited moisture wicking. They are available online at Farfetch.

Best Black Leggings: Elisabetta Franchi Branded Side Stripe Black Leggings

4. Twill Black Leggings

If you have a preference for unique materials, then choose these twill leggings from Alexander Wang. They are made of thinly woven wool with just a bit of spandex for stretch. This material combo is great because it is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, yet natural and soft. It is suitable for nearly any temperature or activity. These black leggings have a short inseam, so if you’re tall they’ll sit at mid-calf, with a high-waisted design that is a little sporty with a white strip at the waist band along with ‘alexander wang’ lettering. Purchase them from Forward!

Best Black Leggings: Alexander Wang Black Leggings

5. Snap Button Black Leggings

If you’re looking for something less sporty, these BB Dakota black leggings are a good fit. They are decorated with black snap buttons from top to bottom along the side, although only the buttons near the ankle actually open up. They are made of a blend of rayon, nylon, and spandex, which makes them durable and soft. They look thick and solid, so you can wear them incognito. You can get them through Revolve.

Best Black Leggings: BB Dakota Snap Your Fingers Black Leggings

6. Extra Light Black Leggings

These are the best black leggings to choose when you’d really rather feel naked. They weigh nearly nothing, and are made of moisture-wicking synthetics that will keep you cool even on the hottest days. Despite the fact that they feel like nothing, they actually offer a lot of control and coverage with a high-rise fit, long inseam, and an inner drawstring for adjusting hold. Find them directly at Lululemon!

Best Black Leggings: Lululemon Fast and Free Black Leggings

7. Sporty Logo Leggings

Modern athleisure is a great streetwear choice, especially if you live in a big, bustling city. These are the best black leggings for the look, since they are made of a durable and moisture-wicking nylon/ spandex mix. They’ll cover you from waist to ankle with a streamlined design that is decorated with a Golden Goose star and logo print along the sides. They are sold via Farfetch.

Best Black Leggings: Golden Goose Logo Black Leggings

8. Faux Leather Black Leggings

These are the best black leggings for days when you want to look really sexy while feeling oh-so-comfortable. They are made to look like the sleekest leather pants, but they are actually made of a light and comfortable synthetic blend. They have a shaping effect and a high waisted fit that we think would be great for the club or show. Shop them at Nordstrom!

Best Black Leggings: Spanx Faux Leather Black Leggings

9. Oil-Slick Black Leggings

These Commando black leggings mimic latex with their intense black shine, so we think you ought to wear them when you want to get noticed. They’re ideal club or festival wear, for sure, and they fit well with the post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the upcoming winter. They have a polyurethane outer, but the inner lining is a comfy moisture-wicking blend of synthetics. They are high waisted with a long inseam. Pick them up from Net-a-Porter!

Best Black Leggings: Commando Faux Patent Leather Black Leggings

10. Jersey Black Leggings

Pulling these black leggings on will feel just like pulling on your most comfortable T-shirt. They are buttery and breathable, with a fit that doesn’t pull you in too tightly. They have a high-rise fit with a hem that sits just a little bit above the ankle. You can wear them with a long sweater while out and about, but they’re ideal lounging leggings. Grab them from Lululemon!

Best Black Leggings: Lululemon Align Pant 2 Black Leggings

11. Shiny Black Leggings

Shiny and silky, these black leggings are high-class but a little dirty the way only a Versace garment can be. Their outer sheen comes from an acetate and silk blend, which makes them ideal for wearing when you want to make an impact. They have a modern high-rise fit that is worth showing off with a colorful crop top. Order them online from Forward!

Best Black Leggings: Versace Shiny Black Leggings

12. Green Logo Black Leggings

These Unravel Project black leggings are simple and sporty, with a comfortable fit that doesn’t cling too tightly. Their main bit of decor is the Unravel logo in green over the sheens, as well as a print over the back of the elasticated waistband. Their inseam isn’t too long, so they’ll be a little cropped if you’re taller. You can buy them from Farfetch.

