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19 Best Yoga Pants for Women: Cool Workout Leggings to Wear All Day Long

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Every season is yoga pants season. Stretchy workout leggings are hard to resist, both as a wearer and an admirer. They have garnered a reputation for making one’s assets look great, but we also appreciate them for being comfortable and easy to move in. Yoga leggings can be worn to more than just a yoga class – they’re great for running, hiking, cycling, weightlifting, and even for running errands or just lounging around the house.

Best Yoga Pants for Women: Cool Workout Leggings to Wear All Day Long
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We’ve selected the best yoga pants for women to wear from a variety of sportswear brands. We’ll also help you figure out which are the right yoga pants for you based on your needs and preferences. To finish things off, we’ve included some tips and tricks for wearing yoga pants outside the gym, as well as some care instructions so you can keep your workout leggings looking good for as long as possible.

Yoga Pants for Women: Contents

19 Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women

Whether you love staying toned or are now looking for the best yoga pants to motivate yourself to work out, here you have 19 of the best options that are comfy, cool and stylish.

1. Lululemon Everlux Yoga Pants

At this point, everyone has come to accept that Lululemon makes the best yoga pants, and that you can’t go wrong with any of their offerings. This natural green pair is especially fetching, with visible seams and a high-waisted design that give a sporty feel and offer coverage should you pair them with a sports bra. These workout leggings are made of a breathable and moisture-wicking material that stays cool against the skin, and even have a hidden pocket to carry your cards. Buy them directly from Lululemon!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Lululemon Everlux Workout Leggings

2. White Panel Workout Leggings

These Koral Activewear black yoga pants for women are as comfortable as they are stylish. They are made of a stretchy and breathable fabric in black, with asymmetrical white panels that add flare. The silhouette is a versatile mid-rise with an elastic waistband printed with the Koral brand name. They are stylish enough to work in multiple environments that go beyond the gym. Order them through Shopbop!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Koral Activewear Workout Leggings

3. P. E. Nation Neon Trimmed Yoga Leggings

If you like your athletic style to be bright and noticeable, then these are the best yoga pants to pick up. They have a very high-rise fit so you will feel covered, but design elements like neon orange and pink panels around the calves will make you stand out. Logo tape along the sides is another great sportswear element. They are made of a stretchy and durable polyester/ spandex blend. They are available at Farfetch.

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: P.E. Nation Workout Leggings

4. Zella Gray Space-Dye Gradient Workout Pants

Stay cool in these gorgeous gray yoga pants for women. They are made of a moisture-wicking and cooling fabric blend that can handle any amount of hot yoga sweat. They are super soft and comfy, with a high-rise design that includes a hidden pocket. The gradient design has a slimming and elongating effect, so you’ll truly feel confident while wearing them. Get them at Nordstrom!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Zella Workout Leggings

5. Free People Sheer Striped Yoga Pants

Add an edgy touch to your workout look with these yoga leggings. They are high waisted with ribbing at the sides, for comfort and coverage. Stripes of sheer panels show up at the bottom of these leggings as well as on a diagonal angle just above the knee, which helps streamline the silhouette. The stripes, combined with a raw cut hem, make these workout leggings feel a little less sporty and a little more punk. You can pick them up from Revolve.

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Free People Movement Gone Adrift Workout Leggings

6. Lululemon Black and Gray Camo Leggings

These Lululemon yoga pants for women are as soft and comfortable as can be. They are made of Lululemon’s trademarked Nulu fabric, which is very soft, moisture-wicking, and lightweight. It’s ideal for summer or for hot yoga. The black and gray camo print is subtle but adds a bit of texture to your look. The long inseam on these leggings means that they’ll reach your ankles with ease, even if you’re taller. They are sold directly through Lululemon.

