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19 Most Iconic Chloé Bags to Add to Your Wishlist

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There is so much to love about Chloé bags and about the French fashion house itself! Led by women for most of its history, Chloé offers products that women really want. They also have a history of releasing hit bag after hit bag.

Most Iconic Chloé Bags of All Time
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While a lot of their portfolio leans towards boho-chic, it’s not exclusively hippie-oriented. Chloé purses can also be sophisticated, feminine, or modern, depending on the one you choose. You really can’t go wrong with a Chloé handbag!

We’ve selected the best Chloé bags available right now, although we also profile some legacy designs that deserve respect. We’ll then talk a bit about the history of the fashion house, and then end with some practical tips to help you avoid counterfeit Chloé bags.

Your Guide to Chloé Bags: Contents

19 Best Chloé Bags of All Time

Get yourself a Chloé purse you can cherish forever! These are the best ones available right now, as well as some heritage purses you should know about even though they are no longer easy to find.

1. Chloé Marcie Saddle Bag

This itty-bitty saddle bag has quite a history. This Chloé purse has been around for 11 years now, popping up in different iterations throughout the seasons. It was first released in 2009 when the fashion house was under the leadership of Hannah MacGibbon. This was also when it moved in a boho-chic direction, including a collaboration with Chloé Sevigny.

Marcie definitely exemplifies the boho-chic style. It’s a classic saddle bag with some fun elements, like the drawstring closure and a touch of luxurious metal hardware. Over the years, this bag has been a celebrity favorite, and we think it fits the ‘70s resurgence we’re seeing today in fashion. Buy its latest iteration from My Theresa, Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, or Nordstrom!

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Marcie Saddle Bag

2. Chloé Faye Mini Chain Bag

In contrast to the Marcie, Faye feels entirely modern and elegant with no bohemian fanfare – especially in shades like mint or gray. It was released in 2015, but even at 5 years old, it feels like it could have come out just yesterday! It’s one of Clare Waight Keller’s additions to the brand’s legacy.

This bag is famously delicate, with a suede top flap that requires gentle care, with a contrasting calfskin base. The clean lines, chain strap, and metal ring closure make it feel extra sophisticated. The brand carries it in a wide range of sizes, but we think the mini is particularly charming. It’s best purchased from Farfetch, or Nordstrom

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Faye Mini Chain Bag

3. Chloé Drew Mini Shoulder Bag

If you like the idea of a saddlebag but don’t find Marcie to look professional enough, Drew is the bag for you. Like Faye, this is another release from the Clare Waight Keller era of the label, and it seems to embody a bit more of the brand’s DNA.

This little saddlebag is ever-interesting because of the contrasting shapes it features, but it’s also quite upscale. Right now, we find ourselves drawn to the new, bi-color release, but the bag is also available in a larger size that has a monochromatic design. Pick up your favorite option from Net-a-Porter, or Farfetch!

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Drew Mini Shoulder Bag

4. Mini Chloé C Bag

We get some low-key Marni vibes from this delicate Chloé bag, with its emerald base and deep green flap. The color blocking is something relatively new to the Chloé brand, but we dig it! This bag was released last year, and it’s one of Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s first additions to the label. The design is small and ladylike, with an ostentatious golden C at its center drawing all of the attention.

This mini size is effectively a wallet on chain (or strap, rather) for evenings when you can’t be bothered to hold your essentials in a clutch. Should you choose, the strap is removable, and it becomes the most ladylike handbag. You can get it from My Theresa, Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, or Nordstrom

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Mini Chloé C Bag

5. Chloé Daria Bag

There is something quaint and charming about a bowling bag, which is why we like the Daria so much – especially in this twee pale blue! It’s another 2019 release that’s making us swoon. The adorable design still has some mature elements, like the grainy texture of the calfskin leather, the understated embossed Chloé logo, and the unique braided handle.

It comes in other shades, so you can pick it up in a darker material if you want something a little more subdued for the evening. Either way, as a mini bag, it’s utterly adorable! If you’re in love with the style but don’t want a wallet on chain, don’t worry, as it also comes in a small and extra-roomie medium. Get your favorite size and color from My Theresa, Net-a-Porter, or Nordstrom!