Best Black Leggings: Unravel Project Logo Black Leggings

13. Super Shiny Black Leggings

This is another option for shiny, faux leather black leggings, but with a slightly sportier design. You can wear these just as easily going out for a jog as you could while dancing at the club, since they’ll keep moisture away from your skin. If you’re tall they might sit at mid-calf, with a high-rise waist that has an elastic waistband. They are available through Bandier.

Best Black Leggings: Koral Shiny Black Leggings

14. White Striped Black Leggings

Sporty streetwear with a twist is exactly what Off-White is known for, so these black leggings deliver. Their fit is flawless, of course, with a mid-rise waist that won’t cling uncomfortably and a shorter in-seam. The white stripes decorating the sides were inspired by track and field athletes, so consider taking these for a jog. Purchase them through Net-a-Porter!

Best Black Leggings: Off-White Striped Black Leggings

15. Comfortable Hold Black Leggings

Wearing these black leggings feels like a warm hug. While the material they’re made of is indeed breathable, it is also a little thick. They also offer a bit of compression and have a high rise and long inseam, so the overall effect is that you feel their presence. Despite that, they are super soft, stretchy and comfortable so you will love them in the autumn. Get them directly from Lululemon!

Best Black Leggings: Lululemon Wunder Under Black Leggings

16. Subtle Sporty Black Leggings

These gorgeous black leggings are the result of a collaboration between Reebok and Victoria Beckham. They embody the sporty vibe of the former just as well as the minimalist elegance of the latter. The branding on them is minimal, with a subtle R logo near the ankle and VB lettering printed on the waistband. Find them at Farfetch!

Best Black Leggings: Reebok x Victoria Beckham Black Leggings

17. Star Printed Black Leggings

Are you a star? Then these are the best black leggings for you. Sure, they’re not the most mature choice, but they’re definitely fun. They have a bit of a sheen, and raised seams that protect your skin and give them a sporty vibe. They are best as workout leggings. They are sold at Bandier.

Best Black Leggings: Beyond Yoga Star Print Black Leggings

How to Choose the Perfect Black Leggings for You

When it comes to choosing the best black leggings you could style in a myriad of ways, there are a couple of aspects to take into account.

Fabric & Construction

• If you’re looking for leggings you can exercise in, consider ones made of a synthetic nylon or polyester and spandex blend. These will have the best stretch and will also be moisture-wicking.

• Another thing to look for with black leggings for exercise is raised seams. If the seams on your workout leggings are raised on the outside, it means they will be flat on the inside and therefore less likely to irritate the skin.

• Look for black leggings made of a thick enough fabric, so that if you bend or stretch they will still be opaque, especially if you’re looking for a pair to wear outside of the home or gym.

• Leggings are never going to be enough on their own during a very cold winter, but thick ones can certainly keep you feeling cozy in autumn. Choose natural fabrics like wool or cotton blended with spandex for cooler seasons.

• In summer, choose thin, synthetic leggings, since they will wick moisture while also retaining a cool feel.

How to Wear Black Leggings

Size & Length

• Leggings are usually sized in simple small, large, and extra-large sizes, so you’ll want to choose the fit that you normally go for with bottoms.

• If you would like a bit more compression from your leggings, you can take the risk and go one size smaller. However, you might end up with a bit of bulged flesh spilling out over the waistband or feeling constricted at the ankles.

• When it comes to length, consider your height and where you want your leggings to fall.

• 25-inch inseams will sit right above the ankle for shorter women, while they’ll hit mid-calf on taller women.

• 28-inch + inseams will work well for both shorter women and for taller women who would like their black leggings to cover their entire leg.

• Look for a cropped fit or an inseam around 23 inches if you’d like your black leggings to have a capri-style look.

How to Style Leggings


• If you plan on wearing your black leggings in non-casual environment, look for ones without sporty design elements like logos or raised seams.