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Lululemon Align Pant Workout Leggings

7. Vaara Striped Navy Workout Leggings

If you like a bit of color and old school sportswear stripes then these are the best yoga pants for you. Their blue color is vivid but not garish, with thick white stripes around the mid-rise waist and side. Since they are made of nylon and elastane, they’d be great for exercising in colder environments – they’ll wick away sweat and stay dry while also keeping you warm. Find them on Net-a-Porter!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Vaara Flo Tuxedo Workout Leggings

8. Adidas by Stella McCartney Sporty Yoga Leggings with Mesh Panels

Somehow, the mesh panels on these capri yoga leggings give the look a modern, sports-tech vibe. These streamlined capri leggings do great things for the figure, with their dynamic design elements and thoughtful seams. They are great for summertime, since they are super breathable, while their mid-rise waistband is a nice change of pace. They are decorated with subtle branding elements from both Adidas and Stella McCartney. Grab them from Shopbop!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Adidas by Stella McCartney Workout Leggings

9. Perfect Moment Star Print Workout Pants

Simple and sporty, these workout pants will leave you starry-eyed. Their design is tame but fun, with side stripes as well as three large stars above them on each side. This mid-rise pair is made of 100% polyester, which makes them super stretchy and even recyclable! Purchase them through Farfetch!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Perfect Moment Star Print Workout Leggings

10. Reebok Modern Yoga Pants with Mesh Inserts

You know these are some of the best yoga pants since they are made by renowned sports brand Reebok. The stretchy polyester spandex blend they’re made of is a safe, classic choice, while the mesh panels in the design keep things extra breathable. These workout pants have a high rise, and soft seams that are slightly raised on the outside for style but are unfelt against the skin. Buy them online through ASOS!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Reebok Workout Leggings

11. Alo Baby Blue Workout Leggings

Is your wardrobe all about those pastels? If so, these baby blues are the best yoga pants for you to try. They offer a lot of coverage, with a long inseam and high-rise design. The design features textured panels in a form-elongating angle. They add a modern touch to the design and keep it for being too cutesy. The material is thick so there are no embarrassing lines and it will keep you warm. Order them from Nordstrom!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Alo Workout Leggings

12. Heroine Sport Matte Black Yoga Leggings

These simple black yoga leggings are as comfortable as can be, with a low-key design that’s easy to style. They are made of a stretchy polyester/ spandex blend with a matte finish. They have no side seams, and the high-rise waistband has the Heroine H logo in its center. They will cling to your curves beautifully and will not draw attention away from your gains. They are available via Shopbop.

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Heroine Sport Workout Leggings

13. Girlfriend Collective Compressive Purple Workout Pants

Smooth and form-fitting, these yoga pants offer quite a bit of compression to make you look great and feel supported. They have a high-rise fit with a slightly cropped inseam. They have a simple design, while their gray-purple tone would be a great complement to a cool-toned wardrobe. Their visible seams make the design extra sporty. Get them from Farfetch!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Girlfriend Collective Workout Leggings

14. Nike Air Black Branded Yoga Pants

If you love your labels then these are the best yoga pants to pick up. Designed by Nike, these have breathable mesh panels along the side that are printed with the Nike brand name. The swoosh logo shows up in white at the top, above the left leg. They have a comfy mid-rise waistband, and a hidden back pocket. Pick them up from ASOS!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Nike Workout Leggings

15. Electric & Rose Burgundy Tie-Dye Workout Leggings

This is not your hippie uncle’s tie-dye. These gorgeous workout leggings are a deep burgundy tone with a darker tie-dye pattern. They have a high-rise fit, with a cropped leg. They are very stretchy with a seamless construction that won’t irritate your skin. They are made of a thicker nylon/ spandex blend. Find them through Bandier!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Electric & Rose Venice Workout Leggings

16. Outdoor Voices Textured Green Yoga Leggings

These are true yoga pants, in color and style. They are very stretchy and soft with minimal compression, so you can move every which way in your yoga class, while their cool green, textured design has a very calming effect. Their high-rise fit is comfortable, and the inseam is just long enough to fit women of all heights. They are sold at Outdoor Voices.

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Outdoor Voices Free Form Workout Leggings

17. Koral Shiny Color Clocked Workout Pants

The shiny material these workout leggings are made of ensures that they stand out. They bulk of these yoga leggings is black, but thick side panels in white and pink add a color blocking effect. They are made of stretchy nylon and spandex, with mid-rise fit and cropped inseam. Rock them with vintage streetwear-inspired separates. You can grab them from Bandier.