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Daria Bag

6. Chloé Darryl Bag

This design is clearly inspired by Chloé’s boho-chic roots, but the hobo bag style is also reminding us of the ‘90s. That said, it still has its own unique, modern touch in the form of the looped handle that goes all the way around the body of the bag.

It’s not strictly a hobo-bag since by changing your carrying style you can transform it into more of a bucket. Though it is a single compartment bag, there are a couple of pockets for storing small items, which makes this a very convenient choice. Find it through My Theresa, Farfetch, Nordstrom, or Net-a-Porter

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Darryl Bag

7. Chloé Tess Bag

Don’t get it confused with Drew – the Tess bag is a little different. In fact, Kaitlin Serio at PurseBlog even described it as a sort of hybrid of Drew and Faye. The ornamentation on it is in sumptuous gold, which is reminiscent of the latter, while the saddle silhouette is similar to the former.

This pretty, delicate Chloé bag was first introduced in fall 2018, although its 2020 iteration is a lot prettier and more pastel. Both the handle and shoulder strap on this bag are removable, so it goes from clutch to handbag to crossbody bag depending on the event or on your mood! It’s small, but not so small that it won’t work for daily carry. Order it in your favorite size or color at My Theresa, Farfetch, Nordstrom, or Net-a-Porter!

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Tess Bag

8. Chloé Marcie Handbag

We love that the boho-chic Marcie is also available as a Chloé handbag! It still has those hippie vibes, but in a roomier design, that’s fabulous for daily use. This bag is very durable, with khaki lining and a solidly-made canvas shoulder strap.

In the small purse, the unique front part is a simple flap, but in this version, it hides a secret compartment! There are also a few interior pockets, making this bag excellent for keeping organized. Find it in different sizes and colors at My Theresa, Farfetch, Nordstrom, and Net-a-Porter!  

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Marcie Handbag

9. Chloé Tess Small Crossbody Pouch

This elongated pouch is essentially a wallet-on-chain version of the Tess, with the same luxurious touches of gold hardware and the loop at the closure. However, it’s shaped like a rectangular wallet, which is a little simpler and more classic. It’s also extremely convenient – you can keep it in your purse as your go-to designer wallet, and then pop it on the chain when you need to run out for errands but want to look super stylish. It’s available from My Theresa, Nordstrom, and Farfetch

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Tess Small Crossbody Pouch

10. Chloé C Mini Vanity Bag

If you really love the idea of a Chloé purse with the C logo but don’t want too traditional of a look, this mini vanity bag is a nice little choice. The C hardware was placed off to the side instead of in the center, so it’s definitely not boring.

This bag style could count as a “camera bag” with the solid feel and the zipper that goes around the top, but the rounded edges and clean leather keep it upscale. As with many other Chloé bags, it’s awesome for errands but becomes the best evening clutch the second you remove the crossbody chain. Purchase it from Farfetch

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé C Mini Vanity Bag

11. Chloé C Clutch

We’re all about this red C clutch! It’s one of the most glamorous Chloé bags we’ve seen, even if it doesn’t have that unique tri-color design. It’s easy to amp up any ensemble with a vibrant red bag, but this one definitely begs to be used for parties and evening events.

Like many of the other minis, this gorgeous bag comes with a removable chain, so it can be your clutch or your crossbody bag for handless carry while partying. It’s a single-compartment bag, but there is a hidden back pocket for that credit card you don’t want to lose! Get it from Farfetch!

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé C Clutch

12. Chloé Darryl Clutch

The Darryl clutch incorporates the elements we adore from the original bag, but with a bit of puffiness that brings Bottega Veneta’s Pouch to mind. It’s one of the best Chloé bags to choose if you want something that combines mainstream trendiness with originality.

Since it’s a clutch, there is no room to attach straps or chains. However, you can slip your hand through the leather loops that decorate the closure at the top, which does allow for a more secure carry. Net-a-Porter currently only sells it in brown, but we don’t mind.

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Darryl Clutch

13. Chloé Aby Clutch Purse

This bag pays homage to Phoebe Philo’s iconic Paddington lock hardware design, with a delicate little golden lock at its closure. Unlike the original Paddington, however, the Aby clutch is a solid little purse. In this form, we’d say it’s one of the more austere Chloé handbags, with solid lines, grained calfskin leather in rich brown, and an envelope flap. It’s half-clutch half-wallet, with thin compartments and even a few card slots. Shop for it on the Farfetch website!