• Instead, find leggings that are made of a thicker material, and have design elements that make them more formal, like buttons or pockets.

• If you’re going for an athleisure look, then stripes and logos are your friends. Make sure that any embellishments are in a color that you can coordinate with your look.

• Consider the kind of finish you would like for your leggings. Both matte and satin finishes can look good in any environment.

• You may also choose something that is a little more out there, like black leggings with a shiny finish that mimics leather or latex. Those are especially great for going out.

How to Wear Leggings

Leggings Outfits to Inspire: How to Wear Leggings Without Looking Trashy

Should you wear leggings like pants? Or better keep them for your yoga classes? Here’s when and how you can wear leggings with class!

Wearing Black Leggings Incognito

• It might be cheating to suggest this, but black leggings are an awesome way to stay warm when you’re wearing a pair of trousers or a long dress in winter. The easiest way to wear leggings in public, especially on a cold day, is in place of long underwear under a garment that isn’t thick enough on its own. Because of their tightness, they will be imperceptible, and will even help to smooth down any panty lines.

• In the same vein, no one will know if your black leggings are actually a thick pair of pantyhose. You can wear them even at the most conservative office, as long as you style them with booties or boots that hide their hem and a dress that hides the crotch area.

• Make sure to avoid wearing anything too tight over your leggings, as their seams and waistband will show through the material and totally ruin your illusion.

How to Wear Leggings in Winter

Black Leggings at the Office

• At the office, wearing black leggings with a top that doesn’t go past your crotch area is never appropriate.

• An easy look would be to pull a tunic or sweater dress over your black leggings, and finish the look off with heels or cute flats.

• If you’d like to camouflage your black leggings as pants, wear them with short boots, a long blouse and a blazer or cardigan.

• For a more casual office, you can go for a comfortable yet put-together look. Pair your black leggings with a long button-up shirt, and then wear a sweater over that. Finish things off with tasteful jewelry, and either a pair of heels, loafers, or Oxford shoes.

• A long, elegant coat will always look amazing tied over any office outfits that include a pair of black leggings.

Casual Black Leggings

• If you’re wearing your black leggings to go to the gym, then style is probably not the first thing on your mind. Even so, you will likely get a better workout in if you feel good about yourself, so pair your leggings with clean running shoes, and a T-shirt, cute crop-top, or a sports bra.

• The beautiful thing about black leggings is that your top can be any color. If your black leggings have colorful stripes or logos, you can match your top and shoes to those embellishments.

Tips for Wearing Black Leggings

• Clean, oversized T-shirts look surprisingly great with black leggings in casual settings, and they are easy to layer with bomber or denim jackets as well as more formal outerwear. Just make sure to avoid tucking them in, since black leggings are too tight to accommodate more fabric without bunching up weirdly.

• If you’re going to run some errands, throw an oversized sweater on. This look is cute but more polished than running around in workout clothes.

• You can also throw on a big fabric coat or long cardigan for a layered look.

• For a casual look that is a little more elegant, wear your black leggings with a long T-shirt or blouse, a cardigan, and cute flats or slip-on sneakers.

Going Out

• These days, you can wear black leggings to a more casual club without any concerns!

• You will want to style your black leggings similarly to how you would style a pair of skinny jeans. This is the one environment when you don’t need to worry about tops with long hemlines.

What to Wear Black Leggings with?

• Make sure you don’t have any visible panty lines by choosing seamless panties or a thong, however, if your hip and crotch area is going to be showing.

• You can go for a more revealing and sexier club look with a crop top, heels, and lots of jewelry.

• If you’re going for an edgier vibe, wear your black leggings with a dark tank top or band T-shirt, a leather jacket, and heavy boots. This will also make it easier to go out on cool evenings.

• At some clubs you can rock a more athleisure-inspired look, by wearing platform or heeled sneakers with your leggings.

Over-the-knee boots turn your fun black leggings look into jaw-dropping, so they are well worth seeking out.

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