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Koral Serendipity Workout Leggings

18. Outdoor Voices Hot Scarlet Yoga Pants

Choose these blended fabric leggings for your hardest hot yoga class. They are made of a blend of fabrics that keeps things really cool and dry, despite their super-hot color. They have a simple design with some visible outer seams that add a modern sportswear touch, but that you will not feel on your skin. The coolest thing about these yoga pants is their waistband, which is sturdy enough to hang on not just to your ID but also to a smartphone. Purchase them at Outdoor Voices!

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: Outdoor Voices TechSweat Workout Leggings

19. All Access Black and Navy Workout Leggings

If you’re tired of all-black, these black and navy workout leggings are a small but refreshing change. The top half is black, while just below the knees stripes of white and gray create separation from the navy bottom part. These yoga pants are made of a blend of nylon and spandex that will keep you feeling dry and warm even on cold jogging days. They are available at Bandier.

Best Yoga Pants & Leggings for Women: All Access Tour Workout Leggings

How to Choose Yoga Pants

When choosing the best yoga pants for you, you want to consider what kind of environments you will be wearing them in. Yoga pants can be worn for yoga, of course, but they are also great for other forms of exercise including weight lifting, running, hiking, and even certain team sports.

• When choosing the right workout pants, consider how they will perform while you exercise. Will you be wearing them only for one kind of exercise, or for multiple types of exercise?

• Consider whether you need them to fit specific temperatures. Will you be wearing them outdoors or indoors? What will the temperature be when you exercise, and how much will you sweat?

• Will you be wearing them in non-exercise situations as well, like while running errands?

Yoga Pants Silhouette & Compression

• Yoga pants these days come in high-rise, mid-rise, or low-rise fits.

• High-rise is particularly trendy right now, and it also allows for a bit more coverage than mid-rise and low-rise styles, so it is easy to pair with sports bras and crop tops.

• It is possible for high-rise yoga leggings to constrict movement, however, by pressing down on the stomach. You might prefer low-rise leggings, which will be less restrictive.

• You should also consider the length of the inseam. For winter, you might prefer workout leggings that go all the way down to the ankles, while for summer you might find capri yoga pants more breathable.

How to Choose Yoga Pants

• Remember that the length of the yoga pants will also depend on your height, and that the models in photos are usually taller than average.

• You should also be aware of the level of compression. Compression refers to how tight the yoga pants are. Tighter yoga pants can be great for weightlifting, for example, but they might be too tight and movement restricting for fast yoga classes or for certain sports.

Workout Leggings Material

• Most yoga pants are made of polyester, often with some spandex added to the blend for extra stretch. This is a synthetic blend that is very stretchy, stays cool, wicks moisture and dries very quickly. It is very durable as long as it is well-cared for.

• You will also find yoga pants made of nylon or nylon/ spandex blends. These will be a little thicker, softer and more durable than polyester, though slightly less moisture-wicking. They are a little bit better for those who exercise in cooler temperatures and are also great as autumn leggings for anyone who exercises outdoors.

Yoga Pants Design

Our athleisure style is often an extension of our personal style, though some women dress totally differently in their day-to-day life than they do at the gym. Consider what you would like your athletic style to be when choosing the best yoga pants for you.

• Some yoga pants look very explicitly like activewear, while others have more classic or plain style elements.

• The fewer the activewear elements, the easier it will be to wear your sports leggings in non-sports situations.

• At the same time, activewear can be a part of mainstream street style, so if you like that look, definitely opt for more sporty-looking workout leggings.

• You should also consider the color palette of your existing wardrobe when choosing yoga pants. Black leggings are always an easy choice, but you can also opt for colorful ones especially if their color scheme will be easy to fit with your other gym clothes.

• Another very important thing to pay attention to is opacity. One of the big issues with yoga leggings is that they can appear see-through in bright light. Check your yoga pants in all kinds of light set-ups to make sure that they won’t reveal anything you don’t want them to reveal.