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Aby Clutch Purse

14. Chloé Marcie Belt Bag

There is something so debonair about having the already hippie Marcie design on your waist as a belt bag. It’s practical and extremely of the moment! Unlike the original Marcie saddle, the belt bag is a little more rectangular, which might be more convenient in certain situations, and definitely appeals more to those who like the boho feel but would rather stay away from rounded shapes.

Our personal styling suggestion is to wear it over a flowy dress, although it’d work just as well to add that boho-chic touch to a jeans and T outfit. The strap is adjustable, so if you like, you can also carry it crossbody. Find it in your favorite shade at Farfetch, or Nordstrom!

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Marcie Belt Bag

15. Chloé Small Aby Lock Bag

We love this twist on the Aby bag! Instead of a padlock, this purse has a small golden key hardware element hanging from its chain. It’s a bit more dramatic than more recent Chloé bags, with a lizard skin effect in a dappled brown and white pattern over most of the bag.

A strip of grained calfskin across the middle and the gold-colored rounded handle each add their own unique touch to the bag. It’s a small one, but it might hold the basic daily essentials, and the removable chain makes it a convenient choice. You can shop for it at Farfetch.

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Small Aby Lock Bag

16. Chloé Walden Shoulder Bag

If you find yourself wishing the Darryl was just a hint cleaner and sleeker, this is the best Chloé bag to buy. It’s especially intriguing in this sophisticated gray shade! It’s actually quite small (maybe even too small for daily carry, but more than enough for a quick errand), with some interesting seams along the bottom.

There is a snap fastening at the top that keeps everything secure, but otherwise, the bag has just a single compartment. A tassel decoration lends a bit of Chloé’s boho charm, while a gold chain and hardware remind us that this is still a luxury brand. Make sure to snatch it up from Net-a-Porter or Farfetch before it’s gone.

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Walden Shoulder Bag

17. Chloé Nile Bag

It’s not just a river in Egypt, folks! The Nile is a great name for a Chloé bag since it’s a way of celebrating founder Gaby Aghion’s Egyptian heritage. The Nile was one of Clare Waight Kellar’s last contributions to the brand, and it was one of 2017’s major It bags. Rounded and pretty with a dramatic circular gold handle, this bag is truly decorative. It’s like a piece of jewelry and a practical bag in one! Everyone wanted it, but now, it’s no longer available. You can still find it on Farfetch in rich orange-red.

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Nile Bag

18. Chloé Lexa Bag

While we’re totally enamored with the new, structured take on Chloé bags from Ramsay-Levi, the Lexa was a comfy, slouchy bag that was a little more true to the brand’s recent history. The suede flap bag with its super roomie interior and big belt strap was a workhorse bag – the kind of accessory that can go with any outfit and hold everything you need for a full day out and about. You can still have a look at it at Chloé, but these days it can only be purchased through resellers at Vestiaire Collective

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Lexa Bag

19. Chloé Paddington Bag

We’re ending this list with a bang by talking about the Paddington – by far the most iconic of all Chloé bags! This bag started the craze, and everyone wanted it! It was carried by an endless number of celebs including Halle Berry, Courtney Love, and Uma Thurman.

It was a soft, slouchy bag with a hint of “duffel” inspiration in its silhouette, and a big lock as the hardware element of interest. Waitlists for this bag were endless, and no store managed to keep it in stock! It was Phoebe Philo’s first major success, and it cemented Chloé’s status as the originator of hit bags. You can find it at Vestiaire Collective.

Best Chloé Bags of All Time: Chloé Paddington Bag

A Little History of Chloé Bags

Chloé is a label with a long history, although it only became a household name (well, if your household is sartorially-inclined) in the last 20 years when Phoebe Philo became its creative director. We’ll focus on its more recent history since that’s when Chloé bags started drawing attention, but it’s still important to start at the beginning.

The Beginning

Chloé was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, a French-Egyptian designer who led the house until 1985 when she sold it to a company now owned by Richemont.

Aghion famously rejected the stiff silhouettes and extreme formality of ‘50s fashion. She showcased her preference for more comfortable and free-flowing silhouettes with her ready-to-wear collections (a concept, by the way, that she is credited with coining).

Over the years, Chloé has been home to many famous designers, including Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney. Phoebe Philo started working with the label as McCartney’s assistant in 1997, and in 2002 she succeeded her as the house’s creative director. This also marks the launch of the brand’s first iconic range of bags!

The first famous “It bag” introduced by Philo was the Paddington in 2004. The bag was perfect for the mid-2000s with a slouchy silhouette and some big, fun elements. At the time, this bag was constantly sold out and waiting lists seemed endless.

A Little History of Chloé Bags

The Rise of Chloé Bags

In 2006, Phoebe Philo stepped down and went on to design many hits for Celine. In the meanwhile, Hannah MacGibbon took over as creative director at Chloé and had a hand at designing a few of her own “It” bags like Marcie and Paraty.

Next came Clare Waight Keller in 2011, who designed the Drew and Faye bags for Chloé. Like Marcie, Drew and Faye are still part of the brand’s portfolio of offerings to this day! 

Most recently, in 2017, Natacha Ramsay-Levi took over as the label’s newest creative director. As many great designers do, she was able to infuse something new into the brand while still drawing inspiration from its history and respecting its staples. She decided to get into logomania, with the Chloé C bags and their big, shiny C hardware as her big addition to the label. She also found ways to reimagine the classics, like Marcie, Drew, and more.

Few other high-fashion brands have had women at their helm for such a significant part of their history, which is why Chloé will always stand out to us!

How to Authenticate Chloé Bags

How to Spot a Fake Chloé Handbag & Authenticate Real Ones?

When a brand is responsible for so many hits, it only follows that counterfeiters will work hard to make convincing fakes! We have some tips to help you spot them, so you only spend your hard-earned money on original Chloé handbags.

Quality & Construction

Okay, so you’ve got what might be a real Chloé handbag in your hands – what should you look for to know it’s legit? Generally, it’s best to start by looking at the simple markers of good construction.

• The leather needs to feel soft, supple, and durable since, like all fashion houses, Chloé only uses the highest quality of leather.

• You can also look at the seams and threads on the bag. They should be evenly spaced, straight, and with no fraying or threads sticking out.

• All of the hardware needs to feel slightly hefty, smooth, and shiny but not overly so.

How to Buy Authentic Chloé Bags

Brand Signatures

Chloé is not the strictest brand when it comes to signatures, which makes authentication a little harder. However, there are still a few signs you should look for.

• Though it sometimes goes missing, in general, Chloé bags come with a dust bag. The dust bag is always white, with a drawstring closure, and the brand logo in either gold or black printed on the front.

• All Chloé bags have a leather serial number tab somewhere inside. The serial number will be embossed into the tab and will usually have 9 digits.

• There is also a reflective holographic tab, which will have the brand name, a 6-digit number, and a barcode or SKU number.

• The logo on the outer part of the bag will always be embossed (i.e. slightly sunken, though occasionally it’ll be raised. The key is that it’s always three-dimensional). Sometimes it’ll be colored in and easy to spot, but other times it’ll just be embossed, so you will have to look closely to spot it.

• If the bag has hardware, the logo will be embossed into that rather than into the leather.

• Inside the bag, look for the embossed logo and the phrase “MADE IN ITALY” in all-caps underneath it.

Ask for Help

If you’re really not sure, you can ask for help or have your Chloé bag verified by a professional. While Chloé doesn’t offer its own authentication services, you do have some options out there!

How to Spot Fake Chloé Bags

• You can send photos to volunteer authenticators on the Purseblog Forums.

• You can reach out to a company that does professional authentications (especially if you have a bag you would like to resell). There are many that authenticate Chloé purses, like Authenticate4U or Authenticate First

To Be Sure

If you don’t want to have any doubt in your mind, the best way to ensure that your bag is authentic is to only buy directly from Chloé. You can simply order the bag you love online, or you can visit a Chloé boutique to get a feel for it in person! There are other trusted retailers you can consider, like Nordstrom, Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, My Theresa, or Harrods.

If you’re going to be purchasing a second-hand Chloé bag that is no longer in production, it will be much harder to verify, but generally, online stores like TheRealReal and Vestiaire Collective do a better job of verifying the authenticity of their bags. This doesn’t make them foolproof, however! That said, it’s a lot harder to trust what you’re buying on eBay or Poshmark.

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