How to Choose Workout Leggings for Women

How to Wear Yoga Pants Outside of the Gym

Before diving in, I first want to defend your choice to wear yoga leggings wherever you darn well please. You never see anyone complaining about men wearing gym shorts or sweatpants while out and about, so the decision to specifically police women’s gym attire is clearly gendered. At the same time, it’s important that you feel comfortable wearing your yoga pants outside of the gym.

• Some cities have a more formal street style culture, while others are more casual, and you can’t be faulted for wanting to fit in with the customs of the place you live in.

• For daytime excursions, make sure the yoga pants you’ll wear are totally opaque, since it’s hard to justify the appropriateness of sheer leggings.

• Other things to keep in mind when styling leggings with shorter tops is the level of tightness. Very tight yoga pants can show the lines of undergarments and they might also give away too much about the shape of your anatomy.

• Wearing your yoga pants with a long top or a tunic will allow you to forget any concerns about sheerness, panty lines, or just overall exposure.

• The same styling rules that apply to other clothes also apply to styling yoga leggings. This means that you’ll want to keep a color story in mind when putting together an outfit.

• If you really want some no-brainer outfits, check out the brand you’re buying your yoga pants from and see if they have any matching tops or jackets.

• If your yoga pants have a more athletic vibe, then make sure to wear them with other items that are somewhat athletic. You wouldn’t wear a pair of striped workout leggings with a pair of loafers or ballet flats, for example. Instead, wear them with sneakers or thick-soled sandals.

How to Wear Yoga Pants Outside of the Gym

• The same applies to your tops. Workout leggings are great to pair with sweatshirts, T-shirts, tank tops, and crop tops, but they’d look odd with a silk blouse.

• A chunky sweater can really bridge the gap between sportswear and more put-together street style, and it’ll also be easy to quickly pull over your workout look when you’re rushing from the gym to meet friends or pick up dry-cleaning.

• If you do want to rock a more put-together but still sportswear-inspired look, layer a bomber jacket, biker jacket or denim jacket over your athletic ensemble. This will also help keep you warm.

• If your yoga pants are less “urban sporty” and more “granola yoga” in their design (for example, with a textured print or in solid earth tones), then you can also pair them with chunkier knits or a cardigan.

• For the ultimate autumn look, wear your darker, less sporty yoga pants with a long, plaid shirt, warm beanie, cozy scarf, and a pair of black or dark brown leather boots.

• If you’d like your look to be a little less sporty, then first things first it’s important to choose solid-colored yoga pants that can be worn incognito.

• Unless you work in an athletic or extremely casual environment, chances are you won’t be able to wear your yoga leggings to work unless you can conceal their status by wearing them under a long skirt or dress, along with boots to hide their hem.

High boots and long shirts can help conceal the design elements that make it obvious that you’re wearing yoga pants, but layering will really help bring your look over from casual to professional.

• Layering a belted cardigan or blazer over your yoga pants and tunic ensemble can really dress things up and make you look very put-together.

• Some yoga pants can also work for nights out, especially if you’re going out in an area where streetwear can be appropriate at the bar or club. Choose a shinier pair of yoga pants and wear them with a pair of extra trendy, chunky sneakers or heels, and either a shimmery tunic or a playful crop top. Don’t forget to accessorize with lots of jewelry!

How to Maintain Yoga Pants & Workout Leggings

Caring Tips for Yoga Pants

• The fabrics yoga pants are made of are usually not very resistant to extreme heat, so they should always be machine-washed cold or hand-washed in cool water.

• After you’ve washed your workout leggings, either let them air-dry or put them in the dryer on a very gentle cycle.

• If your yoga pants lose their shape, begging to pill, or become sheer in areas where they weren’t sheer before, then it’s time to let them go.

• Don’t just throw them out! You might be able to recycle your yoga pants, since the materials they are made of are usually recyclable. Lots of cities have fabric recycling services, so do a quick Google search to find out who will take in your old leggings.

• Alternatively, you can turn your old workout leggings into hair ties, or resew them into a shrug.

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